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  1. This is an rp for me, @Poetic Justice @RinCavalia @Lunita Nesta @AmerillaRose[/USER @Ace23 @Nay'ar and @DANAsaur

    In ancient history long before the human race was as large as it is today. it was common knowledge that Angels, and Demons existed. The Angels fought for peace and harmony and sought to defend the humans and protect their souls. The Demons however sought to destroy the humans not by killing them but by corrupting their hearts and minds and turning them into their mortal instruments of death and destruction. War ensued. Demons killing Angels. Angels killing Demons. Innocent humans getting caught in the crossfire.

    For a hundred years the war continued until the final ultimate battle between God and Satan erupted. Equally matched the battle continued for days neither gaining the advantage over the other until God doing the only thing he could think of that would save his remaining precious Angels and the humans they sought to protect sacrificed himself to destroy Satan forever. The Angels and Demons leaderless and few in numbers were at a loss for what to do. The demons slunk back into the underworld to plan. The Angels returned to heaven to do the same.

    Back on Earth however due to the war between the Angels and Demons the humans were suffering. They had no where to turn their prayers went unanswered now that there was no God to hear them. They needed someone to save them but who? or what? That was when it dawned on both sides. They would be the humans saviors. The Angels and Demons cast themselves out of heaven and sought out souls that were worthy of them. The Demons sought those that had evil in their hearts so they could use the Demons powers of destruction to destroy the earth. The Angles sought those of pure heart who would use the Angels gifts to help protect others and the earth.

    After many years of searching both sides found their selected humans and approached them. a deal was struck on both sides the demon/angel would attach themselves to their humans blood line only the ancestors of the one that the deal was struck with can use the powers of the angel or demon. The Humans agreed on the terms that only one person from the bloodline would have to carry on the battle the others of the family would remain oblivious to the fight yet the entire family would be under the demons or angels protection. The deal was made and the Demons and Angels shrunk to a crystallized form which allowed their partner to carry them around with ease and to use their powers they needed to only speak the name of the demon/angel residing in the crystal to summon them and use their powers.

    Hundreds of years have passed and the bloodlines have fought long and hard to preserve the deals they had made with their chosen protector, the protectors doing the same with their human. What will become of the bloodlines that were tied to the demons? to the angels? what will become of the Angels and Demons themselves?

    I reposted the CS in case anyone needed it or wanted to make a new character

    Race: (angel, demon, human)
    s.o.: (straight, bi, etc.)
    humans only) who carried the crystal before you?: (father, mother, brother, sister etc.)
    (Humans only) Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon: This will be the armor/form the humans will take during battle the angel/demon has the ability through the bond between the characters to share their powers with the human giving them a special armor and enhanced abilities to protect them.
    Angels and demons only) Holy form (battle form) :
    (Angels and demons only) Weapon of Choice:
    (Angels and demons only) Elemental Control: you get only one power control over fire, light, water, earth, lightning etc.
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  2. name: Micheal (Mike) Hawke
    Race: Angel
    Age: 2,000 looks 18
    s.o: Straight
    Appearance: (ignore the cuts and blood)
    Holy Form (battle form) :
    weapon of choice: long sword
    Elemental control: Lightning
    personality: Micheal is a kind and heart warming soul. He always tries to comfort others and be there for them whenever he can. He enjoys laughing and making others laugh. His loyalty is like no others he will always stand by his friends and his partner no matter what the case may be. He could be outnumbered a hundred to one yet he will never give up he will fight to his last breath to protect those he cares about. His loyalty and desire to protect his friends however can give him a rash attitude. At times he has been known to rush into things without thinking about the consequences.
    Bio: Micheal is one of the oldest of the surviving angels although at the time of the war he was one of the youngest. He fought long and hard and would never give up the fight no matter the odds. When God sacrificed himself Micheal was distraught he couldn't believe that his lord and leader was gone. Before God had sacrificed himself he told Micheal that he would have to take his place as leader of the Angels which he reluctantly accepted. He didn't understand why God had chosen him to take his place especially since he was only 400 at the time which was still quite young for an Angel. Yet he has proven time and time again throughout the decades that God had made the right choice. It was Micheal that ultimately made the decision for the Angels to go out and find a human to bond with and to protect their line until the end of eternity. After the decision was made he flew fast and far to find the human that he thought was pure enough to bond with during his search he vowed to protect them and their families throughout the generations as long as that blood line continued.

