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  1. Sooo totally random question of the day who here is a hardcore fan of anime aside from me? Personally I have so many anime I like I cannot name them all. I go to conventions, collect manga, cosplay, heck I even have an otaku room literally hehe. I was just wondering who likes what series and what do you guys like to collect :P
  2. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan, but *raises hand into the air* I enjoy anime xD!

    My all time favorites would have to be Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Madoka Magica, Mawaru Penguindrum, and K-on! I need to re-watch Penguindrum sometime to understand it better. I think the last thing I finished was Boku no Hero Academia anddddd currently watching this weird magical boy anime with a friend. Not sure if we'll finish it, we stopped at ep 5.

    It's very weird though, haha, by any chance have you seen it :0? It involves, um, weird wombats and saving the world through the power of love and friendship.

  3. No I haven't but just recently my friend had me watch Munto this past weekend now that one was good I need to track down the dvds for it for sure haha
  4. I don't know if I'm 'hardcore', but I do like anime. It's what I prefer over western TV shows and Korean dramas, all the stuff my friends like to watch, haha. I have a lot of favourites too, but my favourites are Hakuoki, Magi, Hotarubi no Mori e, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Nobunaga Concerto and Angel Beats! :o

    Don't read a lot of mango but I particularly liked xxxHOLiC, Bakuman, Daytime Shooting Star and Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai.

    I'M THE ULTIMATE SHOUNEN ANIME TRASH. But I like doses of shoujo anime here and there. I love fantasy and romance, and recently into historical now. Mecha and horror isn't usually what I'm into, it's just a bit too... ick for me.

    That being said I'm watching Evangelion. As well as balancing Danganronpa 3, The Morose Mononokean and Shokugeki 2. Oh, and I have plans on starting Orange and the second season of The Seven Deadly Sins. There's also Hatsukoi Monster but that was just 'wtf' for me.

    I don't really have a collection but I have posters of all the Hakuoki bois. I have the CG artbook of the first game and the collector's addition that's out of print now but I got my greedy little hands on it huehue. Oh, and a fan artbook from Touken Ranbu and the official one. Someone kill me.

    My ultimate weakness is anime bois with white hair. LOOK AT THESE CUTIES:




  5. The Morose Mononokean is REALLY good I've also been watching Taboo Tattoo but it sounds like you've seen a few or more haha here's my list of what I've seen or finished or want to see

    SakuraHiragi's Anime List -
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  6. My top favorite anime (no particular order)?

    1) Fate/Zero (urban fantasy)
    2) Rurouni Kenshin (period piece, shounen action)
    3) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's (magical girl, astonishingly shounen action, effectively superhero genre)
    4) One Punch Man (superhero genre, comedy)
    5) The Vision of Escaflowne (epic adventure)

    Ones I think everyone should watch (no particular order):

    1) Baccano
    2) Fate/Zero
    3) One Punch Man
    4) The Vision of Escaflowne
    5) Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
    6) Bubblegum Crisis 2032/2033
    7) Sailor Moon
    8) Dragon Ball Z
    9) Full Metal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood
    10) Spirited Away
    11) Princess Mononoke
    12) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    13) Ninja Scroll
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  7. I love anime. I am the Ecchi King was my other username, because The ecchi genre is my bitch. Though I currently put it all on hold to finish pokemon.
  8. Thank goodness you changed your name haha or you'd be thy mortal enemy I hate ecchi based animes @Boba Fit

  9. Sounds like I’m your enemy anyway. Other than Pokemon, and the occasional overhyped mainstream anime, Ecchi and harem are the only things I watch. I won’t watch anything else. Even if it is a show that isn’t ecchi, but has ecchi overtones, I’ll watch it. I must conquer the Ecchi world. One set of Oppai at a time.
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  10. OMFG BLASPHEMY!!! *throws holy water @Boba Fit =w= I pray for your mortal soul lol...
  11. [​IMG]

    Yes I do enjoy anime ^_^ Not exactly a hardcore fan but I do like it :)

    My favorite anime of all time is Dragon Ball Z (it was the first anime I ever watched)!

    I recommend that people watch the following:

    Peach Girl
    Ninja Nonsense
    Devil May Cry: The Animated Series
  12. I enjoy it as a medium, but I actually don't watch all that much anime.

    Doesn't stop me from putting weeb things everywhere.
  13. weeb things lmfao wowwww hahahahahahaha
  14. I went through a phase where all I'd watch was anime. That went on for a good... 6 years or so. Now I'm pretty balanced in what I watch. ^_^

    As for the anime I love

    1. Inuyasha (for sentimental purposes)
    2. The 12 Kingdoms
    3. Ghost Hunt
    4. Samurai Champloo

    And some others. I don't really watch much anymore.
  15. Fluffy is best character, hehe~
  16. don't you mean Fuzzy omg I want a plush of him so bad best demon pet ever =w=
  17. Some of my favorites are The Slayers, Saiyuki, Black Bulter, Rurouni Kenshin, Sengoku Basara, and Mononoke. I'm currently working my way through Jojo after prompting from a friend. I am also watching Kuromukuro(I totally recommend it). My manga collection is unfortunately largely made up of series that are on hiatus. I don't really collect a lot of figures since they are expensive, but I have managed to snag myself Reno, Squall, Legato, and a couple CLAMP characters.
  18. I'm in that middle ground where I watch more anime than most people. But I don't hit the levels of "Hardcore" either, which tends to put me in a funny spot where one side is "Why do you watch such weird cartoons?" and the other side goes "You don't understand us filthy casual!".

    My List

    My Suggested Animes
    • Fate Zero
    • Fate Stay Night UBW
    • Log Horizon
    • Gate
    • Death Note
    • Garden of Sinners
    • Code Geass
    • Steins Gate
    • Princess Mononoke
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  19. Not a hardcore fan but I enjoy it. I'll order some complete series from Amazon by random. It'll be a yay or nay thing for me. Usually what I get is good though I'm sure one of these times I won't be so lucky. Recently, I finished watching Samurai 7. It was good. I guess I'll give a short list:

    GTO-Great Teacher Onizuka
    Samurai 7
    Gurren Lagann
    Blue Gender
  20. Love anime! But I mostly read manga because it takes less time, and I don't need to pause it.

    Bungou Stray Dogs, which came out this spring, was pretty great. But my overall favorite anime/manga is Pandora Hearts.
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