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    Thank you everyone who has turned in the application and got the job! Whoop! Congratulations! I hope we all get along and that we treat each just like we would a family member, this a business where there are many customers so please don't take the customers to lightly. Of course having fun is always a good thing and if you're hungry then you can just use the ingredients in the kitchen to make you something (seeing as how I do it every morning). Good luck!

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    Adriana groaned at the sound of alarm clock, her hand lazily moved around on top of her nightstand as it searched for the annoying sound beeping near her. Finally finding the cold metal clock she slammed her hand down on it and the sound stopped, it was a wonder the dang thing still worked. It took probably another 5 minutes before she realized that today would be the first of work for the new employees, some of them she knows and some of them she didn't. Jumping of her bed she hurried into her blue decorated bathroom and got ready for the day, after 8 minutes of brushing both her teeth and her short hair she hurried back into her room and got dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Yesterday she had watched the news and its supposed to be really warm today so this seemed like a good idea to her.

    Once again looking at herself in the mirror she couldn't help but see a bit of her mother in her eyes and the memory that she had passed away a month ago was a bit fresh in her mind. Shaking her head, she reminded herself that remembering a sad moment wasn't good for her energetic personality.
    Picking up her phone from off the charger connected to the wall she hurried up to dial her phone before making her way out of her apartment so that she could be the first one at the Restaurant.


    Alexandra was already getting dressed in a pair of shorts and a loose green shirt, her hair was short but she somehow managed to put it into a small ponytail with her bangs and a few strands hanging out. Standing up from the couch when her phone rang she picked it up already knowing that her sister was the one calling.
    "Today's the day!" Adriana's happy voice on the other side didn't change Alex's bored expression as she waited for her roommate Jacqueline to hurry up and get dressed.
    "It would be funny if they ended up ditching you on the first day you re-open the restaurant," Alexandra spoke while once again sitting on the couch with a smirk on her face, already predicting what her older sister was going to say.

    "Ah, don't jinx me you stupid cat!" Adriana squealed jokingly on the other end, she sometimes called Alex a cat because she sort of had the personality of a cat. Of course if someone asked Alex who she thought was like a cat, it would have to be Jacqueline. The sound of one of the bedroom doors opening had Alex's coffee brown eyes look up to see the pretty blonde who still looked sleepy. She had on a pair of knee length pants and a blue camouflage colored T-shirt that hugged her nicely, Jacky's long blonde hair was in a long braid that lay on her shoulders and since there were a few pieces of hair falling out Alex knew she didn't brush her hair thoroughly.
    "Alright, we'll meet you in 20 minutes," With that Alexandra hung up the phone and she left the apartment with Jacky beside her. Just like she had said on the phone, it took 20 minutes to get to restaurant from the location of their apartment. Even though Alexandra was alright from the exercise, Jacky felt like she was on the verge of passing out.

    "No more," She whined as they entered the large restaurant, a figure of a brunette woman leaning against the bar turned to look at them and Jacqueline grinned at the sight of Adriana.
    "I'll be in the pantry," Jacky yawned, walking over to Adriana she gave her a hug before leaving the two sisters alone as the two of them waited for the employees to show up.
  2. Natalya heard the alarm of her phone go off from the kitchen, where she was having breakfast. She put her toast down and went to her room, looking for the noisy machine. It was on top of her nightstand, and before the 5 minutes alarm went off, she deactivated it. Natalya took a deep breath, today's the day. She couldn't help but be anxious, after all, it was her first day of work in her new job. It's going to be okay, she kept saying to herself, it is. Unexpectedly, she felt the texture of fur in between her legs, when she looked down, Mew, her cat, was rubbing himself against her. Then he stopped to look at her, soon followed by a meaw.

    "You're right. It's useless to keep worrying like this. Thank you, Mew. You're an Angel.", Naty smiled to the cat while petting it. When the cat was satisfied with the affection and went to sleep, she started to prepare herself for her first day of work. Natalya took a quick shower and brushed her teeth at the same time. When clean and dried, she got dressed in a white shirt, black leather jacket, black pants and a pair of black shoes with medium heels. The makeup was simple, eye liner and mascara. Her hair was loose and still a little wet, she quickly brushed it and let it dry naturally. It will be completely dry by the time she arrives at the restaurant. Natalya took her bag and her car's keys, and before she left she glanced to a picture of her grandmother.

