After: A Tale of Those Left Behind

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    How can a quarter of the world's population just disappear overnight?

    It happened so quickly. We went to bed with our loved ones, we said goodbye to our friends and family, and when we woke up they were gone without a trace. It was as if they'd just dropped off the face of the Earth. We drove to work, wondering why the traffic was so light, only to find most of the office empty and the boss absent. In our prisons, the worst of us were gone, too. The murderers and rapists had vanished, too, leaving empty cells alongside the absence of many of the guards.

    We probably all felt a sense of disbelief, at first. I know I did. How could this have happened? Where did our families and friends go? And why weren't we taken as well?

    That was a day ago.

    Less than twenty-four hours since so many of us just disappeared.

    I must have heard a dozen theories even in such a short space of time, as our government reels at the losses of both population and staff and everything else has ground to a halt around us all. People are speculating about everything from government conspiracies to alien abductions. We all just want answers, after all. We just want to know where the others went.

    But there's one theory that seems to fit more than the rest.

    A theory that divides the remainder of humanity, and could well lead to violence soon enough.

    Have we just experienced the Rapture, God taking all the worthy souls to Heaven and sending the sinners to Hell? It raises a lot of awkward questions. If the worthy have been taken, why weren't we?

    Why have we been left behind?

    ...And what will happen now?

    'After' is a game set almost immediately after a quarter of the world's population has vanished overnight, leaving the remainder of humanity reeling. Players take the role of one of those who have been left behind after this mysterious event and attempt to come to terms with what has happened as the world as we know it begins to crumble around us.

    GM: Resurrected Grumpy
    Accepting Characters: Hell yes
    Setting: Modern day New York

    [b]General Appearance:[/b] 
    [b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b] 
    [b]General Personality:[/b] 
    [b]Inner Personality:[/b] 
    [u][b]HISTORIC BACKGROUND[/u][/b]
    [b]General History:[/b] 
    [b]Present Life:[/b] 
    [b]Special Historic Notes:[/b]

    -Characters and their players will be listed here-​
  3. I'm intrigued! Char sheet will be up soon!
  4. I'll put one together.

    Courtney Hewitt
    Snowflake, AZ
    Personal Trainer


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler
    When she's not exercising or teaching, she wears glasses with thick, black frames. Clothing she wears for outings, trips to the store, etc. is the typical, petite woman style. Lookit any cute clothing model if you must have an idea. xD

    Agile, healthy, attractive, upper arm strength, medical experience. Basically, she's really fit and 'persuasive'. She also can be of some help to people who break bones or get sick.
    Hyperopia, deathly peanut allergy, "OCD", paranoid. She has to wear glasses or contacts at all times if she's going to see very well, needs to stay away from even the scent of peanuts, is obsessive with things being clean and done correctly... Courtney also thinks people are always out to get her.


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Helping people get/stay healthy while doing the same for herself.
    Her talents mainly lie in acrobatics and exercise. She can run several miles with short breaks, do gymnastics tricks, she's coordinated... All that good stuff.
    She can't focus on more than one thing, she can't see objects or people real clearly if they're too close, she has a bad sense of direction. Additionally, she has major trust issues.
    Bugs that fly, heights, fugitives
    General Personality:
    A friendly woman with a heart of gold. She normally avoids looking for people to help due to her paranoia, but gladly helps anyone that comes to her. She loves to talk, especially if it's about clothes, exercise, food and movies. She's much shyer around men.
    Inner Personality:
    Courtney is broken up inside due to past events, causing her perspective on the world to be rather dark. She appears so bubbly and positive on the outside, but on the inside, it's quite the opposite. She tells people she's happy living all alone, but it's a lie. Her inability to trust people has set her into a heartbreaking environment.
    She was raped by a classmate when she was 15. This is why she has problems with trust and always paranoid.


