All That Remains: Where We Began (Doomy x Aka)

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    Disclaimer: This RP is a branch off of the group RP, All That Remains. All characters are premade and settings are part of that RP, but this shall focus on the two characters, Elliot and Vinny...just younger versions of them :D.


    The Professor
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    "For centuries, the people of Earth have looked to the skies and asked if life existed elsewhere...Before such inventions as the telescope, humans have attempted to study the fascinating phenomenons of space. We have come very far, from thinking the Earth was flat and the planets orbited it. Our greatest minds have theorized and proven that the Earth is round and orbits the sun. Once we thought that the sun was the brightest thing out there and the only one of its kind, now we know there are plenty of brighter stars out there. We've observed the planets through screens and for ourselves." Professor Adam paused for dramatic effect. He had made this speech only once before; however, nowadays it came conpletely natural, being that he studied it endlessly. He was uncomfortable around strangers, but most would not even be able to tell, especially now with his false confidence exuding from his form.

    He continued, his fingers giving a light twitch. "Although we have come so far in our knowledge of the universe, we are still learning of our own galaxy. I'm sure you have all heard by now of the success of experiment 001 NASA's scientists in Sector Q executed. They, we have found that life existed on one of our lingering neighbors, Jupiter. Sadly, that life had been extinct for centuries, even as far as 7 millenniums ago. Because of this, we were been unable to confirm life ever existing elsewhere in the twentieth century. Now with our new advances in science, we were able to reconstruct a typical life form that would have existed on Jupiter...our first Alien." He gave a light smirk, the memory of that day still fresh in his mind. It had only been a few years ago that sector Q had successfully created the before mentioned alien. Now, the funding and the program had grown so significantly that Sector Q had been able to recreate the success.

    He continued once more.
    "I believe I am getting long winded. I have brought you all here today for one reason...progress. With the success of Experiment 001, we delve deeper into our galaxy, seeking out remnants of even more life forms that could have dwelled somewhere in our neighboring solar system. We found success in our ringed neighbor, Saturn, discovering a fossil on one of the many astroids floating around inside her rings. Using this fossil, just as we did with Jupiter, we have come to create another lifeform."

    His eyes flittered over the crowd of intelligent minds, taking notice that they were starting to become unsettled with interest. He had made them wait long enough. He adjusted his collar a bit nervously before chuckling into the microphone.The young professor with sleek, modern black glasses stood at a podium and microphone in front of a vast crowd. He seemed no older than twenty, yet he had been chosen to speak.
    "Prestigious minds, I would like to introduce our newest addition...Experiment 002, Saturn's Alien, Vincent."
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  2. Experiment 002 - Vincent

    Endless purple depths seemed to stare aimlessly at the others in the room, seemingly directed at none but still observing all. With no pupils, the blank depths simply remained facing ahead. The revived creature did not move, though was stoic in its silence, but it seemed yet as if it did. It had a humanoid structure, by appearance it was outline in the very least to resemble a human child, yet that is where the similarities died.

    Saturn's alien seemed as if to encompass the universe itself. Its physical form resembled a silhouette, outlined in a hue of glowing white that seemed to move, slowly. Inside its form, it appeared as if distant stars flickered in the shape of white stars, how one would see stars from the sky on this planet itself. Upon the alien's head was three horns that pointed back from its form, one leaning to each side specifically while one remained simply leaning back, much shorter than the other two which seemed to fall to the creatures waist. Around its form, more specifically its wrists, ankles and the two longer antenna like forms, was thin silver rings that matched its home planet, slowly hovering around its location, yet not actually touching his form.

    With his introduction, the purple depths turned to look at the professor curiously, if one could see that, before turning back to the crowd with a similar look. No words were spoken from the silhouette like being before the very rings that encompassed it began to move and grow almost erratically. It was a quick process as the shimmering rings soon hid his form from view as the device given to him so that he could attain a human form was activated. Soon, he was revealed as a near perfect humanoid, only lacking due to the rings around his limbs. Vincent in this form had pale skin and vivid purple irises along with, currently, messy brown locks. He adorned a simple white shirt and black pants and shoes.

    Vincent now cocked his head curiously before he shook it. He did not understand why his gaze had seemed to blur and distort but passed it off as an effect before he brought a hand up, waving minimally. His lips parted as purple irises danced across the crowd. " the second experiment?" He stated, though it appeared vaguely as a question as he wondered who else had been restored such as he was. "I was named 002, I mean V-Vincent....Good day?"

    The Saturn based life form turned his gaze to the professor he was standing by, head tilted. "Am I done, Professor?" He questioned silently, clearly uncomfortable with the mass of unfamiliar. While he sight was otherwise slightly impaired, Vincent could clearly make out the masses and figure out roughly, how many were present. Though, he would not admit it, that a deep discomfort settled in his stomach, a feeling that reflected upon the silver rings as they seemed to increase minimally in size before returning, this action repeating almost instantly.
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  3. The Professor - Adam

    "" odd. It seemed that the Saturn Alien was not a social creature, this knowledge rather blatant in the creatures actions and words. Adam took note of this, jotting down a few notes before glancing back up at the crowd, a gentle smile coming to his face as he addressed the humanoid. "Thank you, Vincent." He looked back to the crowd, his own nerves seeming to resurface. Jupiter had been much more...talkative during his session; however it seemed that Saturn would be the opposite. No matter, that would mean that this would end quickly. "The floor is now open for questions."


