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  1. Hello all, this is an idea long in the works. I will be working on making a map of the realm, and not everything has been hammered out yet, but we have enough to plop up an Interest Check. ^^ the Plot is incomplete, the setting is rough and In progress, and this is roughly inspired by Avatar The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and all manner of fantasy stories you may have seen / read / dreampt up at one time or another. so, Without Further Ado, Here we go and checking on Interest shall begin in






    *Song to set the tone, akin to A Storyteller telling the history of the land*

    I have everything subject to change, but here's a Generic idea.


    In the Beginning,
    There was a violent, swirling pool of energy.
    This energy,
    and all of its turbulence,
    gave way to life.
    The Energy formed into one Dragon,

    The Dragon of Spirit.

    This dragon, After eons sculpting the Energy like an easel,
    Created more in his image.
    He Created the Dragons.

    Of these dragons, Equality was not a Given.

    Some rose in power, Rivaling all other creatures.

    Some Fell,
    barely able to be called dragons at all.

    Those that rose,
    Were considered Holy, God-like figures.

    Initially there were 4,

    One of Water, and all Branches of the Fluid Element.
    Willing and able to flow and conform to almost anything,
    Able to convert themselves into a solid, Heavy, Cold, stone.

    One of Earth and its branches.
    a creature of Unrivaled power and Unmatched Rigidity.

    One of Air, And all things related,
    Soaring through the sky,
    granting the sounds and breath of life.

    and one of Fire, Explosions, Lightning, and all things Destructive.
    For what use is there in creation,
    if there is no way to mitigate the creations and prevent Resource-Exhaustion?

    Of these four, they were blessed by the dragon of Spirit, each granted an equal portion of his power.

    As the Four grew old, their Children were of a more diverse Elemental climate.

    One Such Dragon, Izana Kunigiri,
    became a Dragon of BOTH Fire and Wind.

    -----Foggy bit here-----

    Now, As Izana had failed to keep watch on his mischievous sibling, who had been imprisoned in a prison without end,
    Be it Immortality in one Century,
    And an Eternal Pandorica in another,

    Izana wept.

    He had asked the Dragon of Spirit to punish him for his transgressions.
    Agreeing to Izana's request, as well as to his requested punishment,

    Izana was stripped of his Physical, God-like form,
    and set to reincarnate as a human.

    The Izana Cycle.
    (if you've seen Avatar, this is the Avatar I am referenceing, yet its changed.)

    With each new incarnation, the human has no bearing of who he is, who he was,
    only that this presence, the Trapped soul of Izana,
    is always with them.

    Be it male, or female.
    Dragon, or human,
    Izana Lives on.

    Each life has free-roam to communicate with Izana through meditation.

    During an event that happens once every 10,000 years,
    Both Solstice,
    and a handful of other times,

    Izana and his host can transfer.

    Izana takes over, and the host is kept safe inside, while the body morphs to be a combined form of both Izana and the host he is with.


    Eons have passed. The Dragons, who at one time had lived with the humans, had been long gone for hundreds of years. None, or very few, remain who STILL Believe in them.

    But the Dragons are Returning,
    as are Elves, Dwarves, and other means of mythical beasts.

    The Humans, over the time without the others,
    had learned to control the elements.

    The Dragon of Spirit Laughed from his place, Observing time and the little apes play around as if they were indeed dragons.

    But something is not right with the world.

    Something is coming.

    No one is ready.

    The Firebenders are located within the Fire Nation,
    Against the Eastern Volcano Range.

    The Airbenders, or Air Nomads,
    Take refuge on mountain tops above the clouds in the north, east, south, and west,
    well enough away from all other nations.

    The Earthbenders are located in cities around lots of earth,
    at the bases of mountains.
    Amidst Desert Oases.

    The Water tribes are located around most major bodies of water.
    Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, and the like.

    Between all of the cities, there are free lands.
    No two countries will ever share a border,
    but the free territories will indeed have a mixture of various benders,
    Cabage Salesmen,
    *in the distance A Crash can be heard, followed by "MY CABBAGES!!!!!"*
    and all sorts of folk.

    How will the Universe handle the oncoming threat?


    How the Elements Work:


    Every Non-GM starts with one of the four Major Elements. Water, Earth, Fire, or Air.