    "Wish me luck, grandma.", Naty gave a warm smile and stepped out of the house.

    "Bye, Mew! Mom will be back by the end of the day! Do not break anything!", all she got was a "meaw" as a reply. Finally locking the house, she puts on a Ray Ban sunglass and got in the car, which was a Impala 67.

    Natalya was right about her hair, when she arrived it was completely dried, just a little messy. So she brushed it again before getting out of the car. Naty took off her sunglass and put it in her bag. Finally entering the restaurant, she gave a charming smile and said in a sweet voice:

  3. A resounding ring echoed from his charging cell phone as Falco lifted his head from his arms; he had nodded off on his desk from a late night of studying. He groggily picked up his cell phone and read the caller ID - It was the hospital again.

    "Not them again..."

    Slightly annoyed, Falco put the phone down and let it ring. The medical bills for his grampa' needed paying and he was the only family his grampa' had, and vice versa. Paying the bills, so far, had proven stressful, for the added medical expenses in addition to his apartment rent and school fees greatly skyrocketed the amount of money he needed to earn. The restaurant where he used to work for closed down, so that, in turn, meant no income for him. Getting the job at Adriana's Restaurant was a timely blessing.

    He put on highlights of the basketball games played the prior night while brushing his teeth - Oh how he wished to play again. He rinsed and proceeded to pack up his school books, he would need them during break at work to study for his soon approaching exam. Falco walked into his bathroom and stared blankly into the mirror, he looked dazed and unattached to his surrounding. He continued to stare as if time for him had stopped - maybe he wished it did... Life had been so busy lately and he yearned for a break. He wished he had more control over his own life; at least then he could pause everything like it was a video game. If only it was as simple as he dreamed. Another alarm echoed through his "dainty" apartment, awakening him from his 10 second day dream. Falco patted his face as if to reground himself in reality and walked out of his bathroom to turn off the alarm.

    Falco's room was sweltering, a prelude to the situation outside his residence. He put on his black bucket hat, a plain red v-neck shirt, cargo shorts, Black crew cut socks and black Vans. Falco gathered his book-bag, his duffle bag filled with his work clothing and his car keys and made his way out of his apartment.

    "Here's hoping for the best." Falco muttered as he got into his '03 Honda Civic.

    Falco parked his car, walked into Adriana's Restaurant and with an air of indifference uttered

  4. (okay)
    Drake yawned softly and sat up in his bed. He whined when he remembered he had to go to work and then proceed to get dress. He fed Fluffy before heading off to Adriana's restaurant.
    "YO!" he shouted, bursting through the front doors. Drake went over and flicked Falco's head, bored out of his mind. He then giggled, entertained, and did it again.
    "I'm bored." Drake whined, and went to Adriana and bother her.​
  5. Shana walked down to her kitchen as she prepared herself two sandwiches: one for breakfast and the other she'll be taking with her.Although she works in a restaurant,she always tries to bring a sandwich for her break time.Packing one of the sandwiches in a little pouch,she picked up the other sandwich and ate it—still with the other sandwich in her hand—and made her way back to her room.Finishing her little breakfast,she dressed herself in her usual top (that looks like it has another shirt inside),short loose white layered skirt,thigh socks,and black shoes.Straightening out her long black hair with her brush and putting her hair clips on parallel to each other on the right side of her head,she grabbed her backpack,shove the sandwich in,an headed out the quiet house while locking the door behind her.Checking the door twice,she started her walk to work.

    She lived alone in that house,since her parents,with her younger brother,are somewhere else because of work and because they think Shana's old enough to learn to live by herself.She didn't really mind since she had wonderful neighbors and her parents and brother still visit her once in a while.