    General History:
    Courtney lived in Arizona up until she was 18 years old. She was your average cowgirl with a love for nature and people. Her outgoing personality, attractiveness and kindness brought many different people towards her; what they all had in common was they adored her. However, as she aged, she grew tired of the same life and decided to move to New York for college. Although it hurt her to leave her family behind, she was glad to be someplace new.
    She got a bachelor degree in Kinesiology. Courtney uses the skills she acquired from college to help people stay healthy in a fitness center she spends a lot of time working in. Exercise and good nutrition keep her feeling alive and well.
    The distance is helping her recover from bad memories. The city is keeping her very busy, which she has grown to like. But even with the ongoing events, she is still lonesome in her apartment. Now, everything's about to get lonelier.
    Present Life:
    Courtney lives in a two bedroom apartment in New York with her male Black Labrador, Kenny. She takes Kenny out for jogs twice a day, everyday. The dog also helps her feel safe whenever she's with him. She is employed at a fitness center, where she personally trains people by the hour, 5 days a week.
    Special Historic Notes:

    Name: Jovie Northrup
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Birthplace: Lennox, MA
    Occupation: Journalist/Relief Aid Worker


    General Appearance: Five foot four, petite build with just the right curve. Jovie has curly dark brown hair that fall just below her shoulder blades, usually worn down. Eyes are a unique golden hazel that are well complemented by her thin brows, strong cheek and jaw, and thin lips. Jovie is normally found in something comfortable but chic with an indie art flare to it. Distressed jeans with a local designer's handmade top are not unusual, she pulls off the semi-casual look every well.

    Strengths: Organization, fact finding, reliability
    Weaknesses: Sick children, chocolate, bad knee


    Current Goal/Purpose: To find out what the F just happened.
    Talents: Sewing
    Inabilities: Run long distances. A knee injury from years ago has haunted her since.
    Fears: Permanent loss of family.

    General Personality: Jovie is generally a strong willed individual with a weak spot for people in need, especially children. She has a no-nonsense attitude about life in general but especially when it comes to her journalistic occupation. News should be about the facts, not the person behind the story's opinion. When she writes it's with passion and as non-biased as possible. Jovie's artistic flare comes out in her clothing design and is often a rare side seen of her, she's more likely to flaunt someone else's work before her own.

    Inner Personality: Not much different than the outside, however, Jovie runs a lot more opinionated internal dialog with herself than she shows to others. She may be all about 'Just the facts ma'am' on the outside, but on the inside she's commenting sarcastically and rolling her mind's eye.

    Secret: Jovie has a daughter from when she was younger that her sister took in for her. Ellia doesn't know Jovie is her mother.


    General History: Jovie Marie Northrup was born in Lennox, MA to Jordan and Lisa Northrup. The middle child of three, older sister Holli and younger sister Grace-Anne, Jovie was the most headstrong and ambitious. Constantly the thrill seeker she grew up covered in bumps, scrapes, bruises, and broken bones. It was no wonder she was constantly on the go all through high school and into her freshman year of college until life decided to catch up with her and tell her to slow down. A bad night ended in bad circumstances leading to Jovie's daughter Ellia.

    With a life on the move lined up, Jovie decided it was best that Ellia be raised in a more stable environment and made a deal with her older sister Holli who all ready had one child of their own to take care of the girl. Knowing Ellia was in good hands, Jovie continued on her fast paced lifestyle but with a touch more reserve now that she had a little more wisdom under her belt.

    After college graduation Jovie joined the Peace Corps and helped conduct relief aid in many third world areas until that also went awry. At twenty-four while doing a relief mission in Sudan, Jovie was shot and kidnapped by local militants. It took several days for negotiations to go through for her release. Several days without the medical attention needed which greatly impaired the healing of her knee. Once Jovie was brought home it took two years of physical therapy to get back to a place where she could function without aid but still only at 80% mobility in that leg.

