< ^ and v

^ *Casts remove disease on fluffy* Better

< Can be too much of an undead manwhore for his own good

v Doesn't want me to elaborate on that fact.
^ Got cornered by some nekos again?


v Eurovision? :D
^ No, zombie sex. Delicious zombie sex, though I did get to torture a neko the other day.

< *Stabs the army repeatedly, with a rusty spoon*

v Grrr.
^ Roooaaarr! <3

< Is nommin' on brownies.

V *offers a brownie*
^ *accepts with glee and offers pie he made himself in exchange*

< Has a secret passion and aptitude for baking.

V Will come help me make Hungarian apple crumble.
^ Hells yes! and while we're at it we can listen to Sear Bliss. Hungarian Metal \m/

< Can't bake to save his life

V Has mad baking skills?
^ Does baking water count?
< Made like 6 D&D characters last night while he was geeking out
v Has a guilty pleasure?
^ YES. Honestly though, I don't feel guilty about most of the stuff I do, even when I know I probably should >>

< Needs to back up his computer

V Has a back up in case of major crash?
^ Of course! I have valuable music on my compy!

< Like Eurovision and Morning Musume

v Listens to something most people wouldn't expect from them?
^ Most people here know my taste in music. Most people IRL shit themselves when I turn the volume up and unplug my earphones, to kinda, yeah.

< Likes making people shit themselves.

V Does too, don't deny it.
^ I can't help it. Either from fear or laughter.

< Has a nasty cough. Just drank a bottle of cough syrup > <

V Hates the taste of cough syrup
^ So so much!

< Is thankfully not ill

v Is also not ill!
^Not anymore! Thanks to cough syrup, sleep and gallons of OJ

< Is NOT enjoying this 90+ degree weather

V Likes cold weather better than hot?
^ Damn strait

< Is in the wring climate

V Will help me choose a new one.
^ To the North, Brother! Home of Metal and cold weather! Finland!

< Likes several bands from Finland

V Will travel with me to a new and distant country?
^ If that countries has Eurovision or is Japan or China, you can count me in.

< Is loving Jade Empire all over again

v Wants to play Jade Empire?

< NO!


<pokemon master

V Want to be a Pokemon Master?</pokemon>

< *has the pokemon IRL video in her head now*

v Know what I mean? owo