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  1. Opulence is sinful and we all pay for it. Greed is a plague that infects us all and corrupts even the strongest of souls. Amercena (("Am-Er-scene-a" our America stunt double)) had it all, capital, land, industrialization, imperialism; it was untouchable. Or at least that's what everyone liked to believe. While Amercena florished, other countries like stertoka(stare-to-kah) we beginning to grow restless and unstable.

    Due to the fact that Amercena had semi control over some parts of Stertoka, Stertoken leaders believed that Amercena was successful at the cost of Stertoken down fall.

    After months of planning of preparing, Stertoka gathered it's army and attacked Amercena in all factors (air, land,water) all at once. After weeks of fighting, Amercena had lost and a war rattled Amercena was now under Stertoken control.

    Amercena was down but not out. A group of specialists was assembled to work for what remained of Amercena's government. An assassin, a tech and surveillance specialist, a support specialist, and a spy.

    These were the best of the best and they aim to take back their home country. Unfortunately their first mission didn't go as planned and now they are tasked with the objective of going behind enemy lines to retrieve a teammate that has been captured and return to their base for further tasking.

    Aragón gathered his weapons and other equipment, they had received Intel on where their teammate would be and they would be heading out soon. "Alright everyone, remember we don't the situation over on their side. We need to strike fast and quietly, hopefully we can have them out of their before anyone even knows we were there."
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  2. Rinne Tanger toyed with the set of keys in her hand. "Right, Ventorí." She got off the table she was sitting on and got some ammo for herself. After getting her own weapons and tools, she gestured for them to follow her outside.

    "You can continue giving further instructions here, I'll go get my baby ready." She was talking about the jet that had been reserved for their mission. "Else, you can continue to gear up there. We shouldn't waste time."
  3. Aragón watched her go then turned back to the rest of the group. "Shifter, you're with me. We'll be the first to go and see how things are out there. Gear up, this isn't a recon so it's very likely that bullets might start flying."Wolf, you're with Rinne. We'll depart as soon as the jet is ready for take off.

    Aragón double checked his rifle and side arm to ensure they were good to go. He gave everyone an earpiece so they could all keep in contact. Everything and everyone was leaded and ready to go
  4. Yekaterina "Katyusha The Wolf" Volkov nodded at her direct superior's orders and followed Rinne out the room and towards the plain. Katyusha had to jog to keep up with the Support Specialist.

    She gave the other a small smile in greeting before placing her headset on her ears and opened her laptop while she walked. Katyusha easily cracked the codes to the live feed of the places they would fly over to get to their destination and was prepared to override anything these places would capture. They didn't need to be taken out this early in the game.

    Stuffing her bag on the co-pilot chair, she ran a double check on the the plane and found everything acceptable. "Did you manage to store the extra fuel in for the round trip?" she asked Rinne while she manually entered more codes on her machine. "We don't want to get stranded again."

    She turned her head slightly at the entrance of everyone else in. She breathed in deeply and exhaled.

    It's begun.
  5. "Tut, tut." Rinne said, poking the laptop. "You'll mess with my radar with that on. Off until landing, Kat."
    She gave Yekaterina a thumbs up. Rinne handed her a pair of hearing protectors and an aviation headset.
    "And use this one, that ain't covering anything." She poked Yekaterina's headset.

    Rinne put on her own head gears, switching on the engines and propellers. She pressed a few buttons on the intercom. She tapped Yekaterina. "Call them in, we don't have all day."
  6. Aragón walked outside and met up with the other two. "Alright, lets get this done." He dropped his rifle and gear in the back passenger seat. "Ready when you are" he said to Rinne seeing as the mission time was decided by her.
  7. Katyusha rolled her eyes and removed her own headset, placing the provided items on. "I've changed my system's frequency remember?" she told Rinne. "We tested it at least twice together on this thing." she muttered. Seeing her Asian friend's look, she sighed heavily. "If we get caught, because my tools are off. I'm blaming this on you." Katyusha muttered.

