Adventures of Kalyria

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  1. World Map (open)

    Red star: Starting Town
    Black star: Capital City
    Large dots: Larger Towns
    Small dots: Smaller Towns (Probably hard to see)

    Characters (open)

    A notice about the king's death came a week ago. The late king's nephew, Arthur, had his coronation scheduled for the day after the notice came to the village. Only the richest families were invited, which included the elven Sylvirleaf family. Not that anyone was willing to brave the wilds for this new king.

    That night, a dream came to a few chosen people. There was a voice, obviously female, begging for the chosen to come and save her, that they would not be alone, and that only with their help can the evil be vanquished.

    As you follow this voice telling you that you are one of the chosen and she needs your help, you find yourself at a cave entrance. Her voice seems a little louder now, and suddenly her figure is at the opening of the cave. She is a half-elf, her facial features too human to match the elven ears. In her hand is a long, shining sword and on her back is a bow that seems to just vibrate with power.

    "Come, heroes. Only with your help can I hope to defeat the evil that is coming."

    Then there's a large roar, and the woman is gone. So is the cave, and the forest that hid the cave. You don't have any clue who the other heroes are that were chosen, but there's this feeling that maybe you'd know when the time came.


    As night fell, a woman entered the small village of Neimod with a small red eagle on her shoulder. She looks at the inn and tavern a few buildings in and sighs. "Are you sure this is where they are, Zazu?" The eagle raised it's head and pecked her in top of hers. "Okay, okay. Sheesh. You'd thing Morganna would have looked in a much nicer village, though," she complained as she approached the tavern named The Two Horns.


    The village, called Neimod, was small, its buildings worn but in decent shape. The settlement had obviously been there for quite some time, at least 100 years give or take a decade. It had a large Elven population, likely because of the founding family being Elven, but there was a fairly even mixture of other races there as well. It was surrounded by trees, and there was a river about a mile's walk to the east.

    The roads were cozy, only about two horses width in size between most of the segments of the village. The center of the village was a courtyard area in front of the great lodge where the mayor and sheriff and other important figures met, and that also served as the jail.

    The courtyard was surrounded by homes and a few general shops. The blacksmith was also located close to the courtyard, though it's doors did not touch the courtyard area. In the courtyard was a small pool, sort of like a fountain, surrounded by stone bricks. The rest of the courtyard was a mix of cobblestone and grass, a gathering place of sorts. To the north end of the village was the sole inn, called The White Stallion, sitting next to one of two taverns in the village. The second tavern was towards the west side, nearest the forest.

    Intermixed throughout the village were the homes of the citizens, all of various sizes. On the south side of town were where the richest had their homes built.

    The tavern on the west side, named simply The Cauldron, was a little more run down than the tavern that was next to the inn, and therefore had the cheapest of brews to offer. The tavern by the inn, named The Two Horns, had a larger variety, and therefore was the most common place to gather among the elite or wealthier of the citizens. Not to say that the less fortunate couldn't gather there, because the food and brews weren't overly pricey, but coin went further at the west side tavern.

    Surrounding the village was a wall, with two gates. On the outside of the wall was a large road that traveled around two sides and had paths leading to each gate. This started from the north and bent around the south end of town to lead to the west. One gate was at the east and one at the south, each with two guard towers on either side of the gates. There were two doors each at north and west walls, but only one guard house at each. The doors were typically only ever used by locals, and never after dark. The gates were likewise closed and not used after dark, but there were doors at those gates that could be opened after dark for the sake of travelers who approached after the sun settled, but the gates were not opened again until dawn.
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  2. Orina, green

    Orina sat in the local tavern, a small smirk in place as she watched her father drink with a few of his friends. Today was the old mans birthday. She wouldn't be here otherwise. The entire town had been invited by her grandfather. Music was being played, spirits were flowing and the food was good. The elf girl looked to the side, her smile fading off as her thoughts again returned to the dream from last night. She had yet to tell anyone other than her grandmother about it. But alas, the wise old elf was in accordance with her granddaughter, the time was here for her own adventure.

