After: A Tale of Those Left Behind

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<b>Name:</b> Jason Rice
<b>Gender:</b> Male
<b>Age:</b> 27
<b>Birthplace:</b> Boston, MA
<b>Occupation:</b> Freelance programmer


<b>General Appearance:</b> Jason stands at a respectable 5'11", lanky and slender, with an embarrassing little bit of pudge in his stomach. His dirty blonde hair is fine and straight, as well as long and unkempt, his bangs hanging into his eyes and the back sweeping almost to his shoulders. His skin tone is rather pale and creamy, marked by one tattoo over his heart of the fork bomb
:(){ :|:& };: . He wears semi-rimless glasses over his green-grey eyes, and typically dresses in short-sleeved button-up shirts with khaki cargo pants and sneakers. Jason has a bit of a slouch from so many nights bent over his computer, and a bit of an awkward air to him. He pretty much radiates: computer geek.
<b>Strengths:</b> Jason has learned how to overcome sleep. He's also ridiculously skilled with a katana. He can throw people like nobody's business [using physics], and he's got excellent observational skills and reflexes.
<b>Weaknesses:</b> He's not very strong, physically, nor does he know any hand-to-hand combat. He's not really all that flexible, agile, fast, or tolerant to pain, and he's naturally pretty clumsy.


<b>Current Goal/Purpose:</b> Jason would like to rule the world someday, and he's hoping to achieve that goal by creating a global computer network and taking it over.
<b>Talents:</b> He's one of the best programmers in the world, very smart and intuitive, as well as observant and logical. He's a wonderful cook and can make amazing mixed drinks, and has a knack for public speaking.
<b>Inabilities:</b> While Jason is great at making speeches, he usually breaks down completely when talking to girls. He's a little [very] socially awkward, and has no real musical or rhythmic talent.
<b>Fears:</b> Jason's biggest fear would be of a zombie apocalypse, and his next biggest fear is roaches. Parasites are a close third.
<b>General Personality:</b> Jason is very independent and very much a loner. He likes to learn and he likes to think. He is also somewhat shy and nervous around other people, a little bit of a coward, and a little bit of an approval-seeker. To his friends, he's easily excitable, very into things that most consider geeky, and somewhat easy to take advantage of. Jason is very kind, with a somewhat quirky sense of humour, and he loves to try new things.
<b>Inner Personality:</b> Inside, Jason kind of feels like he's better off alone. He has a somewhat low self-esteem, which gives him a little bit of an insecurity/inferiority-complex. He never really considers anything he does as good enough, and is always trying to make things better. Jason can get very determined and stubborn, and sometimes gets lost in fantasies of being better than everyone else. However, he does very much care for the people close to him, and would do a lot for them.
<b>Secret:</b> He likes to keep his world-domination fantasies a secret, as well as his katana skills.


<b>General History:</b> Jason grew up as the younger brother in his family. His older brother, Marcus, was a typical older brother in that he was bigger than Jason, played football, worked out at the gym, got a lot of girlfriends, and liked to beat Jason up from time to time. Jason realized at an early age that he would never be able to compete with his brother if they were playing on the same field, so he immersed himself in schoolwork.

Computers had piqued his interest from an early age, and he was a very quick learned, teaching himself most of the ins and outs of technology. It would be accurate to say that Jason was a Major Geek. He had a comic book collection, played almost every kind of video game [sports games being the exception], had a small circle of geek friends, and tried to learn how to play clarinet in band. He gave up on that one pretty quickly.

The more he learned, the better he did in school, the more he pushed people away. It wasn't until he began attending college, studying computer science at MIT, that someone finally broke through his shell. A girl named Karina, majoring in Auronautical Engineering, took a Calculus class with him. She beat him on every test. Furious and insecure, Jason began to step up his game, getting almost no sleep every night because he was studying and doing extra work.

One night, Karina came to his dorm to check on him, since he hadn't come to class that day. She found him passed out at his desk, and she put him to bed and slept on the couch. Somehow, from there, they began to date. Jason began to relax a little more and open up. Karina introduced him to friends, and he really began to enjoy going to school. He was only a little angry when he graduated fourth in the class, and Karina graduated third.

They moved in together in an apartment in New York City and both found work. As the years passed, they grew further apart. Once, they discussed marriage but dismissed it for until their workload was lighter.

<b>Present Life:</b> Seven years of dating later, they have moved into a slightly bigger apartment. Jason has taken up freelancing as opposed to corporate work, and his relationship has improved. He still has a lot of work, being very in-demand, but he spends much more time at home and can coordinate time to spend with Karina. The day before she disappeared, he proposed.

<b>Special Historic Notes:</b>
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