    Name: Natsu Shigami
    Race: demon
    Age: 3,000 (looks 18)
    s.o.: straight
    Holy form (battle form) : [​IMG]

    Weapon of Choice: two handed swords
    Elemental Control: fire, He also has the ability as the lord of demons to force the demons to do his bidding even if they don't want to. If they try to resist with just a thought he can inflict the worst pain imaginable upon them.

    Personality: Natsu is cold vile and all out despicable, all he cares about is power and control and he will do anything to get that. He's the kind of guy that believes if someone is down you kick them not once but as many times as you can to make them stronger. On the inside he does have a bit of a soft side for the blood line he has bonded with it is the only thing that can be considered a weakness for him. He might be a demon and bent on destroying everything but he will protect his blood line to the end. Whether that's due to the fact that he needs the power of the blood line or for some other reason has yet to be seen though.

    Bio: Natsu is one of the oldest demons left since the great war that destroyed Satan and God. He had been Satan's right hand man throughout the war and before it. He was constantly challenging Satan for control and power of the demon armies and every time was defeated by his lord. This did not quell his determination however and when Satan finally died his one and only chance to become leader appeared. He proclaimed himself king of Hell and leader of the Demon armies and slew anyone who opposed him until his rule became official. Yet he knew not of what to do. Their armies were diminished to nothing and they had not the resources to restore the fight. It was when he heard of the Angels and their plans to bond with the humans that he knew what to do. He commanded his remaining Demons to go out into the world and find the humans whose hearts were corrupt and their souls black and to bond with their blood line just as the Angels were doing. It was through this that he was certain that he would eventually come to rule the world and destroy the Angels forever.

    Name: Jason McCloud
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    s.o.: Straight
    appearance: (below)
    who carried the crystal before you?: no one he is the first.
    (Humans only) Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon: (below)
    Personality: Jason is a quiet young man. He believes in justice and that all things should be treated with kindness and fairly. He likes to have fun and joke around but when he needs to get serious he gets the job done. He will protect his friends no matter what and he values loyalty and trust over all other things.
    Bio: Jason was only 12 when he lost his family to a fire. After that he was forced to live with his grandparents who died when he turned 18. He's hesitant to get close to people because he fears that if he does they'll just leave him alone again which is why he has chosen his more isolated lifestyle and why he prefers to be alone. Because of the death of his family and grandparents he has assumed a large amount of money and property from their wills. How much he isn't exactly sure but the lawyers he's talked to have estimated somewhere around 10 million dollars worth of money. He goes out often to help those who are less fortunate then him whether its donating the money from his family's wills to charity, buying a homeless person some food or taking care of lost children he does what he can to help. Secretly he wants to be a musician one day but he is too nervous that no one would want to hear his music.

    [​IMG] (his armor doesn't have the wings however)
    [​IMG] (His weapon)

    Name: Alex Mercer
    gender: male
    age: 19
    s.o: straight
    who carried the crystal? Father
    Personality: Alex is a thug to put it plainly. He will do whatever it takes to get his way and to come out on top and he doesn't care who he has to step on or hurt. He is in it to win it and his goal is to one day make it off the streets and retire in luxury so he can look down upon the world as he believes is his birthright. He doesn't take shit from anybody and isn't afraid of a fight. Fuck with him. and you've made yourself one hell of an enemy.
    bio: Alex was born into a life of crime. His father was a drug user and a criminal. His mom a whore that did what she had to do to survive. They both taught him the way of life for a guy like himself. He doesn't use drugs himself but has been in and out of Juvy since he was a kid. He never went to school but that's not to say he's dumb. He's street and gang smart. He knows how to get what he wants even if he has to take it from somebody. His father died in an attempt to flee from the cops he had taken his mother hostage and threatened to kill her if anyone tried to stop him. That's what happened in the end. His father killed his mother and then his father was put down like the dog he was. By then Alex was already 18 and living on his own. The day his father died he was given a small crystal although he has no idea what lies inside of it.
    appearance: [​IMG]
    battle: [​IMG]
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Teagan Pascal
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    s.o.: Bi (More into guys though)
    appearance: Teagan has blonde hair and brilliant sweet green/blue eyes.He takes after his brother with his softly defined muscles,but is a little on the small side.Even with this,some people tease him for looking a bit feminine.