    A loud crash of broken glass drug Orina back from her thoughts, and elicited a grumbling growl from the wolf sitting at her feet tensely. Poor Gethin didn't like being around so many people all at once, a party was not for him. But he had followed after Orina anyways. The elf reached down and stroked at the fur along the wolfs ears, making a low of hum of comfort as she did so.

    Again Orinas attention flickered back to her surroundings. She didn't socialize much herself, but the rest of her family, save her grandmother, were social butterflies, for elves anyways. Her grandfather was talking among a group of the "higher class" people of the town. While her mother talked to a few of her friends near her father, rolling her eyes whenever he did something silly. Orinas lips twitched up into another smile as she shifted her position and brought her cup to her lips, taking a sip of the sweet substance.

  3. The roads were turning dark and silent, whoever wasn't going to sleep already was at the Sylvirleafs' party, save for a few guards wandering the streets, Belros being one of them. With so many people out at the party together, their homes were left alone and risks of theft were higher, thus guards were on patrol throughout the evening and night. The half-orc was always selected for duty during this night, due to his ability to see in the dark. He's never been to any of the parties held by the Sylvirleafs, despite everyone being invited. Not that he minded much, he wasn't very social and people tried to avoid him whenever they could, but he was content.

    As he wandered through the mostly empty streets, someone entered the town through the North entrance, someone Belros didn't recognise. "Strange. How does she know about that? I've never seen her before." Belros thought to himself, but dismissed the thought when she headed for the tavern, assuming she was invited to celebrate.
    "Hmm. I wonder what that dream was about. The evil that is coming? What evil could she mean? And who else did she call? It wasn't me alone, that's for sure."
  4. There was some sort of party here, Bediviere noticed as she walked into the building. It was next to the inn, so she figured it would be a decent stop to listen for gossip and rumors and the sort before turning in. As she looked around at the group with a frown, she wondered again why Morganna sent her here. The bird on her shoulder ruffled up his feathers briefly before turning and flying back out the door.

    "Well. Shows what good you are, stupid bird," she muttered under her breath before walking in a little further. She found a table off to one side that seemed mostly ignored other than the occasional pass by the sole waitress taking care of this large crowd. Unless there was a second one that Bediviere couldn't see, which was possible given the crowd.

    Near the table she sat at, Bediviere saw an elf reach under her table... and then saw the wolf that was under it. Not a stranger to wolves, she didn't startle from the sight, but she was a little surprised that it was inside the tavern.

    The waitress came by with a pint that Bediviere didn't even have to ask for before walking off. Apparently that was how they were supporting this party, booze that came without a thought. Before the girl could walk off, Bediviere stopped her and gave her two gold coins.

    "I know it seems odd, but I'm not a part of this lot. I'll be paying for the pints I drink. Cut me off after this is spent, though, will you?" she asked the woman, who smiled and nodded before walking off to get the next people their drinks before she was hollered for. Bediviere turned to the elf again, and her words a little louder than with the waitress, asked her, "Is this a normal occurrence around these parts?"


    As Belros was walking, he saw what looked like a small eagle fly over his head at a lower altitude than he'd have been used to and land on one of the smaller and shorter buildings to watch him. They were only a little ways from the tavern, and the bird seemed to be studying the half-orc for a few minutes before flying off towards the tavern once he was sure the half-orc had seen him.
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  5. Orina, green Orina again reached down and stroked Gethin's fur before her attention was captured by a feminine, unfamliar voice.

    "Is this a normal occurrence around these parts?" The elf turned towards the origin of the voice. A single brow quirked the woman was an elf, but Orina knew all of the faces and names of the elves in the village, even if she didn't talk to them much. There was usually a a high chance than an elf from this village was a friend of a family member. That and a blonde elf with lavender orbs would have stood out. The elves in this village usually had some shade of brown or green to them to mimic the coloration of their surroundings as was typical of their race.

    "Sometimes, but it isn't always like this." The brunette elf answered the blonde politely, now curious about the other being. Gethin focused his own golden orbs on the stranger, taking in her scent on instinct as he watched her. Orina pulled her hand up from where it had been resting on the wolf's head. "I haven't seen you around, passing through or?" She inquired, curious enough to ask the other elf. Orinas head tilted just a little.
  6. The bird returned through an open back door and, amidst a few outcries as it flew through a kitchen, managed to get through to the commons and landed on Bediviere's shoulder and chirped and squawked a little bit in her ear.

