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  1. American Horror Story: Stolen Abroad

    Warning. This is a mature Role play. If you are easily disturbed or faint of heart - this thread is not for you.

    During a visit to a third world country, innocent tourists are stolen away by an unknown terror group that takes them to a camp hundreds of miles away from any civilization. The terrorists are actually pagan cultists that resemble Satanists who kidnap innocent people for their torturous sacrifices to an evil entity. You, as the player, could be one of these tourists that is taken and held captive within the horrific camp. You're all the way in another country, no one knows your gone, no one can hear you shout or cry, and there are twisted and supernatural things that are preventing you from leaving.There's also woods that surround the camp that hold an unsettling secret. Will you somehow escape and uncover the truth of the evil cult or be sacrificed in a grizzly way? The choices you make in the role play will decide that. Along the way there are dark and illogical incidences that occur. For example: as a result of black magic, there is even a creepy doll named Franklin that just wants your soul... Or, alternatively, you could be an antagonist that makes the characters lives a frightening hell.

    Play as a Captive, a Cultist, or a Killer.

    Main conflicts in the story:
    #1 The Satanic Cultists (We'll just call them that for now)
    #2 Costumed Serial Killer (Vintage creepy Easter Bunny)
    #3 Disciple Children - creepily dressed and disturbed children of the cultists (the rising generation)
    #4 Deranged Cult Scientist - Inspired by works such as The Human Centipede and Tusk, but with his own ideas.
    #5 Possessed Witch - Rebel daughter of cult leader who becomes ill, because of her forbidden witchery.
    *The Antagonists look similar too, but not exactly like the pictures in the hyperlinks provided*

    There will be other aspects of horror that will be included and touched on within this role play. Including phobias and other things that some people can't stand the thought of. There will be disturbing content and stories that will unfold. Join at your own risk....
  2. Interested!

    Everyone should join this because it's going to be awesome!
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  3. This sounds amazing, I may join this.
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  4. It would be a pleasure to have you both! :P
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  5. Will this have recurring characters such as Jessica Lange and Evan Peters as new characters?
  6. Count me in~
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  7. I actually do need a Horror rp on my resume...I'm in there! I will be a captive tourist from the states.
  8. Mind if I go ahead and reserve for a captive?^^
  9. I'm open to that idea, but I haven't yet decided. And yes Ambre, I'll save you a spot.
  10. Oooooh, this looks like sooo much fun! Such delicious horror. Can we just pick whatever spot we want? :D
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  11. What do you mean by pick whatever spot?

    Heads up Everyone,
    The OOC should be up by tomorrow!
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  12. Like, what's available?
  13. I thought our characters were all captives?
  14. You can choose to play a captive, a cultist, or a killer. Spots are still open :P
    I've decided to allow everyone the choice to play whichever type of character option they'd like, so that there is a variety of perspectives within the RP. If someone chooses to be a killer, they can't go around killing off people's characters without permission though.
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  15. Ohh, alright c: then I've got some thinking to do about my character.
  16. I'm interested in being a relative of the Goodes. . . A Warlock. . . He stumbles on the area and finds out people are being tormented there by a lot of supernatural crazies. He can fight back like none of them can, but he might be in just as much danger because 100's of evil magic using cultists is > than one powerful Warlock.
  17. The cultists don't use magic. (Not the majority of them anyway) The supernatural source originates mainly from the location of where the prison camp is located. These cultists just believe in irrational things such as human sacrifices and other sadistic things. If anything, the cultists are forbidden to practice witchcraft and believe it to be damnable, because their leader doesn't want them to be in league or somehow exceed his own supernatural power. That's why I put that the cult leader's daughter was possessed as a result of "forbidden witchery", because their cult leader does not allow any of his followers to study witchcraft. I just temporarily called the cultists "Satanic cultists", because they are similar to a Satanist cult minus the devil worshipping and open practice of black magic. They don't worship Satan, they worship someone who aspires to be far worse - their demoniac leader/evil entity.

    You could be a cultist who practices black or white magic in secrecy, and plans to betray and escape the cult if you'd like. However, the spells he or she studies wouldn't be too powerful from the start.
  18. Hmmm, how about someone like Myrtle? Between a competent witch and Supreme?
  19. Depends on what your character's motive is in the story and if he or she will fit into the story far more naturally than just "stumbling on the area" (Which is hundreds of miles away from any civilization). Maybe your character could possibly be the Cult Leader's successor who turns on him. Your character will not be allowed to just easily save the captives though (maybe he or she has a more personal motive), and he or she will not be unaffected by the supernatural forces within the area.
  20. Him not being effected by the supernatural forces in the area is part of the profile. I was suggesting that my character is away from civilization so he can practice his magic and live in peace. I'm thinking of infiltrating The Cult and maybe smuggling some people out.
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