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    Pick a weapon and take a seat! Class is in session!


    Nice. Peaceful. Serene. Just like any other high school would be.

    Academy of Arms is different however. Sure, on the outside, it looks like your typical high school with green grass, many windows, bustling students zipping here and there, fearing that they would be late for class. But, what makes AOA different from any other school are the courses:

    *WEAPONRY 101

    Well, at least there's lunch.

    You are either a First Year, Second Year, or Elite Year student at Academy of Arms. Choose which ever experience you wish!

    -First Years are your typical new comers: new to the campus life, weapons, and teachers and students.

    -Second Years are the ones who have a good bit of knowledge on the way things work in the school, but are still not strong or wise enough to say they know all about their weapons.

    -Elite Years are the last rung on the ladder. They are professionals with their weapons, history, and combat, also typically looking down upon the younger Years.

    Pick your weapon!

    -Don't make it a fantasy weapon! >:[ This is a modernish type of high school setting so use a specific weapon like a sword, nun-chucks, bow and arrow, knives, guns, axe, scythe, spear, and so on and so forth!

    You are all meeting in the cafeteria for breakfast, then your first class, Arms History, begins! :D

    "They have the nasty bagels here! Like, the grossest, GROSSEST bagels in the world! I think they let them go stale and then feed it to us because they hate us so bad."

    "Hey, they don't hate us. We're students! We're not going to have gourmet meals at a school." Kenzi answered, trying to push her glasses on the bridge of her nose while her other hand held onto the orange, faded cafeteria lunch tray that only had an apple on its left side. There had to be a secured balance while she held it with one hand or the tray would teeter to the right and toss her apple into the back of some kid's head. What a lot of trouble she'd be in if that happened. Especially if it were an Elite Year's head. Kenzi, being nothing but a Second Year, had tried to make herself seem as inconspicuous. There a lot more First Years in AOA than Second Years and only a handful of Second Years. The girl next to her with the red, wavy hair, Georgia, was a Second Year herself. Unlike Kenzi, though, Georgia liked to flaunt it off.

    "I know a school that gives out gourmet meals to their students! We probably have to eat this crap because of all the First Years that came in. Budget probably dropped down, you know, and they had to compensate."she said with another groan while the cafeteria lady slabbed a corner of oatmeal onto her tray Georgia's face was twisted in disgust and also reluctance to hold back her vomit. Kenzi could tell the lady behind the counter was annoyed at the quick reaction to her long, morning's cooking but said nothing as she repeated the process to Kenzi's tray. Kenzi wasn't thrilled about the oatmeal either but she wasn't going to tell the lady that. The woman probably had enough strength in those bulky, flabby arms of hers than Kenzi had in her entire body. Now if Kenzi had her throwing stars, there would probably be a battle.

    "Stop complaining. It's better than starving."she said sweetly.

    "Is it?"

    "It is." The two of picked a spot in the cafeteria secluded from the rest of the students. Kenzi saw some familiar faces and some that she had never seen before. The best thing to do was to stay close to Georgia and not get on anybody's bad side, First or Elite Year. Turning her head away from the swelling crowd of swarming kids, she went for her apple, biting down into it, pushing her glasses on the bridge of her nose again. Gosh, I look like a nerd...
  2. [​IMG]

    "And so when the patient woke up, his skeleton was missing, and the doctor was never heard from again!"

    Copious guffawing could be heard emanating from the raucous pair, the less powerful-looking of the two being the one recounting the - delightfully macabre - anecdote, sighing as he calmed down with his companion.

    "Anyway... That's how my father lost his medical license. But enough about me, my deranged father and what happened to my mother. What about you?"

    It was odd to see, but there was already a bond of sorts forming between the two - granted, it was likely to fly clean out of the window as soon as the bell went, considering that the one listening intently was a second year, who was likely never to speak to Adam Wood for the rest of his life. However, the laughter was there, and so was the bandoleer, indicating a few things to the First-Year. One, he was either dealing with psychopath, or someone who enjoyed violence a touch too much. Two, this student had a penchant for heavy weapons. Weapons with a calibre that was probably higher than his IQ. Though decorative, it was safe to assume the bullets bore a close resemblance to their live counterparts, only with less deadliness.

    The - marginally - less ridiculous student cleared his throat, his shaven-headed acquaintance then making an excuse pertaining to a gun he had affectionately named "Sasha," and how it needed polishing. Miniguns were not the sort of thing Adam expected anyone but the cream of the crop to wield, but he was new to the school - he would learn how things worked, he hoped, should time allow it. As bonesaws were not, strictly speaking, weaponry, he had tried to pass off an automatic nailgun as his weapon of choice, while filling out a form.

    Yet, this suggestion from the ever-so-slightly-unhinged boy was not taken seriously, deadly as it was. Thus, he had settled upon the simple - if decidedly banal - option of a Sig Pauer P226. A standard issue handgun for the SAS, it seemed reliable enough - that, and as a first year, he would more than likely not be allowed the use of flamethrowers. And using a flare gun to ignite someone would look silly.
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  3. 533266.jpg Tatsukei walked up the steps of the school and into the building. He was only a second year. But he had a good bit of knowledge on gunplay. He always kept his twin, white pistols, lined with chrome on his hips for quick access in battle. He was always annoyed with having to get up from his dorm in the mornings and go to class. He didn't talk very much, but he could still hold a decent conversation.