    Eager to get back into the world she moved down to New York and got a job as a freelance journalist and war correspondent, greatly valued for her fact finding skills. The past two years have been extremely busy ones for her, but she loves the constant go go go life style she lives. The only part that bothers her is not being able to share that life with her daughter. She knows it wouldn't be what was best for her with the way Jovie's job takes her away all the time.

    Present Life: Jovie is recently returned from doing a story overseas and is settling back into her life once more.
    Special Historic Notes:
  7. Glad people are interested; was kinda worried this one was a bit too weird. Cheers, guys.

    Will be throwing up some characters of my own soonish.
  8. Stuck between a corrupt Gman/detective and a corporate executive executive who tried to do the right thing but had to sacrifice his morals for the survival of the company...

    Name: Ocean Maldrid
    Gender: Female
    Age: twenty-three
    Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
    Occupation: Fashion Stylist


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Strengths: Imaginative, creative, crafty, very resourceful, open-minded, leadership skills, attentive, analytical, very compassionate, cooperative, and very determined.

    Weaknesses: She can become controlling, afraid to travel by plane, can be lazy, depressed at time which causes lack of will to continue, and sometimes very hostile.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Help those in need whilst finding her brother.
    Talents: She can craft a tool or something of great use out of nothing in particular, she can go out into the wilderness and find food because she knows what's edible or poisonous, and she can also empathize with anyone she's with and make them feel comfortable and happy again.
    Inabilities: Her sympathy for other usually drags her down because she won't let those her hurt her go, and she's a perfectionist.
    Fears: Planes, injections, and losing her brother.

    General Personality: A caring and friendly girl who knows a lot about fashion and will gladly help anyone in need, especially if it has to do with clothes.

    Inner Personality: She's in constant anxiety and fearful disposition. She must meditate once a day and do her breathing exercises or she's bound to have an an anxiety attack.

    Secret: She's afraid she may have schizophrenia.


    General History: Oceana is a Canadian. Her parents had given birth to her in Toronto, Ontario, where they eventually divorced and left Oceana to have two homes. She had chosen to stay with her mom in Toronto until age sixteen where she moved to New York with her father and brother. Her dad eventually died of lung cancer, which left her older brother, Mark, to take care of her.

    Present Life: She moved out just last year, and is now in a small, ratty apartment on the wrong side of New York. She's attempted multiple times to contact her brother but to no avail.

    Special Historic Notes: None.
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    Name: Ashley James (AJ) Renee Goes by AJ<o:p></o:p>

    Gender: Male<o:p></o:p>

    Age: 26

    Birthplace: Zuni, Virginia<o:p></o:p>

    Occupation: Student, youth Minster <o:p></o:p>



    General Appearance: Light Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 6.6 Strong body over all. Healthy and well kept. Short hair style, clean cut and honest looking.


    Strengths: He is patient, tolerant, and quite. He is honest and has a good sense of humor.<o:p></o:p>

    Weaknesses: Cats. He loves them and would have 50 if it weren’t for his small apartment.<o:p></o:p>



    He listens very well and lets others tell their own story rather then just assume he knows everyone based on they way they present themselves.<o:p></o:p>

    Current Goal/Purpose: To prove he was right and that his whole life was one huge test and its all been a test. A never ending test.<o:p></o:p>

    Talents: He is able to comfort others with the things he feels they need to hear or would like to eat. He can cook and enjoys using food as an ice breaker. He loves to bake most of all. <o:p></o:p>

    Inabilities: He cant for the life of him understand his computer and cell phone. Both work fine, but he has a limited understanding of them. Most new gadgets baffle him but he tries to hide it. <o:p></o:p>


    Fears: Subways, sellers, basements, caves, elevators, anything confined or underground or underwater. <o:p></o:p>

    General Personality: Easy going and soft spoken. He is one to watch the world around him and then act. AJ has always held back from just jumping into something. He would rather think it over or take his time to understand what he should do and why it’s even happening before he takes his first steps. He over thinks things and his biggest down fall.<o:p></o:p>

