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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome one and all! To the second anniversary of Anime arena battle stuff rp.
    Everyone from all over the galaxy come here yearly to compete against one another for the title of champion!
    Whoever wins the crown is named the ultimate anime character!

    The rules is as follows..
    Two people face off against one another for a 1 vs 1 match to the death or till someone forfeits. Whoever wins the match goes on to fight the next character till the end! Whoever reigns winner in the end earns the right to wear the crown! A tournament style battle royale where whoever stands last wins!

    Don't forget to play fair and don't cheat!

    Clarification of the rules ...​
    • Don't godmod, yada yada
    • Don't cheat death (this should be obvious for rule 1 but.. people am i right?)
    • Don't argue, just report to the GM!
    • The GM knows best most times, So if he declares a winner after a argument... don't give retaliation.
    • Respect others... please...
    • Don't put ego first over battles.... this gets ugly.
    • If you want a 2 vs 1 match then ask the GM first.
    • 2 characters max
    • You can change any character that you have at anytime granted that you're not in a battle with that character.
    Events will happen!

    Plot is open to the public, so if you want a plot for your battle then go ahead!

    If you die then you can't get the crown till someone is crowned then the race to the crown is reset.
    This means if you die then you can keep battling but it won't count except towards your win score.
    When someone is crowned then you can reenter into the crown race.
    This is obviously in beta so if you don't like the idea of the crown race or win score then please notify me.
    Blacklist items can be unlocked and usable if each member of the fight agrees to it, except cannot be unlocked items to which no one can unlock them for battle.

    A list of characters or powers banned
    • Super sayian gods
    • Sage of six paths form and character
    • Mind control
    • immortality |Cannot be Unlocked|
    • infinite teleportation
    • anything that has to do with space manipulation
    • Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

    Character sheet ...
    Theme song:
    Wiki link:
    Other notes:

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  2. Name: Gilgamesh
    Nickname: Archer
    Age: looks to be in his late 20s
    Personality: Cocky, entitled, arrogant, selfish,
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Powers: Gate of babilon, Ea.
    Weapons: Swords, lances, Axes, hammers.
    Wiki link:Gilgamesh
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  4. Holy shit, Ginu. Please resize that picture. XD
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Tobi
    Nickname: Good boy
    Age: Unknown
    Personality: A mix of goofy, unpredictable and serious
    Appearance: Black short hair, orange spiral mask, very long yet thin robe (red cloud design) that splits near the waist, Black steel thigh armor, tight black under clothing, traditional shinobi black pants, akatsuki white high toeless shoes, black-purpleish nails.
    [​IMG] Sharingan
    [​IMG] Mangekyō Sharingan
    [​IMG] Rinnegan
    [​IMG] Wood Release
    [​IMG] Fire Release
    [​IMG] Wind Release
    [​IMG] Lightning Release
    [​IMG] Earth Release
    [​IMG] Water Release
    [​IMG] Wood Release
    [​IMG] Yin Release
    [​IMG] Yang Release
    [​IMG] Yin–Yang Release
    Has two forms of avoiding attacks or instant movement, the traditional substitution technique where he can replace himself with a log and a teleportation technique he can only use. This teleportation technique is shown below and will take a while to perform which will leave him open to attacks. This attack will be limited to 1 per match.

    - Note that some techniques will be void -

    Fūma Shuriken



    and kunai...

    Wiki link: Obito Uchiha
    Other notes: This will be my ''stronger'' character, so don't piss your pants. I will only use this character when i face people that are borderline rule breaking.​
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Cheng-Long Liu
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: N/A
    Personality: Cheng-Long Liu is a calm and collected Exorcist who takes his job seriously and criticize fellow Exorcists of their incompetence. So, Calm headed yet arrogant and self centered.
    Appearance: He has light brown eyes, and has tinted blue hair tied to the side in a pony tail with two orange ribbons, one tying the hair altogether, and another a few inches down wrapping for a few inches. He wears a farmer's Taiwan hat and outfit, With an Exorcist's vest on top. He wears grey tights with a white-and-grey striped pattern at the bottom and has white socks with black shoes curved a bit upward at the ends. He has fingerless gloves and carries around a red pole as his weapon. He has a belt aroung his waist with a Yin-Yang sign in the middle. At the side of the belt is a long pocket he keeps his pole in after he folds it.
    Powers: He uses chants to perform magic in a wide variety of categories like repelling forces or attacking. He is also very fast on his feet which makes him a very worthy opponent.
    Weapons: A read pole
    Wiki link: Cheng-Long Liu
    Other notes: This is my normal character.
  8. Name:

    The Black Reaper, BK-201, The Masked Contracter


    Cold, Calculating, Always in control, Sympathetic, Ruthless



    Electric Discharge
    Electron Manipulation (Gives him the ability to do literally anything and, as such, will never be used. For an example, refer to the time he erased a type of energy from existence. Completely)

    Dual Double-edged Knives
    Caribener clip and wire

    Theme song:
    Howling abingdon boys school, Darker Than Black Opening 1 Lyrics - YouTube

    Wiki link:

    Other notes:
    Hei wears a black trench coat that has been proven to be bullet proof. Despite being a contractor, he pays no price for his powers, even though other contractors are required to pay a price of some kind.