    He opened the doors of the school and all eyes fell on him. That kind of attention was not what he wanted or cared for much. He would rather spend a quiet night alone listening to music or reading a book. He had received word, that all the students were to meet in the cafeteria. He placed his hands in his pockets and strolled down the hallway, ignoring all the glances the various googly eyed girls gave him.

    The only thing on his mind was what the professors had to say and what he would get to eat once he was inside the cafeteria. The walk wasn't long and the cafeteria was located to the hall west of him. All he had to do was wall down three halls from the main doors and he was there.

    The cafeteria was noisy. There were First year, Second Year, and of course the Elites. Those pain in the asses. They always looked down on the First and Second Years and most of the time, they started fights for no damn reason. It was mostly the Elite guys causing trouble, so that they could impress the girls of the Elites.

    Tatsukei casually strolled passed a group of people. One of the tables he passed, seemed to be full of First Years. He could tell that they were by how they all had confused looks and trying to figure out what classes they took. He made no effort to help. Besides, the professors of the academy would help them out.

    The next table he passed was filled with Second Years. He didn't associate with them, even though he was one of them. Finally, he spotted a table in the center of the room, close to the window. He decided that was the place he would sit after he collected his food. Tatsukei walked towards the line and picked up a tray.

    He hated waiting, but he would have to deal with it. Once he had his food, Tatsukei headed back towards the table he saw and sat down. He started to eat and trouble had began approaching. Before he knew it, a group of about five of the Elite guys walked up to him. "Hey Tatsukei, your sitting in the Elite section. You should get moving." The one with a bald head said, folding his arms across his chest and looking down at Takuya with a glare. He had a huge sword strapped to his back and so did the others. He was a muscular-built guy, and tall, about 6'0. Far overshadowing Tatsukei's height of 5'6.

    Tatsukei continued to eat, making no effort to answer the guy lingering over him. The bald head guy made a disgusted look after being ignore, gritting his teeth and growling a bit. "Didn't you hear me you little punk!? I said the Second Years sit over there!" He yelled, pointing at the group of Second Years sitting at the table behind his buddies. Tatsukei stopped eating for a moment and placed his hands in his pockets, speaking in a low tone, as he stared at his tray with slanted eyes.

    "You can have it when I am done, baldy. Now get lost." The group of Elites gave angry, piercing glares. The bald headed one grabbed Tatsukei by the collar with his right hand and slapped his tray to the floor with his left, lifting Tatsukei up from the table. Tatsukei looked down at his tray and then back at the guy holding him. "You really shouldn't have wasted food like that. The cafeteria cooks worked hard of that meal." He said, in a slightly angry voice.

    "Oh yeah!? Well, I don't give a damn! You just signed your death wish kid!" The guy held Tatsukei up higher. Tatsukei looked down at him with a glare and slowly slid his hands out of his pockets and down towards his twin pistols.

  4. Ireland stopped eating, noticing the commotion in the elite section. She slowly put her burger down and tried to see what was happening: ah, a group of Elite were angry at the blond guy for sitting where he wasn't meant to. Being an Elite herself, she considered that she should probably help the guy out. It hardly seemed fair, him against five of them?
    She sighed and looked down at her burger.
    It was crap anyway, she shrugged and stood, walking over to the group. She recognised one of them and glared. He was the one person she didn
    't like that much- she loved everyone else, being a very bubbly and generally nice person- but he always had to show off. He didn't like her either, especially because she had started late and exceeded him still.
    She leaned her hip against a nearby table and almost lazily took out a knife from those strapped to the inside of her jacket. She flicked it up in the air almost lazily, caught it and flicked it up again. She looked at one of the group and waved at him, recognizing him from one of her classes.
    "Five against one?" she said, raising an eyebrow at the leader. Her usually smiling lips were turned up into a mocking smirk, "Oh, how strong you are."
    She noticed the guy sliding his hands into his pockets, rpobably for his weopans and glared at him too, warning him with her eyes not to do anything idiotic.
    She yawned,
    "Please do continue, it's ever so entertaining to see how this big bad fight will turn out."
  5. "Look over there...that Tatsukei got himself in trouble again." Kenzi was forced away from her oatmeal (thank goodness) and to the right of her instead where a commotion had started. It was hard enough to see the faces of the main people fighting because some of the students, mainly idiotic First Years, who were screaming "Fight! Fight! Fight!" There was already a swelling circle beginning to form and, catching the last thing Georgia said, if it were a fight with Tatsukei and the Elite Years, it wouldn't have ended well. The last thing Kenzi wanted was to get involved in a 'fight of men.' AOA boy always thought this was a show of strength, flaunting around their weapons as if they owned the place. Elite Years sort of had that right because they have been at school for 3 years, training long and hard enough to be experts in the arts of their weapon. Still, there was no right to let their ego spread throughout a peaceful cafeteria and bother a Second Year about something stupid.

    "Isn't this the second time?"

