All Hail thy squeegee!

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  1. Never underestimate the power of the squeegee. This is my first bit of wisdom to all.

    Yeah so, I snuck on here to piss Necella off. She's been telling me not to join so I figured, why the hell not. Seems like fun.

    Forgive me if I don't monologue about myself.

    I RP...nuff said, as do we all. I try just about any kind of RP out so long as it looks interesting and I can come up with a decent character for it.

    Uhm, currently working on writing a book with two friends.

    I'm an ex man-whore....necella ripped my balls of so I can't be a man-whore anymore. >.> Not that I regret the decision. But this is besides the point.

    Anyways I'm a man of few words and sarcastic as hell. I figure I should fit in.

    and oh one more piece of advice. Don't get near me when I'm holding chopsticks...i will stab you if you try to take my food.
  2. [​IMG]

    - Lin is the Great Khan's, bastard nephew. He takes over the Kingdom and begins a dynasty of wendigos. Enter John--the European assassin who was totally underpaid for this job. Lincoln likes his pretty pet. John doesn't want to be a pet. John escapes. John gets captured. Realizes being a pet isn't so bad but wants to be a pet with RIGHTS GODDAMMIT.

    - John knows the Syndicate he works for will come and kill him: he's been compromised. There's a stand off between John and his mentor: Lord Archibald Hamilton. Then proceed to complete his objective: To execute the Khan.

    - John gets taken advantage of by the Khan's General. Which introduces Opium to John. Quickly, John fall victim to it's addictive Properties and is an unknowingly participant of a plot to try to make the Khan look weak so that the General may overthrow the Khan.

    - John finally reveals who paid him to Kill the Khan. Turns out the girl is Yueling's Daughter The Khan issues that the girl can never leave the Palace. Later He turns the girl and John sees fit to train her as an Assassin.
  3. Shut up hoe and make me a sandwich!
  4. Bitch! Know your place. Make ME a fucking sandwich ho!
  5. Damnit go get in the bed and wait for me to tie you down slave!
  6. Welcome. Man now if only I could make a video and post it on here I would tell you to make me a sandwich in sign language. What up?!
  7. Can I still get that soup?
  8. LOL is it just me or does that avii look suspiciously asmu-ish. <33 BRRR

    Lemme know if you have any questionsss
    && While you're at it, check out Guide & one of my favourites Roleplay Therapy
  9. Does anyone on here know anyone who might be into a Zombie RP?
    I'm going to try a system I've been playing with and I've noticed a lot of the RP's are very DnD based, so I was going to try to use another Table top RP system called All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

    I just don't know how anyone would take to the idea.
  10. I'm pretty sure people like zombies here, babes. Why don't you bring your mutilation rp over here?
  11. Zombies? in my iwaku?


    its about time we had some zombie/surviving a zombie apocalypse roleplays! (or rollplays for that matter!)
  12. Yeah thats actually what I was thinking. I can't simply set people up with the info they need on here since you know I have to use freaking books and I'd end up having epic post of epicness. But I'll be putting my skype on my profile so that once anyone wants to join it, they can get me on there and I can work on their character with them.
  13. ...I can either black-bag this dude and drown him in a river or work with him 'cos he likes his zombies too...

    ...Latter sounds better.

    Nice to see another horror fan arrive on the board; I'm Grumpy, CBox headcase, snobby Scottish asshole and all round crazy-person. And I approve of that All Flesh Must Be Eaten game you're starting. Kudos to you, my man. I'd love to try that system.
  14. Zombies sound popular.

    You can start an rp in RP Oocs or check for interest in Roleplay Resources by posting a thread first.
    Whatever floats your bloat :)
  15. Welcome, and I think I'll stick to using mah squeegee. I am Pirogeth, or Piro for short, one of the writers to the Newsletter and editor of said project. If you have anything you want the community to see let me know via PM. Enjoy your stay here.

    Writing in the Moonlight,