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  1. Many centuries ago, the five major regions of True Enkiyo was invaded by nightmares of various sizes and strengths that had taken the form of monsters. Some capable of putting a normal person into their own person Hell, and other monsters being capable of eating someone alive. One by one humanity was being consumed by these monsters, and were forced to push themselves away from woodland areas, rivers, oceans, and anything where fears could reside for resources. This left people in need of adapting to these "nightmares", all the while trying to survive themselves.

    One day, a woman whom called herself "Silia", made a proposition with a man named "Obri", the King of an entirely different realm. She asked him for the safety of the normal humans, in return for anything Obri wanted. Obri, however, was willing to help the humans without a cost at the time. They had tried to evacuate people from one realm to another, but the travel between realms proved too much on the poor humans and they ended up suffering internal organ damage and explosions due to the inability to adapt to their new environment.

    Silia, not wanting more people to die from the other realm, proposed that the Summons come to the Human world and fight off the nightmares for whatever they wanted. Obri had to reject the offer, because the Summons were not willing to come to the Human realm for the sake of cleaning up their problems without something actually valuable to them in return. Gold, jewels, and anything of monetary value meant nothing to them. They desired strength, nourishment, and the ability to become as strong as possible with the appropriate discipline. Some Summons desired strength, but they were not willing to work as hard as they should for it. So Silia had an idea. That the Summons take on human masters, and the humans will work on building them to become more powerful by fighting off the nightmares.

    King Obri agreed to this, and linked every Summon to 5 separate deck of cards, which Silia created over a span of 2 weeks working day and night. The cards linked every and any Summon in his realm to these cards, and allowed only humans worthy of Summoning them to have their bond.

    Present day, this tradition still occurs and the nightmares still thrive within every and any area they can. They feed off the dreams of people, and reproduce with at least 7 or 8 per litter. Or more, depending on the female. With every death, it seems 3 more replace the monster.

    Now there is an Academy that trains humans in three special fields. Summons, Discipline, and Combat. They are trained physically, mentally, and emotionally to become worthy summoners for the next line of Summons awaiting them.

    Every year at the graduation of Summoner's Academy, a student is allowed to draw a single card from the Headmaster's deck, which is named after either Norivia, Obrinor, Great Silkeido, Skal, and Kaihan. There they will be granted a Summon to work with for the rest of their lives or until they or their Summon are killed in battle.

    However, that does not mean every student graduates from Summoner's Academy. The Summons are the ones with the final choice of whether or not the person that draws their card is allowed to be their master. A Summon may approve or reject a Summoner as they see fit, because they have a naturally better judgement than any human in that realm. If the Summon accepts their new master, they are allowed to venture out and begin their new journey as partners. If not, the Summoner will have to wait until next graduation to be able to draw another Summon, and hopefully become accepted.

    That is the background of the world I have in mind. Summoners will be able to specialize in only three types of magic; Body, Mind, and/or Spirit once they are linked to their Summon. There will be no elemental magic, because that's overused. The Summoner will also be in charge of feeding and training their Summon in exchange for their protection.

    There are 6 different types of Summons a person can draw, but for plot device, the Summoners will all be getting Summons of 5-6 stars. AKA These will be Legendary fighters. BUT, if you really want, your Summon can be 4 star or under to train with the Summoner.

    Both Summoners and Summons will be available to create characters for.

    This uses the system of a mobile card game to determine how weak to strong a Summon can be. Summoners best pray they don't get a 1 star.

    1 star: Very easy to train, most disciplined, but is the weakest of the other possible choices. It would be better getting them to fight normal animals before you even think about getting them near a nightmare. Will likely die if approached by a nightmare.

    ~Common Magic Level; Novice
    ~Common Magic Area: Body

    2 stars: Easy to train, but will say no if they find the task overwhelming. Not the weakest, but it'd be best to keep them away from a nightmare until they are stronger.

    ~Common Magic Level: Novice
    ~Common Magic Area: Body

    3 stars: Somewhat easy to discipline, though they will rebel at times. Of average combat skills and are capable of killing adolescent nightmares of various species.

    ~Common Magic Level: Intermediate
    ~Common Magic Areas: Body and Mind

    4 stars: Usually stubborn individuals, though can submit to the right Summoners. Strong combat skills, magic usage is impressive, and capable of killing adolescent and weak adult nightmares of various species.

    ~Common Magic Level: Advanced
    ~Common Magic Areas: Body and Mind

    5 stars: Are quite Legendary in their realm. Usually very stubborn, and will need a lot of discipline or bribing from the Summoner if they want the Summon to cooperate. Impressive combat skills, impressive magic usage, and capable of killing adolescent and strong adult nightmares of various species. They are Summons with names in history books, so they will not tolerate being treated like a dog.

    ~Common Magic Level: Expert
    ~Common Magic Areas: Any

    6 stars: These Summons are legendary fighters whom of which have their names known by any and every Summoner and Summon. They hold extraordinary combat skills, extraordinary magic usage, and are capable of killing adolescent, strong adult, and horrifying night terrors of various species. They hold their heads high and will probably not like being bossed around by a human. Most likely to turn their weapons on their Summoner if said Summoner pushes them too far

    ~Common Magic Level: Legendary
    ~Common Magic Areas: Any


    I'm still thinking up the entire plot, but would this be something people would be interested in doing?
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  2. Well, I'm really intrigued, if this is still open. If I didn't overlook it, what would the Summons look like? Because I have a tiny idea in mind. And another question, would you please explain to me how some of the magic works, or how it would look/be written like?
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  3. The Summons can look like anything you want, really. Nothing is stopping you.

    As for the magic... Kinda hard to explain on my phone. But it's basically a "you can do this certain thing this certain amount of times before you're too tired". It's also a turn system and the choice of the other party of whether or not they are hit or not if they are fighting another player, but it's gotta be reasonable. Can't dodge everything. Am I explaining this well or..?
  4. Sounds nice, still a bit fuzzy with the magic using though. So, for example, if a Summon had body magic, would they have more strength and agility then others? Maybe these questions are a bit awkward
  5. If their magic specifically enhances their strength, then they'd be able to use superhuman strength for a certain amount of posts. They'll need to rest as well, so they can't always have their magic active at all times.

    So, say I have a person that uses super strength. I'd be able to have them use it for about... an hour RP time before their magic is beginning to wear them out. Then I'd have to make them rest for 20 minutes RP time. Stuff like that
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  6. So would you wait until other people show interest before opening signups?
  7. Yup
  8. So players will start with a legendary summon and I suppose it'll be up to the players to make it work with their summon?

    Interested. Would like to know more about plot tho.
  9. I was planning to create more plot once there were more people
  10. im interested to se what could become of this idea, ok. You got me here is the key to my cuffs because im locked in for this idea.
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  11. I'll be making the OOC/Sign ups for this if you guys want
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