    "Slow down you stinking bird," she scowled before glaring. "I'm still learning Auran, you know." The bird slowed his chirps a little before she nodded and went silent for a moment. Then, seemingly just remembering that she was talking to someone, Bediviere startled before turning back. "I'm sorry, got a little scatterbrained. This guy always seems to do that to me. I'm looking for some people with some special talents. Heroes, I suppose you can call them. Zazu here says he found one of them."

    The bird seemed to grumble in its language, and settled in as though to sleep.
  7. Belros wasn't bothered by the bird flying overhead, but more by it staring at him as he walked. "Why, hello there little friend. Are you here to keep me company for the night?" Belros asked as he looked back at what looked like an eagle. The night was quite, boring and lonely. Any company was welcome at this point, even a bird's, although it didn't keep him company for very long as it flew offagain, heading for the tavern. "Right, that was her bird." Belros thought to himself as he remembered seeing it on the woman's shoulder when she entered Neimod through one of its unconventional entrances.

    It wasn't a big deal to keep a bird as a pet, but an eagle is a predator and the half-orc didn't know how well those could be trained. He turned around, deciding it'd be better to make sure it won't cause any trouble, before heading back for the tavern.
    When he entered The Two Horns the guard was greeted by smiles from merry people enjoying the party, assuming he was another guest late to the party. Their smiles immediately turned to frowns, curiosity and even worry once they recognized Belros for what he was. The half-orc guard still regarded with distrust and suspicion, although they would never show it directly. He was too intimidating for that.

    With his height, Belros could easily look over the heads of the crowd and quickly found who he was looking for. As he approached the woman, he noticed she was talking to Orina Sylvirleaf, granddaughter of Neimod's founder. Taking this into account, he gave Orina a quick bow when he reached the pair. "Miss Sylvirleaf." He added mid-bow, then turned towards Bediviere. "Ma'am. I just came to make sure that eagle on your shoulder is properly trained and to inform you that you will be held responsible for any inconvenience it may cause." He told Bediviere matter-of-factly.
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  8. Orina, green

    With the sound of wing beats, Orina half turned in time to watch the eagle fly through the kitchen, that had to have caused a bit of chaos, and land onto the blond elf's shoulder. If Orina's grandmother hadn't been a druid, or if she wasn't used to her father's falcon swooping in randomly, perhaps the sudden appearance of the bird would have startled her more. As it was though, her curiosity did grow. Gethin on the other hand grumbled out another huffy growl before he laid his head down on his paws and closed his eyes. However, his ears stayed tilted towards the strangers as the the eagle started chattering at the blond elf. Orina couldn't help the dash of amusement that flitted across her facial features as she listened to the conversation.

    "I'm sorry, got a little scatterbrained. This guy always seems to do that to me. I'm looking for some people with some special talents. Heroes, I suppose you can call them. Zazu here says he found one of them"

    Perhaps this sentence should have set a bell off in the brunette elf's mind. But it did not. Instead, Orina was about to ask the other elf if she knew the names of who she was looking for, intending to offer the other woman assistance to find the people she sought. But before she had uttered the words, Gethins head popped back up and his ears tilted towards the door and another growl, this one more warning than grumbling as his attention focused towards the door and the crowd of growingly worry among it. Green orbs flickered towards the same direction as the cause of the disturbance walked toward them. Eyes scanned the tall figure, the uniform was used among the town guards. The facial features weren't completely human and certainly didn't resemble elven.

    He must be the half-orc guard....I know I know his name, what is it? Orina kept her face blank, not unfriendly as she tried to remember his name. She knew almost all of the faces of Neimod, and knew a good majority of the names that accompanied them even if she didn't often speak to the individuals. (her grandfather made sure she at least knew the townspeople.) B...Bear? No, not bear, but something beginning with B..... Orinas head tilted a smidgen. Belros! Belros Urthadar A small smile of triumph flitted across the brunettes face quickly.

