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  1. I love RPing with others who can simulate a pre-existing characters! :3

    My fandom list is below. (I'm not completely married to playing my usuals, btw.)

    Anime/Manga/Video Games

    *FullMetal Alchemist/Brotherhood*

    I usually play: Envy, Edward Elric
    Looking for: Alphonse, Greed, Lust, Winry

    *Tales of*

    I usually play: Stan, Chelsea, Jude, Yuri, Luke, Sync, Lloyd, Sheena
    Looking for: Leon, Rutee, Milla, Alvin, Guy, Flynn, Zelos, Colette, Genus, Kratos, anyone!

    **Fate/Stay Night**

    I usually play: Sakura Matou (Dark Sakura Matou), Rider (Medusa), Waver Velvet, Gilgamesh, Avenger, Karen Ortensia, Kiritsugu,
    Looking for: Saber, Shiro, Rider (Iskander), Irisviel, Bazett, anyone!

    *Soul Eater**

    I usually play: Crono, Spirit, Justin
    Looking for: Maka, Stein, Medusa, Death the Kid, anyone!

    **Kiddy Grade**

    I usually play: Ecalir, Tweedle Dee, Sinistra
    Looking for: Lumiere, Tweedle Dum, Dextra, anyone!

    **Kingdom Hearts**

    I usually play: Sora, Roxas,
    Looking for: Riku, Kairi, Axel, anyone!


    I usually play: Nep (Purple Heart), Compa
    Looking for: Noire (Black Heart), Iffy, anyone!


    I usually play: Judar, Alibaba, Jafar
    Looking for: Aladdin, Morgiana, Sinbad, anyone!

    **Gundam Wing/Frozen Teardrop**

    I usually play: Duo Maxwell, Chang Wufei, Duo Jr
    Looking for: Heero Yuy, Quatre Winner, Trowa Barton, anyone!

    TV Shows/Movies

    **A Young Doctor's Notes**

    I usually play: The Young Doctor
    Looking for: The Doctor, anyone!


    I usually play: Will, Jack, Margo and Chilton
    Looking for: Hannibal, Alana, Belle, Etc

    **Hemlock Grove**

    I usually play: Peter Rumancek, Clemetine
    Looking for: Roman Godfrey, Olivia Godfrey, Litha Godfrey, Destiny

    **Breaking Bad**

    I usually play: Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman
    Looking for: Walter White, Mike, anyone!

    Comic Books


    I usually play: Ninjette, Sistah Spooky, Death Monger, Maid Man
    Looking for: Emp, Oyuki-chan, anyone!

    More Anime/Manga/Games

    Burst Angel
    Fruits Basket
    Vampire Knight
    Ouran Host Club
    Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
    Evangelion (movies)
    Queen's Blade/Gate/Rebellion/Grimoire
    Disgaea 4
    Dirty Pair
    Silent Hill

    Multiverse games are always great, too! I'm happy to conjure up ways to mix up different fandoms! I do like sophisticated replies, but I don't need a novel--and spelling errors happen, I understand. XD​
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  2. I could do the fate/stay night and possibly greed for FMAB.
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  3. Awesome! I love both series! What all have you seen (or played) of FSN?

    Also, Greed or GreedLing would be fun! :3
  4. I could try FMAB, Ouran, Fruits Basket, or Saiyuki for you.
    Do you just want canon characters?
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  5. Yay! We can do a multifanfom if you like, or stick with just one series. :3 And OCs are always welcome!
  6. I am interested in doing a Kingdom Hearts rp if you are still looking ^~^
  7. Aha, I usually only do multifandom if it makes sense, and I think a few of those would be a bit of a stretch. I've done a few Ouran/Fruits Basket mixes, though.

    edit: If you've seen/heard of Psycho-Pass and Cowboy Bebop, I can offer those as well.
  8. could we do a soul x maka? me being maka

    or hikaru x kaoru me being kaoru
  9. Yes! That would he super awesome! >w< What characters do you usually RP?
  10. That makes sense. XD Ooo, an Ouran/Fruits Basket sounds intriguing. So many choices it's so tough to decide! Out of OUran, Fruits Basket, Saiyuki and FMA do you usually RP? :3

    I've only seen one ep of Psycho-Pass (really want to see more!) and I haven't watched Cowboy Bebop in years (which is very, very sad), otherwise I'd take you up on those! :3
  11. A Soul Eater RP would be fun! Would we be incorporating the other characters? :3
  12. I normally play either Riki or Kairi ^^ as well as Aqua or Ventus.
  13. Nice! They are yours! :3 I'd be happy to RP Terra as well! I'll pm you!
  14. I shall add more!
  15. I have one long-term Saiyuki already, and I enjoy it. I haven't had a successful FMA in a while, and Ouran and Fruits Basket are somewhat common.

    I apologize for the delay; I forgot IR existed again.
  16. Lol! You're cool! XD Let's an FMA one then! :3
  17. Fate/ Stay Night, and Xenosaga very tempting dearie ;3
  18. I have seen all the fate series.

    Kingdom Hearts??? You are awesome *3*

    Wanna roleplay with me? ;u;
  20. Should I PM you or what?
    What character(s) would you prefer I played? I've got some experience with Alphonse.
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