All original super-hero roleplay?

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  1. Hello everybody.
    I have a huge (not so) secret love for the super powered beings that dress up in costumes to fight each other. I have loved the idea of original heroes and villains teaming up, or just fighting each other. Any one interested? No characters that are already made, but our own characters. Anybody? character applications.
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  2. Yes! I would love to, I will fill out a "spot saver" character on your link, but I would like to know some stuff though [I'm very inquisitive :(]

    1. Is it taking place in present time, future, past, or a different world all-together?
    2. Any 'pet peeve' powers? Things you just think our characters shouldn't be able to do?
    3. How did the superpowers show up? Evolution, alien interference, experiments, some crazy planetary alignment? Etc...
    4. Have supers been around, or will we be the first?
    5. How does the public react to us? Do they hate us like X-Men, or like us like in DC comics? Or a mix?

    Feel free to omit info if it will be covered or "spoilers" in the IC RP thread, or just say, "stop being so nosey, Bard!"

  3. Alright, let me answer. This takes place eh, let's say the early future, when new technology is being introduced. Like space travel, the first car without wheels is introduced, that jazz. Your origin is completely up to you. My pet peeves, alright, unless you have talked to me and you are plotting a huge story arc and stuff, I would not like to see people who have huge god like powers, like can't be able to create beings and matter out of thin air. The supers have just started to show themselves, due to the fact world war three has just bloomed. I haven't really thought of the setting yet, just want to thrust us into a sort of dark future.
  4. Okay, cool! I came up with control of gravity as my main power, which if you think is too powerful I can choose another. :D
  5. It's fine with me. If your character a hero or villain?
  6. KJ wants to play!
  7. Villian! Muahaha.

    But, she could always become a hero later, depends on what happens. :D
  8. I'm interested! Although I do have a few questions
    1) Is it possible to rp as more than one character?
    2) and if the above question is a go, is it alright if my characters have a connection with each other and that relationship comes into play for them? Of course my characters will definitely interact with others, their story would just be hinted or brought about as they interact with other characters. I hope this doesn't sound too confusing >.< if it is, tell me and I'll pm you
    3) you said you don't want characters that have god-like powers are create/summon things out of thin air. Can you provide examples of godlike powers?
  9. -Yes
    -The ability to manipulate other people's atoms, the ability to destory everything with your mind ect.
  10. Mine, the power of gravity, is kinda god-like power. But, I'm suppressing that for the RP, by making her think that the different things she can do is separate powers.

    Like, she doesn't have the power to fly, she makes her gravity non-existent so she appears to fly. She doesn't have super-strength, but when she holds an object, she makes it weightless.

    I just wanted more than "super strength" and "flight", because it seems over done. But I'm making it so she can't do something crazy, like implode the planet. Later on, she might be able to control something's gravity without physical contact, but then she'll probably think she just has some sort of mind-power like telekinesis.
  11. Bard I like your character. You took the generics (Flying, strength) and sort of orginial-ized it. I have the super strength and no pain, but as you know its connected to his mental strength. so if he becomes scared or mentally weak, boom, he is normal. Now, i made a rather over powered character, but that is meant to be a challenge, a nemesis for the night Watcher. He isn't for you guys to fight, if you want a fight with him we can work something out.
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  12. I don't mind like running into him somewhere, or helping Night Watcher fight him at some point, but I don't want to actually fight him to the end by myself. It'd be like the flash killing the Joker, and not Batman doing it.
  13. So it would be like some sort of a plot build up, Night Watcher squares off with him, and Fox could fight of minions, or another villain, or defusing a bomb or something?
  14. I am interested in join in this, I should have a character up sometime later.
  15. This looks like a lot of fun. I'll have my profile up in a bit.
  16. Another question: If we assign our characters as villain or hero first, is it possible later on they can change sides? For example what if the hero decides to become a villain?
  17. That's fine with me
  18. Oooh, this sounds fun!
    So, a guy able to move through and utilize shadows for movement and combat wouldn't be allowed, or could it?
  19. I would like to join. Is it too late to make a character?
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