Anime fandoms (all looking for female)

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  1. they are all anime fandoms

    Akame Ga Kill

    Tatsumi X Akame

    Tatsumi x Mine

    Tatsumi X Chelsea

    Tatsumi X Sheele

    Tatsumi X ANY female antagonist below




    Highschool DxD fandoms

    Issei X Rias

    Issei X Koneko

    Issei X Asia

    Issei X Akeno

    Issei X Kuroka

    Issei X Irina

    Issei X Xenovia

    Highschool Of The Dead

    Takashi X any of the female characters in the group

    Sword art Online

    Kirito X Asuna

    Kirito X Sinon

    ah hell just look at my anime list and mention fandoms you might be interested in

    SleeplessVampire's Anime List -

    no Yaoi though.....

    also the planned to watch isn't updated i most likely am already watching the anime or ive already completed it
  2. Still looking
  3. Would you be interested in Akame Ga Kill (Tatsumi X Akame); High School of the Dead (Takashi X Saeko); or Sword Art Online (Kirito X Asuna)?
  4. I would be interested in all of those XD (also sorry for late reply i thought you had created an anime fandom thread (just glanced at notification on email)
  5. That's quite alright. I wouldn't mind roleplaying either of these. Mind if I PM you and we'll discuss it?
  6. Go ahead i prefer pms anyways
  7. I am always looking!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.