    Time: 20:23 pm
    Location: Sector Q Headquarters

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    The meeting had gone rather well,Adam and the rest of his crew receiving all sorts of compliments and congratulations, offers of future funding, as well as a multitude of question...How had he done it, creating these Aliens from practically nothing but a few bits of fossil. Adam had been rather eager to answer; however, experiment 002 was less than eager to be subjected to such bombardment and Adam was less than willing to stress the creature.

    They had been driving for a while, silence in the vehicle as blatant as the darkening sky. It was a long drive, the crew of Sector Q having to leave the flashing lights of the city, retreating to the quiet seclusion of the countryside. This was government property, gates posted up, as well as warning signs for any brave trespassers. They flashed by the window in a blur, the crew wishing to return as quickly as possible, each having their own reasons. Adam's reason was slightly more personal. Now with a second alien aboard, Jupiter would have someone to spend time with, the crew of Sector Q lacking slightly when it came to providing entertainment for a teenager. Saturn would be good for Jupiter and vice versus. Maybe Jupiter could work to crack the shell of 002's icy exterior. These thoughts fell to the wayside as the vehicle's procession slowed. They were at the main gate, Adam finally glancing from his tinted window, across the small gap to 002 sitting across from him.
    "Home sweet home, Vincent."

    Adam smiled, adjusting in his seat as the car came to a halt, the outside lights momentarily brightening the darkness of the black leather interior. He unbuckled his seatbelt, moving to the door as it opened for him. He quickly stepped aside for Vincent, gesturing towards the large building of Sector Q. To most, it would look like nothing more than a large manor; however looks were rather deceiving.

    Adam saves pleasantries for when they were inside, the crew moving rather quickly to shepherd their Vincent inside the confines of the facility. It only took a few moments, the team working its way through the main courtyard and up the steps of the manor veranda. Adam stepped up to the door, hand coming to rest on the waiting panel, scanning his palm before the door clicked a slid sideways, opening up to the facility hall. He stepped inside, the crew and Vincent following behind and the door falling shut behind them.

    It was only then that Adam turned to address Vincent once more.
    "My understanding is that you have not been to this build yet, Vincent...I'll be quick so you can meet our other Alien. This is the Sector Q housing facility, where the crew will be able to monitor your growth and progress. We have tried to make it as comfortable as even get to pick your room; however, Elliot has already taken the largest...he has been here for quite some time now." His voice sounded slightly apologetic, knowing that this must have been a lot for Vincent to take on at once; however, this was only protocol. There would be much the new alien would be subjected to within these walls. He would have to learn quickly.

    "I won't give you a full tour. I'll leave that to Elliot. Everything is open for you to explore. The gardens and courtyard are closed off by the main gate...for your protection... I know you must be tired Vincent, so I will try not to overload you."

  4. 002 - Vincent

    Vincent was silently ecstatic when the question session ended as he could escape the masses. So within the car ride back to where he presumed they would be staying, Vincent had a small quirk to the corner of his lips that expressed his unspoken joy at the escape. Thought the car ride was silent, Vincent found amusement in the sights that flashed by, despite the fact he saw them in blurred vision and a tinted glass, he seemed genuinely happy by the views and colours that passed by. Occasionally, the brunet had pressed his hand against the window as if to remove it from blocking his sights, yet he did not much more than that as he would soon turn to look at the Professor, Adam, who muttered "Home sweet home"


    He had questioned silently but not loud enough to be noticed as he sat back down in his seat quietly, hands upon his lap as he awaited the time the vehicle would stop. Though when it did, the alien was ushered out in a hurry he did not understand. The scientists, all of them, seemed desperate to have him through the doors, seen as they relaxed once they were tightly closed. Purple orbs blinked in confusion before narrowed as he took in the interior. "...I don't get it..." He once again asked, his mind trying to comprehend the reasons behind the humans actions.

    The professor, Adam, began on a small explanation that sated most of his questions as his eyes roamed the halls with what could only be called, child like curiosity. While he was talked, Vincent was tempted to walk over to the wall and see what was hanging upon it, but he remained put, occasionally letting his gaze stray. Vincent refused that temptation, not wanting to disrespect Adam in anyway due to the fondness that Vincent now held for him. "I do not mind about the room...Can I just take the next largest?"

    Then Elliot was mentioned, causing his full attention to be shifted back as the brunet blinked owlishly. "Who is Elliot, the alien before me?" He questioned, gaze narrowing. "What is he like?" Was the first question that arose from his lips as he cocked his head. Vincent was curious about the other creature that he would live with and who was created in the same manner. Was this alien similar to him or the complete opposite? Vincent stepped closer to the professor, reaching over to tug on his sleeve. "I am not tired, Professor. Can I meet the other alien?" He seemed adamant on meeting the other as soon as possible. "Can I meet Elliot?"

  5. The professor- Adam

    The professor paused, glancing down at the Saturn alien with a small smile. Confusion was the expected reaction, being that Vincent had yet to roam the halls of this manor. Excitement to meet Elliot was something to be expected as well. They were two of a kind, alike in the fact that they both shared their humble beginnings, and Professor Adam could not deny the child's request.

