An Occasional Miscommunication

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    "So I told her straight up, 'If you don't want to go shopping with me then that's fine! It's not like I'm going to get mad and throw a fit or something! It's your life and you can do what you want to!' But, of course, you can probably guess what she did next. Yep: Ran off crying into the girl's bathroom again. I don't know what she does that. She's best friend and I was only telling her that it doesn't matter whether she comes shopping with me or not. But she takes everything so personally. Sometimes, Diary, I wish Mika would just shut her mouth and just accept the things I say. I mean, have I lied to her yet? No. I just wish she would GROW UP."​

    Gwynn made sure she doubled, no, tripled the underlines under the last two words she scribled in her Diary. She was laying on the bed with her feet in the air, writing away in her precious book as usual. Her rmabling was actually about her friend Mika, the girl she had been friends with for almost 7 years. Gwynn seemed to always have problems with her and girls in general! Sometimes they could be so incredibly dense, it was a wonder why she wasn't like them!

    "It'll pass though. It always does, but this time, I'm gonna try to make sure it doesn't come up again. Well, I have to get ready to go to the library alone again. Story of my life, huh? Until then, Diary. Thanks for listening as always." Gywnn said while she simultaneously scribbled the words down into the page. She singed her name at the bottom and closed the book with a sigh, sitting up on her bed with her brown hair falling around her shoulders. Today was going to be one long day, but maybe a good one! She heard that some sort of festival was supposed to be going down at the town that night and she was looking forward to it!

    With a smile, Gwynn got up, straightened out her outfit, and slipped her Diary under her pillow and walked out of the room. All thoughts of Mika were out of her head.​
  2. 211321m.jpg Why must things go like this, why can't everyone just get along for once? I truly wish they would, for every day I continue on more and more things go stranger and stranger, I just find myself wondering what will happen the next day. But then I realize, why frant and worry about it? Just go through each day like it is a new beginning, a fresh start and you shall reach peace within yourself. Its what I always believed in, yes indeed. Time for a new day, lets begin world!

    Jasmine put down her pen, finishing her little speech inside her trusty notebook for the day, maybe at night she'd pick it up again and write what else she could expect, it wasn't exactly a diary but it was good enough for her, not the typical girly girl per say, getting up she adjusted her school outfit, she was on her final year of high school, eighteen and proud to be it. Walking out of her house after brushing her teeth for the second time that morning she made her way down the street, casually strolling about and wondering if she even looked decent, she didn't care to much though, when did she anyways?

    When she arrived at the school she sighed softly, wondering when the festival would arrive so she could have abit of time to herself, well more around the lines of relaxing and hanging out with friends. She didn't have to many friends because of being rather quiet, but besides that she was well mannered and got along with pretty much everyone she met, she stood around five foot eight, tall for good standards but short in the least and had a very beautiful like look despite everything, her dark green emerald eyes made her seem rather smart when really she had some troubles with school work in the likes, things were becoming quite something.

  3. The library was a good distance away from her house, but Gwynn didn't mind the walk. In fact, she actually enjoyed taking long walks when she had a lot on her mind, and boy was her mind cramped! For starters, there was a big anatomy quiz that she had to do tomorrow for school and she didn't have any of the resources to study for it! Her teacher had told her to grab a book from the library, but Gwynn was a horribly procrastinator when it came to things like that. So, one day before the project was actually do, Gwynn finally started to make her way to the large building on the road in front of her. In her head, she hoped that the book would be easy to find. She had to get back home soon to cook for her little brother. This project was going to drive her insane.

    Gwynn finally made it up to the building, walking through the revolving doors. Instantly, she was hit with a blast of cold and rubbed both of her hands across her arms. She shuddered and looked around her with a wrinkled nose. I don't know where to begin. The project started to leave her head as loneliness settled in. Wasn't this the usual thing for her? Wake up? Got to school? Get home? Cook? Go to sleep? It was depressing to say the least, but there was nothing else she could do about it. With a shrug, she made her way towards the desk of the librarian and smiled sweetly.