    "Miss Sylvirleaf." The half-orc greeted as he bowed to her. She shoved down the urge to feel awkward, she really should be used to this treatment, should expect it even. The elf greeted him by parroting his own name back to him politely. Already, she could feel herself withdrawing some from the conversation. Belros was not elf, his lifespan would be much shorter than her own.

    "Ma'am. I just came to make sure that eagle on your shoulder is properly trained and to inform you that you will be held responsible for any inconvenience it may cause." Gethin's ears flicked back as the half-orc spoke. The wolf wasn't quite sure he liked the much large creature being so close to his elf. The dark wolf let himself raise so that he was sitting up between Orina's legs, golden orbs locked onto the intimidating human creature. The wolf would make no move to attack, but he watched, attention completely upon the other non-feathery male in the small group now.

  9. Bediviere looked at the half-orc and blinked a few times. The eagle started to speak, distracting her as she tried to follow his faster Auran again. She sighed and shook her head. "I give up on you, bird. Don't know why you were sent with me. I can't even begin to understand you enough to catch more than three words out of ten. Eventually maybe I'll get the hang of it."

    She turned back to the half-orc. "Don't you worry. The eagle won't be harming anyone. Zazu is all talk and only bites me. He's my friend's pet, but was sent with me to help me find the people she sent for. He apparently knows what they look like because she told him a little bit, but there are more elves here than he was expecting so he's a little lost. Your name, sir, wouldn't happen to be Belros?"

    Aldran loved the small village and all of it's people. He wasn't the only human among a village of elves, but he was the only human raised by elves in the village of a mixture of races. The family was already at The Two Horns so once he was done with some of his work at the temple - which he loathed to a point - he rushed to meet them at the tavern. A smile was already on his face as he thought of the waitress there, young Elsi whom he had many fun times with in the past couple years as he grew into his features. She wasn't one of the only women he knew in the village, but was the only one he imagined he'd see this night. One of his other women was home with her son, and the other had to work at one of the gates tonight. If Elsi was too busy for him, he figured the guard wouldn't mind if he distracted the other there at the gates for a little while. He was almost at the tavern when he saw a couple soldiers from the capital exiting the inn and heading towards the tavern as well. The soldiers only numbered three, but they had done nothing but try to cause trouble in the village since they arrived early that morning. He'd had to listen to a few of the tales at the chapel, as well as having had the pleasure of meeting them around midday himself.

    With the soldiers headed for the tavern, Aldran hesitated before deciding he'd just head straight for the gate to waste time this evening rather than join his family. They hadn't really expected him to come anyway, so it wouldn't be a big deal to ditch them. As he passed the inn though, Elsi came out the side entrance to get some water from the barrel that they had set outside to cool a little as night fell, and she caught him passing.

    "Good evening, Aldran," she called out, stepping out from the narrow walkway to meet him. This caught the soldiers attention as the three turned towards them and started to walk towards the two.

    "Well well," the one in the middle started as he leered at Elsi and ignored Aldran's presence entirely. "A young and pretty thing like you shouldn't be outside with a boy alone, you know? Perhaps we can help keep you safe, yeah?"

    One of the others started snickering, pushing Aldran aside to help block the walkway as the other moved to the other side of the speaker. Seeing that there was no way through, Aldran ran into the tavern and, seeing Belros, tapped his arm.

    "Boy am I glad to see you here, man. Those damn city soldiers sent from the capital are out there causing trouble with Elsi. You gotta help me out with them!" he told Belros before backing up and leaving again. He'd had enough of a mind to at least nod to Miss Sylvirleaf before he stepped away, though, so she was acknowledged before he disappeared to the street where the soldiers had managed to back Elsi into a wall.
  10. Belros gave the elven woman a strange look as she talked about not understanding her bird. The half-orc wasn't aware animals were capable of speech like that, but he didn't speak up about it, since there were many things he didn't know yet, especially about elves.
    He gave a quick nod when Bediviere assured him that the eagle was well trained, and he was about to leave again, until she talked about that friend. To him, this did set off a bell, especially when she asked him about his name. "Is this about-" He asked, but was cut off by a tap on his arm. It actually startled him a little, as he didn't exepect someone to walk up to him in here. "Boy am I glad to see you here, man. Those damn city soldiers sent from the capital are out there causing trouble with Elsi. You gotta help me out with them!" Aldran told him and left again. Without a moment of hesitation, the guard followed behind the troubled citizen and only processed the sentence halfway out the tavern. The soldiers from the city were causing trouble. It didn't surprise him in the least that they did, those guys looked down upon the village from the moment they set foot in Neimod, why they were even stationed there was a mystery to Belros. The fact that they were making the villagers feel less at ease ticked him off. It was their duty to prevent and handle trouble, not cause it.