    Adam's hand came down, lightly rustling the chocolate locks atop Vincent's head. It was strange how realistic it actually felt, soft to the touch as if Adam was touching the head of a normal human child. Adam blinked, breaking from his moment observation as he smiled once more, answering Vincent's request. "I don't see why not...Benjamin." He looked up then, addressing one of the scientists behind him. "Elliot should be in the gardens, yes?"

    The elder scientist nodded, glancing down at the tablet in his hands for a moment, swiping his fingers across it before he glanced back up. "He's in the back courtyard."

    "Perfect." Adam stated with a small nod, hand falling from atop Vincent's head, reaching into his pocket to retrieve the polished black wrist watch. He had never been a fan of wearing such objects, but his sister had gotten it for him as a present...He had settled on keeping in his pocket, possibly as a form of comfort, he was unsure. He looked to Vincent then, gesturing for him to follow as he turned and moved down the long hallway. "This way, Vincent."

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  6. 002 - Vincent

    He had watched the professor intently, lighting up when confirmation was given into meeting the other alien, the only other creature in existence currently that was in the same situation. Vincent did, subtly, wonder about why his race were gone and he still did not understand why he was brought to life by the humans. As the professor was turning on Benjamin to ask about his fellow alien, Vincent finally took the time to glance around the halls with a concentrated glance. This was his Home. He was going to stay here, with others, for his existence.

    On a side note, what did the humans even know about his species?

    Adam has his attention back on Vincent, prompting a purple gaze to once again slide back towards him, narrowing slightly before his gaze eased up. Maybe he should inform the professor about his sight? Though, seconds later, Vincent had shrugged it off and followed after the Professor who was heading out to the gardens, to the other alien. His steps had become lighter and a small grin had traced its way onto his features. This was more exciting than the introduction to the small mass. That on the other hand, was a huge pain.

    Doors were opened, Vincent did not pay attention to if the professor had used a hand scanner or not, Vincent was quick to head down the large steps and to the grass clad surface. Not in a car or being shoved inside the building out of desperation, the Saturn alien was suddenly thrown into a moment of stillness as he studied the sights before him. He blinked, owlishly, as he reached a hand up to press against the lids of his eyes before he glanced once again. "Interesting..." He muttered before spinning around.

    Facing Adam who he had left behind by a short distance out of excitement, Vincent folded his arms upon his chest, a sign of possible defensiveness as he spoke. "Where is the other alien? He is here, right?" He asked, though his expression had become one without emotion, he voice was still light and bouncing with attempted restraint out of excitement. "Elliot, the Jupiter alien, he is here, right?"

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    The gardens were lovely at night, the swishing laterns hanging from tree branches, along the winding paths of the courtyard -it had been Professor Adam's idea to place them there, reminding the house's soul inhabitant of the starry sky. The laterns were also a good place to hide the few cameras dotting the enclosed area, assurance that the inhabitant was always on watch. They said it would be found comforting...sadly, it was quite the opposite. How lovely this area was, despite it being a favorite, it did little to settle the loneliness festering in the path wanderer's heart.

    Elliot sat silent on the fountain edge, long fingers creating ripples in the water's still surface as they slowly moved through it. How long had the fountain been without flow, the water slowly turning green from neglect? It had been about 3 months if Elliot guessed right. The fountain was near the back of the courtyard; being smaller and more humble than its towering neighbors, the fountain was cared for less than the others. Elliot's chin rested on his knee, his leg propped up on the fountain edge and pulled to his chest, foot tapping silently against the cement.

    He sighed, swirling a finger around in the murky depths and watching his shadowed reflection distort and curl with his movements. He looked to be in his late teens from far away, being that his height was just about at 6 feet; however, his face held the youthful glow of someone just entering their teenage years. He was young, about 13 or 14 in human years...or at least that was what Adam told him in his last check up. His mop of saggy, slightly spiked red hair was mess, falling about his face in an organized chaos that only seemed to fit him. His style usually varied, today sporting a black sports jacket, white t-shirt, burgundy pants that tightened around his calf and ankles, and black vans...stylish; however still maintaining the overall lazy appearance he seemed to give in this present situation. He had a few bandages on his face, traces rather unknown being that it was only him and the professor in this home; however, they seemed to go unnoticed by the oversized teenager who continued to stare at the murky water.

    He released a sigh, visibly deflating as he mumbled to himself, voice only further proving his youth. "He said he would be back soon...I wonder what my surprise is..."

    Ah yes. The Professor said he had a surprise, unknown to Elliot that the surprise would arrive much sooner than he expected...His ears were suddenly greeted by the Professor's voice, accompanied by another's... a stranger, which caused Elliot to stand and follow with sudden curiosity. It was odd how quickly he perked up, lanky frame striding forward at a fast pace as he moved down the pathway back towards the main area of the courtyard, only to find Professor Adam standing near the entrance...with another person...someone who did not look much older than Elliot was; however, his back was to him.

    "Elliot, the Jupiter alien, is here, yes?"

    Elliot froze, a bit of suspicion rising through him, but only for a moment as Adam answered. "Ahh yes he should be somewhere...Ahha!" Adam's eyes were suddenly on the Jupiter alien, causing Elliot to jump, his attention pulling from the stranger, crimson eyes fully focusing on the Professor.