    From that point, they are granted the ability to learn 5 connected branches, and GM's are allowed 8. Learning one, however, does not indicate FULL Mastery. A Player can invest another point in a learned Element, and either gain power, or Go for a Purified Branch or a tainted branch. Once the Pure or tainted path has been chosen, however, the other will be permanently inaccessable. Choose Wisely. Only Pure versions of elements can CURE injuries inflicted with Tainted Elements.

    NOTE: As the element progression HAS to be connected, if you choose Fire, you can't choose any of the other three without learning another first.

    For example,

    Air, Snow, Water,
    Air, Combustion, Fire,
    Earth, Lava, Fire,
    Earth, Plant, Water,
    Water, Snow, Air,
    Water, Plant, Earth,
    Earth, Plant, Water,
    Earth, Lava, Fire.

    These are not the ONLY Introductory paths, as some could indeed choose:

    Air, Snow, Water, Acid, Pure Acid.

    Further note: Once all 5 (or 8) E.P. (Element Points) are spent, GM's can award points at key points through the story and the progression of things, to allow you further Leveling, as it were, however these will be few and far between.

    (Izana Kunigiri as referenced is @FireDrake150 's Character. His Brother, as referenced, is @Mighty Roman 's Character.)

    Your GM's this fine occasion are:

    @FireDrake150 (Head GM. CEO, so to speak.)
    @Mighty Roman, @The Man Without Fear (Co-GM's, COO's, So to speak.)

    Post Down here with Questions, Comments, Concerns, and the like, for all of us.​
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  2. I'm totally up for this! :3
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  3. SWEET!!! :P Glad to have you on board! XD
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  4. Glad to be on the team! :D

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  6. Awesome! ^^ Welcome aboard.
  7. im cool with this :3
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  8. Awesome! Welcome aboard!!!
  9. AVATAR!!!! I'm so down!!!!
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  10. Awesome!!! Glad to have you. and that signature. XD

    So yes
  11. lol, I do have one question though, are only the ones are there applicable, or can you figure out ways to make different ones (like shadow/darkness)?
  12. Tiz a good question. I dunno, What were you thinking of? I'll also wait for @Mighty Roman and @The Man Without Fear to make the call, but the original idea was that there would be a light and a dark side to each element past initial mastery. Wounds caused by dark/tainted could only be cured with light / pure versions of the same element, etc. I am curious though, as to what you had in mind.
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  13. Like I was thinking maybe using air, vapor and fire would be able to make shadows.... and from that it would essencially be a way you could control, well shadows, kinda along the lines of bloodbending..... just with something outside of the body
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  14. Perhaps. But if we do allow it,

    Air and Fire are different chains.

    Vapor is almost the end of water.

    so that's 3 chains. Shadow would in that case not be possible as an initial ability.

    Why? well, remember the rule that subsequent paths must be related to already obtained ones. it could be close, but not quite possible.

    Water, Ice, Blood, Vapor, Snow, Air.

    in that case, Combustion would be required, and then fire.
  15. Lol I wasn't planning on suggesting it to be an easy to get to ability
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  16. I can see it as a possibility. ^^ What does Roman and Fearless say?
  17. What about something like this?


    Each of the Sun's representing another kind of hybrid scaling, where stuff like Shadow would fit into.
  18. so is that meaning that there would be more branches, or just when the two mix, that is what you can do?
  19. Personally I like the idea, Due to, say, Toph inventing Metalbending and There being Sand, Blood, Lava and combustion bending gradually discovered.

    for example though, What all would you be able to do with shadow? Water, Earth, and airbending require a source of the element prior to manipulation, Fire is conjured from ones inner Chi, or inner Fire, so the elements not listed would need to be thought through.

    as for when the two mix from primary / seccondary strands, The Tertiary would need to be learned. i am inclined to require an EP be spent to be able to start learning ones like that, else Ozai and everyone else in the show would ha e lava / combiation bent. Bolin learned Lava, After trouble with metal, Pointing in the directions of people learning more than one base element. While this is inspired from The Avatar universe, It's a unique thing all on it's own, So....

    @Mighty Roman @The Man Without Fear What are your thoughts?
  20. I'm interested!

    My only concern is normally I'm put off by "point systems" in rps. So how important exactly are the points going to be in this?

    Besides that though this is very innovative! There are a ton of elemental rps but this is one one of the best and most unique takes on the concept I've seen. Good work!

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