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  1. Griffin tossed and turned all night. The couch wasn't comfortable at all. He thought about sleeping with Sam but hadn't wanted to keep the boy up. He wanted his son fully rested for his first day at his new school. At six he went upstairs to wake Sam like normal.

    Sam was up before his father arrived. He was heading to the shower when he saw his dad. "I'm so excited. I hope I make lots of new friends." he wasn't oo worried since he usually made friends pretty easily. He went to take his shower so he start of school on the right foot.
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  2. Allie woke up rather early as well she heard her new son get into the shower smile at how he easily took care of things himself. "Such a responsible kid." She said to her self as she got ready herself. When she finished in record time like always she head out of her room to Illya. Her daughter rubbed her eyes of sleep as he mother quietly got her dressed and ready for school.

    Around seven they both came down stairs Illya still quiet from just waking up as she sat at the table.
    "Sam, Griffen. Would you two like some cereal as well?" Allie called out in a rather happy tone. She slept well last night and seemed refreshed from all the stress. Plus she had to drop something rather stressful on Griffen today she didn't want to ruin his day so early.
  3. "Cereal is fine Allie." Sam assured her. His father wasn't much of a cook so he was used to cereal. He wondered what kids they had. He wasn't really picky. He would eat anything. He was so excited he could barely sit still.

    Griffin nodded his acceptance. Cereal was pretty much a staple of their lives. There were many different kinds. He liked a variety of foods. He figured cereal would be fast to hat way they could get the kids to school.
  4. Allie nodded before pulling out two boxes. One organic brand she poured into two bowls and a a generic brand in the other two. Pouring milk into all four bowls she brought two over at a time setting them down I front of their rightful places.

    Illya looked at the organic cereal before grabbing her spoon and digging in she gave a slight wave to Sam as she scooped the oats and flakes into her mouth. Allie smiled and sat down on the opisite side before gesturing to Griffen to sit next to her.
    "So, are you excited to go to your new school?" Allie asked before staring on her bowl as well. Eying to see if Griffen would join them.
  5. Sam nodded. "I'm very excited. I am looking forward to seeing the school. I can't wait to make friends. I enjoy meeting new people." His goal was to make a friend by the end of the day. He hoped that he would be able to see Illya Atleast occasionally.

    Griffin hesitated. He rarely ate breakfast. When he did it was because Sam fussed at him. He reluctantly took a seat at the table. He liked Allie. He was curious about Illya. He wanted to get to know them but wasn't sure how to do so. He eat in silence.
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  6. Allie smiled at Sam, "I'm sure you will be fine. You very social and Illya will come see you during break right?" Allie looked at her daughter causing her to hurry and swallow the mouthful she had. "I don't know if I should most kids don't like me and it could make them not like Sam." Illya looked at Sam for a second before taking another big bite. She wasn't sociable nor did she really care to be. If her classmates were not intrested in books or animals she hardly talked to them.

    Allie sighed before finishing her food. Letting the two kids figure out how close they wanted be during school for themselves. "Illya isn't social at school maybe Sam can help her out?"
    Allie's head tilted I question at Griffen. "Also, I need to ask you to do me a favor after we drop the kids off is that okay?"
  7. Sam smiled at Illya and took her hand in his. He understood that he was the quite type like his dad. He could help her. But he wouldn't force himself on her. "If you want to sit with me Illya wouldn't mind. If they other kids don't like it that's their problem. If they can't accept you I gave no interet in them. They will be the ones missing out." he told her firmly before turning back to his breakfast. He would not chose popularity over his new sister.

    Griffin was proud of his son. Not everyone woukd give up a chane to be popular for a girl they barely knew. He had done something right. He nodded.
    "Sure." he couldn't imagine what she needed him to do but he was willing to listen. He couldn't make any promises beyond that.
  8. Illya stared at Sam for a second before slowly nodding her head. She was a bit confused but her new brothers words made her happy. When they all finished eat Illya grabbed her back pack heavy with books and waited on Sam a small smile on her face.

    "I don't think I've seen her happy about going to school since last years kiddie science fair." Allie laughed as she grabbed her things making her way to the car. She waited for everyone to get in before heading off to school. Illya did her normal routine of hugging Allie before walking up the side walk of the large old school building. The school was pre school to seniors. Three building stood tall with three floors each. Illya stopped halfway down the path and turned waiting on Sam to show him the way. Allie couldn't help but to smile when she noticed her daughter lips still curled upwards.
  9. Sam was glad to see Illya smile all the way to school. He had made her happy. That meant a lot to him. She might not ever be as outgoing and outspoken as he was but she would always be welcome in his world. Anyone that wasn't will to accept her wasn't anyone he was interested in being friends with. He hugged his dad. His dad wasn't a hugger but he allowed Sam to hug him whenever the boy wanted to. Then he stood up an on tiptoes and kissed Allie on the cheek. "We'll see you later." He told her before rushing to catch up to his sister.