    "Elliot, there you are. Come here! I want you to meet someone." Professor Adam called, beckoning Elliot forward with his hand. Elliot could feel the minor heat rising on his cheeks; however, it did little to deter the curious smile that worked its way onto his face as he stepped forward and up to the steps of the veranda, regarding the stranger in interested, be it possibly shy silence.
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  8. 002 - Vincent

    It took a few minutes, those of which Vincent ignored the professor to look around, before Vincent was face to face with the alien he was previously asking about. Purple orbs studied the other intently, his head tilted slightly. Elliot had deep red hair and eyes, bandages littering his face while he adorned a style that would be considered quite fashionable, at least that is what he gathered from the brief moments of television he had watched since his revival. Blurred sights caused his eyes to narrow to take in more details but when he became unable to, he stopped and reached his hand out, expression stoic once more.

    "Nice to meet you, 00- Elliot."

    After correcting himself, Vincent mentally berated himself for the mistake. He had learnt his code, the number before he was named Vincent and even now he was slowly adjusting to responding to such a title. He wouldn't deny it though, he was quite amused by the amount of names humans had created. So far he had learnt those of the many professors, Adam and Elliot. He questioned why they didn't use numbers before but it was more entertaining to learn the names at this point.

    After a few more moments of intending silence, Vincent realised he had to introduce himself, a fact that caused a sudden frown on his features. How was he supposed to do it, the correct way anyway? Pursing his lips, Vincent nodded a second later before speaking. "I am the second alien revived from fossils found, in my case, From Saturn." He debriefed, almost robotically in his words. "Ah... I forget, sorry, I am Vincent."

    A light appeared in his deep purple orbs as his lips flickered between a smile and a thin line as he tried to keep his lips pursed. Vincent, clearly seemed to feel some sense of excitement at meeting the only other in a similar situation. "What is your alien form? Does it come with any specific abilities?" There was a pause as his mind reeled, before his expression adorned a serious nature. "...How is it like...Living here?"
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  9. Elliot

    The momentary confusion that Elliot felt could, unfortunately, not ignore. This stranger, this kid, already knew his name, causing those crimson eyes to glance up, looking to the Professor for some sort of explanation. It seemed that he had been a rather popular topic between the two, the heat on his cheeks rising slightly from imagining that; however, he pushed the thought from his mind, watching the Professor nod and gesture towards the other's extended hand.

    Elliot looked back to the stranger, only to see those purple orbs narrow drastically, the reason rather unknown. Elliot felt a momentary sense of discomfort wash through him, feeling as though he was being analyzed rather than looked at as an equal. His smile seemed to drop slightly; however, that did little to keep him from maintaining a friendly nature. He reached out, taking the others hand and giving it a warm squeeze.

    "Nice to meet 'ya...umm.."

    There was a pause, the other having yet to introduce himself. Elliot only stared back, smile faltering once more and the silence grew. He let his hand slip from the others grasp, head falling slightly to the side as he awkwardly slid his hands into his pockets, lightly scuffing the ground with his shoe. "Ehh..."

    The silence broke as the other introduced himself, Elliot's eyes widening drastically as his mouth fell agape. "Y-you're an alien as well???" His voice rose then, eyes darting up to the apologetic expression of the Professor, who had kept this secret hidden from him. "Yo-"

    He paused once Vincent started his line of questions, each falling upon death ears, being that Elliot was rather far away, instead staring the other with a slowly growing expression... one of sheer happiness. {Another alien?...Someone just like me...younger as well...does this mean...I have a brother now?}

    These thoughts raced through Elliot's head...that was until he saw Vincent's suddenly serious gaze. Elliot only blinked, his mind working for a moment as he tried to remember what he had just been asked. He looked up to the professor, who only gestured to the whole house, all the help Elliot needed.

    "It's um...well..." He could not help but feel slightly sheepish in front of Vincent, his cold gaze causing the larger alien to feel nervous, as if he was making a bad impression on his new sibling. "This place is big...almost too big sometimes...heh. I've gotten lost a few times." He rubbed the back of his neck then, trying to find the right words. "It gets kind of lonely...but that's going to change, now that I have a brother." He gave a small chuckle, looking at the slightly shocked face of the silent Professor before he nodded and continued. "I mean, there is a lot to do, but it will have more interest now that there is another person to show, Vinny."

    It was a genuine response, Elliot not thinking of the feelings it would provoke. Vincent may be slightly robotical, but Elliot remembered his first day in the manor...He would make sure his brother was fully at home.

    He reached out then, hands coming to rest on Vincent's shoulders as he smiled brightly.
    "So don't worry about it, big brother Elly will make sure you're right at home, yeah?"
  10. Vincent

    The purple eye'd alien, camouflaged in human skin, noted the discomfort that the lack of organisation of his questions caused Elliot. It caused a minor frown to trace his lips as he once again reached up to rub his eyes. He had to hurry and find comfort and norm in the human custom such as introductions. To remember to introduce himself, his name first and foremost. Those phrases repeated in his head a few times as he scrunched his eyes closed, trying to desperately burn it into his brain. He had to live among humans, the scientists, so he had to learn these mannerisms, right?