    As he followed Aldran outside, a few steps out the door and into the walkway at the side of the inn. Belros saw poor Elsi against the wall, with three men standing around her. He couldn't make out her face, but she definitely wasn't comfortable in her position. "What seems to be the situation here? I received complaints about improper behaviour. Explain yourselves!" Belros said loudly in an attempt to get the soldiers' attention.
  11. Orina, green

    Orina watched the interaction between the blonde elf and the half-orc. Perhaps she was shamelessly eavesdropping, but then again the conversation was taking place right in front of her. She could move, she supposed, to give them privacy. But she'd at over here to escape the majority of the party goers. A growl of warning lifted from Gethins throat, just seconds before Aldran made an appearance as well.

    "Boy am I glad to see you here, man. Those damn city soldiers sent from the capital are out there causing trouble with Elsi. You gotta help me out with them!"

    Belors, a good guard it seemed. Immediately went outside to the man, and Elsi's aid. The elven woman had risen without realizing it. A hand reached for her quiver before it paused midway, she didn't have her weapons on her. An odd expression crossed over her face for a brief moment. She'd left them at home because her mother had counselled against bringing sharp pointy objects to where a bunch of drunken folk would be. Her home was on the opposite edge of town. After a few seconds, she sat back down. She would be useless if she tried to help right then. It's the guard's responsibility anyways. She tried to convince herself, but the unsettled feeling wasn't going away, and soon Gethin was growling at her as her leg began to jiggle and her fingers began to tap at the table restlessly.
  12. The soldiers were nearly standing against Elsi, who had been backed into the wall while the three made lewd comments to her. As soon as Aldran and Belros came out, with Belros bellowing for them to explain themselves, two of them backed off entirely, while one only stepped aside to let the girl have a chance to run back in.

    "Why should I, Mendose, explain myself to some ugly abomination like you? Don't you know I'm from the capital? Or are you too dumb to even know what that means?" he sneered at the half-orc, putting a hand on his sword at his hip. The other two, a little more emboldened now that their "leader" was talking, returned to his side, both drawing their swords. "Maybe we should teach you ignorant little hicks a lesson on etiquette."

    Aldran only replied by taking out his greatsword and holding it at the ready. He'd fight these bigots for sure, both for messing with (one of) his girls and for insulting his home and its inhabitants. He may not be the most reliable of guys in the village, and many of them were wary of him because he was a human in a family of elves, and thought poorly of him because of promiscuity, but he would still protect them!

    "You can try to teach whatever you want, but I feel like it's you who shall have been taught a lesson!"

    Bediviere stood and looked out the window, making a noise of wonder at the scene. "Looks like they are about to get into a fight," she commented as she looked back at the elven girl she'd been chatting with. "Tell me, if you had a bow would you do anything to assist them? Would you fight without knowing the cause if you were called to it?" She looked around and found one man with a bow slug over his shoulder in a corner, probably about to go to guard duty after he finished here since he looked to be one of the more sober ones. She walked over and spoke to him for a moment, and then returned with a longbow, offering it to Orina.

    Combat Order (open)


  13. A small smirk tugged at Belros' lips when two of the troublemakers backed off, feeling accomplished that his little tactic worked. However, it quickly faded as the third person didn't seem to care about a direct order from a guard. Instead, he turned around and began insulting Belros just for being a half-orc. Of course they would know and hold it against him. Belros ignored the insults like he had ofttimes before, but couldn't hold in a sigh. It was simply another pretentious, racist human being. He was really getting tired of this prejudice.
    "You're not above the law." Belros responded. "I don't know much about the capital, but over here harassment, ignoring direct orders and threatening a guard on duty with a weapon are all against the law. I'd say you'll get five days in jail, although I can lower it to one if you drop your weapons now!" He explained as he strapped his shield to his left arm then drew his longsword and pointed the tip at the leader. "Last chance." He said with a low growl, baring his fangs as he stared the man in the eyes. The guard would refrain from attacking just yet and instead mentally prepared for the incoming fight.

