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  1. So I figure that the counseling section is the best place to seek counseling. Maybe I'm wrong but I think I could use some right about now. Here is my issue:


    Lets make that a bit more clearer for those who don't care for walls of text or red text. Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace) should be happy with this...


    This word (and all forms of it) seems to be the bane of my existance. Why? It is used as an excuse by women for not going an extra step with me. But its just not me, but several people I have known. Why is this? What the fuck does it matter? Have you thought that you might just have destroyed the friendship you were so desprately clinging to? I mean to me it seems like in some case this is worse than the bullshit line about still being friends that is handed out at the end of a relationship.

    So anyway the point is simple: Why the fuck should it matter?

    (Awaits stoning and quips about being put into the friend zone)
  2. Hmmmm, I see.

    I dislike awkwardness too. But for me, if t a situation is awkward, it's usually because someone clearly doesn't know me beyond rumors.
  3. Jason nodded and held her close.