    "Mam? Where would your anatomy books be?" The woman hadn't even looked up at the stack of papers before point to the the right. Gwynn glared at her. Oh, very professional, she thought before walking off to the section she pointed to.
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  4. Jasmine found her locker rather easily, numbered 'fifteen' upon the labels on the left of entering the building, she was lucky to get such a close distance locker. As she grabbed her stuff out of it she spotted an old friend of hers walking past her like in a rush to get somewhere, then realized it was just the bathroom and that made Jasmine smile abit, she found the strangest of things to be silly. It was probably the fact that she was covering up her own depression, ever since her last break up in a relationship a mere two days ago she has been feeling off in the world, her friends tried to cheer her up but she truly thought she found someone special, turned out to be wrong. Now she mostly went strange in behavior and did things off the mark, her friends and people she talked to didn't mind all that much, but no one knew the true reason now did they?

    She made her way down the hall, glancing left and right occasionally but truth be known she was just trying to find her first hour classroom since she amazingly enough forgot where it was, it was Anatomy, one of her least favorites since she wasn't to good at it. She made her way inside the classroom, seeing that it was about to start and she was normally one of the first to get there, she sat in the back, closest to the window, her normal seat. Glancing outside she saw the birds flying around, squirls running around the yard and then up a tree, looking away she looked up at the teacher for a moment then at the door, wondering how long it was until class started, she had a strange habbit of coming this early, the teacher knew and didn't mind of course. Another boring day I bet.
  5. Gonna be late! GonnabelategonnabelategonnabeLATE!

    Gwynn was sprinting down the isles of the library in a desperate search to find the Reference Section. She was making quite the noise with her shoes tapping and squeaking every time she took a sharp turn down another aisle. Some people grumbled in a complaint but she ignored them. She had 20 minutes to get to school and she hadn't even found her book yet! Gwynn bit the inside of her lip and looked to the left to see a s small, minuscule, silver sign that had the word REF engraved on it.

    "Oh thank goodness." she breathed, making her way down to the aisle. It took her 3 more minutes to actually find the particular book in mind. Gwynn started to think about what the teacher, Mr.Roben would say to her if she was late again. She was always late! There was no one to blame it on this time. She had spent most of her morning scribbling in her diary about Mika that she forgot she even had to go to the library! Typical Gwynn. Spotting the book with the green spine, Gwynn snatched it from its place in the wall and rushed to the desk, back to the librarian with the attitude.

    "I'd like to check this out."

    "Obviously." the librarian muttered. Gwynn's honey eye twitched once and fought back her words as the woman rang her up and handed her the book. Gwynn didn't bother to tell that witch 'thank you' and sprinted out of the building and down the street to the school. Please please PLEASE tell me class didn't start yet!
  6. Waiting for the class to begin was dreadful, Jasmine was beginning to wish she'd just traveled among the school grounds or the interior more before going into the classroom, luckily this was the final day of the week and then the weekend which she looked forward to badly. Her eyes glanced around the room almost rapidly, looking at Mr. Roben then at some of the other students coming in the room, she sighed lightly, at least she knew that there wasn't much more time until the class began, but there was a few more students to arrive, if they even came. C'mon, hurry up bell.

    But why would the bell hurry for her? No it just sat there on the couple minute mark for ringing, she practically starred dead on at the bell, daring it to ring. She was strange like that, but the bell wouldn't ring for alittle while longer, perhaps one of the students..Gwynn if she remembered the name correctly would arrive before the bell rang, a nice change of pace. So for this Jasmine made up alittle game, she'd see how late or on time the student would be, she hardly knew Gwynn but she wondered what it'd be like to meet her at times. Maybe she'd get the chance later today..
  7. "Excuse me! I'm sorry! Hey, watch it! Oops! I didn't see you there! P-pardon me! Excuse me!"