    Joseph Joestar




    Hotheaded, impetuous, and confrontational

    • Ripple Hair Attack: Joseph infuses his Ripple into strands of hair to make them hard enough to block incoming projectiles. He used it to block bullets fired by Santana after ripping Stroheim's hair off.
    • Overdrive: Much like any other overdrive, the technique sends a large pulse of Ripple through an object. During his fight with Esidisi, Joseph used it to send the Ripple through the thread of his hat and onto Esidisi's being.
    • Rebuff Overdrive: Joseph charges Ripple into his elbows and delivers a powerful strike. This was used during his fight with Wamuu.
    • Zoom Punch: Similar to his grandfather's move, Joseph uses Ripple to extend his arm and strike opponents at a longer range.
    • Ripple Overdrive: Joseph channels the Ripple into his arm and does a powerful chop attack. This slowly transfers the ripple blast through the point hit, making it advance until blowing up. Joseph used it against Kars to cut off his saber and blow his arm.
    • Ripple Beat: Joseph charges his hand with Ripple and strikes his opponent with a chop. This attack is not capable of harming Joseph himself even if he directs it to himself, as the Ripple used is his own.

    A pair of American Clackers

    Theme Song:

    Wiki Link:
    Joseph Joestar

    Other Notes:
    Joseph Joestar's mind is his deadliest and most valuable asset.
    Joseph's favorite strategy is to psyche out his opponents. To do so, he notably predicts what his enemies will say next or more commonly provokes them to unnerve them and make them predictable in their rage. Joseph is proficient in analyzing the personalities of those he faces, and shamelessly exploit any character flaw in order to return whatever they will be doing next against them, most commonly their overconfidence, but also particular quirks such as Wamuu's pride as a warrior or Kars' obsession for the Red Stone of Aja. It should be noted that Joseph is as susceptible to these tactics as his opponents, leading him to be psyched out by Esidisi notably.

    Having great prestidigitation skills, his goofy demeanor serving as the greatest distraction he can rely on, Joseph is able to attack from unexpected angles or make critical moves under the guise of simple goofiness. Sometimes Joseph will use one obvious trick hiding another trick to trap his opponents.

    Joseph is maybe the most proficient man in the series at using his environment to his advantage, the Ripple increasing the dangerousness of any item he gets his hands on. Among others, Joseph has used mirrors, glass shots, hair, a well, pasta, pigeons, wool hats, icicles, pebbles, and his own plane as tools and weapons to grasp the upper hand, each use will efficiency and imagination. Joseph also keeps a number of tools handy just in case, keeping weapons on him as soon as he expects danger.

    When he is cornered, Joseph can still rely on his particularly quick wits to come up with a viable solution in an instant. The most successful instance being Joseph using the Red Stone of Aja to amplify Ultimate Kars' Ripple Attack as to cause a volcanic eruption and send Kars into space.
    Joseph's tendency to use so many tricks stems from his particular mindset. He considers that in combat, every move is fair-play with the exception of involving civilians and being needlessly cruel. Thus he isn't bound by any code and doesn't hesitate to flee, or cheat if the ends justify the means, as seen against the D'Arby brothers.​
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  9. I understand you limited Tobi's Kamui.

    But I'd just like to note that it's still technically a form of space manipulation lol. If Tobi wanted to he could literally grab someone and pull them into the Kamui Dimension and leave em there. It's actually what he does to Danzo's two bodyguards and the next time we see them their corpses are being used for Kabuto's Resurrection jutsu iirc.

    I'm not saying you'd do this but it'd be IC for Tobi/Obito to do so given that this is a battle royale and for the most part he doesn't really get his hands dirty. He tends to just spam Kamui and avoid most blows.

    Which is why I kinda don't think he's suited for a long drawn out battle royale type scenario like this. I apologize if this offends you as it's not my intent but just something I wanted to point out since I'm interested in joining this RP. Anyway, onto my CSes!

