AHS: Murder house?

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  1. Hello! After completely binge watching the American Horror Story, I'm dying to roleplay this! I am looking for an OC/Canon roleplay, specifically looking for someone to play Tate Langdon for me. (Due to past experiences, I don't roleplay with men.. sorry.)

    • No one liners please. I get into writing and write our multiple paragraphs, I'm asking you do the same.
    • If you get bored or don't want to do the roleplay anymore, let me know rather than just leaving.
    • If we can work it into the plot, I am more than willing to double and will play canon characters as well.
    • I'm perfectly okay with mature content, but tell me your limits so it's more enjoyable. :)
    • Don't be afraid of OCC talking.
    Pm me if interested! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.