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Prologue - Deception!
Poisoned at the start of the Shang Kingdom's Festival of Swords, Tsubaha Mori and several others wake up with their bells, necessary to achieve victory in the festival, stolen. Tsubaha is able to convince them that they collectively have to work together in order to come back from this big setback. They all agree to work together until everyone in the party has the three bells necessary to attain their wish.

Chapter 1 - Working Together
At first the party seemed to be doing well enough. They were able to scout out the nearby river and were able to attain a couple bells from salvaging or intimidating a hapless couple of participants. However, since it was apparent that the Shang Army was patrolling the river - intent on stopping people trying to leave the tournament early - the group returned to the shrine.

This unfortunately lead to the arrival of the Swordstress that Tsubaha had been looking for all along - Tsukaha. With a fistful of bells in tow, a fight quickly broke out. Trying to score a quick victory using their numbers to their advantage. However, it was a ruse, Tsukaha had a group of archers in the trees - who fired on those who had come at her. The group hastily dispersed, running for their lives.

Chapter 2 - The Village of Memories
The group's only safehaven was a necropolis at the edge of the tournament area. They were assailed by an evil spirit that dwelled there. The spirit seemed to have taken posession of one of Tsubaha's blades, in a bid to 'escape' by defeating the party. It was the spirit that was defeated, however.

Even with this victory, our Heroes were not freed from the Grasp of the Graveyard. They suddenly found themselves in a quaint Village. In the distance, Demon Crown Mountain - unerupted - was visible. This was the village of Tousawa, of the Ikkikari. But that town and this valley was now buried under the ash from the mountain. What was going in?

The party meet various figures from the tragic tale. In order to survive the coming frost, the party take to a job, clearing out a pack of ferocious 'Berserk Fangs' outside the town. Disaster strikes when they are overwhelmed by the beasts. But, the story does not end there. They revive. The time in that place rolls back two months, and they lay strewn about defeated by the town's resident princess.

Chapter 3 - The Traitor of the Past

The start off as criminals in this world's fabricated history. However, they find that they are vouched for by a peculiar noble. Kiri Moriya. Someone who was remembered as a hated traitor in the histories. Seeking to avoid another horrible death at the fangs of wild animals, the party entertains the apparently naiive noble as she tours them about her hometown. This time, they unintentionally stumble upon another job. The simple job is deceptive however, as it ultimately draws the party into a fight with a Dragon.

The defeat of this great monster does not end their troubles. For in the monster's wake, an unknown foe uses the chaos to take control of the castle, barring anyone else from entry. With a full fledged coup underway the party decides to try to stabilize the situation.

[ In Progress... ]

Skit Library
(Skits are archived in posts in the Sign Up Thread)

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"Ehehehe~❤!" - ???

Kenno Matsuri Bestiary
This is a dump for all the foes encountered during the journey. Occasionally organized when necessary.


    • A spirit from the Neithare that took control of one of Tsubaha's swords.

      Trapped in the Neithare, this villain took the form of our heroes' companion and attacked. However, working together, the party was able to defeat them.

      They supposedly wanted to defeat everyone in order to give themselves and the 'others' a chance to escape the void-like realm of the dead.

      Tsubaha(?) (Tough)
      EP: 12/12

      Special Skill:

      Sonic Thrust (Base: Force - Lv 3)
      User thrusts forward with their blade.

      Tiger Blade (Base: Force - LV 3)
      User slashes upwards sending the foe up, before slashing them back down.

      Impulse (Base: Force - LV 3)
      Sends a shock-wave along the ground into a foe.
      Double Impulse (Arkane: Force - LV 2)
      Sends two shock-waves along the ground, hitting the foe one after the other.

    • A man who suddenly appeared before our heroes. He claimed that by attacking and defeating Cirika, the 'world' could be escaped from. This forced the party to choose whether to side with him or the young Noble.

      Ultimately, the party sided with Cirika.

      When he was defeated, he burst into flames. Passing on his soul, and an accursed mark onto the Travelers.

      Vladis (Tough)
      EP 15/15


    • Large Wolves that once stalked the Tousawa Valley. They were faithfully recreated in the Memory World.

      Desperate for prey, Berserk fangs around Cirika's Village began to attack people who traveled the forests outside of town. Animals whom have began to hunt down people had to be eliminated to prevent the practice to spreading to other dangerous beasts.

      Berserk Fang Whelp (Mob)

      Chomp (Force) - LV 2

    • A Berserk Fang that lead the pack that occupied a farm outside of town.

      It is distinct in having only one eye, the other having been lost in some fight that it took part in previously. He gave our heroes a bit of trouble when they tried to clear him and the other Berserk Fangs out of a farmstead.

      One Eye (Tough)
      6/6 EP

      Chomp (Base - Force) - LV 2
      Gnash (Arkane - Force) - LV 1

    • A bird notable for having particularly large beaks.

      Swallow beaks fly in flocks that are centered around powerful flying monsters. When an individual is attacked or threatened, all the other birds go into action to swarm the threat. This is very unfortunate as the meat of the birds are considered a delicacy.

      Heavy Swallow Beak (Mob)

      Techs: Dive Beak (Force) - LV 3 Attacks by swooping down, attacking using Sharp Talons and it's Beak as a Lance(edited)

    • The monster that lead the flock of Swallow Beaks that was terrorizing Haschou.

      The party took a job that involved clearing out the Swallow Beaks from the Maplegrounds around Haschou Castle. According to Cirika, the flock could only be dispersed by defeating the monster that was leading it. Using a special concotion a monster slayer used in Cirika's youth, the party was able to quickly get into a fight with this beast.

      Though they were not expecting a dragon as an opponent, the party was able to use their combined strength to defeat it. It's defeat also lead to the flock violently dispersing - having lost their leader.

      Lesser Dragon (Tough)
      25/25 EP

      Dive Ream (Base - Force - LV 3): Attacks by rising into the air and smashing down before an opponent.
      Claw Slash (Arkane - Force - LV 2): Uses it's large claws to slash at a foe.

      Flare Breath (Base - Fire - LV 2): Spews fourth fire to engulf an opponent.
      Bite (Arkane - Force - LV 2): Lungest forward with it's jaws to snap at a foe.

      Leap Slam (Base - Force - LV 1): Dragon coils itself and leaps towards an opponent, hitting them with it's large body.

      Dragon Cannon (Base - Fire - LV 2: Rearing back it's head, the beast hurls a large fireball at an opponent which explodes on impact.

    • Kiri Moriya's Bodyguard, and a shadow.

      The party was shocked to find Gyoku going as far as to strangle her charge in order to keep them from going to the castle. The party attacked in order to save Kiri. Leading to a rough fight.

      In the end though, it turned out that Gyoku had used wind force in order to make it appear as if she was hurting Kiri. In order to judge the party's intentions. WIth the fight stopped, and Kiri storming off to the castle, the party followed suit. Tsubaki and Runara revealed a bit more of themselves then they wanted to, however...

      Gyoku Hagakure (Tough)
      15/15 EP



      Ghost Edge (Base - Force) LV 3
      Glimmer Dragon (Arkane - Force) LV 3
      Dancing Blade Chaos (Mythic - Force)

      Stinging Hornet (Base - Force) LV 2

      Cross Claw (Base - Wind) LV 2
      Dragon Swarm (Base - Force) LV 2

      Lion's Howl (Base - Force) LV 2

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= Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri =

Party Menu

Bloons: 400
Bells : 3

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Vanguard Unit:

Rumiko Mitsurugi

"Miko Fighter"

Kei Daidouji

"Hater of Nobles"

Saburo Shanzhai

"Whip Magician"

Tsubaki Hanejima

"Draw Swordstress"

Reserve Units:

= Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri =

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I can do aggressive if it's for the good in the situation, but I'm lazy and just like being passive.
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I know that I'm a terrible person.

"That girl! She went out again, didn't she! Even when we told her to stay inside today!"
"Oh, sister's going to go out and embarrass our family again?"
"Oh, I know she's going to try joining that sword tournament. The last thing we need is everyone in town knowing she exists!"

I disobey. I follow my own wishes.
Being inconsiderate to the desires of everyone else.

"So what? If she wants to get thrashed around in a sword festival, then what do we care?"
"We do care! Her very existence is an embarrassment to the family. Embarrassment to me!"
"Well... dear. There's no use to get so worked up over it..."

I dislike people. I judge them. I assume they all look down on me.
Even if it might not be true, I've grown to just assume that.

"Silence! She's a symbol of your own weakness too! If you didn't want to have her then you should've just-"
"S-stop! I understand, dear. But, you musn't say such things in front of your own children."
"What should we have done to Tsubaha then, father?"

I can't take it anymore.
If I win here. Be crowned champion of the Festival of Swords, then...

"Nothing. Well, mother's right. At this point, we should just spend the rest of the day enjoying the festival."
"If we're lucky, someone will kill off your sister for us."

I can wipe away all dishonors.
I won't have to be embarrassed about who I am anymore.
All negative connotations will be outshined by the glory of being 'Swordmaster'.

Hex-B presents:
Kenno Matsuri

No way... I'm dying?

My throat and stomache is burning. It feels like my stomach is on fire. My lungs are agonizingly trying to function.

"Just what did you put in there!?"
"Pretty effective right? It's a poison made from herbs that grow in this forest. It's been used for years to assist in assassinations between nobles."
"It's effect it slow enough that everyone was able to take a sip without realizing what they did to themselves!"

"Y-you! Doing this right when everything just started... You are going to pay for this! U---ugh!"


"Making me pay for all this is rather hard to do with your face in the dirt. You can't even stand up, let alone strike at us."
"Anyway, we'll be helping ourselves to your bells. Hell, I think we'll be helping ourselves to your everything. Won't be needing it after you're all dead."


This wasn't supposed happen.

This was supposed be a competition where everyone would use their fighting skills to their fullest to win, fair and square. But, ultimately, it looks like all the competition organizers cared for was who could win most efficiently.

These cutthroats who served all of them poisoned water right out of the starting line were about to gain a huge advantage.

"Don't kill anyone yet. As agreed, I'll gather up all the bells. The rest of you can plunder whatever after."

The bells.
Each one of them left the starting line with one.
The organizer promised that if you managed to obtain several of them then you'd get a wish granted.

But, Tsubaha's dream was more lofty than that.
She was going to gather more bells than anyone else. And prove herself as the best.

But, right now...
A hand pulled out a jingling object off of her.

"...Oh. Those are some nice blades you have too."

What was going to happen now?

"Hey! I got dibs on those. Just gather up your stupid bells!"
"Grrgh... fine."

Tsubaha's vision darkened into nothingness.

The void of Tsubaha's vision stirred.
Crackling and flickering.
Burning orange, and a voice calling out in complete distress.

"Open the door!"
"For all that is good, OPEN THE DOOR!"

The voice was father's. Mother's, her siblings, and the servants.

She stood before the door to her home. It was burning.
The door inside the conflagration was blocked. And the voices inside begged her to release them in panic and agony.

But, Tsubaha began to back away.
From her family, her home, everything.

Their wails and pleas grew more distant as she reached gardens in the front yard.

"Why am I backing away?"

Her foot stepped into a puddle.
Looking down into it, she could see the smoke and embers rising into the sky in it's reflection.
She looks at herself.

"Ah, I see..."
"I guess this is what I wanted."

She confirmed the smile that was plastered on her face.

"It's so hot!"
"Please! Tsubaha, let us out!"
"I... I don't want to die like this!"
"We're sorry for being mean to you, sister!"
"Yes, if you let us out, you can eat with us, like normal, like anyone else!"
"We'll forget you're just our half sister and treat you like a real one!"
"Please! Just let us out!"

Complete desperation, as the flames drew closer to the family still trapped inside.
Disregarding this, Tsubaha instead put her hand up to her face.

She knew that the people inside that building weren't really dying. It was quite the opposite. Yes, right now, in the real world, she herself was succumbing to the poison that she had foolishly let herself drink.

This world was simply showing her her true nature.

The door to the mansion flew uopen, as the family, with smoking and charred clothing. Burst out to the safety of being outside.
Tsubaha frowns.

"Even dying, they still manage to get away with it."

Not if you can help it....


Reach for them.
The things you treasure so dearly.

Tsubaha's hands... came to a rest onto her two blades at her waist.

You know what I'm talking about right?
The thing you truly desire.

"That's... This isn't..."

That's fine.
In this place, no one will judge you.
It's your mind. It's your will.
Will you even let yourself die letting yourself suffer their existence?

People who despise and look down upon you.
Just for who you are.

Isn't it only right that they get their just deserts in the jurisdiction of your mind?

"With these swords... you want me to go and murder them. My own family."

You're the only one who thinks that they're your family.

Do it.
"I won't."

C'mon. Do it.
"I can't."
You Can Do it.
"I can't do it."
Wouldn't it be so... wonderful?

"They do deserve it, don't they?"

The soft voice of another, accompanied by a shimmering light.

"...but could you really live with yourself, knowing your heart's just as cold?"

The light radiated with a sense of soothing calmness.

"Someone has to be stronger and be the first to forgive."

"My heart...?"
"What worth does my heart even have?"

What's the point?
You're going to die.

Are you going to let all the things they done to you... the isolation, the humiliation... the alienation.
You could've been a normal girl just like anyone else.
But, because of them and their prejudices the only friend you have are the blades at your waist.

All the loneliness and isolation.
No one is going to care, what you feel here in your heart.

In this world, power is what decides everything.
That's why you joined the festival, right?

"Yeah. I wanted to become a Swormaster by winning."
"No one would disrespect me if I was stronger than anyone else."

Soft words like forgiveness and compassion isn't something that people will hear.

If you're going to become the strongest...
You'll have to destroy every single person who stands in your way.

The world faded....
And then the sound of rain.

She was there, out in the forest outside of town. Where she trained every day to pass the time.

Before Tsubaha stood a girl, slowly drawing her blade.
It was her goal. Her sister.

"So... How about it?"
"Your Ikkikari Style Versus My Jiao?"


Tsubaha slammed hard into the mud.
Her body immediately hurt with all the cuts and bruises of the battle just as clearly as she remembered it.

"You really suck."
"You're just flailing those things around without thinking."

The only thing that affected this girl after the battle, despite all of Tsubaha's efforts, was the rain.

The victor sheathed her sword in an elegant, well practiced fashion.

"If you can pick yourself up. Come to the Wushu school, and maybe you can learn a thing or two about being a real swordstress."


"Ah, it's Tsubaha? My, did she get mauled by a Tiger or something?"
"Probably played a bit too hard with her swords and hurt herself. Just leave her there. I'm hungry."

No one cares.

The other voice materialized, as girl with silvery hair. She knelt down beside Tsubaha sprawled out on the ground, looking at her with pity.

"Shouldn't a world like this just burn down?"
"I'll grant you the strength to burn all of it down right here if you take my hand..."

"Theives, Murderers, Liars, Apathetics..."

The girl looked to the light that was intruding on their conversation.

"...and even Traitors. They'll all fear you, respect you. The power to conquer everything, that's what strength means to you, right?"

"...Even though I'll die?"

"Even though you'll die. you'll die knowing that in the end, you'll have the last laugh."

The girl assured.

Tsubaha reached out her hand to her.
But, the Ephermal Spirit began to shudder....

"No one will be able to respect you once you’re so far gone you can’t even respect yourself."

The spirit began to struggle forward, pushing its way closer.

"I can’t give you power or anything flashy like that, but I can give you a promise."

A group of silhouettes appeared behind the spirit. Laughing, sparring, hugging... each with a friendly smile on their face.