    "Probably like fifth time," Georgia retorted, sitting on her hind legs to get better leverage of seeing over the mass of heads around Tatsukei and the Elite Years. "I wonder what this one is about."

    "No doubt something the Elite Years started. They have a reputation for starting mess."

    "Yeah, and cleaning it up too." Kenzi didn't like the way Georgia said that at all. It made it seem like Tatsukei couldn't defend himself against a bunch of Elite Years. It wasn't like this was his first day at AOA, he was a well known Second Year: a well known Second Year bad ass. Kenzi bit into her apple, looking at the backs of the squirming and squiggling First Years that still chanted the "Fight!" mantra.

    "We should help." Georgia said quickly, a gleam in her malevolent, red eyes. Kenzi had seen that look many of times and it always ended up with Kenzi being tossed, scratched, bruised, and even knocked unconscious. The glint only meant something malicious and stupid was bubbling in the girls mind, and when it came to that matter and the Elite vs. Tatsukei brawl, Kenzi wanted no where near the ruckus.

    "We really shouldn't. We're only Second Years too and--"

    "And?" she answered with a high pitched emphasis on the word, tossing her spoon onto her glump of oatmeal and yanking on Kenzi's collar, before shoving a lollipop in her mouth to drown out the taste. "So is Tatsukei and he's dealing with them!"

    "But that's Tatsukei, not Kenzi and Georgia!" Kenzi shouted, being dragged closer and closer to the chaotic mess. A sweat of nervousness was gathering on her palms that even if she did try to help out with her throwing stars, they would've been thrown off balance. However, when it came to Georgia, she was at the mercy of the brawling. Hopefully the Elite Years would take it easier on them. She seriously doubted it.

    "Yeah, that's no way to start a good fight. 5 guys hovering around together? You're all about as fruity as this lollipop." she said, shoving her 5'4 body up to one of the Elite Years, biting on her sucker. Kenzi was forced right beside her, glasses sliding down her nose while she tried to fumble to adjust them.

    "You said you were gonna help, not instigate!"she snapped in a whisper into Georgia's ear, feeling the glares of the Elite Years on all 4 of them.
  6. "Urgh, can't I give myself food poisoning in peace? The illnesses I'm going to get from this tuna sandwich probably don't have medical names yet, and somebody has to give it one."

    Sighing, Adam proceeded to clamp his teeth around the vaguely-edible foodstuff, grimacing as its stale excuse for fish and mayonnaise left a bitter aftertaste. He attempted to rid himself of such an affliction via drowning it out with orange juice, but this proved to have little effect in the way of providing a superior taste. Indeed, the orange juice tasted like diluted dishwater, with a fraction of it containing some sort of synthetic liquid, the taste of which was supposed to replicate oranges, but failed miserably. Yet, Wood continued to soldier on, and stomached the pains that he needed to digest in order to remain alive, in some sense or other. The incessant chanting of the crowd was beginning to accentuate his early-morning aversion, a condition common to people he knew, that was described in layman's terms as "not being a morning person." In actual fact, he was fairly irritable at most times of the day, when he wasn't busy performing "aggressive surgery." However, the straw that broke the camel's back (figuratively speaking), was the slight amount of juice(?) that sloshed unto his cuff. As was typical of him, Adam refused to immediately display his anger, instead opting for gingerly replacing his nourishment on the table, and pacing purposefully towards the eye of the storm, as it were. After navigating (read: heedlessly barging) through the throng of students, his voice was raised, and his tone laced with venom.

    "All right, all right, you lot shut your traps before I shoot someone. Now, I don't give a rat's rear end about who started it, but this had better finish soon. Because, I swear to whichever deity you care to mention - yes, Phillips, even Cthulu - that I WILL perform a colonoscopy on the next person who disturbs my meal, with a frying pan."

    And, just as this finished, somebody threw a fork at him, prompting shout of "who's the slimy little bucket of swine urine who threw that?" to erupt from him. And, as if the fork were a trigger for him to undergo a transformation into the Incredible Hulk, the offending student was grabbed by the scruff of his neck, and drawn so close to his target that the tuna was at its most pungent. "Look into my eyes, you worthless pile of rubbish. I will spare you, because you are a first year, and apparently have the intelligence level of a peanut, and I make point of not beating up people with brain damage. So, instead, I will beat the living daylights out of one of those elites, and show you what I mean. But next time, I will shove my boot so far between your buttocks, that you will be coughing up leather and shoe polish, do you understand?"

    After nodding profusely, he was tossed downwards, and Adams assumed a basic kick-boxing stance. Using a firearm was too dangerous, and the school had not yet provided any form of bonesaw with which to hack open his enemy. Thus, he would have to settle for the switchblade holstered at his side, a pitiful match indeed. Yet, if you had seen him work with a scalpel, one would be at least nervous of his enthusiasm. He was not, by any means, accomplished in the medical profession - he considered healing an unfortunate side-effect of his experiments on corpses, and the occasional live animal. It was the ferocity with which he would gleefully hack a body open, that rang alarm bells.
  7. 533266.jpg ​Just what he needed, a bald guy grabbing him by the shirt and holding him up. To make matters worse, he was smelly, really smelly. Didn't he know the meaning of the word "bath?" It was honestly surprising how any girl could talk to him. His breath wasn't the freshest either. Tatsukei really had no time to deal with this gorilla. All he wanted to do, was eat his meal in piece. But no, the circus freak had to ruin that.