    Shana continued on her walk to the restaurant after a few good-mornings to the old ladies(most) in her neighborhood.She even heard someone say "Shouldn't you be heading to school?" like some days.She looked a bit younger that her actual age,thus people sometimes think that she's just 16 or something.She doesn't really mind since that's 'just' a 3-year difference from her actual age.

    After her 30-minute walk,she finally reached the restaurant.Fixing her hair a bit,she pushed the door and held onto the handle until it completely closed.

    "Good morning" she greeted with her usual warm smile.
  6. Drake attempted to hug Shana from behind, deciding not to go bother the boss. What he should have been doing was getting straight to work, but he didn't really feel like it. Instead, he wished to annoy people, as it was more entertaining. Perhaps that was why he had gotten beat up the other day... Nah, those guys were just jerks who were jealous of Drake's self-proclaimed swag. Well, at least according to Drake they were. He began to space out, which he tended to do pretty often, actually.​
  7. Shana held out her palm and covered Drake's face with it right before he got a chance to touch her."Don't even think about it" she huffed,not even looking up at him.She was stretching her whole arm almost to its greatest extent,since she was a bit drawfed compared to Drake's height.Standing at 5'3,she wasn't that much surprised whenever someone would mistake her to be younger than her actual age.
  8. Adriana grinned as she looked at the staff, it had been so long since the restaurant had opened and today seemed like a special day for her at the moment.
    "Aren't you just excited?" Adri squealed as she jumped onto Alexandra's back, Alex groaned as she stumbled a bit but didn't fall off.
    "Get off, fatty!" Alexandra groaned as she tried to shake her sister off of her but Adriana had a good grip on her.
    "Ah?! Did you just call me fat? Respect your elders!" Adriana gasped before she grabbed Alexandra's head and giving her a noogie, just as Alex reached back to grab her Adriana jumped off her back and grinned before turning around to look at everyone.
    "Acting like a kid..." Alexandra grumbled but couldn't help but grin a bit at her sister's behavior, at least she wasn't as depressed like she was before deciding to re-open the restaurant.
    "Well, everyone knows their job position right? The restaurant will be opening up in about 20 minutes so you guys have a bit of time to do what you want," Adriana announced with a smile on her face, her hair was a bit of a mess from playing around with Alexandra so she flattened it a bit before she remembered that Jacky was asleep in the pantry again.
    "Alex, can you go get Jacqueline? She should be out here mingling," Adriana asked her sister with a puppy look on her face, Alexandra raised a playful eyebrow at her before she went to get her friend.
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  9. Drake whined, Shana's hand in his face.
    "Shaaanaaaaa...." he complained, trying to hug her again. "I just want a hug..." Drake lied. He wanted more than a hug, but what sane pervert would admit to that? Definitely not him, at the very least. He reached out his arms to hug her again, pouting. "Please?"
  10. "I don't even know that kid..." Falco thought to himself as he ignored the guy and wondered around the restaurant. He walked around the restaurant, making sure he knew his table numbers and getting used to the environment. Falco wanted to avoid making any mistakes if possible on his first day. Less mistakes means more money for him, after all, he needed all the money he could salvage.

    "The atmosphere here is surprisingly relaxed. Nothing at all like my former place of employment. The owner seems lighthearted and cheerful, she seems to rubs off on everyone she works with" Falco muttered lowly, as he continued to look around the restaurant. After he was done looking around, Falco made his way to the back of the restaurant, towards the restrooms and dressed up for work.

    He came out in his crisp uniform making sure he had his order book and a couple pens. He was ready for work.

    "It's about that time..."
  11. Twenty more minutes?Just great... Shana thought,sighing before turning her head towards Drake and put more pressure on her arm."N-no!Stop!" she growled,pushing him,or rather his face,back.She was starting to feel the need of kicking him on his stomach,but she resisted.They were inside the restaurant after all,and she didn't want to ruin anything,especially how it hasn't even opened yet.
  12. Drake moved her arm away and picked her up in a hug. He swayed, humming.
    "You're so cute~" he teased, nuzzling her. "You're all short and fluffy~"
  13. Falco stood and watched blankly as the girl was bullied by the other guy. He walked by the scene and casually went to the employees room in search of Alexandra, he figured the seemingly happy go lucky owner, Adriana wouldn't be the best enforcer of restaurant policy.