    Inner Personality: AJ has a very different view of things and even with his Christian and Baptist background he is negative in his mind set. Granted he is a minster like his father, he is has his own view of why things happen and its not all that cheery.<o:p></o:p>

    Secret: He feels he was left behind as punishment for failing his siblings in their time of need.<o:p></o:p>




    General History: AJ grew up in a small town with both parents mom Ellie, dad James, an older brother Oliver and sister Olivia. His family was well known and respected by most in the community. His whole family was dearly loved but after his 9<SUP>th</SUP> birthday everything changed and not for the better. His older brother Oliver went to jail after he raped and murdered six college girls. Shortly after that at his sisters swimming party for her birthday she nearly drown. She suffered major brain damage and has never made a full recovery. His family had so much else to deal with that he was pretty much ignored.<o:p></o:p>


    AJ was sent to live with his grandparents and it was there that he was given a bible and endless hours of sermons. They tried to mold him into a perfect son and forget his family’s issues. It didn’t work but he let them think it did. He did what was expected of him. He played baseball in high school and college. He only went on double dates and never got past second base till college. Even then it wasn’t a homerun. Following family tradition he went into the seminary and works as a youth minster.<o:p></o:p>


    His life was pretty much planed for him. He wasn’t allowed to date and with his mother caring for his sister and his dad taking leave to help his brother he was left with little choice but to march on for the name of the family. A lot of pressure was put on him to go down the right path. He was madly in love with Meghan, the girl next door. She really was, and since the age of 6 he knew he was in love. They had classes together, went to church together, and spent every hour together that they could. She was his first kiss, and first love. They had a chance to get more serious and once her parents divorced she was gone from his life. He never even got to say goodbye. That haunted him for years. <o:p></o:p>

    Present Life: He works part-time as a youth minster and the rest of the time he is a student at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Regent</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">University</st1:PlaceType> <st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Divinity</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">School</st1:PlaceType> in <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Virginia Beach</st1:place></st1:City>. He has a small apartment above the garage of his grandfather’s friend. It a very small apartment, but he likes it. It’s close to the school and beach. He has an orange and white tabby named Missy. With help from a classmate he got a facebook account and thanks to that profile his high school crush found him. She called him up and they meet up in NYC the night before the event. Happy to find her once more his life looked like it might be coming together at long last.<o:p></o:p>

    Special Historic Notes:<o:p></o:p>

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    Name: Julia Bishop
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Occupation: Freelance photographer


    General Appearance: long red hair, deep hazel-green eyes which occasionally appear to be gray-blue, stands at 5'7" with a slimmer build
    Strengths: Squeezing into small places, extremely flexible from many years of yoga, has a strong will and rarely does things
    Weaknesses: not physically strong, has a weak constitution when it comes to spicy things, she tends to see the image in all things which leads her to take focus away from what she should be concentrating on


    Current Goal/Purpose: To get in and take pictures to sell to the magazines and newspapers off the mysterious disapparences and to find her friend, Brenda Fisher who disappeared during what others think might have been the "rapture"
    Talents: Julia is great at noticing minute details and commonly overlooked objects, she can focus on situations very well
    Inabilities: When focusing she looses awareness of what is going on around her, especially if she is trying to take a picture
    Fears: Going blind, genuinely "nice" people, deep deep water
    General Personality: Julia tries to be nice, she really does but she's cynical and jaded. Her comments tend to be biting or sarcastic at all times. She's delightfully pleasant towards art critics and buyers if they're around but even then she's biting her tongue half the time.
    Inner Personality: She is just as bitter and jaded on the inside as out, the difference is she says everything she wishes to say internally as opposed to exploding on people with rage. She can not stand when people don't understand her artistic vision and gets even more frustrated when they don't like her work. She can be a bit self-entitled but most of the time she checks herself and returns to modesty.


    General History:
    Present Life:
    Special Historic Notes:

    **Will be finished at a later date**
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