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  1. Down to brass tacks! The All That Remains universe as we know is super-advanced. Technology has picked up at the point from where it was AFTER the bombs fell, but has not progressed, and in some places devolved i.e. heavy industrialism from the mega corporations. There are cybernetic augmentations (enhancements, prosthetic replacements, etc.) and thus cyborgs. There is also the ability to create replicants, fully mechanical sentient beings (i.e. androids) that look, feel, and taste human. They have greater intelligence, greater speed, greater strength than humans without cybernetics but at a severe cost:

    A.) Their lifespans are non-existent. Most replicants break down after about 5-10 years, which was an intentional fault created by the mega corporations to prevent them from doing any serious harm for long. Publicly, there is no work-around for this fault. Publicly...

    B.) None of them can experience emotion like a human can. No sadness, no joy, no anger. Nothing.

    C.) Whatever "laws" exist inside a biodome, they don't apply to replicants just like they don't apply to the bottom-feeding street scum. It's perfectly legal to murder and chop up a replicant for its delicate electronics and not a single soul outside of the humans that wear their hearts on a sleeve will give a damn. Well, not unless you were property to high-ranking employees of a mega corporation.

    And finally, D.) Let's face it, most of the time, you're property. Essentially a slave to whoever owns you. Unless you murder whoever owns you, and run far away, you'll be stuck that way. I'd intended for more people to have joined to the point where others would be playing mega corp. CEOs, etc. and owning other players' replicants, but since there's only 3 of us, that's obviously not going to happen on a large scale.

    To break it down, there are only three classifications of player races: Humans, cyborgs, and replicants. If you play a cyborg (that is, a human with any amount of cybernetics), please try to keep it reasonable. Unless you decide to play private militia, or a high-ranker of a mega corp., your only likely enhancements will be for the eyes and critical limbs, or an organ replacement. As you likely couldn't afford aesthetics over prosthetic.

    Character sheet:

    Occupation (What are you? A factory drone? A rebel? Private militia? etc.)
    History (I don't expect you to put a lot here, but if you get inspired, by all means.)
    Appearance (A few detailed paragraphs will suffice, or a picture with a supporting paragraph. Don't use "real" pictures if you can avoid it.)
    Extra (Any more information you want to add here that doesn't fit in the other categories.)

    You can create as many characters as you feel comfortable controlling. Be advised that if they have any serious degree of power they'll be expected to be posted for as often as possible, or I'll beat you with a stick!

    If you want to play a character with any serious authority, please let me know. And if you have questions or suggestions, NOW would be an excellent time to voice them. If that's all you had in mind, fill out the character sheet to your heart's content and post it here. I'll add everybody's to the first post of the actual thread, then we can get to playing.

    Remember, this is an open plot role-play. If you want it to develop a certain way, push it that way with your posts, or even submit your ideas to me individually (not here, we want to surprise the other player/s) and I'll find a way to implement it.

    Finally, the rules are for any standard role-play. No godmodding, don't be a jerk, etc. I don't think I have to go into detail for you guys. Kudos!

    All That Remains (Main Thread)

    All That Remains (Interest Check & Plot Details)
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  2. naмe ⇒ paisley james brenwick.
    age ⇒ twenty-eight.
    gender ⇒ male.
    race ⇒ human.
    perѕonalιтy ⇒ outrageously gay.
    occυpaтιon ⇒ the president of opekkt co.
    appearance ⇘ 
    dark brown.
    нaιr half-curling strands of black; shaggy and often unkempt; falls just past his ears.
    ѕĸιn translucent alabaster; smooth.
    нeιgнт six foot four inches approx.
    weιgнт twenty lbs. underweight.
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  3. Cannibal here just popping by to say I should have my character sheet up in a bit. Think I might go with a rebel.
  4. Name: Anastasia 'Ana' Hammond, reg. "EP3-K107"
    Age: Three
    Gender: Female
    Race: Replicant
    Personality: Quiet and reserved; "to be seen and not heard"
    Occupation: Personal assistant to President Brenwick
    Appearance: Crafted to resemble every aspect of a small human female; typically dressed in form-fitting formal wear with a button-up white silk dress shirt encased in a tight dark grey wool blazer. She wears a matching long skirt with a slit up the left side to reveal her leg which dons black pantyhose.

    Her choice of footwear consists of glossy black high heels meticulously shined to reflect even the slightest of light, completing an overall entirely business look to compliment her status as a walking PDA for Brenwick, accentuating her flawless construction.

    Ana's skin tone is, admittedly, more synthetic than most replicants. Her duty has placed high value on her life, so the need to blend in with humans had not set a very high standard. As such, she is quite pale with an almost ethereal quality about her. Her hair falls in several inches of curvy dark waves upon her trim shoulders, and she typically alights herself with soft blushes and shadows with black lips and blacker eyes giving off an expertly-made and delicate china doll appeal.

    : Despite her delicate look, she contains the intelligence, speed, and strength of a replicant, and doubles as a secret bodyguard for Brenwick. One might mistake this flower to be a pleasant rose, only to realize before it is too late that she is like nightshade.