    Vincent looked back up at Elliot when he spoke, stuttering might he add, asking about if he was an alien despite the fact he had already stated that. He did say that, right... "Yes, I am an alien. Such as you but from a different planet and species notably." He pointed out, letting his arms fall down to his sides as he cocked his head. "Why is that such a shock?" He asked, momentarily looking to the professor or back. Did he say something wrong?

    For a while, the other tuned out, Vincent just allowed himself a few moments to blink and try remove what was slowly beginning to irk him, leaving a point in the back of his mind that refuse to ignore it. If he wasn't so involved in meeting Elliot, he would of informed Adam already. In fact, he decided to quickly tell him. "Prof-" He was cut off when Elliot began to inform him about their home, his head tilting as the younger alien listened carefully, attentively.

    At the end, Vincent blinked owlishly at the red headed alien before he blushed. Vincent, the stoic and robotic alien, blush. "V-vinny?" He questioned the nickname, his brows furrowing in confusion as the rings that danced around his wrists began to pulse with an unfamiliar pattern to even him. "W-why are you calling me that..." His voice at this point had gotten considerably quieter as he tried to understand while at the same time, trying to avoid whatever feeling was making him blush.

    His blush did not end there as it was announced that Vincent had a self proclaimed Brother. This red head was simply leaving Vincent in a daze, confusion and shock constantly now plastering upon his features as he slowly slipped out of his grip and took a few steps back. The rings danced more erratically. Since his revival or birth, there was little reaction from those silvery ring but his embarrassment and lack of familiarity, naivety seemed to let them come to life, minds of their own. "B-brother?" He asked, knitting his brows together. "Since w-when?" Vincent barely allowed a second to hear an answer as he turned to the professor, now facing away from Elliot. "T-tch! I don't want a brother. Y-you seem to strange!" It was evidently clear he may not have meant it. "Professor! My eye sight is strange...its unclear and is becoming a hindrance..."

    Anything to get away from his 'Brother' who was continuously catching him off guard.

    Adam just glanced over at Vincent at his comment, his own brows furrowing in a mixture of curiosity and concern as he crouched to meet the height of the brunette who just stared back with a passive but slightly glazed stare. "Maybe the device that gives you a human form does not co-operate well with your actual vision from your other form." He mumbled as he thought of the many reasons that could explain his complaints. "Well if you are tired Elliot could show you to your room and you can rest and I'll do a check tomorrow morning?" He asked.

    Vincent considered the options momentarily before nodding. "I think I should rest..." He mumbled, lowering his gaze before folding his arms.

    The professor just nodded in response, a small smile coming to his features as he turned his attention to Elliot. "Sorry, Elliot, Vincent here seems to be less sociable than you are, maybe a species thing." He pointed out before standing up properly. "Can you show Vincent to the room opposite yours? He is taking the next biggest room after yours."
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  11. Elliot

    "Why wouldn't I call you 'Vinny'? It suits you much more then Vincent, little bro."

    To say that Elliot was left slightly confused by Vincent's current reaction was a bit of an understatement. Being that his species were clearly more social creatures, to suddenly be in the comfort of someone like him was nearly overwhelming. Indeed, he could agree that he was possibly being too forward; however, his excitement and passion made him throw those warnings to the wayside...until Vincent quickly backed away from him, causing Elliot to stare with a mixture of confusion, interest, and humor.

    Vincent's pure shock was still just as surprising, Elliot's own mind working to explain such an easy explanation.
    "W-well..." Elliot felt slightly hurt as Vincent denied his request, throwing an empty insult in his direction. Sure, it was quite possibly that he did not mean it, but it did little to shield the minor sting that Elliot felt in his heart.

    He dropped his hands to his sides, visibly deflating before he rubbed his arm, glancing away towards the ground apologetically.

    He remained silent then, quietly studying Vincent from behind until Professor Adam addressed him directly, causing him to visibly perk, his cheery demeanor returning slightly. "I see..." He gave a small nod then, shaking his head as if to clear any left over negativity before he moved forward, wrapping a long arm around the Saturn alien's shoulder and giving him a light shake. "Leave everything to me, Professor. I'll take care of Little Bro Vinny~"

    He gave a small laugh then, giving Vinny a light squeeze. It seemed that Vincent's reaction did little to nothing to deter the continuation of Elliot's nicknames. In Elliot's mind, they were to stick, causing the larger alien's grin to only grow. Maybe if he used them long enough, Vincent would grow use to them.

    It was clear that the thoughts Elliot had had before were quickly disappearing, his mind clouded by the excitement of the moment; however, he did offer a small amount of comfort, taking into consideration that Vincent was not the most social. He leaned close to the Saturn alien, smile warming slightly as he cooed.
    "I'll be your guide, Vinny, here to help with anything you need. You must be tired from meeting all those stuffy scientist, hmmmm?~"
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  12. Vincent

    Even when Vincent was determined to ignore the crimson haired 'brother' of his, It didn't change the fact he could still hear the other and his words continued to cause shades of red to paint his cheeks. He peered over to Elliot, the professor having left, Vincent was left with a bright red face. He didn't understand how Elliot could be so bright...or was a better word enthusiastic? Vincent decided that he had yet to learn a word that suited Elliot at the moment. A hand soon reached up, rubbing against his eye lids, though this time it was more of an excuse to hide the colour staining his cheeks.

