Angel and Demon

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  1. Dexter sighed as he moved brown hair from his eyes and looked down at the Earth longingly. He loved watching people live without restriction on where they could go, unlike him who is restricted to Heaven until he is sent down to help people. He ruffled his feathers and smiled knowing he was going down soon, God had something planned and he had to retrieve the souls of the dead. The man stood up and walked down the the stairs as soon as he got a message saying it was time for him to go down to earth and flew off the end Landing at his destination.
  2. Raven gently caressed her red pointed tail. Staring deeply at the humans as they carried on with their lives from the rooftop. They fascinated her in every way. Sometimes she really hated being a Demon and causing them pain. But, hell that was her job, right? She wondered the Earth aimlessly. Studying the humans. Only a few could actually see her and most of them dismissed her and thought they were seeing things. Life was lonely as a run away demon.
  3. Dexter landed down in the middle of a mass car crash and began to get to work. The faster he works the more time he will get as free time to wander and watch up. Fortunately not many people died so he got to finish quickly. One last check around the wreck he took off into the air for sightseeing. Eventually he got tired and landed on a rooftop to rest where he watch the humans sernenly.
  4. Raven looked over and saw an angel. He was magnificent. So, beautiful and graceful. She didn't want to scare him off so she lurked in the shadows watching him. She so dearly wished to speak to him. But, what would he say? She was nothing but a worthless demon.. Doomed to forever be alone. Or was she? She started flying towards him.
  5. Dexter silently whispered to himself as he started down at the humans before sighing sadly. The man slowly stood up before jumping down from the roof so he could get a better look at the humans. Oh how he missed being a human. He can't even remember what he did as a human but one thing, he missed being able actually interact with people without having to be buissiness like. He was a loner in heaven because of his longing for being human. He couldn't talk to anyone like him in heaven, everyone loved it there.
  6. She flew to only a couple of feet away from the angel. Silently watching. I wonder what he's thinking she though to herself. Oh, the wonders of angels. I wonder what Heaven was like. I wonder what being a human was like. I was never a human. Born into the demon business as they say. I never deserved this fate she thought. She followed him as he walked toward the humans. How she dreamed she could just talk to him.. Have even a friend, maybe.
  7. He walked down to a local park and checked his watch. He only had an hour left here and that wasn't enough to do anything. Finally at the park choose a comfy looking bench plopping on it and stretching his wings out. Absolutely no one could see him and he was sure of that. Dexter smiled to himself feeling the warm heat on his face and brushing a hand in his brown hair.
  8. Reven fixed her jet black hair and brushed off her clothes. She silently walked up to the mysterious angel. "H.. Hello.. I.. I'm Raven." She stammered, terrified.
  9. Dexter looked up shocked that some one was talking to him. He hopped up and shuffled away farther. "W-w-what are you doing here" he said freaking out inside looking around the park for any threat
  10. " I.. I won't hurt you.. Or anything.. I just wanted to t.. talk.." She replied nervously.
  11. "What?" he said confused trying to think of how that absurd proclamation was true as he ruffled his feathers
  12. "Yes.. I am.. I.. I just.. Wanted a friend.. It gets really lonely here on Earth.." She said in a scared tone.
  13. "Wait a minute you stay here on earth?" he asked calming down and smiling "I love it here" he walk towards her slowly still a bit cautious when his alarm went off. He frowned deeply and looked at his watch. He only had fourth five minute left
  14. "yeah, I like to study the humans. They're very intriguing. Do you not stay here as well?" She asked, loosening up.
  15. "Actually no I don't and I have to get back in like forty minutes" he said checking his watch "I was here on buissiness" dexter looked at his watch sadly as it ticked down "I also study humans"
  16. "Business? What do you mean by that?" She looked at him curiously. "And why do you have to leave? Will you return?"
  17. "Heaven runs on a really tight schedual and I don't know when I'll be back, might be a few days or months depending on what havoc happens" he said scratching his face "and my buissiness was collecting souls"
  18. "Oh, well.. How does heaven work?" She tilted her head as she asked.
  19. "Well if anything happened that more than two people died God sends an angel to collect souls so they are not just left because they couldn't find their way" he explained
  20. "Oh.. So, if two or more people die.. Then you return?" She asked.
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