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    • The world of Helniclaiir has for countless ages been the stage of numerous kingdoms, fiefdoms, nations and cultures. All struggling for a stronger claim to power than their neighbors, be it political, military, economical or purely harboring the greatest population. Due to this the borders are ever changing, and few rulers are brought into history. If there is one constant in the world, it would be the church, reaching across nations and races alike. Telling their followers of the divine pantheon governing their world, and of course whom all blame should be cast upon.

      From the vast mountain ranges in the north and the frozen hell beyond, through the dark forests into the seemingly neverending plains around the inland sea. The uncountable east islands and the humid swamps and marches to the west, stretching into the same ocean which ebbs from the southern desert before it comes ashore upon an empty tundra. All is within the churchs grasp as the heretics and pagans of all races and species are periodically culled.

      Nonetheless the constellation of gods both light and dark have been almost neverchanging since the beginning. And the balance seem to be in no risk of faltering, though the light side cover the farthest ground. Somehow the life of simply people might be just as bad no matter what gods they pray to. In the most turbulent and constantly changing areas regarding whom they pay their taxes and send their sons and daughters to serve for, they simply do not care either way.

      And the capability to reach for the heavens with your actions is a dream none but children hold onto, however, the chance at becoming a successful warrior is by far greater than that of learning the mystical arts. Even if you join the church as one of their priests, to ever hold the miracles of their faith at the tip of your fingers is but an illusion on the horizon. What wizards, witches, sorcerers and mages there are living secluded lives or playing the part of heroes in mythic tales.

      Thus Helniclaiir would have stayed the same, continuing on their golden middle age, but something set in motion long ago has suddenly gained haste. A being appeared among the dark gods, known only as the Fairy, and she is not satisfied by the shares of power in the world. But without countless followers for her fellow dark gods, such things would not formerly have been amiable to change.

      In a caravan journeying for the infamous Blaken Dune, the slave merchandise are silently coming to peace with their destiny. Though some of them do not fit the usual profile, a number of people formerly of power have found this as their final destination. Famous warriors caught by the enemy, leaders usurped by their subjects, advisers accused of treason, important officials, rich merchants and high-born betrayed by their friends and those that wanted their influence. No matter their past, these people harbor a bottomless hatred for those that put them there, for the world itself, and they will never allow themselves broken.

      These feelings would in all events go unanswered, but among the slaves is the First, a man hunted by the church for his heretic ways. And he has in them found pieces that do not accept the unfair world. Together with them he shall cast the world into darkness, he shall show them ways to power unimaginable, and their hate shall become the terror of those that dare to stand against them. For they will be, the Acolytes of Evil.

    • Helniclaiir is as said home to countless diverse races, including various humanoids, beast-men and demi-humans, as well as sentient species not closely related to the former. Most if not all of them keeping nations and cultures of their own, though almost exclusively adhering to the religion of the church. Most wide-spread are the humans, their kingdoms slowly but surely claiming more and more of the other races lands, the former citizens having to adapt to the new order. But life is like always, not vastly better or worse than before. Though some races are persecuted if only for their heritage.
      -We will more likely than not accept your character belonging to any race you want to use, though if it is an original race we would like a brief introduction of their physical appearance and any special traits they might show, as well as their most usual cultural and state-wise systems and norms.-

      As nations, states, kingdoms and tribal territories rise and fall constantly, there are numerous minor countries trying to survive and expand in Helniclaiir. These countries also tote armies and create as well as break alliances with others of their ilk.
      -If you want your character to originate from a specific country, give a short view of the place even if you don't want to use it further into the story.-

      There is magic in the world, as well as in both living and dead things. And very rarely someone is born with the ability to utilize this magic directly, but even if there are some similar points between these wild-mages, they are in large much more diverse in both their use and view of magic, magic doesn't seem to follow the same rules for all of them.
      Because of this, it is far more feasible to pray and offer tribute to a god or higher being for the ability to use magic, either by being granted or possibly loaning some of their divine might. Real wizards and witches have usually been granted the ability to see and touch upon the magic all around them, which is closer to what the wild-mages are able to do, but still done through a filter of their patron god.‏
      -Even if your character happens to be a wild-mage, the main part of your acolytes power will likely come from your patron god, power sacrificed to obtain, sacrificed once more to maintain and sacrificed yet again to strengthen. We will allow many bizarre ideas, if you manage to keep the tribute flowing, though we try to keep it within the confines of the world as well as its laws and restraints.-

      The ones who will continue to stand in the way of the acolytes is the church, along with their own gods of light. And compared to the dark side the gods of lights followers are many and whole armies fight in their name. Altough, the pantheon of Helniclaiir is so far standing on somewhat even ground.