"If you stay patient, someday, you’ll find someone who respects you more than anyone else in the world."

A shining hand reached out of the light towards Tsubaha.

"And one person who respects you more than anyone in the world is worth more than a whole world’s worth of hollow respect."

"Well, I guess I'll pick that one."

"...Right? How could you possibly belive-"

"Not you."

"...You are going to believe in that empty promise? A promise that might never come to fruition?"

"But, they didn't say I had to die."
"I can't become a Swordmaster if I die here."
"Therefore, I'll pick that one. Because I want to become a Swordmaster more than anything."

Tsubaha gradually began to pick herself up.
She reached for the hand of the ephemeral spirit.
Tsubaha took hold of it.

"You know...?" She sad to the shining hand. "If you end up being a liar... I'm gonna come find you and beat you up. Got it?"

The girl with silvery hair gave a bemused chuckle.

"Such a simple girl you are. Very well. Let's see what sort of fate the world has in store for you, then. But, when your heart fails you, I'll be right here, waiting."
"Tsubaha... Let's someday destroy this rotten world together."


"I’m tired of lies. I honestly believe what I said."

The spirit lifted her off the ground with a tug.

"Hold on to your dreams, Tsubaha."
"Dreams are precious."

For a moment, it felt as if the light was smiling, before it faded away.

Tsubaha Mori - #FF0000

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shirine ]

Everything had gone completely wrong. Right out of the gates, at the start of this tournament, Tsubaha was already deathly far behind. As were all the individuals alongside her. It was the bells.

At the start of the tournament, each contestant was given a bell. In order to win, and receive their prize, they had to have three bells on their person by the time the tournament ended about a week later. Yes, for a whole week the contestants were bounded to the forest wilderness outside Jiaojing on pain of death, where they were expected to fight it out in order to attain three bells for themselves.

Such a tenuous contest was worthy of a great prize. In this case, it was a promise. A promise that winners would receive one of their own wishes granted by the most powerful person in the kingdom - the King of Shang Himself.

But, the prospects of this poor lot winning anything was very dismal. In fact, it wouldn't be incorrect to say they were basically already out of the running.

It was the poison.
Each one of them had been tricked into drinking it. While passed out on the ground the perpetrators relived them all of their bells and made off further into the forest. When they all came to, those who were still here agreed that they all should work together to regain those bells, and together - they'd gain the bells they'd need to get their sought after wishes.

Some came for wealth. Some came for power, or worldly pleasures. Some were tricked, and others fooled by their own hubris. Though for many here, the 'wish' would give them the second chance that few criminals would be able to attain on their own in a jail cell. For them, the loss of their bells was particularly upsetting.

Together though, they could overcome any foe or group of foes they would happen upon here. And maybe, they'd be able to give just desserts to the group whom had tricked and poisoned them. But, the latter was up to chance. In the day that the particularly weakened ones needed to take in order to recover, the perpetrators had no doubt distanced themselves as far as possible in search of even more bells. Or to find a place to ride out the rest of the tournament.

The fact that an entire day had been wasted thus far, waiting on the others to recover, was something that greatly irritated Tsubaha Mori. Though she dared not to say it aloud. Regardless, she brooded at the steps of the ruined shrine.

The location served as a convenient sort of base from which the recovering could rest. It was defensible too, if one wanted to wait out the tournament. But, waiting here was the last things Tsubaha wanted. All around her, was the activity of the various people whom had agreed to all work together. Though, her gaze hovering over everyone - she doubted that any of them would ever become cohesive together. She had spoken to nearly all of them, but there was nothing there to indicate that they should work together for very long. The possibility of self-interest devolving them into fighting against one another was a more reasonable assumption.

Tsubaha stood up from her spot abruptly. Picking up her twin-blades at her side, she fastened them to either side of her belt,
and she began to make her way. Seeming to intend to walk into the forest, alone. One could think of it as her deciding to abandon the very idea she had come up with.
The others were quick to take notice of this...

  • For years, the Annual Festival of Swords has been a delightful spectacle of the skills practiced by the local Wushu School Adherents. This year, a no-holds-barred tournament has brought about a new and dangerous twist to the celebration. You are drawn into this competition - whatever reason you had, and were betrayed at the very start, putting you at a severe disadvantage.

  • Note that players are required to use the posting format outlined by the GM. This is to make sure that things such as where your character is and who they're specifically interacting with are made clear and concise. Additionally, at least 2 paragraphs per post to meet quality standards.

    Something Something Standard Post Format!

    Basically It Looks Like This!


    [ Month, Day , Time Of Day / Location, SubLocation ]


    • Fieldbox - Enclose Your Posts in A fieldbox. This is important as fieldboxes can also denote changes in scenes, or in the GMs case, different scenes occuring at the same time.
    • Cut Out - A cut in of your character's image so people don't forget what you look like. You Recieved this when you got your character confirmed.
    • Date, Time, Location - Used to make it clear the where and when of your post is clear. Be sure to be careful not to time travel by accidently copying the wrong dates/times (I'm guilty of this too).
    • Post Content - Everything else in your post that's IC related.
    • IMPRTANT STUFF UNDERLINED - Ic stuff that you do that you want to draw attention to should be underlined. This can let the others know how you want the conversation/scene to go, or just be used to make sure attention is paid to something. Use sparingly.
    • @_PCMentions - Mentions are used to let players you intereact with know that they're being interacted with in your post. Please use this since scenes get hectic fast.

    This Post Format is something Ehb is very form about everyone using. Please don't make Ehb come up with a punishment for not using it, as it really is helpful in making posts easy to read, I think!

  • For story related reasons, you've made a Pact with Tsubaha and the others to collect enough bells so that everyone can safely leave the tournament. Defeat the other teams and gather enough bells to do this, and maybe score some revenge on the people who tricked all of you!

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[fieldbox= Runara and Tsubaha - Affinity Chapter 1 : Worn Down Shrine]


How long did it past? Who knows... As Runara herself slowly opened her eyes, she slowly adjusted herself so that she could see her surroundings.

Wait... This is not the Festival Grounds, this looked like some sort of shrine, one that's not been treated well enough. Why is she here? That's not right... She slowly touch around herself to see if there's something missing on her.

Accessories... Check. Clothes... Check. Swords... Check. Tournament Bells... Huh? Where is it? She could've sworn she puts it on her hips, but now it's nowhere to be seen. Could it be...?

". . . Have I been screwed over?" Was the first word that Runara said. She then looked over to a girl with a rather funny eyebrows...

"Hey... Did you get something of yours stolen as well...?"

"Yeah. While you were snoozing over there, we had all talked about how our bells we need for this festival have been taken."

No way? Everyone here?
Looking around Runara could see a myriad of characters up and about. Some of t hem seeming to be wearily trying to regain themselves.

"That water that those people offered. Well, I don't think I need to tell you that it was a trap at this point. They poisoned us so they could take their bells for themselves. But, it seems like mercifully that was all that they were after."

That was impossible! The festival had just started!? Did that mean they had already lost!?

"...Going back to your original question though. Do you need a rag or something? It seems like those people stole a lot of your clothing."

"... Eh?"

Looking down, Runara rechecked her clothings, making sure that she doesn't lose any of it. Upon realizing that she indeed doesn't lose any of her clothing, she looked back on the girl with the weird eyebrow with displeasure.

"I have you know that I don't lose anything else thank you very much, this outfit is a tradition. I originally came here knowing that this festival is a happy festival with sword dances and plays and all that. And I want to perform my Moonlight Dance Adaptation, a traditional dance from the Doven community. With slight modernization and stuffs."

This was purely her intention coming into the festival, to dance. Upon knowing that the festival have changed, she decided to join in anyway, maybe she had it coming...

"So, why did this festival change into this... Free for all tournament? Just curious, I mean... I'm only a lonesome dancer who seek a fated partner. And... Did you see Tsubaki anywhere around? I feel a little guilty for dragging her into this."

Then she realized that she have yet to introduce herself.

"Oh where are my manners... should've introduced myself first. I'm Runara, a travelling dancer. What's your name, O you with the weird eyebrows"

Tsubaha's immediate response was a bit of a silent glare. It seemed like she was a little upset for some reason.

"Yes, yes... the part about you being a dancer is no surprise at all, all things considered. Well, Miss Dancer I haven't gotten everyone's names yet, but if she was with you up until now she's probably somewhere around here."

"As for coming here to dance... why are you even still here then? They had a whole big thing when you joined in about: 'a tournament that'll last a week' and: 'use your battle skills in order to collect the most bells'. Are you saying that you managed to miss ALL of that and just waltzed on right in?"

Tsubaha crossed her arms. Giving a sigh of exasperation.

"Even if you missed all of that, everyone coming in here all decked out for battle should've been a dead giveaway. There was STILL a place for the regular festivities of dancing and food. That was in the City Plaza. Did you just follow all of these armed people out into the forest thinking there would be a festival outside of the city too?"

"You're completely helpless."

Tsubaha shook her head.

Runara waved her hand dismissing Tsubaha's last opinion.

"Actually no, I didn't go out thinking there would be a festival outside."

Runara eyes sparkled as she clasped her hands together. Looking up to the sky.

"I've seen a really charming man, and I thought to myself, he must be my destined partner! So I followed him outside, and then well... He offered... me.. some-- Oh for goodness sake... He just used me didn't he?"

The energy and sparkle was gone as Runara realized that fact.

"So anyway, this tournament's deal is granting a wish of a supposed victor right? Well whatever then! I'll win and see that they'll grant my wish of my destined partner for life! No matter what race, what kind, what gender that partner is!"

"And none shall stop me from that!"

"No matter how I look at it, you really are just... Oh who am I even kidding. I suppose other races really do have different values, then."

Just hearing a tidbit of this Doven's story gave enough of a gist as to what she was all about,

"So I guess that Tsubaki character is the one who has to clean up after your messes and save you from trouble then. They must get paid really well. I just met you and I'm already tired out."

"Anyway, whether you find 'Tsubaki' here or not, I'd recommend you go along with the plan for all of us to stick together. Everyone here's starting out with the worst disadvantage, but together we might have a chance to turn things around."

Tsubaha put her hand up to her cheek as she pondered a clear and concise way to say it:

"And well... please don't try to not do anything until you find your attendant. It'd be for the best."

"Don't try to not do anything...?"

Runara tilted her head, puzzled on that phrase.

"So, I should do something? Or not...?"

Runara shook her head and then crossed her arms.

"No no, Are you implying that I'm a burden? Oh, oh, well thank you very much for your consideration."

Said in a rather sarcastic manner, Runara looked straight at Tsubaha sharply.

"I have to tell you that I can at least pull my own weights, so don't look at me like I'm just some sort of burden. You rude little... funny eyebrows, flat, girl."

Tsubaha's expression was hardened hearing the Doven throw insults at her. Needless to say, she was absolutely not amused. Her emotions wanted her to start.. something. But, the mental image of her arguing with a half naked person immediately quelled those impulses.

Instead, she responded back coldly.

"Making fun of someone's features would be the very definition rude. Calling someone rude while being rude to others is nothing but hypocritical."

"Moreover, I'm not moved by the words of someone who makes their living on their back. I won't subject myself to your shallowness any longer. Begone, you Nanban."

Flicking her hand towards the Doven with an air of aristocratic disdain. Tsubaha left Runara to her own devices.

[fieldbox= Runara Blazeheart, #ffa64d, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Of all the time to have a misfortune, it really have to be now isn't it? Just when Runara found one charming man that she considered a possible partner for life. That man turns out tricking her into drinking a poison. Alas this is probably the beginning of all of Runara's misfortune for the coming days. To think about that man tricking her rather pure self was really upsetting. Now with no bells, and that she spent a day recovering. Her goal for love would probably go down and die off along with her own self. No, this is not her end, not when she have not yet found the man she'd love.

For now... Runara is waiting for others to be prepared, as she liked the idea of banding up together to get through this predicament. The idea itself was brought upon by the short girl with a rather funny eyebrows namely Tsubaha Mori. Of course, there are doubts within herself as there are some person that she probably thought 'that person can't be trusted' and such. But for everyone's benefit, they should've worked together instead of stabbing each other.


But apparently, Tsubaha herself seemed to abandon her own idea to band up and work together. Runara saw Tsubaha taking up her swords and going to leave the shrine complex. Runara immediately stood up and ran to Tsubaha and gets a grip on Tsubaha's shoulder.

"Hold on, you said it yourself that we should work together. Are you going to go solo in this?"

Runara lets go of her grip, looking back at the others.

"Do you really think all of them outside are going solo in this? We're all probably poisoned by the same group of people. So there's a good chance that most of the people that is still standing outside have grouped up with some others. There is a strength in numbers okay? Besides, how do you think I stayed alive while looking like this anyway? I've got Tsubaki-chan to thank for this."

Runara explained her reasoning that there is no way that people is going to fight alone, not when the risk is this high.

"Please wait a little bit longer okay?"




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[fieldbox= Of Mikos and Midgets - Tsubaha and Rumiko, red, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shirine - interior]
Waking up after an unknown amount of time, the Miko found herself largely intact, with no others around her it seemed she had gotten further into the temple, at her feet was one dead body, pummeled across it's face by what seemed to be some missing blunt instrument of steel.

"Heh...as if you'll kill me so easily.."

Patting her side her eyes widen in shock, exclaiming aloud;

"The Bells! They took the Bells! ..I got to start all over.." She would have to start all over again, likely the Shang had attempted to betray her.. either way she didn't seem to be alone in this Shrine...an unkempt and worn down shrine, no wonder the spirits had not shown them favor. Setting about straightening the area around her, the Priestess claps both hands together and starts a chant.

"Oh Great Kami and Ancestors, your servant invites you back anew into your home to give us your protection and blessings. I ask for your-"

Pausing mid prayer, the Miko opens her eyes staring vaguely off in another direction, for such a massive and scared woman no hostility was in her voice as she spoke up.. "Games are pretty boring like this you know, so want to talk? I mean it would be troublesome to fight here, neither of ushave bells right? Would offer you some tea and a sit down, but well.."

Pausing for a bit, the robed woman seemed more irritated by whoever was watching her than afraid or aggressive.

The one in hiding revealed themselves.

"Sorry. It seemed like you were busy there."

She was a short girl. Her most notable feature was immediately those eyebrows. But, looking deeper, the Miko had to remember where she was. This was the middle of a tournament. The two short-blades at the girls' side was a stark reminder of that. Her hands were resting on the sheathed weapons' handles.

There was a pause. As if awaiting someone to launch the first strike. But, neither of them made any such motion.
Most people would be offset by how the Miko towered over the other girl. Even with distance the difference was apparent. She wasn't afraid, however. But she was alert.

"I'm Tsubaha. You... said you had your bells stolen from you too, right? Did you get poisoned by them too?"

Bowing lightly the Miko didn't seem to have any hostility towards the other girl, at least not yet, resting her hands to the side and giving a curt nod. "Nice to meetcha. Names Rumiko and yeah, I was poisoned too, I got one of them, body just moves on it's own."

Looking the bushy eyebrow girl over, Rumiko reaches a conclusion based on her weapons and appearance. "I rather not fight you unless I have cause. To be so young and in this.. Not many live long now do they? Well, what do you want? I wanted to sanctify this place and make sure the others wake up, I must win my three bells after that.."

She asks flatly, as far as Rumiko was concerned they had no reason to fight one another, but was this small girl of the same mind? Stating her intentions, the rather violent looking woman seemed almost bored by the whole situation.

"You didn't hear what I said to the others then. As you might know, you were not the only one who got tricked and lost your bells. It happened to me, and several others outside, still trying to to recuperate."