    "I...I see...It suits me, Vinny huh?"

    The other had turned himself around slightly as he gazed at the other out of the corner of his eye, lips pursed slightly as he did. Vincent was far from stupid and while he detested being near others to a degree, studying them he was much more adept in. Hurt flashed across his self proclaimed brothers face and it caused him to frown, worriedly, before he tilted his head. Was their personalities clashing, was his detest to closeness opposing the other's nature?

    Vincent was left for a moment to his own thoughts before he snapped his gaze around to Elliot as he tried to bring a small smile to his lips and while it was not huge, it was honest in its own rights. Vincent did not want to hurt the other, even if he found the brightness of his personality quite irritating in some ways, Vincent still saw Elliot as family. Sort of. Vincent couldn't deny the warmth he felt when the other declared, to the professor, that he would take care of him. He wanted to say thank you...for now, she stayed silent.

    It was only after silently contemplating why he found warmth in small actions from Elliot, did he actually notice the arm around his shoulders. He normally would of flinched but instead, just stared up at the taller before sighing. "...You are going to forever be a bright person, aren't you?" He mumbled before shaking his head. "I am tired from earlier...there was a lot of people..." He trailed off.

    There was a silence as the brunette looked around the grounds momentarily before he sighed. It seemed that the red head wanted to play the older brother role and Vincent, at this point, was still not comfortable here. Deciding to indulge him, and cease the inner discomfort he had, Vincent reached out to grasp his sleeve, just lowering his head and gaze. "Can...Can you just show me to my room..." There was a pause, his gaze sliding to the building. "And...I guess you can call me Vinny...Just you though!" Since in some form, Elliot was his 'brother' annoying one, but still it was family none the less.

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  13. ELLIOT

    The shade of crimson,matching the spiked locks atop Elliot's head, that had made its way across Vincent's face was enough to let Elliot back of slightly, having caused his new found sibling enough stress; however, he kept his arm around him, as if a reassuring gesture that Elliot was here now for him.

    As the other contemplated his name, Elliot's smile widened, head giving a nod of confirmation as he chimed.
    "Right'o, little bro! Vinny is better for you. Vincent sounds like an old man's name~♪♬" It was a small tease, Elliot giving a small laugh as he glanced down at Vincent's face, only to hear him ask his question.

    He pursed his lips, his arm falling from around the other as he rested his hands on his hips.
    "Hmmm..." His expression became rather serious then, as if he was contemplating his proper answer; however, after a few moments the Jupiter alien cheesed, his smile large enough to force his eyes closed as he shrugged. "Maybe~♪♬"

    His smile softened after a few moments, his genuine happiness shining through slightly as Vincent finally agreed to his nickname. This kid wasn't half bad and Elliot was elated to have someone to talk to. He would try his best to make Vincent at internal promise he would be sure to keep.

    He gestured towards the manor doors, taking note that Vincent was less than entertained by the scenery, probably because he could not exactly see it at the given moment; however, he offered a small suggestion.
    "Tomorrow, when Professor fixes your eyes, I can show you my secret hideout..." He paused then, expression falling rather serious and he leaned closer to Vincent. "It's a secret, so no telling anyone, kay?" He straightened then, smiling once more as he turned towards the back door. "Let's find your room, Vinny.~"
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  14. Vincent

    Vincent was barely amused at the plain admittance that he and his personality would remain as bright as ever, it was then that the alien contemplated about his species life span...He shook his head gently, tousling the brunet locks as he blinked, dismissing those negative thoughts. Peering over at his 'Brother' of sorts, his brows furrowed as he felt a small burst annoyance, resulting in him scowling, lightly. "Vincent is not an old man name..." He mumbled, closing his eyes as the brunet followed after Elliot.

    He reached out, winding a hand through his hair as he yawned mildly, expression faltering. He was tired. Distracted though by Elliot, he peered back over as he spoke. "Secret hideout?" the younger questioned, eyes widening drastically as he seemed genuinely intrigued by it. "A secret hideout...The scientists do not know?" He asked quietly, voice lowering as he bit his lower lip. "I wont tell." He, anticipation rising, began to play with the hem of his sleeve. "Promise."

    As they were walking through the halls of the large building, Vincent simply took the time to try and remember the routes, the path he followed as he remaining a slight distance behind Elliot. Throughout the day, it had been evident that the Saturn alien had been distressed or at least uncomfortable, yet it was only now in the presence of Elliot did he ask the question that plagued him.

    "Why did the humans revive us..?"

    Vincent's expression was one of distrust as he brought up a hand to his lips, nibbling on the nail as his eyes narrowed to glower at the ground. The rings around his wrists pulse in a distressing manner, seeming to do so rapidly, only to decrease and gain more space between before becoming rapid once more in the pulses of silver light. Vincent glanced up, eyes wide as he waved his hands, flailing, in dismissal. "I-ignore that! I just have been on edge since that conference..."
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  15. Elliot

    Vincent was more of the quiet sort, Elliot more than happy to oblige by filling the space with his mindless prattle and observations of the manor. He had pointed out a few things to Vincent as they winded slowly down multiple halls; however, he paused, stopping dead in his tracks as Vincent asked a rather logical question.

