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    You think you know what wonderland is..? Go ahead, enlighten me. I'll sit here while you make yourself look like a fool.

    Are you done? Good. Anyways, moving on. Wonderland is the land you visit when you dream. You go there every night when you fall asleep. Yes, yes I know your dreams are different each night, but that's only because each night you visit a new dream. A dream is a person who controls the thoughts and minds of sleeping humans. Now, let me explain Wonderlands newest dilemma.

    There was a small dream. One that rarely could visit anyone. Even when the dream did manage to find a human, he was barely remembered. He eventually grew tired of this. He grew strong enough to take over Wonderland by becoming a nightmare. Now every human visits this dream night after night when they fall asleep. It's an endless cycle. The same dream every night.

    Well, Wonderland finally decided that it was going to fight back. It chose the humans with the strongest minds and pulled them in, successfully putting them in comas. These humans are referred to as "Alices" It doesn't matter if they are male or female, that's what they're called. Hey, don't look at me! I didn't choose the name!

    Anyways, so far each Alice has failed, being locked within Wonderland forever by The Dream. From what I've heard, this new bunch is supposed to be better. These Alices are supposed to come with special abilities given to their dreaming selves. Personally, I hope they can free Wonderland from the grip of The Dream. Who am I to hope that..? Why, I'm a little dream myself.

    Your mission is to free the original four Alices from the prison that the nightmare has locked them in. Only once you set them free can you storm the Nightmare Palace and fight the nightmare himself to free not only Wonderland, but yourselves. Until Wonderland is free, you will not be free to leave.

    Good luck to you all in the fight!

    Once there was a little dream. Such a tiny dream it was. This dream was barely dreamt and often forgotten. The tiny dream began to think. "How can I make people remember me?" The little dream thought and thought until it came up with an idea. "I know! I'll become a nightmare and make people dream of me!"


    ~OOC and Chat Thread~
    Alice Human Sacrifice - Out of Character & Chat
    ~IC Thread. Please RP Here~
    Forest of Awakening: OPEN SIGNUPS - Alice Human Sacrifice - Roleplay: Forest of Awakening

    ~You are allowed to have more than one character.
    ~Please label the character you are posting as so as not to confuse people.
    ~Spin offs of canon Alice in Wonderland characters are accepted.
    ~This roleplay is run by Helena Sky. I just made the threads for her.

    ~Character Sheet Template~
    Status- (Dream or Alice?)
    Side- (Good or Evil?)
    Special Ability- (Alice only)
    Bio- (Optional)

    ~Helena Sky's Characters~

    Ramiel (open)

    Name- Ramiel
    Gender- Male
    Age- 15
    Status- Dream
    Side- Evil
    Personality- Very rash, Ramiel thinks that he knows it all since he took over Wonderland. He is very quick to act and even quicker to anger. He enjoys playing games with people, making them think that they've won only to slam his trap down on them at the last second. Although he is evil, he can still be quite adorable, often pouting when he doesn't get his way.
    Bio- Ramiel started off as a little dream, one that no one remembered. Eventually he got sick of it and made the transformation into a nightmare. Once he was a nightmare, he became one of the most powerful dreams, easily dominating Wonderland and forcing people to visit him each night.


    Maya (open)

    Name- Maya
    Gender- Female
    Age- 11
    Status- Dream
    Side- Good
    Personality- Maya is very sarcastic for being a little dream. She'll tell you exactly how it is and not spare your feelings in the slightest. She's a fast talker and prides herself on the ability to talk circles around just about anyone. Unfortunately, this means anyone except her older brother Ramiel.


    Amaris (open)

    Name- Amaris Arabella Avalon
    Gender- Female
    Age- 18
    Status- Alice
    Side- Good
    Special Ability- Can control and sway people with the sound of her song voice.
    Personality- Amaris tends to be very shy and quiet, only speaking up around those she feels comfortable with. She likes to charge into this head first and get them done and over with. Although she is quiet most of the time, don't let that fool you. She has one heck of a temper.


    Axel (open)

    Name- Axel
    Gender- Male
    Age- 22
    Status- Dream
    Side- Evil
    Personality- Axel is very stand off-ish, preferring to do things his own way rather than actually following orders. This usually gets him into a lot of trouble with Ramiel. He's very sarcastic and generally has a bad attitude. He takes his jokes a little too seriously and loves causing mayhem. Approach with caution.


    Adhira (open)

    Name- Adhira
    Gender- Female
    Age- 21
    Status- Alice
    Side- Evil
    Special Ability- Cat like senses and instincts. Has claws and fangs. Impeccable balance.
    Personality- Adhira is very mischievous, always getting up to trouble in one way or another. She's always been able to talk her way out of almost anything though. If she can't talk her way out of something, she uses her looks to her advantage to get out of trouble. She's very tricky and an amazing liar. You can never be quite sure that what you're getting from her is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She's also prone to "borrowing" items that aren't hers.
    Bio- Adhira was born into a rather poor family and therefore had to do everything she could possibly do to survive. By age six she had mastered the ability of picking pockets on the streets. When she got into school she was known for causing trouble although by middle school she started wearing slightly revealing clothing and talking her way out of the principal's office. She still lives this way seeing as she's yet to earn enough money to leave home and get her own place.


    Ezo (open)

    Name- Ezo
    Gender- Male
    Age- 23
    Status- Alice
    Side- Good
    Special Ability- Flight. Control over shadows and darkness.
    Personality- Ezo is quiet, often preferring to be by himself than in a group of people. He believes that he does his best work by himself and nothing anyone says will ever change this opinion.


