An Evil Haunted Mansion.

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horror, fantasy, magical, paranormal, hetero romance
In 1920 a large, sprawling Victorian styled mansion was somehow responsible for over 50 deaths. Every owner who resided in this modern, refurbished mansion, was always found dead, usually in just a few years of living there. No one knew why, or what really lived in that place, but some speculated it was really a portal close to hell's surface. But since no one came out of the mansion alive, no one could confirm or deny this rumor. People avoided the mansion as far as they were able to, and no one lived in it for almost 100 more years. Until the year 2011, a married couple with a teenaged daughter got a bargain they couldn't resist... but might very well, end their lives.

Mary Swanson, a 43 year old mother, full time Real Estate agent, and a married woman, was looking forward to the big move. She had lived in downtown Orlando Florida for a long time, with her husband Mark Swanson, and Jennifer, their 16 year old teenaged daughter. They appeared to be an innocent, happy-go-lucky family. Mark worked at a Hardware Store, and Jennifer made straight A's, even honor roll every year. Mary was going to hate seeing her girl go off to college, but it was the best thing to do, really.~

Jennifer had mixed emotions about this 'mansion' they were moving to. Another Realtor had shown them pictures from the inside out, and it looked entirely -fabulous-. With diamond chandeliers, enormous rooms, and even internet access had just recently been installed. What more could they all ask for?! It was everyone's dream, right? Jennifer wasn't a normal girl though, and her instincts told her that 500 a month for this mansion. . .might somehow end up far more than they were willing to pay for.~
The mansion they were to be moving to seemed a little too cheap to Mark. He has seen the outside of it as well as the inside when it had been shown to them in the pictures and it seemed like it should have been more than just 500 a month, a lot more. But, since it seemed to have been the only affordable home for them that looked nice, they had to take it. He wasn't sure how long they'd be living there really, for he didn't really mind the place but hoped it was for a long time. He'd hate to have to move again.

When they finally arrived at their new home, he got to work on getting their bags inside, insisting that his wife and daughter go in and relax and maybe even check out the place and choose their rooms.

Jennifer didn't just pick a room... she picked out a really nice, pale blue room with an adjoining bathroom too! She was starting to feel okay about the place, except for how weird some things were,. . .like the fact there was already a huge entertainment t.v. system in the living room, and a computer lab not too far from that!

It was as if the house had prepared itself for the new family. But of course that was too impossible. Still, Jennifer wasn't a psychic for nothing. As long as she could remember, she had always been able to see and hear unseeable ghosts, spirits, whatever paranormal life there was nearby. She wished she didn't. Most of the time she didn't like the fact that the world of the dead was so very close to the living. She definitely looked more like her mother, than she did her dad. Pale blonde hair to her waist, usually hurriedly tied in a pony tail out of the way. Dark, emerald green eyes, with a few flecks of blue, a hear shaped face, tanned skin, and a lithe, curving figure. Hell, she could have been her mom's younger twin, except for having her dad's high cheek bones and stubborn chin.

Right now she was interested in the closet. Some old-fashioned, but very pretty gowns were still hanging up in the walk in closet, as if some rich southern girl had just left them there in a hurry. She frowned, wondering what other spooky secrets she might find in this place, and pulled herself away from that thought. No, she wasn't going to explore like that. There was no need to. She finished unpacking her own clothes, and hooked her bright green Dell Laptop on her writing desk, before walking off to help her mom. She was too wound up from the move to relax, and always liked to try and keep busy. "So... when do I start my new school?" She asked mostly to her dad. She didn't mind leaving her old one. It had been pretty dismal.
After figuring out where everything went Mark finished with getting the stuff from the car. He made sure the car was locked and that he had the keys before heading back into the house. He then locked that up as well since everyone was already inside the house. After about another few moments or so he started to open and unpack the boxes that they had. He then looked to Jennifer when she had asked her question. "I was thinking we wouldn't get you started until about a week, to give you time to settle in and get used to the house and city." he told her. He stopped what he was doing for a moment. "But you can go there sooner if you'd like."
Mary smiled, a bit sadly. It was true Jennifer's talents had made it harder for her to make friends, unless they were somewhat 'gifted' themselves. She'd watched her only child struggle for years to make a single close friend. Maybe this school would be a bit nicer. She -hoped-. She went back to finding a phone book so they could call Chinese food for dinner tonight. Nobody really wanted to cook right after a move, and their dishes and silver-wear weren't unpacked yet. She'd have to do that right after work tomorrow, since she got home a little earlier than Mark did. "Alright. I'll wait a week." She agreed. Unlike most teenagers, she loved her parents, and didn't give them any reasons to punish or distrust her. With the intent of studying her old text books the school hadn't cared about letting her keep, she went up to her room again for study time.~
Mark smiled when she agreed to wait a week. He really would prefer she waited instead of rushing it and going right after moving. As she went upstairs he then looked to his wife and saw that she was already calling in for something to be brought over for dinner. With those two busy and most things unpacked he made his way into the living room where he then sat on the couch to relax. Moving things were quite tiring, and since it was getting late all he wanted to do right now was relax and get off his feet.
Jennifer studied a bit for an hour, but before her mom called her to dinner, she thought she heard something, like the floorboards creaking. Turning around in the swivel chair, she saw nothing. Sighing at her own spooked-feeling, she closed her text books and went down stairs, glad to see Chinese food for the night. "I unpacked my clothes... but.. there's lots of pretty, old-fashioned gowns still in the closet. Should we put them in the attic... or maybe sell them?" She asked, remembering a lot of the dresses had looked very valuable. Mary made sure everyone had their favorite dishes out on paper plates, then looked at Mark with a shrug... "Selling them might not be too bad of an idea. We'll look at them this weekend when there's time off." She suggested.
"That might be a good idea.." Mark said when hearing what was being said of the dresses. He looked to Jennifer after that. "You should probably look through them first though." he said. "Maybe you'll find one that you might actually like." he added. If they were going to sell the dresses, he wouldn't mind her going through and picking out one that she might want to keep.
"I'll definitely look. There's lots to choose from." She agreed with a smile, finishing her dinner and throwing her trash away. "So far this house is pretty amazing. I hope I like the new school. The other one was so stuck up." She rolled her eyes. "Anyway I think I'll go to bed early, the drive sort of gave me jet lag. Night mom, night dad." She hugged both parents, before hurrying back to her room. She definitely liked the room she picked out, it was cozy, but large enough for everything she owned, her new huge bed, and even space to grow in.~