    Tatsukei maintained his pissed expression, not speaking a word. He gripped his twin pistols tightly, ready to fight. Although, he wanted to take them out badly, he could see three other people approaching. Great, more trouble. Could this day get any worse? He looked out the corner of his left eye at the three. Seems that it was three girls. He wasn't the type of guy to judge a girl by looks.

    Girls at this academy could kick some major ass. Two looked like they were from his year, which were in the category of Second Year students. There was also a girl from the Elites who came to see what was going on. She was going on about something that he honestly didn't care about. As far as he was concerned, all Elites were the same.

    The Elite chick, for some reason, seemed like she wanted to help. That only had his attention for a moment. He looked down at the two other girls who stood behind the group of Elites. The sassy one with the lolipop was huffing at the group of Elites. If she had a pair of man jewels, they would be really low right now. All three of them had some heart. He gave them that much.

    The bald headed guy dropped Tatsukei and looked back at the three girls. "Hey you broads should go back to that damn table!"He yelled pointing over to the table. "Unless you want to get your asses kicked by me and my group. We'll gladly take you out." He drew his blade and held it horizontally. Tatsukei landed with his hands back in his pockets and sighed heavily. Whether they could fight or not, senseless violence wasn't in his mind.

    He just wanted a normal breakfast, on this normal day. He sighed as the leader of the elite group cussed and continued to threaten the others. He hated to admit it, but he disliked when guys like baldy pushed power on people lower than them. "Hey baldy! I'm not done with you yet!" Tatsukei yelled out. " And you better move fa-" The bald head guy stopped in mid-sentence and looked back at him. "Oh yeah, I have to deal with you scrawny a-" Tatsukei stood up on his tiptoes then jumped up as he pushed off the solid floor. He glided upward and the wind waved his shirt backwards, although it was closed tightly, and sent a hard left knee to baldy's face

    His head shot back, but Tatsukei wasn't done. He used his right leg muscles to pull his right knee towards baldy's chin and sent him off his feet. Baldy floated backwards and his eyes were turned up only showing white. That in return signified that he was out cold. Tatsukei landed on his feet and his hair flew up and landed back over his eyes, once he stood upright. "Now, I'm done with you baldy." The other four were too busy drawing there swords and preparing to attack the other three.

    In a fit of rage, the other four guys dashed towards the three girls and swung their blades wildly.
  8. ((Not much to go on here, seeing as my character was treated as if he didn't exist.))

    "Am I... Am I invisible or something? Is ANYBODY paying any attention to me?"

    Feeling slightly offended that his threats were going unnoticed, Adam rugby tackled one of the elites to the floor, thus evening out the numbers, to an extent. He was a first-year, with a switchblade and a handgun he outright refused to use - under the assumption that missing would not end well - which basically meant that he had dug himself into a hole. And dug deeper. Nevertheless, he was the one pinning the brute to the floor, and going by his immediate reaction - or lack thereof - a brief respite of approximately two seconds was in place, before the realisation dawned on the more powerful of the two, that he could just roll over and be done with. Or he could simply throw off the new student, and run him through with minimal fuss. Thus, not wishing to waste any time at all, the blade was placed at the throat of the pinned Elite, and began speaking. "Look at you lot, all shouting and fighting, it's really quite distracting. Could you all just stop for a minute because I AM TALKING!"
    In order to emphasise his point, the brute was pistol-whipped, not hard enough to knock him unconscious, but enough for the victim to feel sore in the morning.

    I suppose nobody noticing you does have... Certain advantages.
  9. {Nothing to do about it but be patient. ^^ Not much one person can do who replied after you. Thus, the patience of a role player!}

    Leave it to the guys to throw the first punch. One to knee someone in the face and the other to tackle, a first year at that. Kenzi was already an image of fear, confusion, and reluctance. How could she have let Georgia take her away from the safe confines of her table while she nibbled into an apple and squished the slightly inedible oatmeal. She was perfectly fine sitting cozily there, observing the bickering from a distance like an interested reporter, but a reporter smart enough to know she didn't want anything to do in the actual actin that was unraveling. Whether or not it made her a coward, Kenzi did not so much care. She had a lot of other things on her plate other than the nasty breakfast, like classes for example. They all were supposed to be hurdling off to Arms History at the beckoning of the monotone bell that did ring yet. If it did ring, would Kenzi completely abandon the fight and scuffle off, or would Georgia hold her in place?

    Speaking of Georgia...

    "Hey, can you take a hint? I suggest you get out of here before I go over there, grab that shiny little axe of mine, and shove it right into a place where the sun doesn't shi--"

    "Is ANYBODY paying attention to me?!"


    "I-I am..."Kenzi voiced and then, before she had chance to calmly and secretly introduce herself to the First Year boy, he was already beating an Elite Year. That triggered the attention of the other Elite Year that Georgia picked to press his buttons, and he retaliated, back handing her right in the jaw. To compensate for Georgia's sudden strike, Kenzi gasped in surprise, grabbed a single star from the satchel tied under her skirt and around her leg, and tossed it right at the same attacker, nailing him right in the shoulder.

