Amnesia... An RP idea that speaks for it's self.

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  1. So I have this idea for a Role play where 10 characters are on an island and have what else? Amnesia. but here is where things get interesting... you will NOT be making an original character, instead you will be picking an existing character from existing media that is ALREADY an amnesiac... and example being Shadow the Hedge Hog. also I will only be taking 10 applicants at a time... if this gets popular enough then I will open up more slots. but for the mean time claim your amnesiac... I will be playing as...

    Mewtwo is technically an amnesiac because of it's backstory, so there fore I am counting It as an amnesiac. Right now this thread serves as not only interest check but also as to claim characters. Remember, you can only play as a character who is an amnesiac in their respective franchise, and it has to be part of their character.. no one time deal things like if they had amnesia once and then remembered everything later... except Shadow the Hedge Hog who as had a history of constantly losing his memory. (Ie... he is a valid character in this RP)

    if you wish to take part, simply say so, post a pic of your amnesiac and their name. and you are guaranteed a spot. so show me what you got and thank you for showing interest.​
  2. This post is to keep track of the list of characters that have been accepted.

    1. Mewtwo - Pokemon ( @TyranntX )
    2. Doctor Light - DC ( @Raven )
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  3. I'm interested
    Just kind of deciding on an idea. I have one in mind if I can't think of someone else who fits the already an amnesiac.
  4. Can the amnesia be about specific events, or must it be regarding everything in their lives?
    Will be we using beginnin-of-series, middle of series, end-of-series, or post-series characters?
  5. So long as they are an amnesiac who either, Never get their memories back.. Like Mewtwo... Or Keep losing them, Like Shadow. Then I will allow it. As for the second question... Well Mewtwo only makes a brief appearance in it's respective franchise and has two movies, and two specials... soooo... Again so long as they have amnesia and still don't have their memories by the end of their last appearance then they are a valid character...

    The Short answer is yes to your first question, and I don't fully understand the second one.
  6. So far I have two in mind now but one that makes more since to play... Still not sure though cause I never was a fan of his character... Well till he supposedly got half of his memory back....

    Once I know for sure that it's my only idea then I'll share him.
  7. Well from reading what u want pacifically Yami from Yugioh wouldn't work I suppose would he?
    If not well my other idea that I keep not really giving a name I finally will. Being I finally have gotten rid of all my brain's sources along with double checking by the internet on ideas.

    Doctor Light from Teen Titans only in the comics get's half his memory. Before then he doesn't realize that he wasn't once a villain or ever had the edger to take over the world and trap it in forever light.

    Doctor Light's History
    He was actually a normal pretty bad at his job doctor. Green Arrow and the rest of the first Justice League members thought he would be a great easy villain for the Teen Titans and other young heroes as a test for them. In the comics he just remembers that the Justice League tormented him and made him a villain so he soon seeks revenge on the Justice League by wishing to story the future heroes along with the current heroes.

    If they don't work well I can keep looking I suppose.
  8. Although I do not know the full extent of Yami's history (been WAY too long since I watched Yu-Gi-Oh). Doctor Light would indeed be a Valid character. because He dose indeed have a form of amnesia in one of his respective iterations. Also, I am a HUGE fan of the original TV show of Teen Titans and always thought Doctor Light was hilarious. So I'f You want him then he is yours.
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  9. Yami Yugi, upon being released from the Puzzle, doesn't remember anything about who he is, and spends the entirety of the series trying to piece together evidence and clues about his identity.

    It's even exploited by a villain at one point, who mindrapes him into thinking that he had been during his life a horrible tyrant that had to be sealed away to save his people.

    So he's got amnesia about his identity, but he retains his skills in dueling - but that's only Yami at the beginning. As the series progresses, he starts to learn more and more, and by the end, he's remembered most everything he can and re-learned more about who he is/was.
  10. Well then Yami probably would count since he only gets his memories back at the end of the series (and not even all of them at that), So long as the player in question uses the iteration of Yami that has the most of his memories lost then it would be valid. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the RP. I may end up making a list of characters that count as being amnesiacs and reasons why. But That is going to take a good chunk of time, So I might do it later. Just know that your character DOSE NOT HAVE TO have full amnesia, just a good chunk of their memories missing.

    EDIT: I am augmenting the rules so we can have more elbow room for characters wit memory problems, Amnesia is a rather rare trait in characters from the looks of things.
  11. I'd prefer Yami because I know more on his memory loss and hunting from the beginning of the show more than Doctor Light. But I suppose Doctor Light may be easier to do. He's just my least liked villain but my reason may be obvious do to my username.
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