      Dark (Evil) gods:
      Jylsevin, female god of desire.
      Kiacrastil, god of chaos.
      Berwatsen, male god of war.
      Sevhizaw, female god of lies.
      The Fairy, female being of Illusions.

      Neutral gods:
      Iswarhemd, male god of hate.
      Reshkold, male god of destruction.

      Light (Good) gods:
      Vilgowr, god of life.
      Ahevla, god of children.
      Vijolovij, female god of peace.
      Sahlyncirle, male god of creation.
      Lebacrow, male god of hell.

      Throughout the ages of Helniclaiir, many beings have touched upon the divine realm, however, a rare few have remained beneath the gaze of the true gods. Praying and tributing these enteties would in most cases earn a scornful look by the gods, but beware the wrath with which they judge their subjects for adjacent mistakes.
      -Backstories of the gods may be touched upon in the story, if your characters decide to seek such knowledge. Otherwise they will initially act as those granting your power, and the ones your character will have to pay tribute in the name of. It is strongly advised to chose a patron god belonging to the side your character will fight for.-

    • I bid thee once more welcome, to this little tale of mine. "And who are you then?" I hear you asking, and thus I answer:

      I am Windstormugly, spinner of tales and plotter of stories, a worldbuilder before I am an RPer I thus tend to sometimes talk away and further about my worlds and their individual lore. Because of this I am surrounded by my co-GMs @Silvir and occasionally @The Jest trying to interpret what gibberish I spew into something that resemble real words and meaning.
      If you can't find me, one of them most likely knows where I am, and they are also just as qualified to answer your questions. (I have a RL-schedule I try to overcome, I often have to be poked until I move)

      For this RP-project to work out fine I also have a bunch of rules (both major and minor) that we shall all abide by:

      1. Sitewide rules and regulations apply.

      2. The GM and thus the co-GMs words are law, do discuss and defend your point, but don't argue with us.

      3. There will be one GM-post every two weeks, at which occurence any slackers will be moved along or forgotten, do tell if you are going to disappear due to IRL-issues and what you would like done with your character. (This applies from the moment we begin the IC until we finish the current chapter)

      4. Every post is expected to be at the least a paragraph in length, with no more than the occasional writing-error. There will be no Walls of Text. This for the best possibility of the other participants reading and managing a response.

      5. Abide by the setting, the story is set in a dark fantasy world with gods above.

      6. No character hijacking or godmodding, this is not the opportunity for anyone to play out their egoistical OP-moments of awesome. Such things if to be allowed must be worked into the plot and be run by the GMs beforehand.

      7. No fandom characters, there will also be no acceptance of anime-physics or excessive drama.

      8. If there is an OOC-question or mention IC, you get a warning, and will be asked to EDIT. The mishap of a double-post also earns you a warning, and a need to EDIT it into something useful. Do not delete a post, anywhere.

      9. DSGS, "Do Shit, Get Shit", as in your character is affected by their own behavior, and will DIE if they do something stupid enough. But hopefully their actions will only have slight results on their wellbeing, talking about characters for that matter, to make sure you have read these rules, your CS must contain the mention of the Manyeyed.

      10. Involve yourself in the story, try to come up with ideas (NPCs, places, items) and subplots you think would make it better, synergy ftw.

    • Character Sheet:
      Race: (any important facts to note, physical/cultural/magical)
      Alignment: (are you about to join the First, or are you one of the churchs dogs)
      Appearance: (either description or picture is ok)
      Backstory: (where are you from and how did you get here, )
      Personality: (how and why are you likely to act and answer your surroundings)
      Skills: (abilities, trained skills and racial traits, also strengths and weaknessess)
      Patron God: (who or what higher beings give you powers) Gained IC, do however propose what you have in mind.
      Rituals: (in what way must you pay the price of your powers) Gained IC, etc.
      Powers: (primarily magical powers bestowed upon you by your patron god, therefore corresponding to its aspect) Gained IC etc.
      Goal: (what does your revenge entail?)

      • EVIL:
        Windstormugly - The First

        Windstormugly - Wing of Light

        Windstormugly - Hand of Hunger

      • EVIL:



      • As the slave-caravan sets up camp in and around the ruins of an old desert village, First has told the possible recruits to meet him. During the dead of night they shall silently move from their fellow slaves and join their possible benefactor in the somewhat whole ruins of a small building in the middle of the village, far from the guards watchful eyes.

        A group of church knights and clerics are trying to catch up to the caravan, tracking the First. They are fearing the worst, that the heretic has allowed himself to be captured and that the desert will soon be witness to yet another atrocity. Hopefully they will get there in time, the First can't be allowed to gain allies.

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