    Now there was a fight.

    The Elite Years were now ready to ravish all of the underclassmen for standing up to their superiority and challenging them, full blank, on their first day in AOA. Kenzi almost wished she would've just stayed in her seat, biting her lip and realizing she drew blood and would hear an earful from the teachers, who, unsurprisingly, were no where to be found. The adults knew the students would not be as stupid and idiotic to provoke conflict in the mere 35 minutes they had to eat breakfast, well, clearly, they were wrong.


    "No, Georgia, No!" Kenzi snapped quickly, pulling a red faced and enrage Georgia by the arm to stop her from pursuing the giant weapon that lay beside her bag, all the while, the Elites advanced on them This was the worse, first day of school, ever.

    "A little assistance?!"she snapped to no one in particular.
  10. With eyes raised upwards and a deep huff Ireland wondered -what the hell- she had gotten herself into.
    Yay, she thought sarcastically to herself, just what I wanted.
    She was about to suggest they all just apologise nicely and go back to what they had been doing- eating- when the fight erupted.
    "Oh for crying out loud!" she muttered and as the elite guys came at her she crouched down and held her knives out in front of her. She hled them out and starting to whirl them around until they were just seen as two circles of silver by the naked eye. Anyone with a sword would have his arm cut off if he tried to slice at her. Only someone with a spear could really stand a chance.
    She faced her opponent and differed between trying to reason or just teaching him a lesson.
    She nearly laughed when someone shouted is anyone paying any attention to me. He sounded so offended she couldn't help it and a giggle escaped her lips.
    The elite dude in front of her suddenly made as if to attack her but with an uneasy look at her swirling knives he seemed to decide against it.
    She heard someone else snap for "a little assisatnce" and once again she had the urge to laugh again. This was all too crazy for her and on her first day back too.
    She quickly scanned the hall for any sign of the teachers and saw none of them.
    How typical. Her brother had recently become a teacher here and he had said he would meet her in the hall but as usual he was late. If for once, he was early, he could have run off for some help. But no, now she was here. Fighting.
    The eilte guy advanced again and she snapped at him, annoyed she'd got herself in this postion. She stopped whirling her knives suddenly and slammed the butt of one on his head. He toppled to the floor with a dull thud.
    "It's because I'm too damn nice," she growled at his unconscious form.
  11. Tobias
    Tobias' spear

    Tobias sat quietly in his hard plastic cafeteria chair while some other students started to cause a scene behind him. He tried to focus on forcing down a rather bland protein bar when the sounds of violence escalated and the distinct sound of a human body hitting the floor became too much to ignore. Reluctantly he spun around, his trusty spear already toted over his right shoulder. The motion was accompanied by the screech of chair legs scraping along the floor.

    Tobias cocked his head to the left, taken aback by the sight of several of his fellow Second Years facing down some of the Elite Year students. Tatsukei, Kenzi and Georgia were already up to no good on their first day back? There were more students involved but Tobias wasn't exactly in the best position to make out the faces of everyone involved. Another girl had her back to him and he could not identify her by her hair alone. He figured the Elite Years must have started this so the other Second Years must have been acting out of defense but they should know by now fighting with the Elites will only cause trouble.

    Or maybe not... He found himself thinking. Having walked closer to get a better view, Tobias was shocked to discover the student who had fallen earlier was one of the Elite Years. Who had knocked him unconscious? The girl who had her back to Tobias over at his seat already had her daggers drawn. She was likely the one responsible. Now that he had moved closer and could make out her face he recognized her as Ireland, an Elite student herself. She had protected the others? Well as long as it was her, it shouldn't cause too much of a rift between the Elites and us Second Years.

    Just as Tobias turned to leave and finish his 'breakfast' someone bumped his left shoulder hard enough to throw him off balance.
    "Watch where you're going, Second Year." the statement was said like an order. The voice obviously belonged to yet another Elite student, the fighting must have piqued his interest too. Tobias knew this guy, too. His name was Nolan and he had a reputation for looking down on others. Tobias ignored the fact he had just been disrespected and attempted to walk past Nolan when a hand caught him by the shoulder. "Hey... Tobias, right?"

    Oh crap...

    "I can't help but notice my fellow Elite Year here is knocked out cold while you're fleeing the scene with your spear in tow. You wouldn't be causing trouble on the first day, would you?"

    "What? No, Nolan! It wasn't me, I--" Tobias was cut short when Nolan shoved him backwards, into the group with the other Second Year students.

    "Don't lie to me, Second Year. You ought to know by now what happens to Second Years who talk back to Elite students."

  12. 533266.jpg Tatsukie looked around at all the chaos. This was insane and getting a little too out of hand. Yes, he wanted to show up those Elite bastards, but he also didn't want a huge scene. He rubbed the back of his hand as a he sighed. Perhaps, he should have just kept his mouth shut and just moved when the Elites said so. That way, the Second Years wouldn't be brawling like crazy and causing a scene.