    Belros had already examined the scene. The attention was now on both Belros and Aldran, so Elsi should be able to sneak or run away from the soldiers, which was his primary objective. He wasn't worried much about Aldran's safety. While young, Aldran was a strong man, obviously determined to fight for the safety of his friend, so Belros would let him. In fact, Belros was glad Aldran did. Three against one was a bit much, but with the boy at his side the odds were more in their favour.
    He was ready for a battle. It had been a while.
  14. Aldran scowled and gave a sideways glance at Belros before just taking the initiative and starting the fight. He swung with an upwards slash at the closest guard (whom I'll call Corvose for the sake of a name, the other will be called Zuko for the same reason) with his greatsword with a "Raaaa!!" battlecry. The guard tried to sidestep and avoid the swing but he was too slow and was dealt a deep cut where part of his side was exposed under his armor.

    The other guard looked at his very injured comrade and angrily attacked Aldran in return, but his anger clouded his aim with the sword and he missed Aldran, but only by an inch or two. The injured guard, Corvose, scowled and, despite his wound, also swung at Aldran. The boy had been so focused on Zuko that he didn't see the other attack, but it only grazed his leg with a shallow wound.

    While the guards were focused on the boy, Mendose had all of his attention on the guard in front of him. He laughed at the suggestion that he give in to the local law and lay his arms.

    "You really think your laws here apply to us? We only obey the capital's laws! And they say that heathen's need punished whenever possible. I believe that this applies in this case, especially since your boy there has just attacked one of my men!" As he finished his statement he swung his sword at Belros.

    [[Okay, Mendose has a +6 to his d20 roll. I forgot to make sure that the roll can support an added number to the dice so that wasn't added. However, if the d20 roll +6 hits Belros versus his AC, then the attack hit and the damage is 7 HP lost for Belros. Orina has a chance to act, and then we will have the next combat round.]]
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Aldran's Attack Total: 9 $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Aldran Damage Total: 6 $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Zuko attack Total: 8 $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Zuko damage Total: 5 $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Corvose attak Total: 14 $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Corvose attak Total: 1 $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Mendose Attak Total: 14 $dice
    Jovian threw 10-faced die for: Mendose Damage Total: 4 $dice
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  15. Heathen. Belros could only shake his head as the word came from such an evil, close-minded individual. But while his mind was weak, his body certainly wasn't and his sword hit fast and hard. His swing cut past the armour, into Belros' flesh, but the half-orc wouldn't show just how painful the attack was. "So he's not just all bark and no bite, then." Belros thought to himself as he tried to ignore the pain and went in for an attack.
    Majem threw 20-faced die for: attack Total: 14 $dice
    Majem threw 6-faced die for: damage Total: 2 $dice
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  16. Orina, green
    "Looks like they are about to get into a fight," Orina didn't comment as her eyes snapped back to the blonde elf as, well she assumed, she began to speak to her again. The brunette managed to cease her finger tapping as she let her focus go to the blonde and not her own thoughts. However, the wolf at her feet had taken up pacing as he picked up on Orina's restlessness. The brunettes head tilted just a little bit as the other elf looked at her. "Tell me, if you had a bow would you do anything to assist them? Would you fight without knowing the cause if you were called to it?" Orina's leg froze, toes on the floor and heal off of it, mid jiggle as she came up with her answer. Green eyes followed as the speaker walked away to speak to someone only to return with a bow and quiver. Gethin stopped pacing and let his own orbs focus on the same target, watching the other elfs movements.