    When their commander entered the plane, and turned around slightly. "Captain Aragón." she greeted. "Where's Shifter? Is he lost?" She giggled at the thought. She turned back to Rinne and smiled. "Should we be going now, Flight Commander?"
  8. "I don't know what's keeping shifter, but he should be out soon. He knows as well as we do that time is critical." He looked over at Kat "You know you don't have to call me Captain, we all work as one unit."
  9. Katyusha shrugged. "It has a nice ring to it, Captain." she told him with a grin. "Pardon my weird quirks." She looked out the window and growled.

    "Surely he's not in the loo" she muttered. "At this crucial time."
  10. "Always the humble one, Ventori is." Rinne said. She went back to Yekaterina and switched on the radar and the specially designed control panel. "That's Pilot in Command and it's basic protocol, no electronics on. I need you to work that thing as my First Officer of sorts."

    She switched on a few more controls. "I'm pretty sure he'll hop in? Check if he's napping at the back or on the phone or what. I thought I saw him enter."

    She checked her watch, waiting a little longer.
  11. Fumbling into his seat his hair a bit messed up and his eyes wide " so sorry guys i had to change and well...lets just say it wasnt not as light as i used to be " he shifted into his seat " all ready to go el capiton " he joked letting a sigh go from his body. Running a hand through his hair relaxing a bit more.
  12. "Alright, we're live. Let's move" said Aragón as got into his seat and waited for takeoff. His mind focused on nothing but the task at hand
  13. "Not as light? Puh-leeze." Rinne said, dialing a few buttons on the intercom. "Seatbelts, honeys. No exemptions. It'll be a bumpy ride."

    "Lincoln tower, Fokker niner-two-seven-zero, ready for departure, requesting coordinates to Tarazan Forest in the Solvan District." She spoke on the intercom, her eyes on her meters. She waited for instructions for a moment. She followed, taxiing off and halting when told until they're cleared for takeoff.

    "Guys, strap in." She told her passengers. "The weather isn't in the best mood."

    Not that she needed to warn them, they were made of tough stuff after all...
  14. Aragón strapped his belt over his chest. Looking outside he could see what Rinne was talking about, the sky looked grey and restless in the distance. He forced a smile "You won't drop us out of the sky will you?" He said jokingly as he let his red rest on his seat
  15. Placing the straps on he chuckled " She would never drop me out of a plane, im precious cargo, right rinne? " He said chuckling looking out at the sky and swallowed kind of hard. He wasn't afraid of flying, but he was definitely not a very friendly guy to plummeting to his death
  16. "Unless you order it." She told Aragon matter-of-factly. She grinned in secret. She found the thought of dropping the men funny-as in slapstick funny. "And, Shifter. I do drop precious cargo."

    "Are you para-dropping in or are we landing?" She said, eyes in the darkening sky.
  17. " you know...i used to have trust issues...and yet i still trust you " he chuckled looking at the cap'n " If we are dropping in i need to prep " he said running a hand over his face sighing, and josling his shoulders a bit as if to get loose for a job to be done.
  18. "Landing a in the tarazan forest. We'll make our way to the district on foot, less chance of detection." He was anxious to get to the district, every second they spent outside of the district was another second the enemy had one of their team.
  19. "Good, we're not so far." she replied, checking the radar. "Kat, I'm gonna need you to tap into their security while we're up here. Just use that." She gestured to the specialized computer on Yekaterina's side.

    "Really, Shifter. You trust me? A double agent? You really do have issues." she said, not minding as they sped right into a cloud. Turbulence was hard on them, shaking them up and down. She just smirked at it.
  20. " You know you say that but i still dont think you would throw me out a plane " he chuckled as they hit the turbulence and then groaned a bit " Weeee! " he raised his arms in the air like a child and then brought them back down " Nice cloud "
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