    Who carried the crystal before you?: His older brother,Sora.His brother died in a freak accident and he is still in morning.

    Personality: Teagan is the kind of guy that’s quiet alone and avoids people at all costs.He is kind and gentle,but can get moody if you push his buttons.

    Bio: Teagan lived with his brother after his parents left them when he was five and his brother was eighteen.He never understood why,but his brother understood completely and never told him.Him and his brother were as close as siblings could be.They almost did everything together and they had everything all planned out until Sora died.Left alone in the world,Teagan tried to keep his emotions hidden.
    Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon: (open)
    Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon: [​IMG]


    Name: Mihail
    Race: Angel
    Age: Looks about 19
    s.o.: Straight
    appearance: Mihail has black hair and deep purple eyes.He might look skinny,but he can knock your lights out.

    Weapon of Choice: Anything you can throw(Throwing knives,swords,axes,etc)

    Elemental Control: Ice

    Personality: Mihail is quiet,but when you get him going,he’s the most sarcastic person you ever met.He’s a little pushy because of his training.He likes getting things done the way he wants them to get done.He is gentle and kind with his pact partner,but at the same time,will stop at nothing to protect them.Even sacrifice himself in the process.

    Bio: Not much is known about Mihail because he really doesn’t talk much about his past.The only thing for him is to get the job done,and done right.

    Holy form(He really doesn’t “do” armor)) (open)

  4. Hi! can I join? :)
  5. I've seen some of your posts in the "Its your turn" rp and you seem to be on quite a bit and reply often so sure :) I don't mind if you have any questions let me know I'm trying to keep things a bit even with the amount of people so..if you can handle two characters I would appreciate it :) we currently have 3 demons 3 angels and 6 humans 6 males and 6 females so..if you can make 2 characters of your choice I can make a third then we'd just need someone to make a third as well to make things even :)
  6. I can make two characters but only females. I'm not really good at portraying males so I'm sorry >.<
  7. no that's fine :) we'd need two of each gender to make it even so that's fine :)
  8. Alright. I'll post the CS as soon as I'm finished :D
  9. alright thanks :) can I ask what races your going to pick to play first though? you can either pick 2 humans, a human and an angel, a demon and a human or an angel and a demon.
  10. I'll be doing an angel and a demon :)
  11. alright thanks :)
  12. Bunny Le Blanc


    8000 years old, but looks like 21


    Holy form (battle form): (open)

    elf_assassin_by_sakimichan-d4xpd69.jpg fallen_by_sakimichan-d4y571x.jpg

    Weapon of Choice:
    Saber sword and needles

    Elemental Control:

    Just like fire, Bunny's personality can change drastically. From happy to angry and from embarrassed to cute. She's mischievous, smart, always smirks and cunning.

    Sometimes, she becomes a heartless and sadistic demon. Her diabolic nature is also shown through her dark humor and inability to see good in anyone. At times, she can be indifferent; she had, at one point, deliberately delayed someone's death, for her own amusement. Bunny views money as "rubbish" or "materialistic. She is fluent in French and Latin, enough to teach the latter. She greatly favors cats, and keeps at least thirteen hidden in her house.

    Bunny often contemplates the behaviors and attitudes of human beings. She finds humans in general to be "difficult creatures," but she adds that their struggles and lofty goals make them interesting. She is also intrigued by how seemingly insatiable they are, as they are willing to "drag others down to get what they want, even in death."

    Bunny's real home is quite different from the human world. In particular, she mentioned that the creatures kept as pets there are in no way comparable to cats. She claims to be responsible for the spread of the Black Death that occurred five hundred years prior.

    She really have no grudge against angels but she cannot help but kill them. She has a reputation to uphold, being born and raised in a high-class family of demons. However, she did have a grudge against humans. She just hated how greedy they are and think that they're superior above them. She did find humans interesting and always wanted to eat their souls, saying that she wanted to find the sweetest soul she can find among earth.​
  13. Bunny is accepted :)
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Dalimil Marcillo
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    s.o.: Bi,he really doesn’t know either.
    appearance: Dalimil is was most people call the light of the party.He as read hair,bright brown eyes,and very fun air around him.He is pretty much an average build for his age.

    Who carried the crystal before you?: His mother.His father married into the family for the riches.

