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  1. I put most of my energy into outlining my background in my profile, so I'm afraid I have little to offer here! However, I still think I could offer the courtesy of introducing myself! I'm Harper, Chaos, Major, or any strange, giggle-inducing combination of those three! I suppose I'm something of a roleplaying vet, dabbling in it here and there at times, and at others going on something of a writing rampage.

    I suppose I'll leave it at that, but I am quite a socialite. I have no objections to messages being sent my way! Y'all take care.
  2. I have already talked to you in the cbox! >:3 But here is a more formal welcome.

    ...um.... WELCOME! 8D
  3. Poor Chaos is utterly blown away by the excessively celebratory welcome, tumbling backwards through a stained-glass window and falling to his death.

    Oh joy!
  4. Welcome, Mr. Chaos. That sounds like the name of some 70s sci-fi villain :)

    Hope you are finding Iwaku an awesome place to rp.
  5. I get that a lot. Thank ya very much for the welcome!
  6. HEY YOU


    (Welcome to Iwaku, though we've met before XD)
  7. Your avatar is from Watchmen O_____O Rorschach I think?

    Also, hello Major! We already met in the cbox, but welcome to Iwaku~ :)
  8. Oh ho ho! But is it chunky or creamy?

    Mmyeeeees, 'tis Rorschach, one of my favorite anti-heroes. We have indeed spoken on a few occasions!
  9. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Write, write and write even more... We never get bored xD

    Hope you find stories to partake in, and of course have a wonderfull time enjoying your stay :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.