    "Yes, if I had a bow, I would try to help." She answered the first question, even as her eyes narrowed a little bit while she tried to figure out just how the other elf knew she used a bow. For the second half of her question, Orina took more time to answer it as she ran her mind over it. Quietly, she reached out and took the offered bow. She let her fingers run over it, it was rougher than her own at home, not as well made and older than hers. But it felt sturdy enough for use. "It would depend." She finally began to answer the second of the other elf's question as she stood. "If I thought, or had suspicion, that the unknown cause would be harmful or dark in intent, then no, I would not assist." She paused, swinging the sling onto her back and adjusting the strap to the best of her ability to ft so that this quiver would roughly be about where her own would be. "However, if it was for a good cause and I thought I could help. Then yes, I'd fight for it." She finished before reaching down and running her fingertips along Gethins head. The gold eyed wolf let his tail wag once in response to the small touch. The wolf didn't quite understand what the other two beings said, but he could respond to what he picked up from his elf. Right now, he picked up the feel of a hunt.

    Orina walked over to peer out the window Bediviere had been looking out of a few moments before. Green orbs took in the three guards and their weaponry for a few moments before she looked over at her shoulder. Her eyes found her family, they were still doing what they had been the last time she looked. Her father seemed to be a bit more intoxicated, but that was to be expected. For a moment, Orina glanced back at the window and thought about just jumping through it. But with a bit more thought, she decided that was probably not for the best. She was an archer, keeping a bit of distance was generally a good idea. A small tingle shot through her as her body seemed to ready itself. The brunette began to make her way towards the door, weaving through the crowd in a way so as not to pull attention to herself, her steps taking on the same measure they would if she were after a stag in the surrounding woods.

    At the fell of the crisp air hitting her face, the elf took a breath through her nose before turning to look at Gethin. There where threes men all armed, she wouldn't be close all that close to them herself, but Gethin.... The hunter close her eyes like her grandmother had taught her and pictured a massive brown bear. The elf took a moment to think about how hard it was to pierce it's hide and how massive and hard to hurt it was. Green orbs opened, glowing just a bit as she laid her hand on Gethins head and applied that hard to hurt aspect of a bear to the wolf. her hand glowed green for a second then Gethins seemed to be outlined in the same green light before his body pulsed and seemed to bulk up a bit as the bear aspect applied to his frame. Orina let her hand fall away, tracking the change to the wolf. It was weird, but it would keep her companion safer.

    With that, the two of them jogged to where the action was taking place. Orina paused at about thirty feet away, figuring that was far enough that she would have at least some time to move before she caught the full force of a hit. Gethin paused next to his elf, shaking his fur out. It always felt weird to the wolf when Orina applied an animal aspect to him. But he'd long since figured out that it was temporary. The beast let his face fix into a silent snarl as golden orbs landed on the three obnoxious smelling guards. However he didn't move from the elfs side just yet. He thought that was the prey but he wouldn't be sure until his elf aimed and shot for them. He would wait. Orina, slid an arrow from the quiver and notched the bow in her hand. Again, she briefly compared the quality between the borrowed equipment and her own. Again, she determined it would work fine.
  17. Aldran took a moment to consider his injuries before making another attack, this time swinging at the uninjured guy, Zuko. Taking his greatsword, he made a horizontal slashing motion, aiming for the guy's legs.

    Zuko was ready for the strike, and the sword missed, not even grazing his armored legs at all. As soon as he could, with a smirk he swung his own sword at Aldran and hit his unprotected shoulder that was holding his sword. The boy stumbled back a little from the hit, and Corvose saw his chance and jumped in to attack as well. The sword hit Aldran as well, knocking him to the ground and unable to protect himself or attack back.

    Bediviere stepped out behind Orina but stayed near the door and watched the group. She wasn't going to step into the fight, because there was no reason to, but she would have to if it looked like someone might die. There was no reason for death because of ignorance, nor was there reason for these city guards to go unpunished. As soon as she saw Aldran go down, she said a quick prayer and stepped forward, her right hand glowing as she touched his wounded shoulder. As soon as he felt the touch, Aldran felt life surge into him.