"For a moment, from the sounds of the fighting I thought there might have been a straggler of one of those who deceived us."

Tsubaha looked to the dead body - someone Rumiko had probably dispatched just now.
"But, looks like were not going to know for sure. It' fine though. There's someone or some people running around with more bells than they should have."

"I'm sorry for disturbing you. I'll leave you to what you were doing. I'll need to get back to the others and discuss the next course of action and have us move out..."

"Others? I remember others from when I was brought here.. I was thinking the question was aimed at me and you."

Exhaling heavily in a sigh, the Miko shakes her head, pointing towards Tsubaha briefly, though not directly for manners sake.

"No, it's fine, in fact take me with you. I can Sanctify the grounds after this, my duty is to the living more than a building and we know a devious enemy is here. Plus I want my bells back if we find them, I rather not risk an attack happening here again, and you'll need help searching."

Making an offer to join the young girl Rumiko has a friendly smile to her face that may have ran counter to her body, but at least seemed sincere in her words. "Well unless you rather not have me around. Otherwise I'll follow you out there."

"No, I don't mind. Most people back there are trying to get their bells back too. But, I can't really say the same for myself."

Before Tsubaha went ahead with it, there was a thing or two she had to tell the Miko.
Yes. She had to tell her this up front. Just like all the others.

"Before you go ahead and come along, please consider this: The people who decided to work together on this agreed to a certain thing. They agreed that they'd all band together in order to get back at the people who had wronged everyone. Additionally, they agreed to keep that pact going until there was at least enough bells for everyone to get their wish."

As the Miko mentally remembered, it was three bells in order to attain a wish. That meant defeating at least 2 other opponents... provided you still had the one you started out with.

"I told them my reason for coming to this tournament. I want to find someone and fight them to settle a score. Everything else is secondary to that. In light of that, they decided that I'd have to be the one to hold onto the bells we get until there's enough for everyone."

"Do you still want to come along with us, even knowing that?"
She asked.

Pausing in her steps, the Miko considers the offer and shifts her jaw slightly before speaking, her smile gone;
"I cannot agree for the sake of Vengeance alone, it is an unending cycle. I can aid them in the name of Justice and the Common good.. Given there may be someone here I must kill I cannot judge you for your wish.. I only ask you look for a deeper reason to what you must do."

Three bells for a wish, that left two normally, but hadn't they all lost them all.. Or did each still have one, or were the extra ones held by another meant to confirm them dead, even then for them all at least one hundred people would have to be in this tournament. Pondering the math and morality of the matter in her head the Miko reaches a decision, with sudden speed and deftness, one of the large muscular arms reaches out for the girl, landing on her right shoulder with a surprisingly warm and gentle touch.

"Well guess it's fair, my wish is for funds and land along the river bank to build a Grand Shrine to my faith and a Village to aid in the reconstruction of our homeland."

Lowering her hand, a surprised wide eyed look suddenly appears on the Miko's face as she seems to be stuck on something before speaking again.

"Ah and I may be a err.. Temporary Prisoner for threatening a Governor.. hitting a taxman or four..some guards..eheh-eh..heh...Err.. Well I guess I can fight and cook for our little band, besides, I suspect the Shang leaders are behind this and I must punish the corrupt. So sure let's go... Oh! that's right, another part of my wish was immunity from all future assault charges."

The immediate thought that Tsubaha had was something along the lines of: wow, this person really is... really big. Without a doubt this was probably one of the most impressive physiques she'd ever seen in person. And it was with a woman no less.

But, hearing the Miko speak out and explain her intentions allowed Tsubaha to ease up a bit. Getting Freedom. Money to Build and Rebuild. Being able to assault anyone in Shang.

That was...

"...You've managed to impress me and unimpress me in all measures just in those few sentences. I don't know if I'm supposed be impressed or unimpressed at this point."

Tsubaha chuckled.
"Well, fine enough. If you want to go along with sincerity then well met. If you're just in it for the bells then that's fine too. I'm here in this tournament just to fight against someone is all. Traveling with all of you will increase the chances that I'll be able to face them."

"So then, let's head back to the others. They might be pretty surprised seeing me coming back with you."


[Fieldbox= Rumiko Mitsurugi, #b30000, solid]

Having met the others, it seemed to be a rather varied group, some were still feeling the effects of the poison, but it wasn't a fact she would speak of openly herself. Oddly, the small girl seemed intent on leaving just now and alone at that. Staring for a bit, the Miko still had a job to do here, even if it weren't one she would be paid for, so all she could do is offer some words and a fortune, with a brief introduction.

"When Salmon Swim up the Great River together, they meet before as fry. Some here are still tired and will need time to speak with one another. Please reconsider, I at the least shall travel with you, but I had one task I must do. To the Rest of you, I am Rumiko Mitsurugi, a Senior Priestess of the Kousen Sect. Well, nice to meet'cha, while I would like to know more about some of you, I must finish a couple tasks."

Reaching into her red Hakama, the Priestess pulls out a bundled collection of paper slips, pulling one out before reading it aloud for their impatient leader.

"Today is an Auspicious day it seems, your Fortune Tsubaha. The bird who flies ahead, flies alone, the bird who works together reaps the Field, may the Blessing of the Kami and Ancestors be upon you.. You may go alone, but will you be alright?" The Miko asks a serious expression, before turning her back, offering some final words.

"At the least give me a few minutes to Sanctify this Shrine once more..To leave the Spirits without a home would be tempting fate more than we already have. We have cheated Death, I must give thanks at the very least.. We also could use this chance to decide where to go, or find the tracks of our attackers.. But please Tsubaha-Sama, We do not know one another yet.. Well back to work."

Heading inside the structure, the Miko gets to work quickly in moving garbage out of the building and straighten up a few things, having requested a few minutes, the fairly well built and tall woman didn't seem to be wasting time with her dealings at least. Nor to take offense at the others standing around or within the Shrine, perhaps leaving some room for others to approach her in conversation.

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[fieldbox= Saburo and Tsubaha Affinity Chapter 1: Shrine: 'Team Interview', gray, solid]

"So..." Sabaro had managed to catch Tsubaha relatively by herself. And with a bit of patting his legs so they would stop shaking. He had managed to walk up to her. Looking near her but not at her in the most mysterious way he could, Sabaro continued.

"This whole...teaming up thing." He picked up an dusty old shrine ornament. "How do I know you're capable enough?" She was definitely more capable them him. "Every member of my crew were all feared in their own right. How can I know you're worth my time?" Probably the fact that without teaming up he was basically screwed. But, he couldn't just accept the offer as much as he really wanted to get on his knees and cry in thanks for letting him team up with her. The Pirate Lord only worked with those who were powerful. Supposedly.

Throwing the ornament in the air up and down a few times, Saburo glanced at Tsubaha for a split second. But only for that long before he coughed into his hand. "H-How can you convince me. The, err, great pir-"


"...ate lord." He continued. Using one foot to quietly brush the shards of broken ornament on the ground to one side.

"This is supposed be the great feared pirate lord?" Tsubaha frowned. "Fine then. I see how it is."

Tsubaha put one of her hands on her blades.
What was she doing...?!

Saburo tensed up.

As for Tsubaha, she picked up a green leaf off of the ground. She contemplated it for a second, and let it go. It began to float towards Saburo.

Saburo swore he saw a glint of light. Regardless, the leaf continued towards him. He catches it...

It snapped cleanly in half in his fingers.

"I suppose something like that is enough to warrant you to cease teasing me then?"

Teasing? What did she mean with teasing! That wasn't just a clever party trick she just pulled on him.

"...or do you find it amusing to make me think you aren't who you actually are by acting like some clown?"

He furrowed his brows at that. Did that mean she knew he was faking it. Or thought that he was faking faking it? Maybe she thought he was faking the faking of the faking?

A pang of pain coursed through his head. This was confusing.

Sabaro leaned forward sudddenly, "I'm not teasing!" He cried at her. Before swallowing what was likely his own rising embarrassment and taking a step back.

Oh, did she think he was trying to play her like a fool. Was he? Sabaro was pretty sure you had to be convincing for that.

"And I'm no clown..." He whined quietly under his breath.

Gently letting the halved leaf float to the ground. Sabaro sucked air in through his teeth. "Anyway. That was a neat trick you showed there." A neat and very scary trick.

"Maybe you do have some promise..." He tried not to cringe at his own words. He sounded like such a petty douche.

Aw hell, couldn't the Pirate Lord be a little more friendly? "You know, er, us pirates have a thing when a new crewmember joins." He held out a somewhat sweaty hand.

"The Sea Trust. A handshake to anchor a bond between crewmates." He was pretty sure he used enough ship terms there to make that sound somewhat real. Pirates probably had something like that anyway.

His hand stayed out, his eyes nervously darting between the ground and his own extended limb.

Tsubaha's eyes narrowed. This left Saburo to have his hand ackwardly stretched out with complete uncertainty for several seconds. She was... really looking hard at his hand. The entire situation at that moment was had this very anxious air about it.

"Your hand.... is glistening even though there isn't any water nearby. The last time that we were given any water, it was poisoned."

Oh no.
One could see where this was going.

Instead of reaching out to his hand, Tsubaha put her hand over one of her blades.

"So you came here to try to finish me off then? As expected of the Pirate King! No one would suspect you being the mastermind of the entire plot if you woke up with us and pretended to also be a victim. Quite impressive!"

"Is this also some kind of Test, Pirate King!?"

No, no. Stop pretending this is some kind of epic tale. That entire setup is way too complicated. But, right now... with this girl about to draw her blades, maybe it was best to...

He had forgotten that the world hated him.

Slowly and very carefully he pull his hand back to his side. If one thing could be taken from this current situation. It was that Tsubaha had a very active imagination.

Sabaro very much wanted to declare that her accusation was something that firstly something he would never think of because of his moral character but also there was no way he could plan that far ahead.

But he could tell she wouldn't take that.

Sighing inwardly, Sabaro put on a smile.

"Ah, you're smarter then you look" Or dumber then you look. Or maybe just overall overly paranoid. "If one is to bring together a crew. They need to be able to discern between kindess and deceit. Yes, you did very well." Sabaro eyes fell to the floor. "On....my....test." His shoulders rised as a small exasperated laugh came out.

"But-" He held his hands up. "I had no part in the trap that we all fell into." He leaned back, his eyes going over her as if assessing her. "Just needed to make sure that could learn from past mistakes."

"As expected from the pirate king. It's no wonder you did all of those things to those helpless country folk. Plundering their treasures, dragging away their young kin in the dark of night,and taking them back onto you ship where you...."


That went on for about a good 5 or so minutes. And by the end of it, the sort of diabolical things that Tsubaha had just described were so terrible that it made him feel sickly. It was something so terribly surprising that he doubted that he'd ever get anyone to believe him unless he managed to get her to say it again.

There were even some words in there that Saburo didn't even actually know, but he knew it was all bad.

In the end, somehow, it sounded like there was nothing flattering Tsubaha had to say about him at all. But, she sounded like she was actually singing praise.

The Saburo that she had just described to him sounded like someone who should justifiably die a thousand horrible and horrendous deaths, each worse than the last. Not that of praise, surely.

"...Fine then, I accept that you're the Great Pirate Saburo. In light of that fact..."


Tsubaha Mori's blades glinted in the light. They shined quite brilliantly even in the dim light. They must've been very well cared for.

"...There will be a lot of people who'll be relieved to find out you're gone. All the destruction and pain you've wrought on those people demands payment. So... in the name of justice..."

Prepare Yourself!

That cliche'd line was exactly what she was going to say! And once she uttered it, all hell would break loose!

In that moment prior, Saburo's mind broke overlimits, as he tried to come up with a way to smooth talk his way out of this!

"H-hang on." Sabaru's eyes seemed fixiated on her blades. What very sharp swords they were as well. The kind of well cared weapon that even Sabaro knew meant the person wielding them knew what they were doing.

She had gone on about the pirate king so long that it came to Sabaro that there were two possible reasons for this. One was that she held a deep longing love for her land and every little slight against it. In which case he was already dead.

The second possible reason was that she was secretly one of those weird creepy fangirls. Like all those people who were into that murderer who went around a few years back. That type of person that had a map on where the person had gone. What their favourite colour was and when their first tooth fell out.

It made sense now that he thought about it. She wanted to have the seemed grace of being able to have 'fought' the pirate king. Maybe after she would ask for his autograph. Or a cut of his hair. Perhaps even a vial of his sweat.

Though given her look there was a risk that she was one of those zelous fans who wanted to be the one to put him down. Or at least stab him in the knees and take care of him for the rest of his life. Sabaro resisted the urge to shiver.

"Please, put down your swords. I have no want to take a life today. Do you think you could possibly have a chance against me? You must know how I took on six of the kingdom's greatest warriors at once and held my own. No offence, but come nowhere close to those warriors"

Saburo smiled slightly, "Yet."

If she wanted to be cliche about trying to kill him. Then he would be cliche about being a legendary figure.

"I see potential. Potential to be something more then anyone could imagine. To prove everyone who doubted you wrong. That's what you want. Why you joined this tournament right?" She didn't join it not be executed that's for sure. "I can see it in your eyes" He could also see the intent to stab him. But that didn't need to be mentioned.

Saburo gently put a finger on one of her swords as he took a step closer. He slid it along, a bead of blood forming on his finger.


"I can help achieve your dream." His eyes finally met hers. "I can be your friend, if you want." He inspected his bloodied finger casually. Rolling some blood between his fingers. Trying not to wince. "Or you can commit sucide by attacking me. That would a real shame."

Saburo had tried hard. VERY hard to diffuse the situation. He could've done something like promise to pay back all debts by leading her to the massive treasure trove the legendary pirate king had. But, going beyond that, he tried to appeal to her ambitions. Even the desire for friendship.

It was... a gamble.
That presumed that Tsubaha was more interested in what he had to offer than what he had.

It seemed like it was right though.
Tsubaha's face was completely red.


She lowered her blades, inspecting the one he had just cut his finger on.

Tsubaha began to shake. And the pressure in the room began to increase.




Picking himself off the floor, Saburo nursed the stinging feeling on his cheek. Looking around, he was still in the same place, albeit alone.

That was the second time he got knocked out cold in one day.
What terrible luck.

[fieldbox= Saburo, #FF00FF, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shirine ]

He was alive. Whether that was his fortune or misfortune was yet to be decided. He also had clean pants, which was strangely the last worry he had before he lost his conciousness. It seemed his sub-concious cared more about hygiene then living any further. He couldn't blame it. It summed up how he felt about his situation.

Getting poisoned, geez, what great catastrophe would follow him next. Perhaps a great beast would storm out of the treeline and gobble him up. No, the beast would chase him up a tree for a few hours.

He cursed himself, he had only drank the water because everyone else was doing it. He couldn't afford to not be suspicious of strangers offering him water. A lot of people wanted him dead or at least out of this tournament. But Saburo figured that they wouldn't dare do it on such a large amount of people. So it must have been safe!

It had missed him that poisoning was the most efficent way to get rid of a large amount of people. And if it was just him they would have just shanked him. Oh, he was so goddamn smart, getting poisoned the first day into this stupid competititon.

His self-pity exercise was interupted by Tsubaha, the one who kept spouting on teaming up. Having gotten up and begun walking away. Was.....was she seriously ditching it right now!?

He didn't move, not like the Pirate King cared, afterall.

Runara, the doven girl seemed to very much care however. Having ran up to Tsubaha and grabbed her. Saburo cringed internally, Tsubaha seemed very much the person to put a sword through your stomach because of that.

