Alphabetic Complementary Insults

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  1. Alright. Here's the essence of this game. You must insult the person above you, but in a way that SEEMS complementary. And, the first word of each insult must begin with the next letter of the alphabet.

    Example: All your best attributes are small in comparison to your vast lack of intellect.
    Example 2: Being with you exposes the best in everyone who is not around you.

    And so on.

    I will begin by reposting example 1, and someone must create an original. Let's see what you've got.

    All your best attributes are small in comparison to your vast lack of intellect.
  2. Bored, that's what your existence makes me.
  3. Can you help me up I fell from your stupidity.
  4. Do you know how ugly you are?
  5. Extraordinary how daft you seem.
  6. Fucking moron, can't you do anything right?
  7. Given all the people in the world, how is it that you are the one that got all the stupidity?
  8. How did your mother let you live for so long?
  9. Is it possible that you don't have a brain?
  10. Just how mentally incapable can you get?
  11. Knowledge is something you were born without!
  12. Losing just happens the only thing you're good at.
  13. My advice to you, get a life.
  14. Never thought to live the day that I wanted to kill someone.
  15. ofcours I hate you, who wouldn't?
  16. Perhaps your mother dropped you on your head when you were a child? That's the only explanation I can think of for your degree of intelligence.
  17. Quite the lack of manners you have.
  18. R‚Äčegardless of what your parents may tell you, you are not the good kind of special.
  19. Silence is something you should learn before I'll make you be silent. Forever.
  20. There are two levels of groundlevel idiot. Sadly, you're located in the sub-basement.