    Griffin shook his head. He was glad that Sam had gotten Illya to smile and be happy about going to school. His son was like a tidal wave of happiness. It was very hard to resist smiling around him. He seemed to have a knack for saying the right thing.
  10. Allie was a bit shocked by Sam but she laughed a bit and waved to the two as they walked off into the school. She couldn't help the smile that was plastered on her face. "Your son is a good kid." Allie said before getting back into the car and waiting on Griffen. "As nice as the day has started off and all I hate to ruin it again seeing as I tend to make things worse between us. My parents want to meet you today they won't take no as answer. I know it might be hard on you my parents are kinda intimidating and rough at first but if they realize your a good person they will accept you pretty fast. You know their just worried that their daughter and granddaughter are now living with a stranger and all that. I've tried to tell them you not a bad guy but you parents you can't convince them your self they have to see for them selves." Allie tried to keep it light hoping he wouldn't be up set.

    Illya waited for same to come up to her before speaking.
    "do you have the enrollment paper that tells you you teachers name and class number?" She waited for him to answer while ignoring the people who walked by her. Some have her looks that seemed to tease her while other seemed to want to talk to her. Though she didn't interact with anyone and a lot of kids found her wired some of them took to her cute cloths and hair styles wanting to talk to her. Yet she never seemed to look their way not even once.
  11. "Thank you." Her compliment meant a lot to him. He hadn't had a good example of parenting so he hadn't really known what the hell he was doing when he raised Sam. He had done his best to teach his son to be a better man then he was. He hadn't been sure how well he had been doing. But seeing Sam with Illya showed him that he hadn't been doing as badly as he fears. His son was a good kid. He would make an excellent brother for Illya. Maybe he could draw the girl out of her world for awhile. "I don't expect them to like me right away Allie. But if they don't give me a chance things could get complicated."

    Sam nodded. He dig into his bag until he found the papers that Illya had asked for. He noticed the other kids as he did so. He ignored the negative looks. There were always bullies that looked for those who were weak. They might think that Illya was a good target. And she probably had been but that was about to change. He smile and waved at those that looked curious. He would be slowly be changing how the others saw Illya. He wanted her to connect to the world even if only alittle bit. "Right here. Where do I go first?"
  12. Allie nervously laughed. "Oh they will give you a chance since I'm already married to you but they will probably give you a bit of a hard time they aren't really judgmental on the past it's more just money they judge but seeing as they can't tell me not to marry you now they just want to make sure me and Illya are safe. Plus my father has wanted another son in law for a while now. He's the one who will accept you the fastest."
    Allie made her way to a wealthy neighbor hood her nerves getting to her a bit. It should be fine her parents already accepted the fact she was married again. She was just worried they my ask to many questions and make Griffen close off again. But, what should she even say hey guys so this is the man I married while drunk. She sighed as they pulled into a large drive way waiting for the gate to open.

    Illya looked at the paper before nodding.

    "Mrs. White, she is also the after school librarian. I really hope to get in her class." Illya walked forward waving at Sam to follow. He was in the same building but a floor up. Illya spent a lot of time at school and despite her age she knew the elementary building and middle school building well. She has yet to venture to the Highschool library a bit scared to go. She led Sam to the right building where other kids there age were walking in. Her head ducked a bit as her hands when to her backpack straps. She seemed uncomfortable in the large crowd of kids.
  13. Griffin snorted. If money was all that her parents were worried about he was going to get their approval pretty easily. He had grown up rough but not poor. His father had been a well know business man. Most of the world believed he was a wealthy business man. That wasn't considering the wealth that he had accumulated on his own. He wasn't rich but he was well off. Which was only half the truth. He stared out the window as Allie drove them to into a rich neighborhood.

    Sam took Illya's hand again sensing her discomfort. "I am always here if you need me Illya. My dad doesn't like crowds either. The best thing to do is to be focus on one person. If you need me just text or leave me a note." He didn't want her to be uncomfortable. It would take awhile for things to change but he was hopeful. He hoped that he could make school easier for her. He followed her. He looked around studying the building and the students as they walked.
  14. Allie parked the car taking a deep breath before smiling and getting out. Waiting on Griffen she walked up to the door. "You know I might just be worried because my parents are a bit hard on me." She rung the door bell with shaky hands. She hated the hours of lectures she always got. Even if they were nice today she would probably stil get lecture on how she made the stupidest mistake ever. But, the one thing they all agreed on was no one wanted a divorce. Her parents didn't want people to know and she personally didn't believe in it. So, even if it takes time they will become a family. Hopefully. Allie laughed to herself hiding her smile behind her hand. She peaked at Griffen to see if he noticed. Just then the door opened to a rather talk well dressed greying man. He wore slacks and a buttoned shirt pressed and perfect. His hair kept clean and tidy. His dark eyes set on Allie before a soft smile covered his face and he reached out scooping Allie into a beard hug.
    "It's good to see you sweetheart. Seems impossible for me to get to visit you though your mother loves to brag to me about your tea time when you pick up Illya."