There was also that scary priestess who started to read religious texts or something. Saburo honestly didn't know what to say about that.

Picking a spot on the ground to fixiate his eyes on, Saburo cleared his throat. "You're Hasty."

The ongoing fight in his mind on whether he had tried to put a accent on, or at least a deeper voice. Not like his voice exactly gave out the whole slaving pirate vibe. Albeit, the possibility of him just straight up forgetting to keep the accent at some point had a reasonably large chance. Besides, the Pirate King was a mysterious figure. What was anyone's right to assume what he sounded like!?

"Too quick to do anything. Now it's possible you just wanted to go away for a discreet emptying of your bladder." He was not crude enough for being blunt about the action. "Or, for someone who wants to make a team with others. You are a terrible communicator." A nervous sounding laugh escaped his lips, holding his legs to keep them from shaking. He was sitting dammit! They shouldn't be able to shake! "Say when to, er, go, eh?"

"Of course, there's the third choice that she's decided to ditch the team idea. B-But" so close. "That would just be throwing her chances of winning away farther then they already are." [/fieldbox]

Ehb Ehb @Everyone yo
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[fieldbox= Private Action: Worn Down Shrine - Ran and Tsubaha, white, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

"So..." Ran was thinking. She had confirmed Lan's safety and didn't mind working together either. Yes, she had her doubts about some, actually most, people. But Tsubaha looked like a reliable leader? She wasn't quite sure what it was, but there was something. And as long as she'd end up with three bells for Lan, everything would be fine. And, ultimately, they could always change their opinion later.

"So..." Instead, it somehow happened that Ran was able to spend some quality time with the one who took charge of all alone right now! Asking about her future plan's wasn't something Ran really needed to know. It seemed rather obvious to, well, use their superior numbers and get bells off the others. Though wasn't Tsubaha like, an honorable Samurai person?

"So..." Three times was the charm as Ran finally asked, with her always present smile. "Were you born with such cute eyebrows, complementing your gigantic but adorable forehead, or did you get into some sort of accident?"

Yes, Ran asked the important questions. Maybe it was kinda rude, BUT if they were supposed to get along so long as Ran thought they would, she'd rather cut straight to the chase. The older twin wasn't without purpose in asking this, after all.

Each time the person before her tried to say something, only to lose themselves in some sort of line of thought; the more Tsubaha felt like she'd be disappointing with what they'd end up actually saying. When this girl, most definitely - probably related to the more quiet one, finally spoke it could be said that Tsubaha's lowly expectation was not in vain.

She contemplated for a moment as she stared up into this person's expression. They seemed to be merely waiting on a response. Well..

The first thing that Tsubaha mustered was a defeated sigh.

"It took you that long to come up with a way to make fun of of only my most distinct of facial features. I've had a ten year old come up with a better way of insulting me in the time it took to open their mouth."

"But, beyond that I'll entertain your question. Yes, my eyebrows are just naturally like this. Second, my forehead being big is merely due to me putting my bangs to the side, as they get become a nuisance when I train."

Ran's smiled curled even more upward upon the midget's reply. The bit of flak the white-haired twin got in return didn't seem to faze her much. "Insulting you? BUT... That wasn't my intention?" Her questioning tone made it sound more like she wasn't too sure herself. "I even put an actually honest compliment, or two in!" She fell silent for a second.

"Mhm...." Thinking once more? "Mhmhm...." Or just messing around. "You don't act very insulted!" With that, the Smiling Ruffian that was known - in her home-town - to be quite the charmer gave Tsubaha a thumbs-up. "Good Job! The Leader I am supposed starting to trust shouldn't be too impulsive. But..." But?

"...Ten-year-olds? Maybe I just wasn't personal enough. After all, hearing certain things often enough just turns you numb to the pain..." For just a moment, her kind-of empty eyes turned sad upon saying that. Maybe too short to even notice.

"But enough of that! Your eyebrows. Yes, your eyebrows. Having your bangs cover your forehead won't make it smaller BUT I DO think it makes you look quite adorable! Lan likes adorable things, you have my First Seal of Sisterly Approval. For now." A second thumbs-up.

"Though, if you're that conscious about them, why not change them?" Duh.

....how was she supposed be responding to this person again?

It kept on sounding like there were half compliments and half snide remarks in what this girl was saying. Was that really it though, or what that all just in her own head, thinking that way just because she was so used people being mean about it?

Needless to say, it was probably the first time anyone had every complimented her, or called her features cute.

She wasn't as happy as the thought she'd be over it, though. With this coming out of the blue. She just answered the girl's question.

"...Well, about changing them. Never again."

Tsubaha once again repressed that memory, shivering a little.
She went on to change the subject.

"Well. I met a girl who looks a lot like you. I suppose you're the sister then?"

"But..." Ran was well set about NOT changing the topic about Tsubaha's eyebrows. Despite how it might have looked, she had a tiny plan after all, yet, the girl managed to speak about one of the few things that made Ran change her smile.

In fact, she smiled less, but... more honest? It was a weird mix of her expression softening but her eyes having a certain seriousness in them. "Yes. That's my younger twin-sister, Lan! L, like, Little! Isn't she adorable?" Technically they were the same height though. Ran's smile now disappeared completely, trying to look... threatening?

"She's my closest family, and the sole reason I am here, so... " The twin shook her head, before simply smiling again."I'm not going to blame anyone else, I'll protect my cute, little, precious Sister! What about you? Do you have any siblings?"

"I see... Considering the way that she spoke of you when we met, I don't have any doubt about that. That you really care about her."

But, Tsubaha remembered what the girl from earlier had said to her. About these two. The bond that the two had was indeed strong, but that was a given, considering that they were siblings.

"So... what she said was right then."

That's right. It was normal to care about your siblings, right? That was how normal people were. But, in this situation that meant that when push came to shove, the two shouldn't be relied on beyond acting in their self interest.

Shaking her head back to reality, Tsubaha waved off her little vocal aside.

"Well... forget I said that. Yes, I do have siblings too. But we don't really got along all that well. But, I have a sister who's in the Wushu School who's really strong, though. I joined the festival in the hopes that I could fight and defeat her."

A really strong girl from the Jiaojing school.
Anyone from Jiaojing would immediately think of Tsukaha Xu. The local hero.

"Forget what you said?" But what did she say? That Ran really cared about Lan? Wasn't that obvious? Or something that Lan said about Ran? Of course, it would be right. They were, essentially, one and the same.

"Ooohh, sisterly competition, mhm? But... why? To prove you're better? I don't understand." Coming from the capital, the white-hair didn't really know 'The Local Hero'.

Her eyes and smile had no a sad undertone. Maybe even something like pity? In Ran's eyes, Tsubaha seemed kind of shallow. If this was all her reason. "You're precious your own way, and so is your sister. Neither of you is better, or worse, than the other. At least... that's how it is with Lan and me?" Ran shrugged her shoulders.

"The supposed-to-be response here would be 'Your family and blood is precious! You should spend as much time with them before it is too late!' but it's not something I believe in myself, so..." Kinda weird for a siscon to NOT say something like that, was it? "Anyway, I should really check on Lan! Maybe, next time, I have a special surprise for you! Fufufu~"


Tsubaha silently watched as Ran walked off. So this was the sister that the girl from way earlier was trying so hard to find. Outwardly, she seemed nice enough, but... the moment Tsubaha brought up the topic of sisters.

The other girl was right.

The two could be only counted upon as their own faction. Tsubaha basically had to assume that whatever happens, the two would ultimately be looking out for themselves.

Precious in your own way. Me and my sister should ideally be like you two.

Tsubaha didn't believe her words to be anything more than a nice act.

It would be unwise to think of them as anything else but a hindrance. Out of all the people in this random assortment of unfortunates, these two were the ones she had to be the most weary of.

Ehb Ehb Skyswimsky Skyswimsky

[fieldbox= Ran Yiban, #4da6ff, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Ran knew it. She was perfectly aware. Very aware. Yet, still stupid. It was a miracle she hadn't been raped, mutilated and thrown into the gutter after. Damn. Their chances had been so good, too. Lan had already two bells, as Ran didn't need one, and with their power combined they could have surely gotten a third.

Her own wish, and Lan's, were one and the same. Freedom. A kind of freedom they were never granted before. The older twin had provided for both of them before, and she would have continued to do so. They didn't need their mother. They didn't need the truth. They only needed each other.

But now? Now she was here. At the very least, Ran trusted Tsubaha, trusted her trust into the others. Though... how much the funny-browed one really trust them? This alliance was... fragile. Very much so. But right now, she didn't see any other choice. This group of many... how many bells did that even make? Over 30? All she needed was three... .

Seeing Tsubaha finally act, the girl frowned.

Was she just going for little girls? But the shrine had...
Did she abandon them already? But it was her suggestion...
Did she plan to scout, sick of waiting for the weak? But going alone was suicide...

Tsubaha probably expected them to... follow? After her initial conversation Ran knew that the girl wasn't a hot-blooded moron, but that didn't mean she had perfect leadership abilities either. Either way, Ran had been sick of waiting all this time, too.

"Lan!" Ran called out her Sister ( Luma Luma ) beside her, ruffling the youngers hair. "Get ready, it's time to go!" She smiled at Lan. Ran smiled pretty much always. Yet, the smile she gave Lan was different. Lovely, more honest. Friendly. Not forced.

Standing up, the white-hair put that big, burly, piece of junk on her back, a weapon, before catching up to the others. Actually, if those assailants took their bells, but not their life, what about their weapons? Some sort of mercy? Or did some sicko like to see them struggle? In this case, why not leave a few bells for the one or other person? Turn them onto each other? Unless...

Ran threw a quick glance at the Miko ( RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun ), the white-hair wasn't really religious at all, though didn't judge. What she did judge, however, was how weird the tall woman was talking. Ran knew a bunch of priest and priestess, but even those weren't... like that. Maybe she was just really dedicated? Then again, the weird Doven-dialect(?) was even more strange.

"Nobody is hasty." Ran now butted into the small-talk that the Doven( LowDefinition LowDefinition ) and the Pirate King( Rithas Rithas ) had. Why was he here again? Right... if Tsubaha trusted him then she would, for now, too. "We're just slow!" Ran added.

"Whoever still hasn't recovered by now will end up as baggage, rather than help, anyway. Don't you think?" Some pretty mean things Ran said, huh? Especially with that smile of hers! "There is strength in numbers, yes! But a group is only as strong as their weakest link!" As far as Ran had gathered, most of these people here were criminals. Lan was one, too. So Ran really had no right to judge the others for that.

To an extent, Ran even agreed with the Pirate Lord. Tsubaha was a terrible communicator if this was really the midget's intention. But this wasn't something she would say out loud, for now. The King of the Seven Seas was probably the most dangerous individual Ran had to look out for.

Ehb Ehb
Luma Luma
LowDefinition LowDefinition
RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun
Rithas Rithas



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[fieldbox=Private Action - Kei Daidouji and Tsubaha Mori - Shrine, white, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]
As the sunlight filtered in, Kei was vaguely aware of laying on stone. This was not new, he'd gotten used to such hard surfaces over the years in prison. What was new was the fact that he had unbarred sunlight hitting him straight in the face.

Kei said. "So I finally kicked the bucket..."

Kind of a shame,
he thought. I had things I wanted to do.

As he started to come to terms with his untimely death, he also realized that if he truly had died, he probably wouldn't feel like a ton of bricks had just hit him. Repeatedly. And with a vengeance. A new sense of regret flooded him. Ignoring the pain in order to stand up and take in his surroundings, he noticed the eyebrow shrimp from earlier.

Had she been poisoned too?

No, she was busy rallying people to her cause. Something to do with bells. With dim recollection, Kei put his hand to his wrist. No. No no no. It's gone. That's why she was rallying people to her cause! They had nothing left, so if they joined behind her and her eyebrows they might get their bells back at the very least.

"Oi, eyebrows! I don't have proof that you're not the one who poisoned us and you want us all to trust you. Hand in hand and get along just like that? I don't know the first thing about you. What are you even hoping to get out of this tournament, anyway?"

He had no reason to trust them. After all, he could just be as easily sent back to jail for this slip up as be killed. The stakes were too high for him to leave them to somebody else. Yet, he still wanted to join them. Was he an idiot for wanting that? Probably, the last time he trusted someone he would up in jail for four years.

"So what is it? Money? Power? Better eyebrows?"

The girl, Tsubaha threw Kei this insulted expression as she approached him. Was she sensitive about her eyebrows? That would explain it. Kei noted her features as she walked towards him. The two shortswords, the smaller size. There was something about her attire and demeanor that said that she had come to this tournament with the complete intention of fighting.

But, a curious thing happened as she finally got closer.

She stopped, and both of her hands went to her blades, ready to draw them out!

But, the final action that would commence a battle did not occur. There only remained a tense silence between them.

"What I want out of this isn't any of that."

"I want to fight against someone. But that someone isn't you. If I go through this tournament with you people, then surely I'll run into them, and settle the score."

Wow. That was a rather loaded explanation.

Kei laughed.

"So I see that our goals are at least similar," Kei said. He put his hands up in the air slowly. The fact that she was holding her swords, prepared to draw them wasn't lost on him. "Name's Kei Daidouji, by the way. Might make it easier for you to avoid saying 'you people'. It's nice to meet you; been a while since I held any sort of conversation. But ah... if you don't mind..."

He pointed at the swords. Slowly, with as little movement as possible.

"I feel like I've been hit by a cart horse and holding my arms up only makes it worse."

He wasn't lying. Though probably the cart horse would have felt somewhat better than this.

"Although... I do have another question. This person you want to fight... do you plan on killing them? How far are you willing to go for this? I'll back your play, but these are fundamental questions, you know how it is."

Not really. They would establish whether or not Kei lied about his wish or not. Sure he could probably trust someone who was in the same boat -his eyes lingered on her bare wrist- but he wasn't about to. No matter how young she looked, or how she dressed, it wasn't good to assume much.

But she still reeked of noble blood. The clothing was nice, well taken care of. His own looked like it probably used to be nice, but had fallen on hard times. He wasn't about to swear fealty to any sort of child. Figuring out her motivations would go a long way towards whether or not he figured that he wasn't going to be backstabbed the moment he had a bell. Again.

"Sure. Sorry."

Tsubaha eased off one of her blades. Just one of them, however.

"And, when you say: 'how far': you're thinking I want to kill that person, do you? Well, I guess to you it would seem that way. But, what I have against that person isn't enough to want me to aim to kill them. It's more about beating them, than anything else."

After this, Tsubaha reached into her pocket.
The thing that she pulled out from it was a knife.
Kei immeidately felt apprehension at the sight of it. For that knife...

"I found this on you - or rather I found it beside you. It must've fallen out when you keeled over due to the poison."

Tsubaha held her hand holding the blade out, as if to hand it back to Kei. But she then tossed onto the ground in the space between them.

"Knowing the amount you actually had on you, I guess losing one or two out of your collection isn't too farfetched."

"After asking a question like that to me... whether I'd go as far as to kill the person I want to fight. Is there a fundamental question I should be asking you, Kei?"

Somehow, removing one hand from her swords didn't quite seem like he had progressed forwards. Regardless, he lowered his arms, slowly and carefully. He listened to her explain her stance. Hmm. Not enough to kill then. He could probably-

The knife clattered into the distance between Kei and the swordswoman.

Kei wished he could say it was any particular knife, that the loss of this one meant nothing. That her finding it meant nothing besides the fact that he had one less knife. But the worn down grip from all the practice with it told a different story. He quietly stared at it.