    Name: Karas(Otoha)
    Age: 20s
    Personality: Karas (Character) - Comic Vine



    The suit in which the user's sole is transported into has many vast capabilities in order to combat mikura or even rouge Karas' such as Eko. When using the armor, the wearer is granted vast speed, agility, strength, durability, and enhanced senses. Karas also moves faster than normal humans can comprehend-resulting in time literally slowing down around Karas/his opponents.

    The armor is polymorphic and can take on two additional forms: a Jet and a Car, both of these are fitted with offensive arsenal that a traditional aerial or ground combat vehicle commonly have such as missles or turrets that fire bolts of energy . The artillery refined into the bipedal armor include explosive shruikens and a katana that can be mentally controlled to move when not in the users grasp.

    The armor also conceals a versatile chain used in situations like guiding karas through turns when traversing at high speeds. Unbeknownst to humans, when a fight occurs between a Karas and his or hers opponent they are rendered invisible to be concealed from human awareness. Karas can also tap into an alternate power, a "rage mode" if you will, that further increases all of the user's abilities.

    Weapons: Sword mainly

    Theme Song:

    Wiki link: Karas





    Since she was discriminated against by others, Lucy is quiet, withdrawn, and guards her emotions carefully in response to the bullying from her classmates, neglect from the child welfare workers in charge of her, and the absence of her parents. Though she understood the other miserable children in the orphanage were using her to forget their own misery, she is shown wondering why they have to treat her in such a way just because of her horns. The bullying left its mark on her interactions with others by leaving her puzzled about how to return kindness. As shown with both Kouta and later Aiko, she didn't know how to react to people being kind to her other than being embarrassed. She even let her emotions slip around them and became easily embarrassed when her only two friends praised her or caught her acting in any way other than calm, cool, and collected.



    Vector Range: 1.4m (before the start of the series); 2m (beginning of series); 5m (with long horns); Worldwide (end of manga)
    Strength: Very strong (in the beginning of the manga and the anime), according to Nana.
    Speed: Unknown, about average of a Diclonius.
    Vector Special Abilities: Cell reconstruction/restoration, giving a healing ability. Ability to use vectors in the "sleeping state" (as Nyu, but they are far weaker) and while in pain. Like those of other powerful Diclonius, they can also vibrate so fast that they become visible.

    Weapons: Submachine gun/possibly other guns as well


    Theme Song:

    Wiki link: Lucy (Elfen Lied)

    if there is anything that needs to be fixed please let me know : )

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  10. Name: Kurumi Tokisaki
    Nickname: Night mare
    Age: Unknown appears 16
    Personality: Mistrustful, Twisted justice, Small Degree of innocence, Psychotic,
    Powers: Create clones Create shadow arms skilled marksman.
    Weapons: Flint lock pistol flint lock rifle
    Theme song:
    Wiki link:Kurumi Tokisaki
    Other notes: Her time powers are not going to be used.
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  11. Name: Tiir Rumibul​
    Age: 23-25

    Personality: Ruthless to enemies, caring to his friends and allies


    Powers: Regeneration; absorbing all magic and unleashing it
    Weapons: Cursed Eyes; Lino Doue

    Theme song:

    Wiki link:
    Tiir Rumibul

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  12. I know kamui is a form of dimensional manipulation but i changed it so it can be merely a form of self teleportation which will be easily counter-able. I know Tobi doesn't really fight in the anime but if you play the storm games or if you saw him fight between konan then i will be acting like that with him with a mix of my own techniques.

    Also make sure to be responsible with these characters, they can be easily... well, op.

    Mystic eyes are now banned, that is a form of god modding. The rest of the first character is fine.

    Vector powers are a bit op for the second character, as far as i know this character can win any battle with a single flick of a finger which is god modding. I... Modify these powers and tell me when you do and i'll review the second character again.

    1st character approved, 2nd character pending.


    Hmm... lets make that absorbing technique have a cooldown, after that you are approved.
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  13. Oh.. you know what.. i missed the strength part, fix that, mate.
  14. Seems legit, approved.
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  15. To make it simpler, I'll probably end up changing Shiki to a different character if that's alright :0

    Miiight change from Accelerator as well, but we'll see, lol

  16. Well, yeah he fights in the games. Wouldn't really be much of a point of having him there if he didn't.

    Though mind you he did get physical with the Fourth Hokage/Naruto's daddy. So you got me there but even then it was really more just KAMUI SPAM/kunai here and there. But if you feel confident that you can work something out with him despite not really getting combative until he ditches the Tobi facade/starts pretending to be Madara then good on you, I suppose lol.

    sir yes sir

    could you..y'know

    be more specific on what you'd like to be fixed about it

  17. The part about being able to destroy earth.
  18. Edited.

    Hope that's ok
  19. Alrighty, approved.
  20. Or it could have a limit to how much it can absorb at any given time :3
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