    Why did the humans revive us?...

    Elliot had contemplated that question himself when he was first created, mind trying to wrap his head around why he would be of any importance to these strange beings; however, after the first year he had let his thoughts fall to the wayside, pushing them to the back of his mind and accepting what he thought of the reality...that there may have been no reason, except the progressive hunt for least that was what he had taken from Adam's speech. That negativity, that they were nothing more than objects to gain knowledge, was something Vincent did not need to know yet.

    Elliot had not realized how silent he had been standing, turning so suddenly see Vincent's display of light. His eyes widened, watching the rings like some sort of cat, pupils dilating as his mouth fell open slightly. Pulses of silver light, brightening up the dim halls of the lonely manor.

    Vincent's wants to dismiss this action was overpowered by Elliot's sheer interest, his large form moving forward to grasp the younger's shoulders. "That was amazing, Vinny!" His crimson ords were glowing slightly, swirling crimson tides like the eye of the Jupiter storm, his excitement causing them to act up. "Do it again!" Maybe that would distract him...
  16. Vincent

    Getting no reply to his previous question, Vincent instantly relaxed. He had not meant to impose such a question upon his fellow alien to this planet but it had just been bugging him since the conference, since he was revealed to the mass of scientists as an achievement. Was it an achievement? A deep sigh shook his torso as purple orbs flickered over to Elliot, noting his expression briefly. He was thinking as well. Soon enough, those same purple orbs screwed shut as his own thoughts, as devastating as they were, continued.

    Until Elliot brought his attention to it, Vincent had not noticed the glow that seemed to radiating from those rings he harbored, nor did he notice the patterns that they seemed to do so in. It appeared in most cases as if they had their own minds, responding accurately to his more evident emotions. The silver glow had cast a hue over his features as his eyes widened at the sight of them, shock that making them go haywire.

    "W-what...I didn't even know they did this!"

    Vincent reached out, poking his finger against the floating ring, only to see it dance away from the contact before settling back in place, hovering a few inches from the actual surface of his wrist. He looked up from the rings towards Elliot who seemed excited by the action, even if he himself was quite worried. Looking back to them, he closed his eyes and tried to settle his heart beat. Within minutes, the light died down till it was a simply grey, nothing abnormal. "I knew they glowed a bit...but that was weird..."

    He pursed his lips, brow furrowing, before he glanced up at the taller male as he noticed the other's grip on his shoulders. It was then that the brunet noticed the glow and swirl to the red orbs of the other, causing his own eyes to widen. "A-ah...Elliot!" He reached up a hand to point a short distance away from his eyes. "Your eyes...they are swirling? Glowing?" the brunet mumbled, watching carefully as they did.

    When Vincent noticed how absorbed he was getting in the other, he blushed brightly before stumbling back, reaching one arm up as he coughed lightly to avoid the other noticing. "I-I'll try to do it again...or see if they do anything else..." Vincent mumbled to himself as he focused his gaze back to the ring on his raised left arm. For moments there was nothing, not even the glow reacted, before the ring itself began to spin, slow at first then rapidly with the glow once again appearing. Once it gained speed it expanded from its place and left his wrist, shooting off from his limb as it darted around, the air crackling with it. It was only sustained for a minute or so before its speed decreased and the energy powering it seemed to diminish as it was recalled subconsciously back to his form. "What the... Ill try again later then..." From then, the brunet continued to try and poke the ring to get some kind of reaction and when he didn't this attention was now Elliot.

    He pointed towards the other, brows furrowed but eyes alight with curiosity. "Your eyes...they were really cool." He admitted, his language seeming to become childish for a moment as he pulled a small smile. Now he was clearly distracted, not even acknowledging his previous discomfort. "What abilities do you have?"
  17. Elliot

    Elliot had been too far engrossed in the other's abilities, ignoring Vincent's worry about his eyes, to even think of his own, settling upon the ground and crossing his legs, much like a child would, in the center of the hallway. As Vincent's display danced down the hall, temporarily lighting up the area with a silver glow and cracking the air around it, Elliot felt he would be able to watch all day; however, in a few moments, the ring had diminished, leaving Elliot and Vincent once again in the dull light.

    Elliot was grinning ear to ear, watching the spot where the ring had disappeared with an odd amount of longing, slowly rocking back and resting his palms against the cold floor. His attention was suddenly pulled once Vincent point at him, causing Elliot to turn his head slightly, a look of mild confusion crossing him.
    "Eh? My eyes-" Elliot paused, feeling the momentary burn I his vision, those swirling crimson orbs alight with supernatural power. His expression had not changed, in fact, one could he was rather nonchalant as he raised his palm, holding it out towards Vincent. "My ability..."