Down in the dining hall, Mary just shook her head after Jennifer's speedy retreat. "Well at least she's adjusting fast." She said, putting leftovers away in the fridge. It was a nice kitchen, with stainless steel and polished green tiled flooring. Weird combo, but not too bad on the eyes. The cabinets were all spacious and made of pine wood. But when she turned around, something seemed weird. She was sure she'd pushed Jennifer's chair back, but now it was almost against the far wall! "Mark... did you move that chair or see anything?" She asked, puzzled.
Mark watched as Jennifer hurried up the stairs to her room already. He finished his food and got up from his seat to help his wife with putting everything away. The dishes that they used he put in the sink and started to wash them. When his wife then asked about the chair he turned to see what it was she was talking about. He shook his head. "No, I didn't move it, or see anything." Or hear anything either which he thought was kind of strange. He then went over to where the chair somehow got to and put it back to where it was at the table.
She frowned at herself. "Must be seeing things... I think Jennifer has the right idea about going to bed early. Are you tired? You did most of the driving." she asked, wiping down the table with paper towel and soapy water. After wards, she was definitely looking forward to going to bed. It had been a very long, day.

In Jennifer's room, the teenager had just turned off the lights, and was noticing how very dark it was in her new room. Almost like a tomb. She tried not to creep herself out, or imagine that the floor boards were creaking again. . .or something was tapping on the window. 'Stop it Jennifer you idiot.' She thought, and blocked everything out, finally managing to go to sleep.
After Mark finished up with the dishes while his wife cleaned off the table he stepped away from the counter. "Yeah, I think heading to bed would be a wonderful idea." he said, feeling tired himself. He knew she was tired as well and so wasn't against going to bed now. He gave his wife a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you in the morning." he said, knowing how fast he might end up falling asleep. The chair thing though still had him a bit confused but he didn't think about that right now as he made his way upstairs to their bedroom which was the master bedroom of the house. Once he was there he got into bed..
Mary lead the way upstairs to their master bedroom, which was impressive with its size and king sized bed. They'd spent an hour just arranging the new sheets and comforters plus the pillows the way they liked. She got ready for bed, then passed out on her side, too tired to even bother turning off the light. She was so deep asleep, she wouldn't have noticed anything.
Mark soon fell asleep not long after his wife. Everything was nice and quiet and it didn't expect anything to happen. At least he hoped nothing would. After about a few hours he woke to the sound of the floorboards creaking outside in the hall. He looked to the side of his and saw his wife was fast asleep. So he got up from his side of the bed and walked out of the room, going down the hall to Jennifer's room. He opened the door a little bit to see if she was there and she was, fast asleep. "That's odd..." he said and just as he backed away from the door, quietly closing it, another door slammed shut a little ways down the hall. He thought nothing of it, thinking it to be the wind and he headed back into his bedroom and went back to sleep.
Mary continued to sleep through the night, but Jennifer, was jolted out of a peaceful rest by the sound of some girl screaming in the next room! She went out to the hallway, startled, and brought a flash light so she could see. The plush pink carpeting upstairs muffled her footsteps, however, when she opened the door next to hers, she saw nothing but a wide open window! She was sure it had been closed earlier, but at least the screaming stopped when she stepped through the door way. "Hello? Is someone here?" She asked, hoping it was all just her tired imagination playing tricks! Finding nothing and no one, she sighed, closed the window, and wandered back to her own room, sleeping without any disturbances for the rest of the night.
Mark woke early. He got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. While the water was running and starting to warm up, the mirrors and glass door to the shower starting to steam Mark looked at himself in the mirror. He ran the water in the sink, scooped some up in his hand and leaned down to run it the cold water over his face to wake up more. When he looked back up at his reflection though he jumped back and looked behind himself. Nothing was there. He looked back at the mirror and the person he thought he saw was gone as well. He shook his head and just got in the shower after undressing. "I must not be awake yet.."
