INTEREST CHECK Anime Style: Neko <3 Ninja

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  1. Been away a while and watched a lot of Anime recently. I love Nekos and Ninjas, but have barely seen them in a Anime together. Sooo.... I thought why not roleplay one out? It would have all the random, funny, dramatic, and action pact romance features all ANime hold :P. But how is the question, let me know if you're interested :P
  2. I'd be interested...
    *scratches head nervously and gives you a slight smile*
  3. Cool, I'd be happy to start an RP with you, New girl. It would honor me.
  4. o///o ok..
    And please, call me Mieko.
  5. Mieko it is then. So, any ideas on plot?
  6. Can I be a lost girl and u be the ninja that saves me? then later on I ask you to be my master?
    I don't know, I'm not so good at this....
  7. Everyone has their challenges with making a plot Mieko. That's a good one going the right direction, it just needs a little more, have a little faith. How about this: You're a Neko Princess who's soon to be married to a suitor across the country. A long the road your travel is interrupted by bandits sent to kill you. When your adventure is mixed up, I come from the blue to save you and swear to lead you across safely.

    See? :)
  8. O///O that sounds amazing!
  9. Really? It was just off the top of my head? ^^;
  10. You've obviously done this longer than I have.
    By the way, you know that Krystal girl well, right?
  11. Conversations as such like that are meant for PMS, Mieko xD
  12. it's nothing wrong. I don't care if the public sees it.
    I was just going to say she's a little..... hyper....
    Is she always like that?
  13. Everyone is hyper here in the city of Iwaku, Mieko. Learn well to adapt.
  14. I'll try...... ><
  15. Until then, don't worry. Focus on plotting :)
  16. Ok..
    So what else do we need to make together before we start roleplaying Tenchi?
  17. How about personality background? :)
  18. Can i join -nya~? I love manga and anime, otaku here ^^. I want to be a neko if I can!
  19. Ninja and Neko. Wow... XD