And so, Here I am.

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  1. Well, where do I start? I am Rein Falkarie, and I'm pleased to find such a large community of role players on a what it seems a lovely site. I honestly was just looking around and happened to stumble across this website, and glad I did too. I really am looking forward to future role playing with you all, and Ill try to keep things spicy! Anyways~ I would make my introduction all nice however currently I am at work x3 Anyways message me! I promise I'm really friendly despite my calm collected character ^_^
  2. Welcome, Rein, to Iwaku! I'm Iliana and it's nice to meet you!
    Make yourself at home in this awesome site of roleplayer's paradise!
    And please return to work so you don't get fired~! :D
  3. Hi Rein. I'm Terra and welcome to Iwaku! I hope enjoy yourself here. We're all friendly so don't be shy ^^
  4. Hallo madam! We are glad to have you! :D Welcome to the community.
  5. Hello, Rein, and welcome to Iwaku.
    It's good to meet you! I'm Kitti.
    I'm happy that you think we're a lovely site. I do too, but I might be a teensy bit biased <3
    Hopefully everything here is easy to locate and understand but if you have questions or need help, please feel free to ask!
  6. So like cookies? I bet you do.

    See this here rectangle box of cookies?--------->:cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:
    They are all for you.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. Thank you everyone! I feel very welcomed and i appreciate everyones support! I hope to not let you all down ^_^ And Thank you for the cookies~ There my favorite. Chocolate chip that is ^_-
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of Iwaku!
    If you ever need help with ANYTHING, send me a note! :D