    Gwynn rushed through through the hallways with the books clamped tightly under her arms. there were so many students jam packed in the hallways; it was hard for her to get by! Anatomy was in the back of the first floor and she had just squeezed through the main entrance of the school! It seemed like every time she took two or more steps, she had bumped or nudged into someone unintentionally! Some of them were kind enough to accept her apologies and others were not so kind. They slung words at her that she ignored until she was a few seconds away from her class! Gwynn's eyes widened and tapped her right foot in order to speed up enough to make it to the class before the bell! This was the second time she was late for Anatomy that week and she couldn't be late again! Gwynn pumped her legs as long as possible, coming right to the frame of the door before--


    Gwynn stopped in the door frame in shock, looking up at the clock that hung above Mr.Robens desk as well as all of the students who were sitting in their seats. There was an awkward pause as Gwynn's eyes landed on the empty seat by the window.


    "S-Sorry, Mr. Roben. I was...g-grabbing...the..the..."

    "Just sit."he said. Some kids in the class snickered before Gwynn, face blood red, shuffled towards her desk and sta down, setting her books on the right edge and keeping her eyes downcast to avoid anymore embarrassment.
  8. Jasmine heard the bell ring and rubbed her head gently, watching Gwynn walk inside with a look of embarrassment Jasmine felt bad for her, she was the only student who didn't laugh or giggle to the tardiness of her entry, when Gwynn took a seat literally right in front of her she felt the urge to speak up for some reason not being able to speak, "Don't worry about being late, it happens to everyone at some point," She didn't know if that was reassuring or not but it was all she could say, she frowned some, noticing a little sweat bead down her forehead, she wondered why this was happening, she never sweated in front of someone unless it was hot out, it was kind of cold inside the room, she was quite confused. Was she nervous? No, it couldn't be, she was next to a female not a guy she couldn't be nervous, right? She wasn't sure anymore.

  9. All eyes were on her for a moment and it was an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. This was not the first time that it had happened to her in this class, so one could say that she was slightly growing accustom to it. Once she took her seat next to the window and the girl with black hair (Jasmine, I think?) Gwynn told herself that she was going to remain quiet for the rest of the class. Anatomy was not really a hard and touchy subject for her to work on, so that mean she did not need to focus all of her attention on Mr. Roben. However, she was always called on to answer a question of some sort since she was one of the smartest kids in the class. So, unfortunately, she had to focus...

    ...that was, until she heard the girl next to her speak.

    Gwynn turned around in her seat and looked over to Jasmine. The two had never talked that much before so it was strange to hear her talking in her general direction. However, Gwynn had been having a rough morning already and was glad to know that someone noticed.

    "Yeah. It just sucks that it keeps happening to me, you know?"she whispered that with a shrug.
  10. Jasmine waited for abit until the girl turned and faced her, then she spoke, she wasn't expecting a kind comment but it was comforting to hear in the least, she smiled and nodded, "It should be fine, it used to happen to me during the beginning of the year, now they gave up since I showed it didn't affect me. Like a bunch of wolfs picking on the weakest, i'll help you out if you need it at anytime." She finished, adding that little bit of comfort to her words in hopes of easing he girl before hers nerves, she wasn't expecting her own confidence, it was surprising, soon Mr. Roben handed out some work for the class and Jasmine was practically forced to start upon the paper.
  11. Gwynn listened to what Jasmine was telling her with a clear mind. The embarrassment of being late had slipped her mind when the girl had begun talking. it was strange...but Gwynn didn't dwell on it for long for a paper had just been put in front of her face. Forced to smile at her and turn away, Gwynn went at it on the work in front of her. It wasn't hard at all; just a simple worksheet of labeling certain parts of the human brain. Gwynn was practically zipping through the paper while everyone else was taking their time on it. She already knew the model like the back of her hand and in a minute, she was done, shoving her paper to the side and putting her pencil down. She turned to look over to Jasmine and could tell that she was having a bit of trouble.

