All I want for Christmas.........

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    Maybe its a gift? Maybe its spending time with loved ones....maybe its a Christmas Ham (That's what I want!) What say you?
  2. I want a pony! No just kidding, I really want a sword so my cosplay costume's complete!
  3. I want a proposal. D:<

    I already got the OTHER thing I wanted! YAY HOUSE!
  4. I want warmer weather. x_x; Something more realistic that I want is a fried turkey, or something interesting other than ham like we've been having for the last four years.
  5. I want a digital camera. No way anyone's gonna get me one, though. >:[

    If not that, I want some freakin' hockey tickets! Vancouver is so close to me. ;__; Maybe next year, though.

    And yeah, I want some ham too. I can't waaaiiit for the holiday dinners that are waiting for me. I get to celebrate this holiday like 5 times in a week. Oi, my families.

    EDIT: OH OH. I want one of those big ass popcorn tins. So badly. XD
  6. I want a one way ticket to Washington!

    Also, I want (and am getting) a PSP, along with Dissidia: Final Fantasy!

    And a laptop... Damn, I am so materialistic...
  7. I just want to get through this Holiday season alive, sane, and emotionally healthy.

    But I wouldn't turn down the $$$ to get to Washington.
  8. A digital tablet for art.

    The most important thing I want, though, is to be able to spend time with Octy. ^.^
  9. I already got what I WANTED for Christmas which was a buddy getting an Xbox 360 so we can play together now.

    Other than that, what I get can be a surprise.
  10. I am waiting for the present I bought myself, should be coming in the mail shortly, besides that I REALLY DO WANT HAM
  11. I want a new squads of Death Korps. And a few centor transports would be nice too.
  12. Hmm… what I really want

    Well that would be two things; One would be getting a Golden Sun Isaac Cosplay Costume
    and Two would be… mm well I guess it would be to have a really good and trusting friend *a actual friend, yah know on the outside world*