    He looked over out the corner of his eye and saw that one of the first years had made a dash towards the fight and tackled one of the Elites to the floor. He held what seemed to look like a pocket knife to the taken down Elite's neck. Well, that was surprising. But, Tatsukei admired his guts. He even gave a slight smile. Although, it could barely be seen. He ran his fingers through his hair.

    The girls seemed to be handling themselves just fine as well. Now that he thought about it, why were there no teachers around to handle this type of thing? He closed his eyes momentarily and then opened them slowly. What else could happen ? Tatsukei just wanted an ordinary morning with no violence.

    There was the sound of chairs being slide from another side of the cafeteria. That noise, caused Tatsukei to look in the direction. He could see slightly through all the fight. Somewhere near the second years table, another second year was being harassed by another Elite. So many fights were beginning to occur now.

    That only made him regret his decision to face baldy and his thugs. He blamed himself for the chaos that was going on. Because he wanted to be a badass and show off, he caused disruptions that made an even worst situation. Now, he had hoped that it would all just end. This was really making his day hectic and he didn't want a part of it.

    Tatsukie looked out the corner of his eyes. His thoughts were that he had hoped that the professors would step in.
  13. "All I can tell you about this next procedure, is that it will be... EXCRUCIATING!"
    Now repeatedly punching his victim in a manner most violent, a psychotic grin was plastered across Adam's face, his blade put aside for the time being - he preferred to feel the pain he cause with his own hands. Had people seen his true nature when applying for a place, he would probably be pointed in the general direction of the nearest lunatic asylum instead. However, as things stood, he was simply placed in the academy, and was fighting. Not for his life, and no longer for dignity. He was, in a nutshell, sadistic. His grin had widened ever-so-slightly when a spot of blood had appeared on his fist, but right now, there was little he could do to enjoy such an activity much further - the elite, though battered and bruised, still retained some sort of fight. He had been taken by surprise, justifying the current state he found himself in, but it would take little more than a few seconds for him to realise what was possible - namely, throwing off the vastly-weaker student. Thus, using every ounce of power he could muster, Adam broke his foe's nose.
    And, after the initial cry of pain, pure rage took hold of the elite, the profusely bleeding student staggering towards him. another thug turned towards him, noticing his ally's injury, and linked it with the blood on Adam's fists. Two angry, lumbering, gorilla-like males stood, one wielding a spiked mace, the other cracking his knuckles in anticipation. "Hrm... Only have one shot at this... Vatican cameos!"
    Having shouted at the top of his lungs, it was likely that a momentary point of confusion would sweep over a few people, hopefully including his enemies. This, if successful, would provide ample means for absconding.
  14. "This is too crazy, Georgia! We're going to get in trouble! Look at all the mess we...look at the tables! Pay attention! Georgia! Look at the damned tables!"Kenzi was starting to lose what little train of thought she possessed before the brawling. Her organization was lost along with her smart thinking. Now, she was doing everything she could to hold Georgia back from hacking the entire cafeteria to pieces. Her ax lay somewhere near her book bag and there is where Kenzi planned for it to stay. Bad enough that she had to throw a star into an Elite Year's shoulder. The bulky man was still in the background grunting and whimpering in a bold manner, though still tenderly trying to retract Kenzi's star from his shoulder. A delicate process.

    "Oh, no, Kenzi! These guys are asking for it!"Georgia screamed back, red pigtails waving as she tried desperately to exit Kenzi's grasp. The girl was strong than Kenzi, sure, but Kenzi knew that if she released her friend, there would be a massacre.

    "You're going to kill them! This is a SCHOOL, for God's sake!" A nearby sound of a chair scraping the cafeteria floor rang through Kenzi's ears, even despite the guttering sounds of an Elite Year being brutally beaten by the same first year guy she spotted before. Kenzi had no other choice but to turn away, attention now on another brawl that was forming, simply by how loud the Elite Year was being.

    "This is a school for weapons! Let's show off!" Georgia bit, glaring at the only 3 remaining Elite Years in the circle. Tatsukei had taken down one, and the beautiful Ireland, an Elite Year herself, had rammed the hilt of her knife into another. As interesting as it was to piece together, Kenzi didn't want to spend too much time wondering why Ireland was helping them out. Even if she wanted to thank her, she couldn't, for a Second Year was roughly pushed into the same group as her, Georgia, Ireland, and Tatsukei. The first year, Adam was it, was on the ground still viciously enjoying the blood he was pulling. Kenzi, no longer yanking the arm of Georgia, was forced to catch the Second Year boy right before he fell smack into the floor, which was the power the Elite Year had behind the shove.


    "NO, GEORGIA!!!" Kenzi shrieked, terrified that now that she let her go, she would go straight for her ax! All of the blood drained from her face, and, in a desperate attempt of help, Kenzi whipped the boy to face her and...her heart lept.

    "Tobias! Oh, thank goodness! Please, you have to help me stop Georgia from chopping everyone up into escarg--"




    There was an awkward pause in all of the scuffling when the bell rang out in the cafeteria hall. All students stopped what they were doing for a slight hesitation of the bell. The sound meant that all students had exactly 3 minutes to get to Arms History...or they will all have their weapons stripped from them in class. That was the punishment for being late and all Second Year and Elite Years knew that. Hopefully the First Years would catch on, as suddenly, the entire cafeteria was a in a frenzy of arms and legs, rushing to grab their things and zip out the double cafeteria doors. Kenzi and Tobias were shoved to the floor, her glasses thrown askew, vision blurring. Her fear had spiked even worse. If her classes where damaged...