"You aren't going to like the answer, miss,"
Kei replied. "But I doubt you're the type to ask a question that you don't already know the answer to."

He moved forward and grabbed the dagger from the floor. All pretense was gone. If she was gonna kill him then so be it.

The knife was comfortable in his hand. He wondered where it had been before he had gotten it back, if it was just sitting somewhere in the prison, all meaning detached. Piled high in a stack on weapons forgotten in some back room.

With a flick of the wrist, the knife was gone, vanished somewhere on Kei's person. Only Kei knew where it was.

"But no, you don't need to ask, Miss Whoever-you-are. Just know that I want my bell back, and then some. I spent long enough in prison wanting what my wish is, I'm not about to let it slide past me. You wouldn't want to rally troops if you didn't want the same thing, right? At the end of the day, if I have to be your tool for victory, then that's all fine as long as I get my wish granted."

Kei still couldn't believe that he was so willing to hand over his freedom again, but this whoever this was clearly had numbers on her side if nothing else. It was worth trying, but he wouldn't let down his guard. He may not have a bell, but that didn't mean he could trust anyone. Betrayal if he needed to do so would be easy. He wasn't that dumb kid who waited twenty days in prison because he thought someone was coming.

"Plus, I believe I asked your name earlier. Sure could use it to stop calling you Eyebrows."

"Tsubaha. It would appreciate it if you just went with that from now on."

She had watched as Kei took back their knife off the ground. So she was wrong then. That particular knife wasn't completely worthless to him despite the others he had.

"You'd get back that knife right before someone with an aggressive stance. I guess you either don't see me as a threat, or value that knife just a bit more than your life."

Finally, Tsubaha eased her and off her other sword.

"Well, forget I said that. You're right. No need to ask anymore questions at this point. I think I get it as far as I'd want to ever know."

"One final thing: you're not my tool. That's something a a trained Servant would say. I may not have servants of my own, but I refuse to lower myself as far as to take a criminal as one."

Yes. Indeed. She was of Nobility.

"So, while you are with us. You are your own person. You're not my tool, but you're working so everyone can get out of this fine. Got it?"

"Well, Tsubaha... there is a third option. Perhaps I don't value my life at all. After all,"Kei spoke with sudden severity. "That's what you nobles teach your servants, right?"

He hadn't been his own person in a very, very long time if he'd ever done so. If he ever remembered such a time where he was his own person, it'd be surprising. Being a tool was lot easier than thinking for oneself. Even in prison, your reputation gave you benefits. He wouldn't pretend to be anything but the cold blooded killer he'd been painted as.

"Hah, though who ever said I was a criminal? I'll have you know, in my own mind I'm a wronged hero. Maybe I've got a sad backstory, but I suppose most people of the noble variety look only as far as down their nose to see the people around them."

If they ever went so much as looked that far.

In his experience, they didn't typically. Nobles held enough power to cause lasting scars, but it was at the flick of a wrist or an off-hand comment placed in the right situation. Kei wondered if Tsubaha had realized that she'd cause harm on a whim. He doubted it.

"However, I'll be upfront about my motives. I will help you, because I can't fulfill my wish alone. At least, for now. So, Tsubaha, I suppose we really are out of questions for each other."

Listening to Kei, it sounded like he had a bad experience being a servant. Tsubaha tried to piece what he had said together in her head, but it was all just speculation. But, indeed, it looked like he was yet another criminal in this group, and likely he must've done something to their master to wind up in this situation.

Even if he was a servant, and despite the state of his wear, Tsubaha felt like even as a servant, he had an interesting background. Though it was all worn, whomever originally gave him his outfit wanted him to look especially good to visitors. They expended more on this person's clothing than other aristocrats would bother. Something reserved for the obscenely wealthy... or servants of members of the state.

"Yeah, Kei."
"I guess we are out of questions for each other, then."


[fieldbox=Kei Daidouji, #00ffff, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Kei had been happy in the softest patch of stone he could find. That poison was nasty stuff, indeed. He didn't really like the idea of him having survived it out of some kind of backhanded charity. The bell... that had been his chance to leave jail and kill the one person who took this all away from him in the first place. Kei wondered if he remembered what the bell sounded like. Was it quiet? Was it high pitched?

He'd wasted enough time. Out of the corner of his eye, Tsubaha had gotten up to leave the shrine. Despite his inward protests that he could wait out the poison another day, Kei was on his feet and trailing behind the now gathering group of people.

The dancer ( LowDefinition LowDefinition ) was busy chittering away about how they should wait a little longer. "I agree that sitting around waiting is pointless. I've done enough waiting."

Plus, with all the people in the Shrine he'd felt like he was starting to have very little room to breathe. Waiting there was like waiting for the executioner.

The Pirate Lord ( Rithas Rithas ) and Miko ( RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun ) appeared and wanted to stay. Cowards, Kei thought bitterly. He didn't even want to hear what one of the twins ( Skyswimsky Skyswimsky ) had said.

"Well, I'm not waiting around if Tsubaha is going to be on the move. I'm not waiting any longer than I have to. Plus, if we're all well enough to move then I say we move! You're all just happy sitting around in a room, hoping that maybe your bell will return by good fortune! No, I'm sick of laying around. If Tsubaha wants to leave, then I say we leave."

He planted himself by her side. If she didn't press forward, then he'd go back. However, he'd find somewhere outside the shrine to be. He didn't need to be around all those people, and he didn't want to be shut up in some stone room again.

"Besides, the longer we sit around there the more likely we're going to be attacked. There's enough defensible positions, but waiting out the storm isn't an option, either. In case you forgot, there isn't a single bell among us. If any of us want our wishes granted, sitting on our butts isn't the way."

Ehb Ehb
LowDefinition LowDefinition
Rithas Rithas
RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun
Skyswimsky Skyswimsky

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[fieldbox= Yuan and Tsubaha Affinity Chapter 1: Shrine, #808080, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Yuan sighed at the overall bleak mood of those around him. Alright, so they'd been stabbed in the back and left to rot. Oh well. Just one more bell each of them had to get. Plus, they stood a better chance together than alone regardless, so not much of a loss. Still, a thought came to his mind. He turned to the girl who had taken it upon herself to direct the group, motioning for her to join him off to the side for some privacy..

Whenever she decided to see what he wanted, Yuan would turn to her.

"Oi, Tsubaha, right? Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with the whole teaming up idea. Smart that way, even though we'll be more exposed in a larger group. Some of the others're a bit...desperate, though. All I'm saying is, you might want to expect one to crack and turn on us for bells if we run dry of targets. Some of us only have prison or executions to look forward to if we don't get the wish."

The girl named Tsubaha seemed to inspect Yuan with her eyes, scanning him up and down. He ended up doing so to her in return.

But, looking her over, despite what had just happened she had this very composed look about her. The lot of them had just gotten over poisoning, and had gotten tricked into a severe disadvantage with their bells - necessary for victory in the festival - taken from them. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that she was probably the youngest in the group.

Despite all of this, she didn't seem to be phased. There was a level of discipline in that sort of demeanor. Either she was groomed from nobility - or more likely, had martial discipline.

"This was the bandit that managed to get himself caught? You don't look as much of a clown as the pirate over there."

Ah, nobility it was.

"Well, the bells and such don't worry me too much. I joined the tournament to find someone and settle a score. Gathering as many bells as possible will increase the chances of me finding them. Defeating as many people as possible and getting there bells will definitely lead me to that person, eventually."

"With that in mind. The reason why I said I'd hold onto the bells myself back there was because I didn't have any interest in using them. And, I'm sure no one complained since they were pretty sure someone as diminutive as I wouldn't stand a chance at running off with them in the first place."

"Did you have an issue with me holding on to them... Mr. Um..?"

She didn't know his name.

"Clown? Harsh." He grinned, taking the comment in stride.

Her statements definitely made sense, but the truth of them was likely suspect. A chance for any wish you wanted from the king of Shang, and she turns that down in favor of just settling some grudge? Well, he supposed he couldn't judge. If he weren't a prisoner, he'd likely have joined just to experience some good fights, regardless of winning or losing.

"Name's Yuan Liwei. Just call me Yuan. Don't need the mister. Personally, I'm not that worried. If we make it to the end and I don't have three bells, I'll just fight my way out. Owe some of those soldiers a battle they won't forget." Yuan cracked his knuckles, grinning broadly. "Still, some people aren't going to like that. Might want to watch yourself if they lose their heads and try something stupid. I'll back you up, since your plan makes sense, but I just wanted to warn you."

"Sure. Um, thank you."

"But you mentioned that you'd fight your way out if it came to it, right? I know it's not my business, but I don't think that would be a good idea."

What was she going on about?
Tsubaha explained further.

"Before the festival started, there were a lot of city guards. I caught a glimpse of them all walking around with those new crossbows and being sent into the area ahead of us."

"They said we were not to leave the bounds of the forest right? I feel like there's probably a connection to them."

Tsubaha then shook her head.

"But, what am I even getting at? We may be just a random rabble of people. But, I feel like enough of us decided to help out to the point the bells won't be a problem."

It was true. The gathering of people around seemed random. But somehow, there was something that seemed special with all of them. Considering they seemed to go along with her suggestion to work together.

"Apparently the Amazing Pirate Saburo decided he's help put, after all. I think we'll be fine."

It was hard to tell if she was being completely sincere in that statement.

"True, true." Yuan opined, shrugging his shoulders with a sigh. "Too many archers and that's just suicide. If I'm gonna die, I want an actual duel, not just being shot from afar."

With his piece said, he turned to rejoin the rest of the group, glancing back at Tsubaha with a grin. "Anyways, you're right. It's my lucky day after all. Never thought I'd get to meet the legendary pirate lord! Looking forward to this, Tsubaha. We'll make everyone else in this festival remember our names!"

"A...ah. I see."

She was a little lost at how to answer that enthusiasim. Given his background and very 'bandit' appearance, he was a lot friendlier than anticipated. It made Tsubaha want to ask him...

"Um. If you don't mind me asking... The sword you use. It's somewhat like mine."

It was an interesting observation.
True, the types of swords used within Shang and those used by the migrants were most easily identified by the distinct difference in average size of blades, and the curvature.

But, beyond that, there was another tell-tale sign. The style of the handle. The crossed wrappings on his weapon were very distinctively Tousawan in design. The pattern of the wrappings were much like the blades Tsubaha had on her.

"My Blades were supposedly made by the Migrants. I Just couldn't help but notice just now, that yours is also kind of similar too. Did yours come from the Migrants too?"

Yuan turned back towards Tsubaha, his eyes glinting at the mention of swords. Clearly, she'd hit on an interest of his.

"You're half right. I like how Tousawan wrappings look, so I did 'em myself. Guess they resemble the real thing, huh?" He said proudly.

"But no, it's still a Shang wodao." Yuan slowly drew his sword from its sheath. The wodao was certainly heavier and straighter than a katana, but had nothing on a Dai-Blade's mass and girth. "My sword style's basically an adaptation of the Ikkikari style to Shang blades. We have time later, I might tell you more. Try to stay alive for that, yeah? You're an interesting one."

"I see... Well, you're right. We still have to go after the people who stole our bells. Until then, Yuan."

Turning away, Tsubaha excused herself abruptly. Letting Yuan back to his business to ready to move out with the others.

Even though she had all sort of questions left. Namely, Ikkikari style. He may have had a style adapted from it, but this was also the only other person aside from Sensei who knew about it. She wanted to ask about it. But, she had a gut feeling that that sort of conversation could turn sour quickly.

The Migrants were still the enemy of this Kingdom, after all. And there was only one person she wanted to fight against in this Festival.

Facing them came first.
All else was secondary.

[fieldbox= Yuan Liwei, #4dff4d, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

In hindsight, Yuan was really going to look at offers of free water with much more suspicion from here on out. Getting poisoned was an utter pain in the ass, and if any of his bandit brothers ever heard of the manner in which he'd fallen for such, he'd never hear the end of it from them.

Still, it wasn't so bad. He still had his sword, his wits, and the poison had largely faded from his body by now. If Yuan came across the organizers of the poisoning during the tournament, he'd kill the bastards on principle, but they weren't his primary concern. First was finding a good fight. Then came actually securing the three bells he needed for his freedom.

While his priorities may have raised a few eyebrows among others if they knew of his thoughts, the plan made perfect sense in Yuan's mind. He'd need to fight to acquire bells in the first place, and the better for him if the fight was actually challenging. Sure, there was the risk of death, but that was inevitable when a man picked up a blade. If he died, he wasn't good enough, and that was all there was to it.

Yuan was shook from his musings upon hearing a commotion over to the side. Hm. Seems some people were getting the wrong idea already. He grinned over at the praying priestess ( RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun ) before walking over to join the crowd.

"Oi, oi, might wanna hurry up with the sanctifying, miss priestess. Seems everyone else is starting to get impatient."

With a bemused grin, Yuan sauntered over to the rest, taking a moment to covertly ogle the Doven dancer's ( LowDefinition LowDefinition ) mostly-exposed assets before walking up. "Tsubaha and you two have got the right idea." He said confidently, nodding to the two he hadn't spoken much with yet. ( Skyswimsky Skyswimsky Karyra Karyra ) "We've got no bells, supplies, or food right now. If we want any of those, we've got to start searching rather than sitting around. Not that I wouldn't mind a good scrap if we got attacked, but I'd rather launch an ambush on our terms."

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[Fieldbox= Rumiko Mitsurugi, #b30000, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

"Oh? Do you know which way they went? It's truly a great thing the world is so small. Even if we go East and they went West we are sure to run into them again. While I understand the Urgency, we still must have a plan.. Think calmly then act." Rumiko says with a hint of smugness to her voice in response to the unknown fighter. ( Karyra Karyra )

Then one of the two twins seemed to think much the same, had Rumiko's wanton Murder prevented further clean up? Where had they gone, who had the bells? Was it the Shang betraying them to make the battles longer? Why would the enemy simply not turn in the bells and leave? Was it some sort of madman who was not satisfied? There was much and more to ask, but ultimately it did not matter. Though the girl's complaints were amusing, such a person would rush head first into the wilds with neither food nor water then complain when it was lacking, all for bells they had to track down but had made no efforts towards.

"I do not propose we stay, only that we seek guidance in what must be done. How can I remain so calm even if I want my bells badly? Because Rashness will not serve us well. Please look for anything amiss.." ( Skyswimsky Skyswimsky )

Holding her hands up in a praying fashion and turning on her heels with a Bow, the Miko hurriedly sets about her task in sanctifying the Shrine and hopefully helping the party in the process, hearing the Swordsman the Miko could not help but to sigh, he was correct, they would not be patient for long.


[fieldbox= Yuan and Rumiko Bandit and Priestess Meet: - Shrine, #808080, solid]


[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine - Interior ]

Yuan sighed as he glanced around, waiting for the remainder of the group to gather themselves and prepare to venture out. The effects of the poison were largely gone from his body, but he couldn't say the same about some of the smaller members of the group. Oh, well. It wasn't as if the aftereffects felt any worse than a night's worth of hard, hard drinking. Grinning at the thought of some good wine after all this was over, he looked around to see if there was anything he could occupy himself with until everyone was prepared.
Out of everyone, it seemed that the heavily-muscled priestess woman seemed ready at first glance, so he might as well go and have a chat. Not his type from first glance, but that was no reason they couldn't have a friendly talk while waiting around.

Yuan sauntered up calmly, a slight smile across his face as he addressed Rumiko.

"You know, I was under the impression that they fed priests nothing but tofu and vegetables. How the hell did you get so strong?"