    Allie laughed giving her father a light hug. Her father was alway more loving then her mother. "Dad this is Griffen." Allie said as she pulled away. The man stepped back taking a look at the man his daughter brought.
    Illya didn't pull her hand away nodding slightly. Before leading him up stairs and down the marble hallway. The whole place smelled like wood. The was a dark oak. The school had been around for a long time and was rather well known. When she reached the 6th door she stopped some of the kids looking at her before shouting to a teacher in the back of the class room.
    "Mrs. Illya is back." Mrs. White's class was the only one who didn't give her funny looks. Maybe their teacher had talked to them but for the most part they at least used her name. "Mrs. White, Sam was put in your class." Illya said quietly as the teacher walked up to her with a smile and a boom in her hand. "Oh, and here I thought you were visiting for another book. Is Sam your friend?"
  15. Gruffinnwatched the man hug Allie. He was sad and jealous. His father had never hugged him. He wasn't sure that his father even knew what a hug was. He didn't let his emotions show though. He had been taught that emotions were for the week. He had been weak once and it wasn't a lesson he planned to repeat ever. He nodded to the man. "Hello sir."

    Sam followed Illya through the school. He studied the students and the building as he walked. He was very curious about the building. He oukd have to do some research when he got the chance. He smiled at his teacher. He was glad to see that someone liked his sister. "No ma'am. I'm Illya's new brother." ths woukd cause talk but he didn't mind. He wanted to let everyone know.
  16. Allie's father stared at him for a second before taking his hand with a smile. "Good to meet you Griffen." Allie relaxed at her father reaction but it didn't last long as her mother came to the door dress head to toe perfectly in a skirt and buttoned shirt . Allies's father leaned in to speak quietly to Griffen.
    "Her barks worse then her bite she actually a softy under it all. You have seen the look one her face when she found out you brought a grandson into the family." Allie's father chuckled as he took a step back placing his hand on the small if his wife back.
    "I'm Richard and this is my lovely wife Elizabeth. This is where my beautiful daughter got her looks." It was true beside the eye color they looked a lot alike blonde hair small frame. Though age shown on her face she could still tell she was quite pretty. Allie sheepishly smiled at her mother who seemed to have a rather flat yet somewhat calculating look on her face.
    "Well come we can't talk in the door way." Allie's mother waved them in before walking down the hall and to the right. Richard smiled a bit before leading Griffen and Allie to the formal living room.

    Illya seemed embarrassed and hid her face a bit before reaching out to take the book Mrs. White was holding out to her.
    "Yes, my brother Sam my mother married his father. He is really good at making friends." Illya started to study the cover of the book. "Well it's nice to meet you Sam. Illya hurry to class or you will be late. You can visit your brother at lunch And when you get free hour." Illya nodded before squeezing Sam's hand one last time she turned to head back down stairs.
  17. Griffin studied the woman carefully. He wasn't really comfortable around older woman. His ex had ensured that. He followed the others inside. He looked around the house curiously. It reminded him of the mansion his father's boss had lived in. He had hated that house almost as much as he hated his own house. The house he and his father had lived in while he was growing up had been in the upper class section of town. Despite his father's efforts they had never been able to move to anything this fancy.

    Sam chuckled. He was going to have a hard time pulling Illya out of her shell but he had time. And he didn't want to do it too quickly. He liked her just the way she was. He looked around the room with a smile. He was looking forward to meeting his fellow classmates. He made his way to an open desk and took a seat. It was going to be an interesting school year.
  18. After they were all sitting down nothing seemed to off. A maid brought in some finger foods and drink while Allie set eye messages to her mother which she received just as many back. "So, Griffen tell us about you self." Elizabeth finally stated.

    The teacher went to the front and started class. After lectures were done she dismissed them for lunch despite the age of the students they made their way their selfs to the cafeteria unless they fought a lunch and ate in the class room.
    Illya showed up in the door way carrying two school lunches in a bag . The students announced her presence to the teacher who quickly hushed them.

    "Sam, I forgot to mention most lunches are given to the student to be taken to the class room and eaten since the school is so big and all three buildings share one cafeteria."
  19. Griffin sat uncomfortbly beide Allie. He studied her parents. Definitely upper crust people. They were blue bloods. Both of them probably from families that had had money for generations and took that money for granted. He took out his phone. It was rude yes but it was the easiest way to show them what his pieces went for. "I'm a sculptures."

    Sam took careful notes. The class was pretty lose to were is old school had been in lessons so it wasn't that hard for him to keep up. He was surprised when they were dismissed for lunch. He frened at the teacher's words. "I was hoping to sit with Illya during lunch. Could we go to the library or something?"
  20. Elizabeth looked at the photo before sighing. "We know what you do of course we were going to higher an investigator. I was impressed even thought about asking to order something from you for the house. I mean to ask you about your self? Allie tell us your just like Illya do it makes it hard to tell what kind of person you are. We just want to make sure our daughter and granddaughter are safe with you."

    Mrs. White smiled before nodding. "You can go eat where you wish she can come here or you can go to her just be back in an hour." Some of the students looked at Sam. A boy can up to him with spiky red hear.
    "Is your sister as strange as people say she is or is she just shy. Mrs. White says she's shy and we shouldn't listen to what the kids from her class says."
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