    "Awe what?" Georgia's voice reached her ears.

    "Georgia! M-my glasses!"she said in a fearful whimper, releasing her hold on Tobias and carefully scaling the ground with her fingers. A knee bumped against the side of her head and, in the moment, all she saw was stars, white lights, and heard nothing but shuffling feet. day....ever.
  15. As the Elite Year student Lance ate the fried noodles he had ordered to be delivered to the school, a course of action he determined was ideal after his first encounter with what the school claims is food back in his first year, he considered for a moment if he should have actually gone to the cafeteria instead of eating under a shady tree clear on the other side of the building. He quickly dismissed this thought as mad and finished off his noodles, carelessly tossing the box and chopsticks aside. Some would call it littering, he called it creating employment opportunities for groundskeepers. Glancing at his watch he noticed the time. The bell, which he always thought sounded like what a computer would sound like if it vomited, would soon ring, and he would have to get to class. He reluctantly got up off the ground and grabbed his scythe, a plain black weapon with the blade angled up to accommodate the cutting of flesh instead of wheat. Or it would be, if Lance had been allowed to carry his actual scythe on school grounds without an instructor present. But after an incident in his second year, involving what had to have been the most over-confident first year in the school's history, he had been lucky not have been expelled. It's not as if he had killed the boy, but he had ensured that the aspiring swordsman would never hold a blade again. The memory brought a smile to his lips. As far as Lance was concerned, it all been worth it.

    As Lance opened the door to the cafeteria, he was greeted with what looked like an all-out war zone.


    "NO, GEORGIA!!!"




    Lance was briefly overcome with regret that he had not gone to the cafeteria. There was nothing quite like enjoying one's meal to a good bloodsport to start your day. He wondered briefly if he even cared if his weapon was taken away, it being the terribly non-lethal thing it was, but decided it would look bad if an Elite Year lost their weapon already, and headed for class.
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  16. Such chaos, Brant wondered if this sort of thing happened all the time. He watched how the chaos started, disapproving of the behavior of the Elites to the younger students. Although he was very upset with the clear divide between the upper class men and everyone else, he didn't join in on the scrap in favor of his soup. Sure the soup wasn't that great, but from where he came from you didn't sneer at food. Thinking again about how the Elites acted it didn't surprise him, it wasn't anything he hadn't seen before or even experienced himself, he'd met plenty of people like that. Focusing back on the salty blandness of the soup, he kept his outrage from escalating him into fighting, but he did glance up at the commotion once in a while.

    He was amused to see the gusto of one girl who had a very large axe, chuckling quietly with his mouthful of broth of and chicken. One other person he spotted was laying into an Elite's face with such relish at the blood on his fist. Brant had seen this a couple of times before also, and the gusto from that one girl reminded him of someone he knew.
    This place is just like home he mused to himself, spooning another spoonful of the broth and chicken into his grateful mouth. He stopped watching the fight and focused on his food until the electric bell rang with a brrrrrrooooooop.

    Brant pushed himself from his seat and stood up while tilting the bowl and draining it of the rest of it's broth, his shield strapped across his back he picked up his flanged mace and stuck it into his belt as he walked toward a garbage can for his Styrofoam to be put into but his stride was interrupted with a frail pop and quiet crunch from under his boot. His heart sank as he moved his boot aside to reveal a pair of glasses, crunched and twisted from under his foot.
    "Shit!" he tossed his bowl and plastic spoon into the trash and bent down to collect the pieces of glass and plastic, having to push a couple of people out of the way. Even though he was only 5'2", he made up for his lack of height with cunning and strength. With the pieces in hand he looked around for anyone who would be looking around for their glasses and soon spotted the girl that had been with the enthusiastic axe swinging girl during the fight. He crossed through the stream of people trying to hurry to class, pushing some out of his way until he made it to the girl and he squatted down in front of her. "Excuse me" Brant was only a first year and didn't know the girl's name "I...stepped on your glasses, I'm very sorry. I'll pay you back for them." Apologetically he showed the girl the remains of her glasses.
  17. "This is just...fantastic," Ireland snapped at the unconscious Eilte heaped at her feet. She didn't want to be late for class on the first day. Having her weapons might not seem that much of a punishment to some people but to her they were a part of her and she hated seeing the teacher take them. But she also wanted to help the people still involved in the fight and those injured..such as the younger girl's glasses.
    Hopefully she might be able to hide the two knives she favoured the most and would be incredibly annoyed if they got taken away.
    The only way to get to class on time and not feel guilty, she decided was to get the idiots to stop fighting and to scurry on away.
    Ireland sighed. She hated being angry- she preferred being her normal happy bubbly self and her involvement in this fight was getting on her nerves.
    Time to be the big bad Elite, she thought. She knew the younger years thought of the Elites as snobby and rude- she didn't blame them, most were- but she wasn't like that and hated being out into that category.
    First year was seems so much more fun right now.
    Most people had already gone in a frenzy but some were still idling, a couple of Elite who thought they were above the teachers, smirks on their faces.
    Ireland took a deep breath and,
    "Alright!" she screamed, waving her knife, "time to go! Show's over so get your asses the hell out of here!"
    Her voice was unnaturally loud in the now nearly empty cafeteria and she tried not to wince. She hated drawing attention to herself but being late to class would be worse.