    Though the hit wasn't hard, Mendose still scowled at the fact that he'd been hit by this half-orc. He made an angry noise as he swung his sword again, hoping for a hit.
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Aldran Total: 6 $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Aldran Total: 3 $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Corvose Total: 18 $dice
    Jovian threw 8-faced die for: Corvose Total: 1 $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Zuko Total: 12 $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Zuko Total: 5 $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Mendose Total: 13 $dice
    Jovian threw 8-faced die for: Mendose Total: 3 $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Bediviere - Cure Total: 14 $dice $dice $dice $dice
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  18. Orina, green
    Orina flinched and stiffened as she watched the half-orc fall. He didn't look all that good. Orina could feel her adrenaline spiking. She didn't normally go after two legged pray and the situation was settling in. Green orbs took in the rest of the scene, noting that the other elf had gone to the humans aid. Which, in her mind, left her to aid the fallen guard. Target set, the brunette pulled up the bow and pulled back the draw string, breathing in before taking careful aim at the half-orcs assailant before breathing out and letting the arrow fly. Hopefully, drawing the man's attention away from the fallen Belros. Seconds later, the elf had another arrow notched as she stood at the ready to fire again. Orina could swear she herd her own heartbeat pounding in her ears.

    Meanwhile, as soon as his ears had picked up the whistle of Orina's arrow, Gethin paused for just a moment before he charged at the same target, aiming to latch onto the mans calf. A vicious snarl ripping out of the wolf's throat as he tried to clamp his jaws around the man.
    Silver threw 20-faced die for: Orina Attack Total: 13 $dice
    Silver threw 8-faced die for: Orina Damage Total: 1 $dice
    Silver threw 20-faced die for: Gethin Attack Total: 9 $dice
    Silver threw 6-faced die for: Gethin Damage Total: 5 $dice
  19. He was grateful to Bediviere but figured he could tell the elven stranger his thanks after the fight, so he grabbed his sword and got up. His body still needed a moment to recover, though, so that was all he managed to do - that, and give Zuko and Corvosa dirty looks that promised horrible things to come.

    Corvosa and Zuko weren't bothered by this. If a boy could fall once, they could fall twice, they figured. They both swung for the still winded swordsman, but apparently they were a little slow as he was able to avoid both blades coming at him, sidestepping one and blocking the other with his sword.

    Bediviere sighed and started another prayer, moving to Belros to touch him with a healing spell.

    Mendose tried to dodge the arrow headed his way, but he saw it too late and had his neck nicked. Since the archer didn't seem like much of a threat, he moved to attack the woman healing his enemies, dodging the wolf as he slashed at the healer, hitting her while she was finishing up her spell but not preventing it. However, she did lose consciousness and fall to the ground at the half-orc's feet from the hit, much to the delight of the pretty bloody Mendose.

    [[Add 15 HP to Belros.]]
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Corvosa - Zuko - Mendose Total: 26 $dice $dice $dice
    Jovian threw 6-faced die for: Corvosa - Zuko Total: 9 $dice $dice
    Jovian threw 8-faced die for: Mendose Total: 7 $dice
    Jovian threw 8-faced die for: Bediviere - Cure Total: 11 $dice $dice
    Jovian threw 20-faced die for: Bediviere - Concentration Total: 17 $dice
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  20. Something had gone wrong. Everything was dark and he couldn't feel anything. Did he fail? Had that unruly character defeated him? Had he left Aldran alone with those three criminals? No, this couldn't be. He had to get up, he had to save that kid, nevermind Belros dying, but Aldran was too young to lose his life already especially after trying to save someone else's.
    Then he felt the life surge back into him. Belros found himself on the floor, clenching to his weaponry, with the woman from the tavern at his side. The fallen half-orc felt surprisingly fine despite the circumstances he was in, she must've done something to him. "She's a healer?" He thought to himself and was about to say his thanks until she fell unconscious at his feet. That bastard Mendose clearly hadn't enough killing one man, now he was attacking healers! This bastard had to go down, no matter the cost, he had sinned far too much to be left roaming free.

    Belros yelled an orcish battle cry as he pushed himself up from his prone position with his shield while making an upward slash at Mendose with his longsword. He hadn't used orcish in a long time, as he would be chastised if he did, but whenever his anger grew too fierce he resorted to speaking his father's tongue. Belros' mother held great respect for orcs and taught him the language when he was old enough to know not to use it in town. There was something comforting about angrily speaking in Orc, quite like humans swear, the half-orc spoke Orc.
    Majem threw 20-faced die for: Belros' attack Total: 13 $dice
    Majem threw 6-faced die for: Belros' damage Total: 1 $dice
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