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  1. So, I learned something mind blowing today.

    You know those hands people have?
    Well, there's these things on them called fingers.
    You can type with them and shit.
  2. Oh wow I didn't my finger can take a shit on its own WOOOOW

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  3. Our head also expel this straw like substance called hair.

    You can make it different colours and cute it into cool shapes.
  4. Man, incredible! This makes my life so much easier. All this time I've been typing with my face.
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  5. r u ok
  6. I'm completely fine.

    Did you hear about this cool thing called Phones?
    They let you hear voices, when no one's actually there.

    It's like you're talking to Ghosts... Or are you?
    People assure me though that it's in fact other, living, people on the other end though so that's good.
  7. Ashley Olsen is dead. That's sort of amazing?

    more amazing than the dad-tier stuff Gen title Von title is posting
  8. Well apparently John Lennon is dead.
    That's a surprising development.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I learned something absolutely amazing today. It's so spectacular that I just had to share it with you guys. When I learned about it it absolutely blew my mind. Words cannot describe how flabbergasted I am right now. I may as well get on with it and share such a stupendous discovery.

    Here it is:
    Amazing rite? (open)
    Gwazi's a filthy shitposter.

    Cool, amirite?
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  11. Ok guys get this.

    There's this thing called clothes.
    Apparently you cover your body in it to keep warm, and not get weird looks from people.

    This... this explains a lot.
  12. Somehow I don't think a lack of apparel is the only reason why you might garner weird looks from people.
  13. Man I'm on a roll with these life hacks.

    Ok, so this one's REALLY good!

    There are these things, they're called plates.
    You can throw them across the room like a Frizbee!
    Just far more expensive and fragile, so it's like extreme Frizbee.

    But it also has an alternate use, for eating food on it.
    So finally you don't need to clean the floor every time before a meal.
  14. But... How are you reeeeaaally sure it is the living person on the other side? What if it is their body possessed by a ghost? Technically them, living, but you are talking to a ghost cause the ghost is in control of the body!
  15. Hmm... This does complicate the matter.
    Most concerning. :/
  16. Hey Gwazi I know a life hack just for you :D

    Show Spoiler

  17. Out... Side?

    I never heard of this place before.
    This is the land where the fabled "grass" and "fresh air" originates from?
  18. Yes just beware of the sun. Your tender skin cant take it sweety!
  19. I Praise the Sun everyday from Majula. I should be ok. :3
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  20. Hey Gwazi, did you know that when the sun God is sad, white powder falls from the sky.
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