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  1. Another thread to avoid derailment.

    Talk about your experiences with Anime Clubs.
    Liked it? Didn't like it? What did you do?
  2. My high school "anime club" was fun as hell. We all had pretty wildly different tastes so it was a fun mix of whatever, and everyone basically liked each other.

    COLLEGE anime club? Oh god no. The president and vice president were overbearing and overruled anyone they didn't agree with, they had an overwhelming preference for "weeb"-ish bullshit and whatever shounen was flavor of the month (Naruto, Bleach), and a shitstorm of drama followed them around in general.
  3. My experiences were pretty much identical to @Astaroth

    High school Anime Club ('00 - '04) was amazing, because my HS taught Japanese all the way up to Advanced/AP levels, so we got away with soooooooooo much shit under the guise of "learning." We actually got funded by the school to buy DVDs with the subs, and so long as we watched the Japanese-language versions only, we were A-OKAY IN THE CLEAR!! I was VP for Frosh/Soph years (since my buddy and I pmuch founded it), and I got lazy with it my Jr/Sr years and let the babbies handle it while I ate asian food and watched state-funded anime. We also had a media center and spent hours making AMVs (not me, I was terrible at it).

    College Anime Club was so weeb it was ridiculous, and so full of drama. The room we were given on campus for our weekly meets was terribly cramped and never had enough furniture for everyone, and we used laptops and a projector system to watch stuff, which invariably turned out awful. Everyone was beyond socially awkward (myself included). It smelled. Yeesh...
  4. @Seiji

    Oh man, yes. I remember getting an extra language credit in high school while watching anime. Such a good deal.

    My Japanese teacher even picked one of our animes:

    I fucking love Akazukin Chacha.
  5. Our school is starting to develop this anime screening Thursday kind of thing but the problem is I'm pretty sure our school has restrictions on media rated M (mature audiences) which need parent permission for anyone in the lower year levels and a majority of really good shounen anime are MA15+.

    Seriously I am NOT going to go in and watch K-On.
    I know this school has K-On.
    And it doesn't even matter if it's subbed.
  6. Want to know the one our Japanese teacher picked out for us?

    Not. Even. Kidding.
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  7. During highschool I ended up moving between my freshman and sophomore year to a new town, so of course I didn't know anyone and after a few days I heard about the anime club they had. I joined thinking it'd be a great way to meet people and make friends. I was there for like... 20 minutes before I had to get the hell out of there. The weeb levels were just as high as the sweaty smell they were giving off. I tried to ignore the red flags, like the awkward kid who invited me to the club and when I saw another member run into the club room with his Naruto headband around his head and his arms behind his back while he was running.

    I learned very quickly that I could never be seen there... Ever again.
  8. That looks fucking awesome! What's it about? :D

  9. My Anime club experience wasn't as bad (or good) as others here... o_o

    I joined during my second year of college as a result of the occasional members visiting gaming club during my first year and me getting to know some of the people there.
    Figured "They seemed cool, why not join?", and it was a blast for the first year or so.

    But three main things were happening over time (And note this doesn't apply to everyone else in the club, just to enough people that it hurt the overall experience)

    1) Being new to anime at the start is fine. But they expect you to expand over time... And not just by a little. Expand until you've got 1000+ hours in your MyAnime list. So if have more of a casual/passive interest like myself they remember it, and start using it as "I've seen more than you, therefore my opinion on anime is better!".

    2) People simply got less active. May it be due to work, classes or just other things happening the clubs slowly got less and less active. Which can really hurt when club leadership are some of the main culprits. And this snowballs then in others seeing this, and choosing not to go. And a lot of what kept the club fun was how late they'd go, and stuff they'd do after having to be kicked out (time reasons, not behaviour) of the club room, that all ceased to be when attendance was dropping. Admittedly I started contributing to this to, but not until seeing the trend consist for 2-3 weeks strong enough that people were barely engaging.

