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  1. Anastasia stumbled out of the door to her house. She could still hear the constant yelling behind her, but that was all it was at the moment. Yelling. She wasn't able to discern what was being yelled or who it was being yelled out, be it her or her mum, as she just wasn't listening. This didn't any different though. It was nothing new. It was, after all, her morning routine. She had managed to wake up before her Dad had, and was ready for school by the time the house was full of life. Angry, loud life.

    She pulled at her shoulder length blonde curls and pressed against the bruises on her arms. Doing so had become a habit when she wasn't thinking about anything. She reached the street and turned to see her now quiet, innocent looking house. If only the world knew what happened behind those doors... No! She thought to herself. No one can know. She could never bear the thought of having anyone know.

    The school was only four blocks away, and so, with a sigh, she started her journey onwards. A few years ago, she had made a little game for herself on the way to and from school. She would try to think about something good that had happened in the last week. She wasn't allowed to use the same one twice, and she would stop at the school gates until she had finally thought of one. Sometimes, she would be so late to class that a letter had to be sent home. She would plead, beg at times for them not to tell, but rules were rules. She shuddered now, thinking about what would happen when a letter was sent home. Then she remembered the family of sparrows she had seen only yesterday, and sighed in relief. She wouldn't have to be late today.

    She arrived at school and walked through the gates, thinking about which class she would have first, then which after that, then after that. She was in grade 12 and would, if her memory was correct, be in General Math class first up. She never felt depressed about any of her classes. They gave her something to think about. She loved learning.

    As she walked through the school grounds aimlessly, waiting for the bell to ring to signal first period, she spotted her friend. He was really the only person who talked to her, and who she talked back to. She wouldn't tell him about home, but she loved listening to him talk. She walked towards him and waved awkwardly.
  2. Liu's blue eyes lit up with joy when he spotted Anastasia waving to him, he lifted both arms and waved enthusiastically, being around Anastasia made him feel lively and like he could do anything it also helped him forget his troubles at home.

    Liu had taken up responsibility for his household after his father passed away overseas at war.

    Shortly after the news his mother had fallen ill battling cancer she has been struggling to survive ever since. But he'd never tell Anastasia for he'd never wanted to burden her with those thoughts.

    He ran up to her and grins "Hey buddy, how are you?!" He grins his eyes flashing behind hus glasses.

    He always though she looked cute but he was too scared to say, he feared it would destroy their friendship.
  3. She smiled at Liu and gave him a hug. That's what friends do after all. She would never try to get closer to him because that meant bringing him into her wreck of a life. She would never put him through that. Instead they could stay as they were and she could just forget everything else and enjoy life at school.

    "I'm great!" She said, beaming. She always had this cheery disposition around him. She never knew where it came from. It was just there. "What about you? Did you get up to anything interesting recently?"

    They sat down on a bench and Anastasia stared at him, waiting for his answer. She could listen to him talk all day. He always had something interesting to say about things he had learned or found out about, and even when he didn't, just hearing his voice made her feel better. Like she wasn't alone. She didn't care what he was talking about, in the end. Just that he was talking.
  4. Liu smiles greatly at the mention of her interest of what he has found out. "Oh, you're going to love this so much! It turns out that next week there's going to be festival held at Twinleaf City Park. There's going to be food, face painting, games, lighting of festival lights, even a parade!" He said.

    He pulls off his drawstring backpack and opens it, he digs through it for a short moment until he pulls out a flyer "See, it looks like a ton of fun...I was wondering if you're interested. We could go on Friday of next week, since that's when Old Fitzgerald is closing up his shop up early." He said.

    Liu hands Anastasia the flyer so she could look at it. He smiled as dived back into his bag and pulls out a small brown paper bag with a picture of a crescent moon and half a sun making a smile face with a green caption underneath it reading "Old Fitzgerald" on it.

    "Here ya go, I got ya some cookies before coming here today."
  5. She smiled back at him, but inside, she was dying. How was she going to get there? She might have to make up an excuse why she cant go. There was no way her Dad would let her. It's not like he cared about her safety or anything. He just... needed her... around that time. She pushed back tears and kept her smile going, not giving anything away, taking the bag of cookies appreciatively.

    "I'd love to go, Liu, but I can't. My... um... my aunt is coming over for dinner and I can't miss it. I'm sorry." She said, keeping her voice steady. She hated herself each time she had to lie to him. It felt like she was betraying his trust. This was another reason why she would never tell him anything about what happened at home. If he found out, she knew he was smart enough to piece together the fact that she had lied to him continuously, and she didnt want that trust to be broken. Instead of dwelling on it, she pulled out a cookie and took a bite. They were amazing, as usual. She loved it when Liu bought her things. She'd never show it though, of course.