  18. [​IMG]

    Believe it or not, Geoffrey had slept through the entire scuffle. It was something Geoffrey did, to make up for his relative lack of metabolism and appetite. He ate incredibly little, for someone his age and for someone who did what he did - Being an Elite in the Academy of Arms, he meant. Having been forced to assemble in the cafeteria for food, Geoffrey settled for a few pieces of bacon. After all, anything more complicated ensured a colourful variety of undesirable effects from indigestion to ingesting-cyanide-would-be-a-mercy. Who the hell screws up bacon? Okay, this academy might have it a little chewy and not as well-cooked as he would have liked it to be but honestly, bacon is bacon. Once he was done with the bacon and quenching his thirst (he drank bottled water he orders from outside school) Geoffrey went back to sleep. The Elite had an entire table to him, and he had his long coat folded up into a pillow for him. He wasn't disturbed throughout the entire thing, for two simple reasons - Geoffrey's table was in a corner of the cafeteria, and no matter how lean Geoffrey looked, you never disturb a sleeping bear.

    The bell rang and Geoffrey found himself still asleep, unable to wake up from his slumber. It was like he was drowning and a hundred kilo- wait, hundred kilograms isn't that heavy in water, make it a thousand kilogram weight dragging him down as he tried to swim towards the surface, desperate to break it. Only when everyone had flooded out of the cafeteria did Geoffrey wake up, and when he saw everyone missing the first thing he said was ..


    In one smooth motion, having been in this situation at least a dozen times now in his years here Geoffrey slid off the cafeteria table and pulled his coat on, draping it over his shoulders. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the first and third and his tie was loosely placed around his neck - Just a formality, never really paying attention to keeping his entire uniform tidy and all that. A brief touch told Geoffrey that his one-handed wooden sword with a heavy lead core was still sheathed at his side and he walked out, opening the doors of the cafeteria with a single push. It didn't really matter if the sword wasn't with him, to be honest. He was just as dangerous without it, as he was with it. The sword merely kept his fighting style more flexible and allowed him to use some of his more inventive combos.

    The remnants of the last students drifted around the corner and Geoffrey walked briskly after them, his heeled shoes making loud clicks and clacks against the tiled floor of the hallways. His coat billowed about him as he moved, and the stern expression made him look quite intimidating indeed.

  19. Both disappointed and relieved at the same time, the stood upright, adjusting his tie as if nothing had happened at all - at most, a minor scuffle.
    "Well, the moment has passed, now back to work."
    Turning to the direction he deemed appropriate, he began to saunter callously off, whistling a tune he did not recognise. Stopping abruptly, however, he noticed that a girl had dropped her glasses. An impediment, to be sure, but not one as major as having them stepped on. And, as if he could magically predict the future, the sight aids were reduced to something that was far more likely to have one's eyes out, if worn. Chuckling nigh-on silently to himself, he observed the situation, but then proceeded to back off a few steps. This was neither the time nor the place for his trademark sadism or deadpan humour, given the time restraints in place. However, he did let up when an elite muttered into his ear, the words being the only things that had even minutely shaken him that day.
    "You are going to regret what you did, you little psycho. Watch your back from now on - you'll be able to face your death like a man."
    Pulling away, the smell of badly-cooked sausages lingering in his nostrils, Adam simply stood, fixed in one spot, while the elite paced casually away from the scene. And, in an attempt to hide the minuscule fear he felt - that was rapidly growing, as the consequences became apparent - he began wiping his knuckles with a cloth in his pocket.
  20. this was just getting out of hand even more. More fights rose and the cafeteria was going crazy! Tatsukie looked around and sighed a little. He was really regretting confronting those guys. What could he do now? What could he even say to stop all this violence? Tables were tossed and people were cheering them on. One of the First Years was beating an Elite to a bloody pulp. Seemed he was enjoying every 533266.jpg minute of it as well.

    Those two Second Year girls were kicking some ass too. Tatsukie placed his hands in his pockets and sat back down on the table. What exactly could he do? After all, this was kind of his fault. He scanned the cafeteria at the mayhem. Were they seriously going to keep this up? A few other people had shown up as well, but he only looked at them for a second, before looking back at the various fights already going on.

    Man, they are really going at each others necks. They don't seem like they are getting tired either. This both interesting and bad. But, I caused this when I confronted baldy. Then again, I was minding my own business. I guess it was all just self defense. But, I am sure that the professors will still scold everyone. Oh well, I should have thought about the consequences, before I fought.


    The sound of the bell had rung out loudly and all the fighting had ceased. Tatsukie looked in the direction of the clock and stood up, with his hands in his pockets. He yawned a little and looked down at baldy once more. "Well, I wonder if he will get up anytime soon?"