    Name: William 'Buck' Foster, reg. "KC1-G159"
    Age: Six
    Gender: Male
    Race: Replicant
    Personality: No-nonsense soldier; "This isn't a game. This is life, or death."
    Occupation: Rebel

    : Buck originated from the MediCo biodome, built in 2265 but remained inactivated for three years during which he was carried to Oppekt while receiving his fiinal programming. He was constructed for a singular purpose, which was corporate warfare against the Oppekt biodome, to destroy its hierarchy and overthrow the megacorporation and to allow MediCo to swoop in and take control of everything: resources, drones, its people.

    When he was activated, he found himself in a ditch with no realization of how he came to be there. All he had was a photograph of himself, a young woman in one arm, and a little girl standing in front of them smiling as brightly as possible. The implanted memories flooded into him. This was his family. He was here for a reason- to tear down Oppekt, the ones responsible for their deaths.

    MediCo had created the perfect monster: A replicant that, for all intents and purposes, believed that he was human. Of course, what he felt wasn't real emotion. It was programming, telling him how he should act, how he should respond, with a subjective and reckless view of what is right and wrong.

    He has been working underground since 2268 to undermine Oppekt at every turn, destroying critical buildings and hindering its operations, rallying together men and women of the streets to rise up in secret. He was starting a damned revolution.

    : A tall replicated man that has been created to resemble the true William Foster, a pre-Fall marine that was part of a series of experiments for the U.S. military, and in part, MediCo. His form is sculpted to appear athletic in build, with thick broad shoulders and a bronzed skin tone.

    His hair is carelessly buzzed short, the color of dark chocolate with fierce green eyes. He has a wide variety of facial scar tissue that cuts an unkempt swath through the fabricated beard that he keeps.

    As far as clothing is concerned, he typically adorns himself with a dark denim jacket over an off-white tank-top which is tucked inside leather cargo pants and heavy brown work boots. An everyday drone look.

    : -
  5. Do the rebels have some sort of uniform or tattoo that they all have, anything like that? I mean, I know uniform would be too obvious but is there anything I should put in the description?
  6. Name: Bliss Jackson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Cyborg
    Personality: Loud, optimistic and energetic.
    Occupation: Bastard daughter of a wealthy businessman (I can change it if you mind)
    History: Bliss was born in the MediCo dome to a low class turned high end prostitute and a businessman, after a night when the businessman was actually vulnerable. When the businessman found out about the pregnancy, he supplied Bliss' mother with a house and all of the resources that she needed, and basically ordered her to shut up about their connection.

    Despite his uneasy and somewhat aggressive relationship with her mother, the businessman tends to dote on Bliss and frequently gives her money for anything she desires. Anything except being accepted as his legitimate child that is.

    When Bliss was thirteen years old, she was out playing with her friends when one of them accidentally pushed her off of the roof of the building they were playing on and she fell and broke her entire right leg. She was taken to the local hospital, but quickly and quietly transferred to another, more resourceful and wealthier hospital, by order of the businessman . Bliss' leg had to be removed, and the businessman paid for her to get a prosthetic leg, customized to her liking.

    Bliss was released from the hospital a month later, but found that her old friends refused to speak to her and that her closest friend, the one that had pushed her off of the rooftop, was nowhere to be found.

    Appearance: Bliss is a tall and curvy girl who stands at 5'9. She has long and curly black hair, green eyes, and light brown skin. Her prosthetic leg, is silver with black floral prints going up the sides, and at night the patterns glow white.

    She wears jean shorts, with see through stocking and black combat boots. Her tops vary from long flowing tunics and tank tops. She wears a black and blue scarf every single day.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Victor Silver
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Personality: Sarcastic and strategic. He's had bad experiences with women and one of them resulted in a child. (Who he adores)
    Occupation: CEO of NovaCorps (Prosthetic Parts designing company) (I can change that if you want?)
    History: Victor was born wealthy and never new true suffering, so he's ignorant of the trials and sufferings of the lower class. Only once has he felt true panic, and that was when he had a one night stand with a prostitute and it ended with her getting pregnant. He shut her up, by providing her with welath and raising her status, and ended up adoring his daughter. Although he would die before he told anyone about her. He now spends most of his 'romantic times' with men, as there was no chance of them ever getting pregnant, or really attached.

    Like any hideously rich person, he's done his fair share of evil deeds, one of them being taking away the wealth and status of the family of the girl who had pushed his daughter off of a rooftop.

    Appearance: He's a tall man who stands at 6'0, with thick muscles, and pale skin. His eyes are light gray, and always seemed to be narrowed at something or someone. His hair is straight and black and combed to the side, and he rarely ever smiles.
    He tends to wear either black, gray or brown suits everyday.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Leila Dove
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Personality: Sharp tongued and a aggressive.
    Occupation: Rebel and Messenger
    History: When she was thirteen she accidentally pushed her best friend off of a roof top. After that day, a group of drones came to her house, and tore down everything, removing or destroying every object of value in her house. They grabbed her and her family and removed them from the area and took them to the lower class area of the dome, where they were forced to live in filth and poverty. Thankfully, Leila and her family were never given the reason as to why they were exiled from the upper class, so Leila didn't have to suffer any further hardship like abandonment or being disowned.