    It started out small, a red aura slowly surfacing in the surface of his palm, bubbling as if liquid, despite the scarlet glow that lit up his hand and face. "This is 'element red' least that is what the scientists call it." Elliot straightened then, before leaning forward, the reddish liquid suddenly growing, until the scarlet glow engulfed is entire hand, a scarlet flame. He shifted where he sat then, turning his hand and watching the element red dance along his fingers and palm. "Apparently I can control it." He suddenly held his palm steady, and the red element formed a ball, floating just above the surface of his skin. He looked up a Vincent then, his eyes glowing and matching the intensity of the crimson ball; however, the aura was growing larger, slowly moving up his arm and licking at the tiles of the floor. "You want to see something cool?" His grin suddenly became mischievous, his hand giving a small twitch, the orb suddenly elogating before floating upward, it's movement like a slow snake as it encircled the two, floating back towards the ground like a ring of fire. It only lasted a moment or two, the hall alight with the dancing crimson aura, before it died, swirling up and back into Elliot's open palm, but once he closed his fist, it died with a loud hiss.

    "And there we have it." He gave a slight smirk, shrugging before he looked to Vincent. "I'm not allowed to do much more than that...Professor doesn't want me to destroy anything else." He stood, dusting off his pants legs before sliding his hands in his pockets, waiting on Vincent.
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  18. Vincent

    The brunet watched the display of 'red energy' with a wide eye'd look upon his innocent features, lips parted to a small 'o' as he observed carefully, all of its wisp like movements. It was amazing. Just how his rings seemed to pop to life with their own minds, the energy was beautiful in its movements as it danced around, casting a deep red hue to the walls. Vincent was tempted to reach out and touch it but a part of him warned him not to. Though it didn't stop him from watching with glee at each movement.

    "That was so cool..."

    Vincent seemed to have calmed considerably from his state of discomfort from earlier, now having a much calmer posture and gaze while a smile would occasionally flicker across his face. Once the display was over, his smile dimmed but was still there. Maybe Elliot wasn't so bad...ignoring the fact that Elliot seemed to easy touch him but aside from the physical contact, he seemed quite alright. That wouldn't be verbally admitted though.

    The boy rubbed his eyes for a moment before glancing over to the other. "Thank you for showing me, Elliot." He muttered as he stepped forwards, beginning to continue walking down the hall with the other. "I wonder what other aliens there are...what other abilities they will have." He questioned, cocking his head in thoughts. Him and Elliot, if more were revived, would be the oldest. Did that mean he was going to turn into an overly happy and affectionate person who gives people weird nicknames?

    He shuddered at the thought.

    As they were walking, he would narrow his gaze occasionally before he paused in his steps. "Ell-...Elliot, are these the rooms?" He asked, turning around as he tilted his head. There was doors lining each side almost systematically, side by side so Vincent assumed they were the bedrooms for the aliens. Though he questioned if the amount meant that the humans, Adam and company, wanted to make more of them. "Which one is mine?"

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  19. Elliot

    Unlike Vincent, Elliot was very much an open book and in the face of compliments, it was evident that he was flattered, the apples of his cheeks glowing scarlet. He only nodded, shifting sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "It's nothing, really."

    Vincent rubbed his eyes, causing Elliot's eyebrow to raise for a moment. Funny, he had almost forgotten how long the day had been for his brother. He did contemplate Vincent's observation. He had not even thought if there would be others, having fallen into the routine that he was the only one; however, he had been gifted Vincent. What other aliens would come to them? What would they be like?

    All these thoughts ran through his head, making Elliot rather silent as they closed in on the bedroom hall. Vincent had been intelligent enough to point it out,causing Elliot to break his concentration as he looked to the younger.
    "Ah...yeah these are it." He moved down the hall rather quickly,stopping at one of the rooms on the left. He turned to Vincent, lightly knocking on the door with his knuckles as he smiled. "This one is yours and mine is right across the hall." It wasn't until now that Elliot felt his own exhaustion buulding, lazily pushing the door open and stepping aside for Vincent.
  20. Vincent

    Saturn's alien had stepped inside his room with his mind going blank, expectations out the drain despite the fact it was currently the only thing he focused on. Not long had he been alive but he slowly came to expect things depending on what he heard of them. A hand reached over the surface of the nearest wall as he twisted himself around to find the switch. He had seen Adam do this earlier. Within moments, the room was lit up with a warm hue that illuminated the quite dull space.

    The room itself was large, though the second largest out of those reserved for the aliens, with painted navy blue walls that had a white strip running across the top portion of each wall. A window was placed upon the wall directly in front with blue curtains swaying lazily as the opening of the door created a small breeze that temporarily gave them life. The bed was quite large and perched to the left side of the room and a desk was placed near the window while cupboards and bookshelves littered the right side. A fluffy blue mat was thrown into the center.

    Vincent stepped inside, eyes blinking lazily as he suddenly stepped over towards the bed. It looked comfy. In proximity of the furniture, Vincent reached out to press hand against the covers, only to seconds later fall back on them. He left his gaze shift up to the painted white ceilings. "This is so comfy..." He admitted happily, a small smile dancing across his features, as he brunet reached up to stifle a yawn.

    Seconds later, he pulled himself up to sit as he stared over at Elliot. "Come in already." He mumbled, rubbing his cheek softly as he crossed his legs, setting his hands in his lap. "I have another question...What do you do all day, Elliot?" He questioned. Was Elliot taught more about human culture during the day before his arrival or was he free to his own devices? He was genuinely curious about the matter. "Not that I'm interested or anything..." He began to blatantly deny his interest, his cheeks gaining a hue of colour. "Its just that I want to know more about humans...whats outside this place..." Really though, Vincent just wanted to learn more about the other.