    "Hey...Do you need my help? I'm really good at this."she said in a whisper and winking to her. Mr.Roben was too engrossed in a book to notice that she was talking so Gwynn waited for Jasmine's response.
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  12. Jasmine was working on the paper as best as she could, it was obvious Anatomy had not been her strong suite, get her in english then things went smoother, or french. Both of those were her excellent state of work, especially music and fine arts. When Gwynn asked if she needed help it was both surprising and very nice, she nodded and spoke up with a slight pause, "Yes, please.." Offering the paper hesitantly she waited, a slight bead of sweat going down her cheek. She wasn't used to being helped at all, especially by someone like this girl, something about her just made her feel uncomfortable, in a good way.
  13. "Oh, it's easy. You just have to memorize the sheets he gave us yesterday. It's basically the same thing but in a different order. This is the medulla, this is the left hemisphere, over here is the cerebrum, and--"


    Gwynn's head snapped up when she heard the scream. It hadn't come from inside the class room, but the clanging sound was too big to be ignored. The entire class gasped and ushered out their own yelps, despite Mr.Roben trying to calm them down. Some of the girls scrambled to take hold of the nearest boy's arm, and even some went as far as to scatter under their desks in the hurricane watch position.

    "Everyone! Don't panic!" Mr. Roben shouted while papers went flying everywhere. No one was listening for another large clanging sound was hard somewhere behind them. This time, the entire room shuddered and trembled, knocking a few items off of the desks of the students. Gwynn wasn't as chaotically fearful as the others were. She was actually ready for something like this to happen. The city was pretty quiet for the past few days and it was only a matter of time before something or other messed up the tranquil setting. Gwynn looked over at the class then to Jasmine.

    "I...have to go! I' right back?"she said while scratching the side of her brown hair. She didn't want Jasmine to think she was up to something...even though she was! And besides, would she believe her if she told her what she was about to do?
  14. Jasmine was listening intently to Gwynn when suddenly a loud clang was heard, through some kind of inner sense deep inside of her she began to see some time in the future, but not really time travel per say she just saw what was behind the door. She then suddenly heard her new friend speak up after scanning the room to find everyone freaking out, everyone but herself and Gwynn strangely enough. "," She said awkwardly about the same as her friend there, which made things even more strange.

    Standing up she looked around again and then opened the door, a strange looking creature holding a longsword and was hunched over like the hunchback of dotradam, the creature turned around, its greenish fleshed figure growling with shark like teeth then it charged at her. She somehow easily dodged the attack, swaying her body then springing back with a solid snap kick to its face, sending the beast back a couple of feet into some lockers, denting them. She was confused by her new found strength and looked around, wondering where her friend was, if she even left.

  15. Gwynn looked over to Jasmine for a small second. The look on her face had written secrets that she was suddenly interested in, though the time was not a right one. There was something that was scaring the kids and she had to get rid of it. Gwynn usually did not flex her powers in such a public place as this one, but it called for some action. The town had been silent for a while and it was only a matter of time before something messed up the natural flow of things. Before Gwynn could utter a word, Jasmine peeled from the room.

    Is she crazy!? Gwynn reached a hand out to heard and was just about to call her name until she saw the girl kick the great beast in the jaw, head snapping back with a thunderous crack, though now enough to kill it. Gwynn's mouth hung open, staring at her and the beautiful black hair that followed. Never before had she seen a girl willingly throw herself at a beast and kick it with no fear! Unless...

    Unless she is just like me...

    Before anything else could leave Gwynn's mind, the beast roared and reared its ugly head towards Jasmine, preparing to lunge at her again. This time, Gwynn was quicker. She sped up, pushed one foot off the floor and lept onto a desk. The desk wobbled slightly but she continued to desk hop until she was right in front of Jasmine.

    "Look out!"

    Before the beast's sword to come full on in contact with her sword, Gwynn held out her palm and a silvery, purple force field summoned in return, making the sword clang against the hardened shell.
  16. Jasmine was still in abit of self shock from being able to hit the beast and make it slam into the lockers, soon it roared and flung itself from the lockers making her go wide eyed, nothing should have been able to recover from such a blow. She was still fearless but right now she was just confused, staring at the sudden sound to the left she saw Gwynn rush into the hallway and then the beast was swinging its sword for Jasmines neck, she knew she wouldn't be able to react all to fast to avoid any damage to herself, then a strange sound was heard and the sword hit a wall?