    Personality: Dalimil is the life of the party.He is outspoken and a fun person to be around.Being part of a rich family has its perks too.He’s not the rich snub that parties all night.He’s actually very good in school and does everything he needs to and at the same time,wants too.

    Bio: Dalimil comes from a rich family.While he has no real expectations,he has dreams of his own.Traveling the world is a huge one for him.He loves to see new places and meet new people.

    Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon (open)

  15. looks good :)
  16. Alice Chambers


    1800 years old but looks like 18



    Holy form (battle form): (open)

    Weapon of Choice:
    knives and daggers

    Elemental Control:

    Personality: Alice is a strong-willed and cheerful girl with a fondness for cute things. Her hobby is to make everything and everybody "cute". When disagreed with, she is prone to temper tantrums and bouts of self-centeredness. She imposes her sense of fashion and preference upon others and doggedly refuses to take no for an answer. However, on the occasions when she goes too far and upsets someone, she feels horrible and will even cry over her mistake.

    In actuality, Alice is a talented and expert marksman; She has a reputation for being a genius with daggers and knives and can cut off the wings of a fly by simply throwing a dagger on it. Her disposition of delight and innocence is, to an extent, an act; it is influenced by her mother, who has taught her that all ladies should act weak and cute in front of their humans, smile often, and be surrounded by nice things. She goes through great lengths just to make humans smile, although she admits she overdoes it a lot. Alice is frequently consumed with worry for humans and she deeply desires to protect them.

    Alice is an extraordinary angel who always maintain a cheerful disposition. She doesn't like to talk about her past, saying that it will only cause her pain and misfortune. When pushed about her history, she'll only let out a smile and ignore the question, busying herself with other activities.​
  17. Ok this is for everyone including me so I can make sure my numbers are right.

    Me: Angel demon and 2 humans all male.
    Danasaur: Angel demon both female.
    RinCavalia: Angel 2 Humans all male
    poetic justice demon and human female
    lunita nesta: 2 demons human all male
    Amerillarose: Angel and human both female
    ace23: 2 humans both female
    Nay'ar: angel and human both female
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  18. Name: Chandra Nalaar
    Race: Human
    s.o.: Bi
    (Humans only) who carried the crystal before you?: N/A
    (Humans only) Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon: [​IMG]

    Personality: Impulsive, passionate, and short tempered.You better listen to her for the first time for she hates to ask someone what to do for a second time. If anyone fails her, she doesn't take second chances. She is seductive to women and men to get her way but once she gets what she wants, she doesn't look back. She can be kind and sweet and turn around to back stab or blackmailing, if anyone dared to cross her. She always gets her revenge.

    Bio:Chandra grew up in a rich environment with her parents owning a CEO company for solar panels. Which was a cover up. Her parents actually taps into the security data base of the satellites and steals accounts across the globe for their own funding. Chandra grew up as a spoiled little brat who got everything she wanted. She has known nothing else but to ether get what she wants or take it. After her mother passed away from old age, she left Chandra an pair of earrings and small letter regarding to keep it safe and if she'll ever need anything just ask within herself. Her father retired and moved down south and gave the company to Chandra.

    Name: Kysindra
    Race: Demon

    [BCOLOR=#000000] s.o.: Bi, Lover of Natsu[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Humans only) who carried the crystal before you?: (father, mother, brother, sister etc.) She used to be human, a Human called Kimi Reed, and Natsu turned her recently into a Demon. Now her soul is bound to a mortal crystal and destined to protect it with her life.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Angels and demons only) Holy form (battle form) :[/BCOLOR][​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=#000000](Angels and demons only) Weapon of Choice:[​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] (Angels and demons only) Elemental Control: you get only one power control over fire, light, water, earth, lightning etc.Wind, is the element that Kysindra adapts too. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] Personality: Since she became Demon, her emotions are on a high frequence. She becomes very emotional and avenges out on those emotions. She acts irrational and is confused since her Transformation, [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] and she is still trying to understand herself and her place in the world. When she was human, Natsu was her Demon, and she loved and was willing to give her life out on the line for Natsu, without a second thought. Now, Kysindra has a piece of Natsu's powers inside her dark soul, and she is still compassionate for him yet she is more wiser on this second choice of life. She understands that she isn't a mere weakling mortal and can do possibly anything she desires. She is suppose to be Natsu Queen and lover. [/BCOLOR]
  19. Obviously accepted :)
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