    "I don't really care about their rough-housing but the restaurant opens soon and if they make a mess, guests won't want to dine here... That means I won't make money..." Falco thought to himself as he approached Alex.

    "You going to do something about those two?" Falco said indifferently as he pointed towards the scene.
  14. "Kyaa!I-idiot!Put me down!" Shana shrieked,trying to push herself away from him.She felt her cheeks starting to boil in embarrassment."I-I'm not a kid,you know!"
  15. "Hm? Nah, they can have play time all they want. Its always a good thing to have a bit of fun before you have to work, it wouldn't be good if we went to work in a sour mood," Alexandra spoke, she remembered that when Adriana had first opened up the restaurant she was always being loud and that's probably why she had so many regular customers.
    "Of course if they're still like that then it would be a problem and I would have to step in," Alex told him with a shake of her head, opening the door to the pantry she found Jacky leaning against the wall with her eyes shut as she slept.
    "Jacqueline, get up so you can go meet the other employees," Alex tapped Jacqueline's thigh with her foot, slowly her friend woke up and Alex helped her up. When Jacqueline stretched Alexandra couldn't help but think of a cat; of course since Jacky had a black belt in martial arts and kendo, Alexandra considered her a lethal cat.
    "Alright, I'm up... I'm Jacky," Jacqueline introduced herself to the guy that was behind Alexandra, she might as well start with the first face she wasn't familiar with.
  16. "...But you're the size of one." Drake protested. He squeezed Shana, hugging her tighter. "I hereby claim you as my pet. Yes. You are now my pet Foofy the cat. I need to buy you some of those fake cat ears and a tail." Drake pet Shana's head, humming.​
  17. Falco's eyebrows rose in surprise for a split second and went back to indifference. The response he got from Alex wasn't what he was expecting, it surprised him somewhat. Adriana's Restaurant continued to separate itself from other restaurants with its uniqueness. It was Falco's first time in such a relaxed and light environment, work-wise. Alex opened the door to the pantry of the restaurant and inside it was some girl. Falco, once again, raised his eyebrows in surprise and regained composure seconds later.

    "Sleeping girls in pantries? I thought I had seen it all already..." Falco thought to himself as he watched Alex poke the girl awake. The girl lazily introduced herself to Falco.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Falco Sabine." Falco replied blandly as he reached out his hand in an attempt at a handshake.
  18. Shana stopped for a moment when Drake tightened his hug."C-cat ears?" she repeated in a mumble,feeling her face turn to a bright red.She remembered the former club she was in and how she was forced in cat ears almost everyday,and she refuses to go back there.No,especially now."Idiot!" she shouted,kneeing his underneath as hard as she could in hopes that he would let go now that he would be in pain,and just because of plain annoyance and embarrassment of the thought of being someone's "pet".
  19. Drake cried out in pain, releasing Shana. He swore left and right out of pain and anger. He whacked Shana upside the head. "Bad kitty."
  20. Jacqueline smiled at him before she made her way back to the front of the restaurant with everyone, Alexandra right behind her. There were a couple of faces Jacky didn't recognize so she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned.
    "I'm Jacqueline, nice to meet you everyone!" She spoke in a slightly loud voice as she waved at everyone, Adriana grinned before skipping over to Jacky and pulling her into a hug.
    "Sleep is all you think about, isn't it?" Adriana laughed as she hugged her friend tightly, letting her go she looked over at the clock before making her way over to the door. Turning the 'closed' sign she grinned as the 'open' side faced outside of the restaurant to let everyone know that it was opened.
    "Alrighty! Let's get the ball rolling! The restaurant is now opened, let's get into our positions!" Adri shouted out to everyone, Alexandra prepared to act as the hostess even though she usually does work as a waitress. Jacky made her way into the kitchen and waited for any orders that would be brought to her.
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