    "Mmm, these are great!" She said with a mouthful, making Liu laugh. She pulled one out of the bag and held it out to him. "Try one! they're pretty much yours anyway."
  6. Taking the cookie gently he frowned mentally but smiled hoping she couldn't tell he was disappointed. "Its alright, you know this city is always celebrating something. Like the time that old woman found that silver dollar in her garden, the mayor had to celebrate."

    He took a bite out of the cookie and his eyes lit up "These are good!" He looked over at Anastasia and watched her eat the cookies. He wasn't sure what it was but he knew something was bothering her, he could see it in her eyes. He wanted to ask but felt like he would end up upsetting her, and he couldn't bring himself to do that.

    He was about to say something more when the bell rang out for the students to head to first period, Liu groans hating that he had to go to English. He didn't understand why they needed English when they speak it already.
  7. "You have English now, right? Damn..." Anastasia had memorized Liu's timetable better than her's for some reason, and usually used it to figure out her own classes. When he had English, she had Maths, then when he had Social Studies she had Science and so on. The rest of their classes they had together, so she mostly looked forward to them. But in truth, she didn't excel in those classes as much as she did with Science and Maths, because all she would want to do is listen to Liu.

    "Well, I'll see you during first lunch, ok?" She gave him another hug then walked off. Before she had gotten too far though, she paused. Then turning around she called out "Thanks for the cookies!" and continued on her way. She was blushing, but she made sure Liu couldn't see it. She wiped her mind of the festival, and looked forward to nothing but sitting in Maths, doing her work, and then being able to see Liu once more.
  8. Liu waved goodbye shouting out a 'You're Welcome" even if she hadn't heard him, he still wanted to say it. Sighing he stood up and he began to walk towards his class. Along the way he noticed a group of kids standing near the school they weren't too far from where he and Anastasia were sitting moments ago. They looked about Junior or Senior grade, one of the boys snickers as they point in Anastasia's direction and they whisper something to the others causing them to laugh.

    Liu was not the violent type, he loved treating everyone fair and kinf because that's how he wanted to be treated by strangers, but seeing this angered him, he grits his teeth and storms up the group of boys "What's so funny?" he snarls.

    "Nothing...." the other responses.

    "Wish I could be as simple, where thin air makes you bust out giggling like a Hyena!" Liu snaps, he was surprised at how dark his tone and rude his voice came out.

    "What was that punk!?"

    "You heard me Gigglypuff!"

    "At least I'm not the one hanging around her!"

    Liu knew who they were referring too and this infuriated him, he lunges forward delivering a round house kick to the boys shoulder and several punches to his face and stomach before the other could strike. He watched as the boy falls to the ground his blue eyes full of anger and hate "DON"T you EVER speak to her or about her that way again you rat! Or you're going to get another taste of what I'm capable of....."

    Liu looked over his shoulder to make sure none of the staff saw what happen before bolting to English.
  9. As Liu ran off, Anastasia watched from behind a building. She had heard yelling, turned around, then after she realised what was happening she ran into cover. She knew that those kids had been teasing her, but never really cared. She didn't want this. Anastasia was used to Liu being kindhearted and gentle. She didn't like seeing him angry.

    Seeing him like this reminded her of his Dad...

    At the thought of it, she burst into tears and ran off to class. She dried her eyes as she walked into the classroom. She was late. Everyone was sitting in heir desks, glancing at her. Luckily, she wasn't late to the point where the teacher would have to write a letter home, but she still felt awkward. It would be obvious to everyone that she had cried. She sat down in her usual seat close to the front and could hear whispering. This would be a long lesson.
  10. One of the student's who sat near her looked over curiously in her direction, he hardly spoke to anyone and he did little to get to know anybody. But seeing how Anastasia appeared distressed he couldn't sit there "You're going to okay, right?" He asked softly.

    Meanwhile Liu sat in class, his hands were shaking as he couldn't stop thinking of his brawl with the other boy. He prayed that Anastasia didn't see him fight, he never wanted to experience that ever again. It scared him and made him feel...well evil.

    "Please...please don't let Ana'll hurt me...and maybe our friendship." He said to himself as he gripped at his honey blonde hair.
  11. Anastasia was off in her own world, and didn't hear the boy next to her. She was staring at her book blankly, drawing curvy lines covering an entire page. What would she do now? Could she just pretend she never saw? These questions rolled around in her head while her hands made the same motion over and over, up and down her page.

    She snapped back into reality, realizing someone had said something to her, then looked over at the boy with her eyebrows raised.

    "Hm? Did you say something? I'm sorry, I-I didn't hear you." She said quietly. There was a few giggles from the back of the room and Anastasia's face went red with embarrassment, turning back to her book. She noticed now that she had been drawing Liu's fringe. She smiled involuntarily, then buried her head in her arms.
  12. The boy blushed slightly at the mention of not being heard, he didn't mind he hardly spoke so when he did he usually never spoke loud enough or no one paid him any attention. He was going to say it again but hearing the giggles he couldn't help but feel bad for Anastasia.