Sweeping over the floor with a shirt of one of those who didn't make it and a stick, the Miko seems fairly composed, doing her task almost mechanically as the strange Swordsman strikes up a conversation, a fairly interesting one that unfortunately for him was one of her key points.

"Ah, the Kousen Sect is a bit different. The Kami provides Meat and Fish, the Ancestors survived on them, all are born, live and die. To waste Meat when it is offered is equal to needless slaughter, though I think my old Master and Comrades also cringed when it was time to feed me, ahaha."

"As to what you said earlier, you were correct. I do not expect them to understand, but those who smile upon the Spirits will also be smiled upon." Pointing at the body she had killed personally and a couple of others who likely perished from the Poison, Rumiko nods as if giving permission.

"They could have limped off into the forest and we would never have seen them again. I plan to burn the bodies, or set them in dirt rows for the Shang, but they have small amounts of coin and portions of Rice, herbs grow wild, I can make a good meal with this."

Oddly cheery with the prospect of grave robbing, the Miko's faith didn't seem to have the same pacifist notions of most others.

"I'm not complaining. At least your kami seem to have sense." Yuan grinned in response, glancing down at the bodies Rumiko had been pointing to.

"Good call." He crouched down to join her, digging through the pockets of the deceased. "It's wasteful to just leave anything that could be taken on a body. Not like they're going to need it in the afterlife, yeah?"
Yuan whistled as he looted, picking up anything of note that Rumiko hadn't taken already.

"Your faith's surprisingly practical, Miss Priestess. The lack of yelling at me for violating the sanctity of the dead's real refreshing. Name's Yuan, by the way."

"Well they do not need it now, but we still must give thanks. Yes, even to our enemies. And as I said, I plan to lay them to rest."

Reflecting on that, stealing from the dead was a bit distasteful, but these were distasteful times, though it would not hurt to make her limits of justifications known for this.

"All we can do is offer them prayers at the Shrine, but our people are struggling, all should be concerned with the lives of others. When a Soldier dies, does he scoff at an ally taking up his sword? "

Looking through the collection, not much was there minus weapons, water flasks, a few food items or coin and a couple of letters. "I will bury the Weapons with them, the letters will be sent to the Shang, the rest can be spread to the others as needed. While we need to survive, I will not needlessly profit. Ah I should make one small meal for the Shrine as thanks.

Well you know my name, Yuan, killing in and of it's self is not wrong. So much as why it was done, it is not to be taken lightly..."

Yuan shrugged at that, standing back up.

"Sure, sure. Whatever you say. Way I see it, if a man's attacked from the front, it's his own damn fault if he dies. Just fight better." He leaned against the wall of the shrine, leaving the looted items for now.

"Besides, I'm a bandit. Moral justifications are nice and all, but survival takes priority. Shang or Tousa, I don't really care. These are crazy times we live in, and me and mine come first." Yuan chuckled ruefully, folding his arms.

"Rumiko, right? I'm looking forward to seeing how you fight. You're built like an ox, after all. It'd be disappointing if you were a crappy fighter."

Pausing a bit at his mention of being a bandit, the Miko's eyes seem to briefly take on a hostile glare as her posture stiffens a bit. Though curious on the reasons behind it and being held to her previous promise, Rumiko almost as quickly softens.

"Ah, I see, I've seen many different bandits, from those who took to raiding Shang, to Slavers who prey on the weak. Hoarding Wealth rather than helping your fellow is against the Spirits, but to prey upon the weak is a far more grave offense.."

Studying the man briefly, he seemed more like one who got his kicks raiding Army Camps than demanding tributes from villages.. Moving on to his next question, the Miko chuckles briefly. "I may indeed be a terrible fighter, it is against my religion to use weapons. So I must fight Flesh to Steel. Though, that one man is my work, or so I believe. I attacked and woke on top of him when the poisoning took over and do not remember much."

Gesturing to the fellow who's face and skull looked like a Warhammer was taken to it, one could wonder if she were joking or serious.

Contrary to Rumiko's belief, Yuan's eyes lit up upon her mentioning hand-to-hand combat.

"Oh no, that ain't terrible at all. I'm actually pretty impressed. Not many fight with just their fists these days. If you're doing so and you're still alive, more power to you. Takes guts to go up against armed men with just your bare hands. Takes skill to survive that."

He glanced over to her victim, whistling softly. Getting hit by a meaty fist like hers? Yeah, he could definitely see how the man's face turned out as it did.

"And you're right, by the way. Raiding weaklings and unarmed civilians is boring. We usually attacked military convoys and supply caravans on both sides. Better looting too. Good meat, good wine, good weapons." He gestured to the sheathed wodao at his side. "How else would I have gotten this fine blade?" Yuan laughed, unclasping it from his belt and tossing the blade, scabbard and all, over towards Rumiko to inspect.

"Ah, I just got stronger as time went by. Though I'm afraid I wouldn't win any beauty contests."

Laughing at her own remark and listening to the rest of what Yuan had to say, Rumiko gives a nod, accepting the blade, closing her eyes and drawing it, she nods thoughtfully hefting the blade in her left hand giving it a slight turn.

"An Officer or Noble's Blade.. Heavy to the top and forward, broad base.. I would try knuckle deflecting it to the sides, too heavy to be withdrawn quickly in a strike.. Tell me, have you ever considered prey upon the Monsters and other Bandits in the hills? It may not be as glorious but you would find strong foes I'm sure. Either way by how worn it is you seem to indeed live by it."

Sheaving the blade and offering it back up, Rumiko did seem to have a little judgement towards him, but not too serious at least. Looking at the grounds there was still a bit more to do, sighing slightly at that and going back to her improvised Broom, the Priestess goes back to her chores, leaving Yuan with his blade.

"Ah, well unless you wanted to help, you can tell the others I won't be long, if you want just leave the food with me, I can get a stock of what we have, Tsubaha, well if she hasn't left us would be a good choice to give the coins to, maybe."


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[fieldbox= Nanami Houhou, #FFFF99]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

This is not how she expected things to turn out. The tournament began in an unfortunate way. She did not trust people that easily, but for some reason, she let her guard down this one time, and ended up getting poisoned. While unconscious, the group of people behind this incident had taken her bell. The one thing she had to keep safe for at the very least one week.

Finding her way back to reality, she was conscious, awake. There was no bell on her. Nanami's expression was serious. The swordstress was more or less annoyed for having been fooled. However, she was not the only one. A bunch of others were a victim to the poison, the strangers as well.

In their short amount of time together, they had all agreed to work together to find the people behind the poison. To find them, to exact revenge, get their bells back and then some in order to come out victorious in the tournament. More or less, this was an idea suggested by Tsubaha Mori. A short, cute swordstress at first glance.

Trusting people with ease was definetely going to be hard. Right now, the people around her were in the same boat. Quickly, the air around them changed. People were curious, confused or questioned Tsubaha Mori. Despite her suggestion, it seemed like she was ready to leave them behind and go at it alone.

Leaning against a wall nearby, Nanami watched it all unfold before her. Some were eager to follow, while others or especially, the Miko, wanted to sanctify the Shrine. "I suppose the people who poisoned us would be looking over their shoulders just in case."

Pushing herself off of the wall, the swordstress joined the conversation. To give her own opinion on the matter at hand. "The longer we wait, the further they get. We should perhaps let the priestess sanctify the Shrine.." Nanami was more or less thinking about the spirits as well, especially after what the Miko said.

"She said it would take her two or three minutes to do so. I'd say we wait--" Before anyone else could interrupt her and say something, she lifted her index finger, as if she had an idea in mind.

"We wait for her to finish up, and come up with a plan at the same time.. But, once the sanctifying is done, we can go after them. We can find food, water or any number of supplies that can help us in the forest and for the week ahead." A smirk was plastered on Nanami's face, approaching Tsubaha and the rest close to her.

Giving a few of them a simple glance, she continued. "We all agree on the fact that we have a common goal here. So lets rather work together for now until we get what we want. After that, we can decide what we want to do next."

"And those of you who don't know it yet. My name is Nanami Houhou. It's a pleasure to meet ya'll."

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[fieldbox=Birds in the Shrine - Yu Ri and Tsubaha Xu, white, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

She was still alive.

And if she was still alive, that was all that was important. Others milled about, drawn in like moths to a flame, but Yu Ri kept her own senses sharp, a cynical shield preventing her from being completely on board with that short twin blader's proclamation of teamwork. A hand brushed against the nigh invisible razor wire she kept spooled against her chest, before the azure-haired assassin dropped down from her perch.

Silent steps within the desecrated shrine brought her close to Tsubaha, but before Yu Ri reached her optimal combat range, she pressed her foot deliberately against a rotting floorboard. It creaked, and she coughed.

"Tsubaha Mori," the Hui Yun practitioner spoke, her head dipping down more out of habit than courtesy, "We've all been betrayed before. What are the countermeasures against that happening again, if our union bears significant fruit?"

The creak that Tsubaha heard behind you was deliberate. Turning to see the one who made it, it was a girl. She was indeed among those who had heard her plan. By the sounds of it, she had a certain question.

As Tsubaha fully turned to face her, at the side skewed from Yu's view, was Tsubaha's hand, resting on one of her sheathed blades.

"You heard what I'd said about the bells, right? That we'd keep all the bells together until each person here could be guaranteed the three they'd need. Maybe there's a massive chance of that going terribly wrong, but I think everyone understands that working together here might be necessary. Especially since we're all now at a sever disadvantage compared to the others."

"As for the person holding those bells until then. It was to be me. right? Keeping the bells on one person means everyone will be keeping an eye on them. The moment someone tries something treacherous, that means everyone else will gang up on them."

"Everyone liked the idea, but no one wanted to 'accidently' get hacked apart due to someone suspecting them of being betrayed. So in the end, it was only natural to make the person who suggested the idea do it."

Of course.
Everyone would together defeat contestants and get their bells. For each one taken, they'd be pooled to Tsubaha until there was enough for everyone to get what they wanted. At that moment, ideally, everyone would neatly have the bells they need handed to them, in an orderly line perhaps.

"I guess you wanted to ask me what I wanted out of the tournament. Or for some hint as to why I'd try to run off and take all the bells for my own somewhere down the line. I've been asked that a lot."

Tsubaha... slowly drew her blade out. With the blade facing down, she held the handle up to her chest. It was a gesture of complete sincerity among the nobility for both Shang and Tousawa.

"Getting a wish from the King of Shang won't get me the thing that I want. The bells don't mean anything to me. But, us going around and defeating everyone means that we'll certainly run into someone I need to find. That's why, I swear I won't let what happened get repeated."

But a gesture alone meant nothing.

On her shoulders would be the bells that all will hold, totalling to an excess of forty two bells if they gained enough for everyone to win one ‘wish’. Enough to become a living legend, granted the title ‘Swordmaster’. If a wish was not enough to gain what she desired, then that title certainly would be. And if her goal was to find someone, if they were strong enough that Tsubaha believed they would not have met an inglorious fate against others within this bloody tournament…

…then it would have been better for her to simply wait.

Wait and hope, and see who survives to be paraded around.

The assassin blinked, sighed, and shrugged. Not that it was her problem at all. Scratching the inside of her ear with her pinky finger, Yu Ri waved off the meaningless display of sincerity, before saying flatly, “I’m here to kill someone. Do you seek that person as a target as well?”

"Oh wow. That was really quite to the point there...."

Tsubaha took her sword from her chest and held it out in front of her. Her gesture had changed into something else. Holding the blade with an outstretched arm, and the tip facing down.

That was a classic Jiao Receiving stance.

"Don't get me wrong. The person I'm looking for isn't someone I want to kill. Just someone I need to settle a score with. But... say that the person we're talking about is the same..."

Tsubaha lowered her blade a little. Easing off the tension a little.

"Then, I don't have anything to concern myself with. It's not my business in who you're after or to interfere in it. But, for your sake, I hope it is a different person."

"If they're dangerous enough that you'd like to employ the protection of such a group of...dubious talents in order to approach them, I'd hope for the same."

A shrug, a casual admittance of her own weaknesses, as her bandaged toes dug into the floorboards.

"Wouldn't be getting paid enough otherwise."

There was a moment of consideration as Yu Ri's eyes swept towards the easing stance, before the assassin locked eyes with the sword girl.

"Runara and Tsubaki are lying. The twins will always be a closed faction of their own. The pirate lord is a dangerous ally, but he has little to gain. The most unstable element is..."

She recognized those movements, hidden as they were beneath the facade of a 'purer' style.

"...Noriko. He's broken in all the wrong ways."

Nonchalance feigned once more, as Yu Ri concluded, "I suppose you'll be distributing your bells before heading to your fated duel?"

Tsubaha didn't even know the names of all these people yet. But Yu already seemed to have her own first impressions of them, as well as concerns and warning of them as well.

She could see where she was coming from with the Sisters. Tsubaha had already met one of them, and seemed entirely dedicated to the other.

Saburo the Great Pirate was...

And Noriko.... Why?
Tsubaha had to know.

"Yes... Presuming that we manage to get enough bells for everyone we'll ideally have them handed out in an orderly fashion. Assuming everyone is self-aware that anyone that tries anything tricky will get ganged up on... everyone'll have what they need and we can go our separate ways after."

"But... what you said about Noriko. Why would you say that? Sure there's that whole reputation he has of being a Toilet Samurai, but he's one of the actual Adherents at the School. Why would he be broken?"

Out of all the people Yu had mentioned, Noriko was someone she at least knew of. From all the times she'd seen him - the idea of him being 'broken' didn't make sense. They weren't necessarily friends or anything. But, he seemed like he had things together a bit more than the majority of others there at the school.

Toilet Samurai? That was certainly a strange title…but a self-depreciating story, a rumor and a nickname that was shameful and embarrassing, were tools as well. Disarming. Humanizing. A veil of innocence and incompetence.

“I recognize his weapon,” Yu Ri said, her five senses on a hair trigger, “Not the tachi, but the short sword. Three times, I’ve clashed with those who wielded the same weapon, and his ethnicity belies the same truth.”

Should she? She wasn’t the one who was going to be in the sights of one of the Tousawa Valley Migrant’s child assassins.

“Takes a killer to know a killer. The uncertainty lies in whether he’s lying or atoning, and for children raised as assassins…”

Yu Ri reached for Tsubaha’s throat, index finger lightly stroking it.

“…a leash is always there.”

None of her business though, really. She pulled back, turning away.

“Could be wrong though. Sounds like you’ve known him longer anyways, so if you’re stalwart in that man’s good nature, then treat him as an ally. Trust’s a beautiful thing, after all.”

Yu Ri's gesture towards Tsubaha's throat did not go unnoticed. But, despite this, she still went ahead and did it anyway. But, what surprised her at that moment was her observations in regards to Noriko.

Was he really someone else? An assassin?
That was impossible.

The things that Yu had said to Tsubaha made her think. Enough to shake her a little, even though she didn't even really know Noriko at all in the first place.

Yes, she didn't really associate with him in the first place. There wasn't no use to start getting so worked up. If she wanted to find the truth, she would have to go up to him herself to find out.

But, at this moment, there was a question Tsubaha had for the person right before her.

Her arm was still outstretched with it's sword. Even though it was slightly lowered, she was still in that same stance when Yu approached her.

"Right now, you approached me in a ready stance. Normally, I'd think it was because you were overly confident, foolish even. But... I didn't feel that from you."

"Is this how an assassin really values their life?"

'An assassin that cares for their own life has no value.'

A pause. That made her sound too close to one of those religious maniacs, didn't it? She could choose her words better.

