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  1. Hi everyone my name is Andy. I'm looking for a bunch of new role play partners because for some reason all of my old partners disappeared. (its not a joke they really disappeared one day they were here the next it was like they never had an account at all) Anyways I'm looking for long term role play partners. I'm looking for long role plays not a bunch of short ones. I find them annoying and not enjoyable. I do have a few rules however

    1.Have fun. That's one of my most important rules
    2. Let me know when your going to be gone for a while so I know what's going on.
    3. I ask that you post a minimum of one paragraph.
    4. If you feel like you have an idea that will make the rp better let me know.
    5. If you have a concern about the rp please let me know. Even if it has something to do with my roleplay style I want you to let me know instead of just dropping out.
    6. If you no longer want to rp with me or want to change the plot/story. Let me know don't just stop replying.
    7. I only roleplay as straight male characters and I enjoy having a bit of romance in my rp's that means my partner has to play as a female character. I apologize if it's rude, sexist, or whatever you want to call it but that is how i like my roleplays to go if you don't like it then don't reply.

    Now to move on to what I would like to role play. I really really want to do an rp based of an anime. I know some people don't like doing that but I like to take the story and replay it with our own characters. But if preferred we can use the characters from the anime. Here is a list of anime that I have seen and would like to roleplay
    I will add more to the list as I think of them.
    * means how much I want to do this rp. Five is the max

    Shuffle *****
    Sekirei ****
    Kaze no stigma ***
    Air tech **
    High school of the dead **
    Rosario and vampire ****
    Dragon Ball Z ***
    Sword art Online **
    High School DxD ****
    Majikoi Oh Samurai Girls ***
    Infnite Stratos (IS) *****
    Samurai Harem ****
    Blade Dance of the Elementals **
    Teen titans ****

    If you are not interested in doing an rp based off an anime I do have some generic pairings that we can come up with a story together with. Again I'll add more as I think of them.
    Prince x princess
    knight x princess
    Knight x commoner
    knight x queen
    body guard x princess
    prince x bodyguard
    knight x warrior princess.
    best friend x best friend
    Furry x furry
    human x furry (vice versa)
    were wolf x vampire
    vampire x werewolf
    hunter x monster (vampire, were wolf etc.) (vice versa available too)
    bad boy x good girl
    angel x human
    human x angel
    demon x human
    human x demon
    demon x angel
    angel x demon
    Human x Monster girl.

    The roles can be reversed in this story so don't feel like it has to be set in stone. I know some of the ideas mostly the Monster girl and Furry idea aren't appealing to everyone. If you don't like it don't ask to do it.

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  2. Im interested in a few of your generic pairings :)
  3. pm me and we can figure something out :)
  4. Still looking
  5. I'm interested in doing Prince X Princess or Demon X Human, or both, with you.
  6. still looking
  7. I will do a High School of the Dead RP with you ^_^ ( also just because I'm curious, do you play Witcher 3 I'm looking for a partner for that?)
  8. great! pm me :)
  9. I'm interested in a DBZ roleplay ^^
  10. Pm me :)
  11. still looking everyone.
  12. Hey I'll do something with you :3 I'm interested in the generic ones, specifically the following:
    popular guy x nerdy girl
    knight x queen
    vampire x werewolf
    hunter x monster

    If we could work something out then that would be great~
  13. Interested in a few!
  14. I'm intrested
  15. Are you still looking? =3
  16. I'm always looking :)
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