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  1. I am now taking Banner, Siggy, and Profile Pic requests. I'm more used to doing roleplay banners, but I can certainly give your personal graphics a shot!!

    Here are some examples of banners I made on my previous Iwaku account:

    bannerfans_14426672.jpg bannerfans_14533342.jpg bannerfans_14609528.jpg bannerfans_14685913.jpg bannerfans_14843193 2.jpg Pirate Age.jpg ryver.jpg

    Please keep in mind that I may fall behind or forget to do one. If your banner is not finished within a week, please message me with a friendly reminder and I will let you know where I'm at in the process.

    Without further ado, here's some request forms to get this thing going:

    RP Banner Request Form (open)
    Title of RP:

    Do you want the title on the banner?:

    What is the genre of your rp (fantasy, modern, anime, etc.):

    Catch phrase(s) (no more than one long phrase or two short phrases. We don't want your banner looking cluttered):

    What kind of font (script, handwriting, grafiti, etc.):

    Specific Images you'd like to be used (large pictures are preferable as they're easier to scale without becoming pixelated): These are pictures you can link here if you already have an image you want to be used. If you don't have your own image(s) just leave this question blank or put N/A.

    If you want me to find pictures for you, what style of images are you looking for? (anime, fantasy art, abstract, sketches, etc.):

    What do you want images of? (background, characters, little details, etc.): ex. two entwined hands of a couple who are regretfully parting ways.

    What size of banner do you want? (Standard Advertising Banner 800x100 *dimensions used for banner rotation*, Banner Siggy 800x186 *dimensions fit within your signature so the scrollbar doesn't appear*, Thread Banner 800x250 *dimensions used for your RP OOC or IC threads*):


    Personal Banner Request Form (open)
    (( this is for siggy's and profile pics ))

    Name on banner:

    Catch phrase/motto/slogan/quote:

    Banner theme (sharks, fairies, Pirates):

    Color scheme:

    Specific Images (Bigger sized pictures are easier to scale without becoming pixelated):

    What kind of font (script, handwriting, grafiti, etc.):


    Unless you want a specific size and/or orientation for your profile pic, they will be squares.

    Banner Sizes (open)

    Banner Sizes:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Yay!! Banner Rotation is up again! If anyone would like a banner, let me know and I can give it a shot! Examples and Request Forms are a few posts above!!
  3. (( this is for siggy's and profile pics ))

    Catch phrase/motto/slogan/quote: Madness is not a state of mind. It is a place. Let's go there, shall we?

    Banner theme (sharks, fairies, Pirates): Alice in Wonderland (Alice: Madness Returns specifically)

    Color scheme: Black/Red/White

    Specific Images (Bigger sized pictures are easier to scale without becoming pixelated): Photos of Alice from the game, or Cheshire Cat.

    What kind of font (script, handwriting, grafiti, etc.): Something "gothic"


    I'd like it to be a signature, please.
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  4. @Ursarion thank you so much for your request!!! I'll get to it right away!! :D
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  5. is there any specific color background you want???
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  6. I'd say black or maroon!
  7. alice banner.jpg
    How's this??
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  8. Oh wow! It's amazing, honestly! I do have one question, though-- the text is slightly hard to read, is there any way you could lighten it just a tad, please?
  9. sure thing! ^_^
  10. lighter font alice.jpg

    How about this? :3
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  11. Ahh~ That's wonderful! :D Thank you so much! I love it!
  12. Anytime!! Thank YOU for requesting a banner!! I've been so sad that nobody has requested anything loll. I was super happy to see that someone posted here!!! :D
  13. I don't know why no one has requested anything, the one you made me is totally amazing! :> I might request more in the future!
  14. well thank you! I'd really appreciate that!! :3 and idk either, loll I remember I used to get all kinds of requests on my other account... for some reason people haven't been requesting recently. :o But eh.. hopefully business will pick up a bit soon :3
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  15. Is a thread banner just something that goes in a thread? I don't think I've ever seen them in "action" >>
  16. They're uncommon, but usually used when people have massive rps that they want to advertise and sort of decorate their thread. Lol
  17. Besides roleplay banners and profile/siggy banners, would you also be up to doing banners for characters in a roleplay?
  18. Name on banner: Mundane Monster

    Catch phrase/motto/slogan/quote: Fantastically Frightening.

    Banner theme: Animal monsters (things that look like this, this, and this.

    Color scheme: Pastel green, beige, pastel red with hints of deep blue

    Specific Images: Any of the images listed above or maybe two together.

    What kind of font: Script


    I'd like it to be the size of a signature banner, please.
  19. Do your thread banners include banners for 1x1 searches?
    I'm curious ^^"
  20. (( this is for siggy's and profile pics ))

    Name on banner: Cataleya the Enchantress

    Catch phrase/motto/slogan/quote: Let me give you a taste of your deepest fears

    Banner theme (sharks, fairies, Pirates): red lips, venomous nails, fangs, red hairs, dark, sexy

    Color scheme: black, green, red

    Specific Images (Bigger sized pictures are easier to scale without becoming pixelated):
    (Doing this off my phone so I can only post the links)



    What kind of font (whatever you think best)

    Other/details: so the pictures i attached you dont have to use but i like those as a good idea. Its a character ive been trying to make forever. Shes like my main character for everything.

    I was hoping her hair could be black, light brown skin, red eyes, fangs, and long nails. If im going O.D. please let me know I've just been dying for this character. She a mic of enchantress and my own idea.

    Maybe something like this.... different pictures of her, lips, eyes....idk its up to you and what you would like to do with it
    2qb9ijt.png or you can keep it in square form whichever works for you
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