"Given the choice, I'd like to live, but out of all the fears I have, death's not one of them. Attachment is weakness, after all."

That sounded better, and she smiled, thinly, mirthlessly. There was no need for this to stretch on any further.

"May you find the one you're looking for, Tsubaha."

With that, the assassin left, as soundlessly as she arrived.

ERode ERode Ehb Ehb


[fieldbox=Yu Ri, #DDA0DD, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]
So…what if Tsubaha was just walking off into the forest to take a shit?

Would be pretty awkward, huh?

So Yu Ri didn’t bother much with moving when the others surrounded the midget swordsman, tossing quality lines of teamwork and friendship and all that stuff willy-nilly. Instead, she occupied herself with pretending to still be feeling the effects of the poison. Slowed movements, a shaking step, and shallow breaths. The occasional wince, as she shuffled about.

This poison. It escaped her previously, but she knew what it was now. A plant that naturally grew in this region. A useful one. One that she had built up some resistance to over the years. In higher doses, it was lethal. In lower, it was a paralyzing agent. And applied very, very scantly, it could even be used as medicine.

Something to consider, moving forward.

But, well, the assassin wasn’t one for revenge anyways. While others quarreled about their next step, Yu Ri scratched the back of her head, wondering why they were all so democratic in this monarchical society.

“Pick a leader. Have that person make all the decisions,” she said, peeking her head out from behind Yuan, “Nice and simple, without wasting time on useless opinions. If they make enough bad decisions, we lynch them and pick the next person.”

A shrug.

“Sword of Damocles and all.”

Her piece spoken, the small assassin shuffled off to the forest herself.

Herbs, mushrooms, greens. Lotsa things to prep for, and yet they were just standing there doing their chit-chattering.

Ehb Ehb Psyker Landshark Psyker Landshark @everyone else surrounding the poor loli swordsman who just wants to pee


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[fieldbox=Private Action - Lan and Tsubaha - Shrine, #ffffff, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

"Urgh... sis'...?"

Lan struggled to stand, fighting whatever substance had found its way into her system. What was she doing there, anyway? Oh wait! The festival thing! She checked her pocket.

Oh no, no, no, no... where was the bell?! Her bell. Of all the ways to lose a bell: falling asleep and just having it taken like that?! It wasn't how she'd pictured losing it at all... not that she'd pictured losing it in the first place!

...and there was something infinitely more important missing as well.

"Sis'? Where...?" Lan turned around several times, catching sight only of a few other down'd people and a distant building. Seeing as the structure was the only significant thing to go off of, she headed that way, quietly murmuring reassurances to herself.

"It'll be okay..."
"You'll find her..."
"She'll be waiting at the shrine over there..."
"You can just get another bell..."
"Sis'll never have to know you lost it..."

After a short travel, Lan finally arrived at the shrine. The almost empty shrine, if not for a slightly younger looking girl with black hair.

Lan breathed in deep: in and out.
She repeated the process.
A few times actually.
...okay, more like several times.
Wait, was that girl upset?
What if she said something wrong?
The girl might be even more upset.
...and then the shouting and...
Maybe a few more deep breaths... for good measure.

A few minutes of silently peeking around the corner at the girl, Lan had arguably breathed enough; either to meet a new, upset person, or to feed a large-sized rainforest with their yearly requirements of carbon dioxide.

"Excuse me..." Lan called softly, finally leaving her corner of safety. "H-have you seen the... umm... the other me...? Around here...? Lately?"

Tsubaha had been tense the entire time. She had been hearing heavy breathing inside the shrine shortly after she arrived to inspect it. It was rather unnerving. But as time when on she was able to realize some other things too. Namely, that it was from a girl, and secondly, that they sounded more fearful than threatening.

She already had her hands to her blades and was at the ready when the breathing stopped, and the figure inched out and finally called out to them. Their question was moot, however - in this ruined building it was hard to even tell what she looked like, beyond strikingly noticeable long and white hair.

The girl peeking from around the corner seemed like someone who'd scare real easily. Well, right now it seemed like she already was scared as it is.

"It's hard to tell considering you're calling me out from the dark over there. But, if the 'other you' has long white hair like that then I guess I could say no, I haven't seen her. If that's all you had to ask of me then leave."

Tsubaha rather sternly told her to leave. No, she wasn't going to deal with this. Her bells had been taken and she had to formulate a plan to get them back. This shrine didn't offer any clues, but she couldn't leave with this girl hanging around.

There was the possibility that she was trying to lay out a trap, stab her from behind when she let her guard down. Tsubaha had no intention to allow that.

"...Didn't I already tell you that I didn't see her? You better head out or I'm going to be compelled to go after your bell!"


Lan sighed once the stranger mentioned she hadn't seen her before, visibly deflating a bit.

"...then where is she...?"

As Lan stared off into space, the other girl must've noticed she wasn't moving, as she was called out to again. Of all the things she'd expect from a random upset girl in a shrine, this was probably the last thing Lan had imagined her to say.

"Y-you'd do that for me...?"

After a brief moment, Lan slowly wandered forward into the light, only ever briefly meeting the girl's eyes, before her own would flit away to the ceiling, or a bench, or an ornate statuette... anything else, really.

"How did you know I lost my bell...? W-was I that obvious...?" Lan rubbed her hands together awkwardly. "Everyone says I'm not very good at hiding..."

"...hiding my feelings... I mean..."

"...I'm pretty good at regular hiding..."

Lan's voice slowly got quieter until she just stood there, completely silent.

The girl seemed to completely misunderstand what Tsubaha had said there. Somehow, 'I'm gonna go right after you if you don't leave' turned into: 'I'm going to help you out!'

Even as the girl approached her, she still seemed very timid.

"No I said- ...nevermind."

There was no point trying to argue, it seemed. But, everything about this person seemed to somehow emit a serious signal of 'stay away'. Tsubaha stood before the girl in complete silence. Like she had run out of any will to talk further.

Tsubaha wanted out. She didn't have time to babysit this girl, she had other things to do. Provided the sister wasn't among those out in the field who didn't wake up, she'd probably reunite with this person sooner or later.

Leaving her behind... there was a nice way to go about it and a mean way to go about it. The mean way backfired tremendously. So this time around the alternative approach could be tried out.

"Alright then. Let's go look for your sister then. She's probably somewhere around here. Since you're good at hiding here, I'll go ahead and go find her out there."

Tsubaha nodded, as if confirming the iron solid logic of her plan.

"Yes. That'd be the best course of action. You can look around and hide here while I go check outside. I'll come back later after looking around the outside of the shrine, 'kay?"

Yes. She'd leave but not come back. At best, she'd direct anyone who looks a whole lot like this timid creature back to this shrine.

"You... you'll help me find sis' too...?!"

Lan looked genuinely surprised, and about as excitedly pleased as one might expect such a socially awkward person to get while still trying not to botch up a first meeting with a kind stranger.

"That's... well, it's so kind... especially since we only just met. I'm Lan... and my sister's Ran. She looks just like me, so..."

Finally taking a moment to look at this kind stranger's face, Lan clearly noticed something that - in hind sight - probably should've been pretty obvious before...

"Oh...! Umm... you look kind of... I mean..." Lan trailed off again as she felt the girl's gaze, "....are you okay...? You look a little... upset... I think..."

Lan sent a warm smile in the girl's general direction. Considering how Lan was still avoiding her eyes, the smile ended up being sent to somewhere around the girl's shoulders, and while shoulders weren't the best at receiving smiles, they were better at it than several other places.

"Is there... maybe... anything I can do to help...? You've been so nice to me, so..." Lan trailed off again.

"I haven't done anything but say I'll help find your sister. Please don't be so impressed."

This girl... If one of Tsubaha's brothers were here he'd be very happy. She had the same sort of personalty as a character he liked from a play. As for Tsubaha, she didn't get the appeal.

"I'm just fine."

Seeing the girl's warmer expressions in response to her own insincere promises made Tsubaha feel a little guilty. But she shrugged it off quickly.

"Just, let me do my thing. I've also lost my bell as well. So, I'm in a bit of trouble as well. All I need you to do is stay put in this shrine. Do that, and I'm sure your sister will find you, eventually. As for your bell, well, I guess that can come after you find her I guess. She's more important, right?"

But, somehow, the timid girl before her seemed somewhat forward about returning the favor... at least forward for someone who had a wholly withdrawn personality.

"...Well. You could help me with one thing. If you ever see me and your sister fighting. Could you help me put a stop to it?"

It was kind of something thought up on the spot. But, it was something that could be useful in the future. Especially in this tournament where everyone was trying to beat those bells out of each other.

"It is impressive though," Lan insisted. "If you think about it... since it’s the Festival of Swords, you might have just started hitting me. You know... for my bell..."



Lan's face suddenly grew red enough to make the average strawberry feel insecure about itself. Another short and incredibly uncomfortable moment later: Lan continued.

"W-well... I'm sorry, but... I can't promise something like that..." Lan looked up, truly apologetic. "We really need three bells, no matter what... so... umm..."

Another pause.

"Oh, but... well... if we both lost our bell, maybe the same person has both of them...?" Lan idly gazed outside the shrine. "It’s just not very... sporting, I guess... winning with poison."

"...I’m a little mad... actually..."

The way Lan had mentioned her anger was so demure, it almost felt like a lie. Quietly, she covered a few coughs with her hand, then - turning back - Lan faced the girl’s general direction once again.

"...I guess I can promise you... we won’t take your bells... umm... unless we really have to..."

"...because at least you didn’t cheat..."

One, last, brief look into the eyes of this shrine girl was Lan’s own little ‘goodbye.’ Having run out of things to say, she simply turned to leave.

After all that trouble Tsubaha was finally able to be left on her own again. Somehow, even though it was apparent that this girl was shy, it was actually harder to talk to her than it was with a normal person. Why in the world was that. It almost even felt like she was just being used to keep her company, or something.

In the end, even in a gentle way, in order to get the bells they needed, all options were on the table. Tsubaha couldn't really blame her though, she was just a complete stranger saying nice things out of the blue. Basically exactly what Tsubaha was to her.

The Twin Swordstress. Confirming her own isolation, rested her hands on her sheathed blades at her side. She was able to rest a little easier.

"Coming in as a group, and being able to depend in your own sister like that." Tsubaha huffed out something of a small laugh. "Heh. Must be nice. None of my siblings would do that for me."

The chances that they'd meet again were low.
If the competition in this tournament was in the realm where poisoning people was normal, then it was likley this would be the last time she'd ever see this girl.

But on the off chance that she did...

"If push comes to shove. I won't show you or your sister any mercy either, Lan. I have to win against that person no matter what."

"Everyone and everything else is a potential obstacle. But, as long as I win - nothing else matters."


[fieldbox=Lan Yiban, #4da6ff, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shirine ]

Lan casually glanced over their little group from a safe distance of at least 20 feet from any given person.

...so many.

One or two people would’ve been just fine. She could’ve slowly worked up the courage to say ‘hi’ and over time, they could’ve slowly built to ‘hi, how are you.’ But with so many people... it just didn’t seem viable.

People were forming groups, and introducing each other, and saying lots and lots of ‘hi’s (or rough equivalents), but instead, Lan was sitting there, alone, on a cold, hard bench of solitude. Well okay, a shrine bench, but any bench could be a solitude bench with a pinch of... well... solitude.

Contrary to how this particular dandelion of a person looked, she was actually pretty happy for the time being. Her sister was wandering around doing social things, and most importantly: alive. It was relieving, and that relief came in the form of slowly swinging her legs back and forth from the bench.

Eventually, her personal bubble was visited by the only one that could enter without popping it. Lan returned her sister’s smile ( Skyswimsky Skyswimsky ), releasing a gentle little cough into her hand and nodding a couple times. Leaving her precious solitude bench behind, Lan began to follow just behind Ran as she made her way around to do stressful things like speak words.

The entire time, Lan resembled a quiet child who was getting dragged around by a parent. She didn’t look interested in her sister’s conversations, but she followed along anyway. Instead, her eyes were focused on the other fun things: that colorful butterfly, the one little patch of clouds that kinda reminded her of mashed potatoes, ...those fluffy ears ( LowDefinition LowDefinition ).

Gosh, those ears...

Just how fluffy were they?
Were they fluffier than a bed?
A pillow?
A cloud?
Could you hang clothes on them to dry?
...okay, that was a weird thought.
Uh oh... she was staring now... she look at something else...
A tree.
Did the Doven see her looking at the tree?
Okay good, back to the ears~
Wait, were they closer now?!
They were right there...
Don’t touch them...

Try as she might, the sheer curiousity was just too overpowering. She had to know what those headfloofs felt like. As her sister played the irreplaceable role of ‘distraction,’ Lan slowly reached up to run her hand across Runara’s left ear.

Skyswimsky Skyswimsky
LowDefinition LowDefinition
(Others whom it may concern)[/fieldbox]


"If you survive this, meet me where Heaven falls."
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[fieldbox= Tsubaki Hanejima, lightgreen, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

As more and more people started to congregate around Tsubaha when she decided to leave moments ago, the white-haired girl with a green-white outfit merely looked at the commotion, her hands shifting from twirling her hair up to examining her relatively unscathed fingers. However, her emerald eyes continuously moved between her employer Runara, the high-spirited boy Rizen, and the Kousen Priestess Rumiko, who is blessing the abandoned shrine. She also noticed that the haughty assassin went into the woods as well, probably foraging something of value, harmful or otherwise. They are after all, surrounded by jungles with patches of abandoned civilization.

However, when one of the Yi Ban twins decided to approach Runara in a rather suspicious manner, Tsubaki was already on her way. As she was seemingly going to touch Runara's fluffy ears, the Hanejima noble gently cleared her throat in an audible manner, and spoke in a formal, noble way as she stood behind Lan.

"If you want to touch her ears out of curiosity, it's better to ask for her permission, won't you think? She wouldn't reject your request if you asked nicely, perchance."

She looked at Lan with her arms crossed, but with a gentle smile on her face.

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[fieldbox=Kei Daidouji, #00ffff, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Kei tried not to be irritated by the Miko -Rumiko- and her comment. "It's not running off without a plan, it's better than sitting around a shrine while you pray to it. Clean it. Whatever it is you religious types do."

At least Rumiko agreed that staying wasn't productive. A small win, Kei supposed. Then the woman with the sword -Nanami, right?- said they should let the priestess pray and sanctify the shrine. Two or three minutes was really nothing compared to waiting for a day. Kei just didn't want to wait inside for something that was supposed to help, but felt like it had already abandoned them. Maybe the only thing that the whatever it was in the shrine was could do was save a few people from poison they'd foolishly taken.

Yu Ri suggested that they take a leader. "Well, then if someone should lead it should be the one who decided that we all work together. Like you said, if it doesn't work out we kill them or whatever. Though, I think murder would be a bit harsh and reduce our advantage of numbers. We should probably just depose the old leader."

That was when someone started petting the Doven's ear. It was one of the twins, and Kei really wasn't sure which one. The servant -Kei suppressed a sneer- chided the twin for doing so. He wondered if she would actually say yes to someone asking. His curiosity got the better of him in the end. Plus, he wondered if they were as soft as they looked.

"Hey, Dancer Chick. Can I pet your ears? Since we're just talking ourselves in circles, a distraction is welcome."

RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun
ERode ERode
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[fieldbox= Yuan and Yu Ri Affinity Chapter 1: Shrine, #808080, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Perched on the roof of the worn down shrine, Yu Ri let out a breath as she watched the others mill about, doing their annoying talking stuff. Considering how much of a thespian some of the members of the group was, she could almost understand why those poisoners had done what they did.