    Jasmine was now very confused, there was no wall in front of her, then she saw it. There was some strange silvery, purplish hued substance in front of her that she was before hardly able to notice. Jasmine had no weapon, that she knew of, so she had to fight hand to hand with this thing. The worst part of this ordeal, she was wearing a skirt. Rushing forward she swayed around the shield and threw yet another powerful kick, this time a front kick that sent the best straight into the wall, head first causing its head to snap. The beast was severely injured and would now be slow enough to deal with magically, Jasmine stepped back to allow her friend to do such a thing.
  17. Gwynn watched in awe as Jasmine began to single-handily take down the beast in front of her. Though it could wield a sword, Jasmine's strength and speed was a better advantage then there roaring, blundering monster. There were screeches and shouts heard from the students in the back rooms every time they heard a crash or a roar from the hallway. Gwynn waited for a while to see what Jasmine had in store for the beast. Gwynn dropped the shield to allow Jasmine to do her work while she stared in awe...

    ...and embarrassment. She was doing all of those spins and twirls while wearing a skirt.

    Gwynn found her breathing increasing rapidly, holding a hand to her chest, but she was still focused enough to take a toll on the beast. As soon as Jasmine aligned him in striking position, Gwynn opened the palm of her hand, summoning a shard of purple and silver light, just like shield, and tossed it right between the beast's eyes. On contact, it spluttered a cough ans shattered into an array of lights, roar echoing off into the distance. Gwynn held her chest, breathing outwardly as her eyes slid over to Jasmine's, looking at her in punishment.

    "I...can explain?"
  18. Jasmine sensed, somehow a tingling bit of magic in the air, she quickly turned to the side as the blast of magic struck the monster, slaying the thing on the spot. She heard the soft words of needing to explain, Jasmine smirked as she pushed some locks of hair from her face. "No need to explain, I think your power is amazing..all I seem to have is some fancy martial art skills that I...I..wait. I don't remember ever learning martial arts," She blinked and thought about things, how did she get these skills, the strength, speed, reflexes, senses? She was wanting to find this out, learn how she got the abilities, her attention wavered then she remembered Gwynn, "Sorry, kind of spaced out.."
  19. "Huh?" Gwynn asked when Jasmine spoke up again. In truth, she had done a little spacing herself. Her mind went blank and was replaced with a ton of questions. For in the world did Jasmine do that!? That was like no kind of martial arts she had ever seen! The girl's physique was not strong enough to move at that fast of a speed and had that much power in a kick by itself! Gwynn's power was something of awe in itself, but she had no idea that Jasmine was in the same boat as she was! What a smile world this was...Gwynn tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear while another strand flew onto the bridge of her nose.

    "I see we both have some explaining to do, don't we? I think we should get out of here before people start asking questions, and I really don't want that. I have my own to worry about."she said with a chuckle that didn't hold a laughter behind it at all. Gwynn was still not so sure if she was seeing things right, but it was too clear for her to retort. With that, she grabbed Jasmine despite what she was talking about and dragged her down the hallway. She could tell that the other classes were becoming aware of the lack of roaring and crashing and were beginning to branch out of their fetal positions. Gwynn high tailed it all the way out into the back exit, still holding her hand and panting.

    "Okay...W-we're...we're safe..."
  20. Jasmine nodded, in a course of things her general appearance was stronger looking then her friend, though she did need some training to look the part of some awesome martial artist and warrior. She blinked as her hand was grabbed and she was practically dragged down the hallway, in a very awkward angle, she had a frown face as she was dragged then they made it outside and a safe distance away from the school and Jasmine finally breathed softly, in relief.

    "That..was..strange, lets see...what do we do now?" She was clueless.