    Ronan (open)

    Name- Ronan
    Gender- Male
    Age- 19
    Status- Dream
    Side- Neutral
    Personality- Very calm, quiet, and collected. Ronan has a habit of staying quiet until the very last second and then bursting forth some sort of crazy and devious idea. He enjoys a good prank although when he pulls off one of his big schemes, no one even knows it was him because he keeps so quiet about it. Even though he seems innocent enough, he's usually up to know good.
    Bio- Ronan was one of the first dreams ever created by the very first Alice. He accompanied her on her misadventures through Wonderland and spent most of his time pulling her into his elaborate plans to cause some kind of trouble or another. At first he was strictly good, keeping the nightmares away from his Alice that he had sworn to protect. However one day his Alice disappeared and never came back. Ronan hasn't been the same since then. He's been walking the thin line between a good and fun dream and a nightmare of madness.


    Chesh (open)

    Name- Chesh
    Gender- Male
    Age- 24
    Status- Dream
    Side- Neutral
    Personality- Chesh is very unpredictable and often very tricky. One minute he's one place and the next he's gone. The most famous feature of Chesh is his Cheshire grin and bright blue eyes. He likes to hover around, bothering people and generally causing confusion with his misdirections. His favorite person to bother is Ronan, which often gets on the hatted boy's nerves very quickly. Chesh doesn't make much seriously and generally doesn't care how the war ends up since Wonderland isn't the same since the original Alice died all those years ago.


    Cordelia (open)

    Name- Cordelia
    Gender- Female
    Age- 20
    Status- Dream
    Side- Evil
    Personality- Everything has to be prim, proper, and to her standards. If you can't meet her standards, you get thrown out of her palace. She's cool and calculating while also being very charming at the same time. She likes getting what she wants when she wants it, no exceptions. Never get in the way of what she wants or you might find yourself disappearing rather quickly.


    Lina (open)

    Name- Lina Maresa
    Gender- Female
    Age- 20
    Status- Alice
    Side- Neutral
    Special Ability- Can erase dreams and Alices from Wonderland. Must drain the energy of existing dreams to maintain her power.
    Personality- Lina is very.... well there isn't an easy word to use to describe her. She will do anything for her own gain even if it hurts others in the process. On the outside it seems as if she cares for no one but herself, but inside she forms bonds with others that can't be broken.
    Bio- Unknown


    The First Alices (open)


    Alyssa, Alyx, Ami, Kiera, Kyrian

    The first Alice was a wrathful woman of the spade.
    And righteously she held a sharpened blade within her hand.
    Never hesitating to slay all within her way.
    Creating paths of blood that followed her through Wonderland.
    Deep into the darkened forest, Alice walked the line.
    Captured and imprisoned as an embodiment of Sin.
    If it were not for the murderous wake left behind.
    No one would have suspected that she had ever been.

    The second Alice was a fragile man of the diamond.
    The broken echo of the lies within demented words.
    He sang his twisted melodies to all in Wonderland.
    Creating the image of the sick and the disturbed.
    Deadly, yet so beautiful a voice just like a rose.
    Was shot by a madman who silenced him to death.
    A single rose bloomed in his place with no music composed.
    With twisted grin this dying man lay breathing his last breath.

    The third Alice was an innocent young girl of club.
    An enchanting, graceful figure in the world of Wonderland.
    She charmed the people in the land to her beck and call.
    A peculiar country answering to each command.
    So she rose into the throne to be the country’s queen.
    Consumed by paranoia of her own impending death.
    Soon the queen succumbed to a dark and nightmarish dream.
    Disguised in kindness, loathing fate, she secured her regime.

    And as this past two children walked in the woods.
    Partaking in tea underneath the trees they’d never part.
    They found an invitation to the queen.
    It was the Ace of Hearts.

    The fourth Alice was a duo of curiosity.
    Both were lost and could not find the boat where they began.
    And so they ran through countless open doors so recklessly.
    A brother and a sister running wild through Wonderland.
    A stubborn elder sister.
    A witty younger brother.
    But they had strayed too far into Alice’s Wonderland.

    They were never woken from their terrifying dream.
    Forever they would wander this twisted fairytale.

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  2. Name- Jack Ethan.
    Gender- Male.
    Age- Twenty-two.
    Status- Alice.
    Side- Evil-ish.
    Special Ability- Can vanish from a single person's sight, as though he is invisible to them and only them. Maintaining this for a prolonged duration tires Jack physically.
    Personality- Easily scared. Intelligent enough but struggles to understand simple things. Jack has a lot of fears and too many nightmares but there is someone back in the waking world who helps him, who cares for him, who understands him. And while Jack never manages to puts words to just how grateful he is to of met her, he is always thankful that she chose him. That she loves him. With anyone else Jack struggles to connect or open up. But with her it is completely different, like some great weight has lifted off his shoulders and he can be himself around her.

    Bio- He grew up with his two older brothers and their mother. It was obvious that she was never going to win any awards for being parent of the year. Quite the opposite actually. Even though some bad things happened to the brothers while they were in her care, when they were a little older their father was finally granted custody of them. Their father was stern, not very smart, wrong about a lot of thing and would punish his children. He was a bad father but not a bad person. He only punished them when they deserved, this was especially the case for Jack.

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