    3) Tying in to the other two, a form of cliches began to happen. Not actual cliches, and would have been the most minor case of it I've ever seen... If they still showed up. Cause overtime people seemed to stick around those who were closer to their level of anime viewing, or others who were closer minded gaming wise. Which is to be expected in human interaction, but when that develops to them quite simply doing other things instead of showing up to club it aids the #2 problem. And when they do show up, it creates issues similliar to #1 because it acts as a sort of divisor between members of "Club go-ers" and "The cool ones".

    Basically I was going to the anime club for three years until those issues got to the point I decided I had more fun just staying home.
    Cause first year was amazing, second year was then the stuff started to raise it's head, third year was when it really started manifesting.
  10. Always had fun with a nine clubs in high school and college

    Both just picked a show and we'd watch 1-4 episodes to sample it a week.
  11. Sadly I live in the country. I love anime but everyone else out here likes gun and doing illegal stuff. I'd have killed for a anime club in school.
  12. No, because an abridged series would be the sort of thing to reserve for an "event day" as opposed to just an any-week thing. And we never happened to do that one.
  13. Ditto I wish I had an anime club at school!
  14. My local library had one. Snacks were provided. People were chill. We even got to play some games if the projector wasn't working. It was pretty great.

    In HS I heard we had an anime club. Since I liked anime I decided to check it out. At first, it seemed okay, quite a few of members should probably shower. The leaders made it clear they weren't going to show "Mainstream" anime (naruto, bleach, one piece etc.), and they would have an anime of the week deal. They were even going to have yaoi, but it would not be anything hardcore. Of course for the first meeting, they had a yaoi anime. Okay, whatever, I can deal.

    Then the lights went off and it was all downhill from there.

    teenage hormone hell (open)
    People got all touchy-feely; lots of touching. Just random and often way too close to one's nether region; this was especially apparent if two people were a couple. Someone I just met decided to lean against my knees in an intimate matter just like that. Lots of hair playing, lots and lots of it. One random person touched mines too. Mass make out orgies on the floor.

    There were a lot of sexual jokes, okay. A LOT. I laughed at one or two of them, but then it started to become the only thing anyone would ever talk about.

    And then people were really noisy. I couldn't even hear the cheesy love confession to distract me from what's going on on the floor.

    Despite that first day, I gave it a second chance. Maybe it's not always like this. Plus I had to wait for my parents to pick me up. Walked in, somebody tried to kiss me, and I swore never to join this club again.

    Well, now that I'm in college, I heard there's also an anime club on campus. I am a bit apprehensive after my experience in HS. I went about a month ago. It was okay. Everybody watches their own anime on whatever device they have, but there's a ping pong table so that people can interact. The worse thing that happened was this giant debate about how this one person says he is an expert in films since he watches silent movies, but at least no one is getting intimate.
  15. That all sounds like something right out of an anime... o_o

    Nothing I would have expected to happen in Anime Club, even among horny teens.
    Then again... I could actually see this happening in say a Furry Club.

    So you probably just got the worst that Anime fans have to offer.
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  16. Yeah those kids took it pretty far with their weabooness. A relative of mine who went to my school after i graduated even confided to me that everyone there makes out too much.
  17. I'm laughing so hard I cannot contain.
  18. Yep. Pretty much everyone was too.
  19. @Yuuki_Tatsunohi

    Actually, that was another issue I had with my college anime club. The cuddle puddles and makeout orgies and couple-swapping. People were way too touchy-feely and gropey and public about it, and then there were people cheating on their S.O.s and doing it in public in front of other club members. Including the club president's girlfriend.
  20. Oh, man. Couple swapping was a thing too. >_>

    My experience in HS made me avoid anime clubs in general. The entire ordeal is not something I want to experience ever again. I'm hoping my college anime club will be more mature about their actions and how it affects others, but I'm keeping a skeptical mind until then.
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