    He looked at his hands before tearing out a piece of paper and scribbles a note.

    Liu sighed as he drownes out the teachers voice as he watches the clock, he wanted to get out of the room, he wanted to apologize to Anastasia, though he didn't know that she saw him, this feeling he felt wouldn't leave him.
  13. Anastasia watched as the boy next to her pulled the note closer towards him as he wrote, so no one could see. She hadn't paid much attention to him before. She waited in anticipation for what he had to say. She glanced up at the clock.

    "Woah..." she thought. "Five minutes until break? I guess blanking out helps pass time after all."
    She looked back over at him. He seemed to be almost finished.
  14. The boy looks over his note, nods and passes it to Anastasia he hoped his manuscript was readable most complained about but there's little you can do to fix your hand writting.

    Note was a simple one but he hoped it would help:

    'I know you don't know me too well but I was hoping that if you ever feel down, that you can talk to me I run the Gaming Club. You don't have to play games, there are kids who come for snacks and some who just want to hang out. Best part is its all in the library. You can come if you want.


    He passed her the note and huddled into his fur jacket. The note passing caused several students to 'ooh' but Brute ignored them.

    Liu stared at the clock with such intensity one would've expected it to burst into flames. Why is it that five minutes seems to go by like years in school? He mumbled "C'mom C'mon!" Under his breath hoping that that would make it go by faster.
  15. She read the note slowly, then looked over at Brute, who had gone back to his work. She had just received a small note, filled with kindness, from a boy who she had never talked to before. Why was this happening. She smiled, then turned her page and began on her work.

    "I'll be there." She whispered. "Thank you Brute. I just have to see someone beforehand."

    At this, the bell finally rung. She had managed to write the first question down, but not the answer. She shrugged and started packing up again, wondering what had provoked this new act of kindness. She had been pranked like this before, but she had a feeling that this wouldn't be the case now.

    She walked outside and went back to the usual spot that she and Liu sat for lunch, waiting for him to show. She wouldn't stay long, but there was no way she would just disappear without telling him where she was going.
  16. Brute watched as Anastasia went off and he quickly heads to the library for preparations, it was sad that the library had very little visiters, not even classes visited which made it the perfect spot for the club.

    Liu raced to the usual spot, for some unfathomable reason the school seemed unusually packed today. He saw Anastasia waiting for him and he raced up to her "Hey buddy, hows it going? First period a bore?" He joked.
  17. She looked at him for a moment, thinking.

    "Not really. I found it kinda interesting. Anyway, I'm gonna go to the library for this break. I promise I'll sit with you next break, ok? See ya next period for Engineering!" She hugged him, but it felt much more awkward this time, since she was still thinking about how brutally he attacked those other kids. She pulled away quicker than usual, gave him a smile, then turned tail and jogged for the library. She was out of range before he could say anything. She didn't really feel she could look back, just in case if he was watching her go.
  18. Liu sighed softly he nods anticipating the next break. He slumped in his seat thinking about their friendship, to him it seemed like a Jenga tower with a few of the bottom blocks missing and all he could do was pray that it would last as the tower swayed.

    At the library Brute had just finished the last touches, he set out a mini snack line when a few kids started to show up.

    "Ah good to see ya today Brutus." A tall boy said as he sat a stack of books down.

    "Allo Kenny, I see you have the books again today."

    Kenny grins "You know it, the first break today is going to be almost an three hours today."

    Brute looked confused.

    "Don't tell me you forgot about the practice lock did didn't you! That look on your face says it all!" Kenny laughed he continues to laugh until he noticed another being approaching "Whoa, check out the cute girl!"
  19. Anastasia stepped through the library door and sighed at the feel of the air conditioner. The building had a tall ceiling and there were bookshelves as far as she could see. She asked herself why she didnt come in here more often. She noticed a sign saying "Science Fiction" and made a mental note to have a look there after she found Brute. She spotted Brute standing with another boy over by what looked like a snack bar, and walked over to them smiling.

    "I told you I'd come! It's surprisingly calm in here, compared to outside. I think I might like it here after all. Who's your friend?" She turned to Kenny looked him over. He seemed like a nice enough guy to get to know.
  20. Brute smiles his green-blue eyes light up with joy "This is Kenny, he is a nice guy though he has a strange fascination with those magazines that tell absurd stories."

    Kenny looked defensively "Oi! You can be too safe, you'll end up like that man New Branch, he was taken over by UFOs!" He laughed.

    Brute sighed defeated "Anyway, Ken...this is Anastasia. She's in my first period. "
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