Alphabet Conversation!

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  1. Alphabet Conversation!</SPAN>

    The first person will post a sentence beginning with “A” – it can be about anything in the world – and the second person responds with a “B” sentence, the third with a “C” and so forth….

    Starting Sentence:
    Apples are falling out of my butt.</SPAN>
  2. Be a good girl and put those apples back where you got them from.
  3. Close your mouth and stop telling me where to shove my apples
  4. Don't eat those apples, remember what happened to snow white.
  5. Every apple shall have it's day
  6. Fuck you apple, I shall have an annoying orange instead!

    (Shall we try to make every sentence with an apple in it? xD hahahah)
  7. Grapes are also cool.
  8. Has anyone ever died from eating grapes?
  9. I wish we had continued with apples instead of grapes x3
  10. Just change the topic to something that is not fruit!
  11. Keep the fruits, don't change topic :D
  12. Loving all this fruity talk is getting boring
  13. More fruity talk, after all, fruits will take over the world one day.
  14. Not that I have anything against fruits, but I prefer my meats really.
  15. Oh - well, I do like meat!
  16. Pork is my favorite meat.
  17. Queens eat meat, don't they?
  18. Rice is all they eat I think.
  19. Siamese rice is the type of rice that queens eat.
  20. The idea of getting fat doesn't even bother them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.