< ^ and v

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^ No one is above me, therefore I cannot say any facts or shameless lies about them!

< I happen to be the most awesome admin ever. :D

v You are going to help me fill Iwaku with MORE AWESOME.
^ Pfft, I AM the awesomeness of Iwaku

< Not really

v Is the most awesomeness of something
^ I try to be the best Knight I can be.

< Wonders if we'll ever find life on other planets.

V Believes that civilized life on other planets will be discovered before they die.
^ it has already been found and it's called FEMALE XD j/k...

< i'm cold again D:

V will help warm me up!
^ Yeah, I would probably do that.

< Bacon!

V Bacon?
^ Bacon.
< Needs yaoi in order to survive.

< lol'd at the bacon picture

v How many degrees of separation are you from Kevin Bacon?
^ I'm not sure what that means...possibly a movie reference? The only movies I liked Kevin Bacon in were Stir of echos and Apollo 13.

< Has trouble getting used to warm weather.

V Likes COLD weather?
^ only if I have a warm fire and someone to cuddle with D:

< is in a lonely apartment tonight

V will come keep me company ^o^
^ Now I want one! D:

< Loves having everything I need just a train ride away if not closer!

v Likes riding public transport
^ YES! When I stayed in Chicago for several days I got one of those passes that lets you ride the subway and bus. It was awesome. I like it in big cities, I probably wouldn't ride the bus where I live though.

< Likes to travel

V Wants to travel...more?
^ YES!!! I'd love to travel more...if only i had the time/money

< been on a cooking spree lately

V Has a recipe they'd like to share?
^ Has a recipe for either Shephard's Pie (like my family name) or Cap'n Crunch Chicken that is utterly amazing!
< wants someone he can cuddle in bed with tonight
v has someone to cuddle with in bed?
^ Not on this continent, no =(
< Needs to get to da usa
V Thinks internet relationship can't work IRL.. WELL THEY CAN SCREW YOU! >=( Say you do I daaare you >=D
^ Actually there is no screwing involved

< Beer

V Snuggles?
^ Well it is Thursday *snuggles*

< Likes Saturdays best

v Has a favorite day?
^ it most certainly isn't monday!

< has 3 days weekends now =D

V is totally jealous!
^ .....*Tackles angl*

< minishark = winning

v Plays Terraria
^ Has heard of, but not played Terreria
< Just beat L.A Noire
v Ending make you sadface? =(