Mary had this bad feeling about leaving Jennifer here by herself all day while she and Mark went out to work. She finished her own shower, and got dressed, applying make up, and blow drying her long hair so she could style it neatly for another day of selling houses. She walked up the flight of stairs leading to Jennifer's room, and knocked on the door. "Jen? Are you sure you'll be alright here all day? You have our numbers, and we'll both come straight home if you get spooked." Jennifer opened her eyes to the sound of her mom's voice. "Erm, yeah I'll be ok! You guys just take care, and I'll try not to get lost. I'll probably just stay in my room and unpack." She added, which reassured Mary. "Alright. We'll both see you around 5 or 6p.m. Bye dear." Jennifer went right back to bed, but Mary froze in her tracks. A pale, see-through little girl with blonde hair in a pony tail, wearing a bright blue dress and shoes to match, was standing just at the end of the hallway, wearing a strange smile! But when Mary blinked again, the girl had left. "This house is going to take a while to adjust to..." She sighed, before calling good bye to Mark, and going to work.~
Mark heard his wife leave the house just as he was getting dressed for work. When he was finished getting ready and had grabbed his car keys he left the room. He called out to his daughter, saying good bye and to be careful. After that he left the house for yet another day of work..
Jennifer called bye back to Mark, and got up. She took a nice bath in her adjoining bathroom singing Kesha songs at the top of her lungs. She'd always been a good singer, and had been in choir since 5th grade. Her soaring soprano made the house less lonely-feeling, but by the time she was done with her bath and getting dressed, she had an uncomfortable feeling of being 'watched'. She drained the tub, and walked back to her room, hoping to find at least some of the old gowns her style. She picked out the ones that were prettiest, with wide spinning, floor length hems, long sleeves, and high necklines in various colors of blue, greens, and a few pinks and golds. The rest she set aside, carefully, folding them neatly to be sold. She imagined most of them were old enough to make quite a bit of money on! Tired of the house being so silent, she went to her desktop and poked around for really good songs like Rammstein. Curious, she wondered how loud she'd be able to get away with playing her music here, since the smaller house she'd left had really thin walls. Opening the door, she stepped out, closed it, and walked a few feet away. Nothing. And the volume was all the way up! Cool!

She let youtube keep playing as she wandered downstairs for breakfast of leftovers. That's when the man appeared. A tall, dark haired, shadowy- man. She squeaked in surprise and stepped back. But all he did was stare at her, then turn down another hallway. "Okay. Now I know why we got this mansion so cheap... its either haunted, or I'm going insane." She said to herself... The house felt like it was laughing at her.

At work, Mary couldn't stop thinking about Jennifer, alone in that huge mansion. Unlike most mothers, she didn't have to worry about her kid doing anything bad or illegal. No, she had to worry about a horrible curse of being able to see ghosts and things that weren't really meant to be known to the public. She sold a lot of houses that day, making good time and money. But the unease was like a cloud that threatened to break into a storm. As soon as her work was over however, she had shopping to do, so she called Jennifer just to check on her. "Hi mom, yep I'm fine. Got bored and guess what? I can listen to music as loud as I want without bothering you guys! The place is really well insulated. I'm unpacking dishes and just washing them by hand. I don't trust the dishwasher." Mary laughed. "Alright Jen. Is there anything at the store you need?" She wrote everything down, then called Mark, knowing it was his work-break. New house. Same routine. . . she just hoped that bad feeling didn't mean something horrible was going to end it.
All throughout work Mark just seem to stop thinking about that figure he saw in the bathroom mirror that morning. It was just so strange that it really started to bug him. He managed to keep his confusion from showing while he worked, wanting to get the day done and over with so that he could just go home. When his break soon came his phone started to ring. At first he thought it was Jennifer but when he saw the number it was his wife instead. She must be done with work already. He took a seat outside to not bother anyone and then answered the phone. "Hey,"