    Living in poverty, opened her eyes too many things and she realized how unfair life really was when it came to the poor. So she joined the rebels and became somewhat of a messenger for them, due to her agility and increased amount of stamina when it comes to physical activity.

    Appearance: She's a petite girl with, choppy black hair, that's streaked blue and has hazel eyes. She wears track pants, sneakers and thick sweaters on a daily basis. When delivering messages or packages, she wears brown finger-less gloves and wraps a shall around her head, so that only her eyes can be seen.

    Extra: Her eldest brother approves of her being a member of the rebels and helps her out whenever he can. Her parents however are always hoping that one of their old friends will come rescue them from filth and refuse to see reason and face reality.
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  7. @Merc
    In this day and age, having an identifying mark can be a death sentence I should think. But if you prefer, they can all have similar tattoos denoting a phrase or certain numbers. It's up to you. Or we can use catchphrases, ala "Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" "After midnight, all cats are grey." etc.


    @The Red Tazelwurm
    I actually enjoyed reading the info that you have, and although we didn't technically discuss allowing a character to be in power, I'll allow it on the grounds that it has quite an interesting backstory. /throws confetti/
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  8. No, I agree. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have anything in mind. A catchphrase would be alright though. I don't think it's really necessary. In a situation like this I picture the rebels being a small enough group to somewhat be familiar with each other.
  9. Name: Johnathan(some people call him Johnny or John) Wiles
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Low rank Rebel

    Personality: Reliable, calm, doesn't beat around the bush

    History: Having been born in the biodome Johnathan knows all too well the hardships that comes with it. Death, abuse, a corrupt 'government'. His father died working in one of the many industrial plants. His death chalked down to faulty equipment. Having no choice, his mother had to take up a job in a plant to provide herself and Jonathan. Leaving little Johnathan to his own devices, while she worked in the factories, he would often roam around the biodome. Usually though he could be found near the rebels, who would feel his ears their propaganda.

    Appearance: 5'9, 130 pounds. Has a slender build, what one might say is an athletic build. Short brown hair, clean shaven, brown eyes, and pale skin. There are two large scars on his back from where he was shot. An incident that nearly took his life. There is also a scar on his neck that is about two inches long.

    Usually wears a leather jacket over his t-shirts. Always wears blue jeans. His boots are old and being kept together mostly by duct tape.

    Extra: Nope.
  10. Sorry! I totally spaced on asking you about that! Thank you though! ^^
  11. Here's a quick update for everyone;

    It may be another day before the thread is going up. With the influx of family here, and considering it's Christmas, I was barely able to sneak on to let you all know. But this way, there's a chance that more people might join! If you're all still interested, thanks for holding out so long, I appreciate the patience. I predict it should be up by Thursday, and if not, definitely on Friday. Kudos and Merry Christmas!
  13. I am thinking about being a maid for someone if anyone would like some sort of a maid!
  14. I'm sure Paisley could use a secretary.
  15. That is an idea. I'll apply for that position. Thanks!
  16. Name: Rose Merrieweather

    Age: twenty two

    Gender: female

    Race: human

    Personality: Rose is a loner and distrustful of people. She doesn't date and rarely socializes. She will give most people a cold shoulder until she feels that she can trust a bit. You will have to work on her if you want to have her as a friend.

    Occupation: private secretary

    History: Rose survived the near destruction of the world with her sanity intact. She is a survivor and a tough lady with a no nonsense attitude towards the world.


    Rose has long red hair that reaches her mid back but she keeps it pinned up in a bun at all times unless she is in bed.

    Her eyes are the shape of a large oval and the color changes from green to blue.

    Her complexion is flawless and lightly tanned.

    Her nails are finely polished and are about an inch long with a rounded point to give the false pretense of not to be sharp. But beware of them!

    She is on the small size- 5 foot and 2 inches and weighs in at 102 pounds.

    She wears professional suits, nylons, high heels. Her actual suits are muted colors but the blouses under them brighten the suits up quite nicely. Her high heels match the color of the suit that she wearing.
  17. The thread has been posted! The family vacated a lot sooner than anticipated, so I could sit down and type it up. It's not much, but it's late. ^_^;;
  18. So the deadline for entries have been reached, then?
  19. I don't recall there being an actual deadline.

    My question:

    Was going to ask earlier but forgot. How advanced is the technology?
  20. @Katzenbach
    No, there is no deadline. You can submit a profile at any time.

    The level of tech is briefly mentioned in the interest check thread which has a link to the first post here. But I'll save you the trouble of digging; it's quite advanced. Cybernetic augmentation, cloning pods, medigel (ala Mass Effect), androids (replicants), etc. Up to hovercraft, even.
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