After all, it was insufferable, how many words those artless plebs wasted. Oh, brevity, the spirit of wit, why has dost forsaken thee?

Rolling her eyes, Yu Ri rummaged through the folds of her clothes to extract a ball of sticky rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves. Emergency rations, really, but after that unpleasant experience with being paralyzed for a good few hours, she wanted something to eat. A few deft movements unbound the glutinous leaves, before the azure-haired assassin tossed the wrappings to the side.

Organic waste yay!

Without a moment's thought for whoever may have been below, Yu Ri got to chewing.

Yuan sighed as he took a breather for a moment, plopping down against the wall of the shrine and propping his sword up next to him. Reaching into his satchel, he pulled out a small pouch and withdrew a steamed bun out from it. Thank whatever gods out there that no one had stolen his travel food while he'd been poisoned, much less his emergency wine.

Raising the bun to his mouth, he was about to take a bite when something decidedly sticky and unpleasant on top of his head. Scowling, he raised his and and plucked the bamboo leaves out of his hair, tossing them to the side. Yuan glanced up, noticing the small girl tearing into a rice ball on the roof above.

"Oi, if you're gonna have a snack, you mind tossing your trash somewhere besides my head? I'm trying to eat here too."

Oh, someone was down there after all. The bandit person, Yuan something-or-the-other. Like all those other noble folk with long hair, except he set his up to get tangled into basically anything, instead of braiding it like a sensible person.

Weird guy, that bandit was.

Ignoring his suggestion because Yu Ri didn't have any more wrappers to chuck down, the blue haired girl simply nodded, enjoying her high ground advantage.

"Your bald spot's gonna grow if you keep fussing about stuff like that," she commented inbetween bites, "That a meat bun?"

"Bald spot?" Yuan snorted, running a hand through his head and ponytail. "Please. If I start balding, I'll just hack it all off. No sense denying the inevitable." He chuckled, reaching into his bag for another mantou, tossing the bun up to her.

"And nope, just mantou. Mugged a competitor for his rations and wine before the whole thing even started. Needed something decent to eat after a month of prison food." Yuan laughed.

"Besides, you were locked up too, right? What'd the kingdom's dogs put you in for? Assassin stuff?"

"Locked up? No, I didn't trip on a branch and get my glorious finale denied after that shameful fumble," Yu Ri replied, scarfing down the steamed bun. Tasteless, but filling. She tore a half of her sticky rice off, considered it for a moment, before tossing it down to Yuan.

"Applied normally. Here for work and all."

A pause, more consideration.

"So no need for the bells. If you got something good, I'll trade once they start rolling in." The assassin girl licked her fingers. "Food for ensured freedom."

"Sure know how to hit where it hurts, huh?" Yuan grinned ruefully, not seeming that bothered. "And food for bells? Sure, why not. It counts if I give you food I looted first, right?"

He looked the girl up and down, taking note of where there could be weapons hidden on her person. He really, really wasn't into small girls like this, but she was clearly a dangerous one, at the very least.

"Yu Ri, right? Who're you here to kill, anyways? If it's a good enough fight, you mind any help?"[

"I prefer organs," Yu Ri replied, "Doubt you'll be looting that."


"I meant animal organs, not human ones."

Deciding that she had enough of this wind, the assassin girl hopped off the roof, tumbling down upon the dirt without a sound. Her bandaged foot brushed dust off her calves as she turned to the bandit once more. An offer of aid was nice, but...

"Confidential. And if I had it my way, there'd be no fight required. Like those poison peeps, except with a double tap afterwards." She tilted her head to the side. "Figured you'd be more vengeance-thirsting about them though. Bandits being passionate and all."

"Hey, I'm not judging. Organ meats are tasty." Yuan shrugged good-naturedly, sighing as Yu Ri turned him down. Figured. No love for the fight, just a desire to get the job done. It was a sentiment he could understand, but not one that appealed to his thrill-loving nature.

"Fine, fine. As long as it's not someone in this group, I don't have a problem with whatever it is you're doing. Won't ask questions, either. You do your thing, I'll do mine. As for the poisoners, don't get me wrong," He smirked, his expression turning savage.

"I come across any of those bastards, I'll rip their heads off. But there's no guarantee of that, and actually getting bells comes first. Plus, I doubt there'll be a shortage of good fights in this festival. If I wasn't locked up, I probably would've entered for the hell of it anyway."

"Best to track them down first anyways," Yu Ri replied, eyes flickering to the surrounding forest. "No mountain man myself, but all humans leave traces of their paths."

She licked her teeth, taking the last scraps of rice with it.

"I recognize the poison they used, by the way. Could concoct it pretty easily. And I do like iron-y flavors..."

This wasn't revenge. It was perfectly logical to aim for the one group they knew that carried twenty or so bells, that was in this area, that left this area.

"So let's not make than an 'if'. Let's make that a 'when'."

Perhaps there was some saltiness after all. Yu Ri did hate it when she didn't get initiative, after all.

"Sure, sure. If little miss assassin insists. It's your job you're putting off, not mine." Yuan laughed, shrugging his shoulders without a care.

"I'm probably about the same as you when it comes to tracking. I can follow a trail, but that's it. Launching an ambush, though, that I know how to do. Can't be much of a bandit without actually knowing how to catch a caravan or two off guard." The bandit swordsman stood, hooking his sword's scabbard back onto his belt.

"Besides," He grinned wolfishly. "I'm looking forward to seeing how an assassin fights."

[fieldbox= Yuan Liwei, #4dff4d, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Yuan folded his arms together, looking amused at all the commotion around. All this nonsense over a pack of sheep wanting a shepherd? Sheesh. They had a common goal and a method to go about accomplishing that goal. The hell did they need actual leadership for? What a waste of time.

"All of you oughta relax already. Yu Ri and Kei are right. We'll leave Tsubaha as leader for now, and if she does a piss poor job of it, we'll just replace her with someone else who wants the job. No need to kill her and reduce our numbers further. New leader screws up, we'll get someone else if we're still alive at that point." He shrugged nonchalantly, leaning back against a tree.

"We put the person in charge that's been organizing us the most thus far, which is Tsubaha. People stop worrying about not having someone to drag them around, and we get going. People to fight, bells to get. Some of us are going right back to prison if we don't have three bells by the end, you know." Yuan watched on, bemused as the Doven girl's bodyguard blocked Lan from touching some fluffy ears and Kei tried to get in on it as well.

"I'm not exactly interested in touching ears, but somewhere else might be nice, if you catch my drift." He leered before breaking off into a chuckle. "Nah, I'm kidding. For now. We've got things to do, after all. Maybe after we get out of this alive."

Ehb Ehb
Karyra Karyra
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Miya Miya


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[fieldbox= Ran Yiban, #4da6ff, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Like moths to a flame. The second Tsubaha went up and... did something, not only Ran, but nearly everybody else followed. Which was... alright? Probably. They talked a lot. The cute girl( ERode ERode ) said something stupid. Tsubaha was obviously their leader. Duh. There was no reason to vote anything. And honestly, the white-hair would have trouble trusting most of the others. Right now, she trusted in the funny-browed-one trusting the others.

Nonetheless, she couldn't believe these people. Talking so freely and happily about killing, lynching, about someone -who was actually in their presence - as if that person wasn't even there?!

Most also assumed all their bells got taken. Which was still bugging her mind. Ran could understand if whoever set them up refrained from killing them but, if they wanted to get them out of the competition for good, why not take their weapons? Someone vile enough who orchestrated a poisoning against all of them clearly wouldn't fail at killing them with this poison if it had been their intent. But Ran kept that for herself, no reason to spread Paranoia.

Instead, the white-hair decided to ignore most of those male morons around her and ask Tsubaha( Ehb Ehb ) a simple question. "You know the area? Where we are heading? Got a map?" Three questions that were more-or-less all the same.

Regardless of that, there were also more important matters to attend to - as they included her sis. The bout between the slut( LowDefinition LowDefinition ), some... nice person( Miya Miya ) and her own lovely counterpart( Luma Luma ) did not go unnoticed. Well, and some dumb male( Karyra Karyra ).

Right. Right. Lan was here, around, now all the time. Not at home. Not at their secret place. Not prison. But here, with her, pretty much 24/7? This... was new. Exciting? Unusual. Memories they would now make together and still treasure in years to come. Maybe, losing the bells, wasn't that bad after all?

If Lan wanted to fluff some Doven's ears, she would very well get to fluff them!

"Miss!" Ran called out to Runara. She was a slut, yes, but Ran had also worked enough in slum regions to know they had a certain kind of pride. The white-hair could only hope the Doven wouldn't make it... strange... for Lan. Actually, how often had Ran seen a Doven Whore? Uh.

"Please let my sister touch your fluffy ears!" Ran smiled wide as she sincerely bowed down deeply. For a rather silly request, Ran made a quite serious gesture.

Ehb Ehb
Luma Luma
LowDefinition LowDefinition


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[fieldbox= Personal Action Kei and Rumiko; Unexpected Help: Shrine Exterior, #808080, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]


Having finished speaking with Yuan, Rumiko sets back to work, aiming to sanctify the Shrine as quickly as possible for her impatient comrades, a shame none of them were actually bothering to help with the process, or even offering to do so.

"Well, not like they just wouldn't get in the way... Well.. the floor is mostly clean, now to get rid of these bodies." Minus those who had obviously died by other means, such as by her hand, most seemed to have died to the Poison all in all however it was only Six bodies, while a full ground burial would not be possible, a quick mound or burning would be possible, once that was out of the way the rest would be a fairly simple affair.

Dragging to body which she had pummeled plus another, the Priestess takes the bodies out the back, away from the prying eyes of the group. Some of whom she was sure would not appreciate her efforts, of that she was sure and taking the time to explain her actions would be less work she would be able to do towards the Shrine's sanctification.

Well, what to do now? He wasn't going to sit around when there was something to do, and going after those poisoners would be pointless alone. Well, maybe the Miko would have something worth doing, he supposed. She was tidying up the shrine, so maybe she'd have something for him to do. Though, from the state of things there was more work than she could accomplish while they were in the Festival.

Moving to where he saw her last, she appeared to helping someone outside. Further investigation revealed that they were dead. Most were probably dead because of the poison, at the very least. Kei wondered if there were other reasons that so many were dead, but there probably wasn't. Kei wondered if he should be glad that he wasn't one the people who died.

"Hard at work, I see." Kei said. "Your handiwork or the people who poisoned us all? I bet it was poison, mostly. I can still feel it in my system. Nasty stuff."

This would go one of two ways. He'd have work to do that was... well gruesome, or he'd be punched to death. The former was more likely, or so he hoped.

"You want some help with cleaning? Sitting around here is unpleasant, anyway. I'd rather be productive, or close to it."


Glancing at the source of the voice, Rumiko was slightly surprised at the source of it, chiefly the man she had the brief exchange with;

"Oh no, only one of them is my work, heh. I have to admit, I am surprised to see you here."

Thinking on the man's offer a bit the Miko gives a soft smile with a swift head nod. "Well I won't turn down help, but I'm not planning to clean this whole place, I'm not taking up residence here after all."

"Well just help me move these bodies. I was hoping to have found some clues where our attackers went..Maybe one of the others will have more luck with that. Ah yes, forgive me, what is your name?"

"Ah, apologies. My name is Kei Daidouji. It's been a busy day, so I've forgotten who I've talked to and who all knows my name."

Well, even if she wasn't going to do a whole lot of work, work was still work and he'd take the ability to do something over sitting around the shrine waiting for something to happen. It was busywork that would fill the time.

With that, Kei took up one of the other bodies, and discovered that no, bodies weren't as light as she made them look. So he took the one that looked the lightest and let it lean on his as he dragged it forward and out.

"I never asked what your name was. Geez, these guys are heavier than I thought they'd be. You make it look so easy. I feel like you're cheating."

He managed to get his first body outside, laying it next to the one that the priestess had just taken out. He needed a break. He however, also didn't want to admit to that either.

"So why are you here? A priestess in a tournament is pretty odd. You don't seem like the type that needs this sort of thing."

"Heavy?" Quirking an eyebrow, surely the man was joking, right?

"Huh.. I could carry more, but I don't want my Hakama more red than it is. Ah the name is Rumiko Mitsurugi."

Lining her two bodies up in the back yard, Rumiko returns for yet two more, stopping along the way to answer the man's questions.

"Well, it's not by choice. To put simply a Shang Governor was being heavy on his taxes to the refugees, so I may have put a few taxmen through some walls..some guards.. threatened to deliver divine punishment to the man..

Sooo to get back the stolen money and my own crimes overlooked I was made to enter. Other than that, I plan to use the wish to build a Grand Shrine and Village for the Refugees to work at rebuilding our home..

Plus this isn't too unlike what I normally do."

Grabbing another pair of legs Rumiko pauses briefly to look at her opposite, who seemed to be having trouble enough with one body, which slightly amused her.

"So, why are you here Kei-san? Though you do look the sort who would enter this. Ah, think I'll bury them, a neat little trick I can use. I didn't think about it till now, ahahaha.."

No, she wasn't cheating. If she was cheating she'd be gloating about how this work wasn't really all that hard. These men weighted at least more than a hundred pounds, if they were short, and didn't have armor.

"Huh, that's surprisingly noble of you. I'm sure he deserved whatever divine punishment you threatened. Or... whatever the god decided was best. Nobles probably need more divine punishment, in all honesty."

Kei didn't really believe in Gods or Kami or whatever. If they existed it'd be nice, but the world seemed a little too rotten for that sort of thing. Too twisted for gods to exist that could magically make this all better.

"I'm not here by choice either. I was told I killed a noble a while ago and spent my time in jail since. Whether or not it's true depends on who you ask. For instance, if you ask anyone else it's true."

He didn't say what he would ask if Rumiko asked. He figured she'd get what he was driving at. Plus, he really wasn't sure she'd believe him if he said he was innocent. Nobody else did.

"Mostly, I just want to be out of a jail cell. I have others things I want, but I'll be surprised if anyone actually gives me them."

He wondered if Rumiko meant using magic to bury the bodies.

"If you bury them, try not to make it too shallow. It'll draw wolves. Which... is not the greatest thing to be nearby when a bunch of people are trying to get better after a mass poisoning. However, I'm sure you knew that already, since this is what you normally do apparently."

Would Kei get that built if he lugged around a bunch of bodies? He decided that it wasn't really worth it.

"Hmm I see, I am curious about what it is that you want however. The Ancestors and Kami will know the truth by how you lived. I can only judge off of what I see."

Offering her thoughts on the matter Rumiko chuckles at the man's later remark, it was fairly interesting how he made the remark on the wolves and with assuming her job was a grave digger.

"Oh no, not at all, my normal job is Spiritual matters and exterminating Monsters and Bandits. Ahahaha, short of the rites I'm not accustomed to burials."

Confirming his unvoiced thoughts however, Rumiko focuses her stance and makes a punch followed up with a stomp to push up mounds of Earth over the first bodies, while not large or all that deep each body was coated in a couple feet of dirt, weapons pushed into the mound to mark them.

"The graves are temporary, I hope the Shang have the decency to recover them. All that's left now is to invite the Spirits back to the shrine and leave a small offering and note this place in my journal. Thank you for your assistance."

Giving a small bow with clasped hands at her midsection, narrowing her eyes at Kei the woman does offer some final words as she goes on to the next pair of bodies. "Think well on what it is you want Kei-san and why. I see things in black and white, but some things which are black can be white for the intentions behind them."

"Oh, I misunderstood your meaning. I'm sorry." Kei replied to the priestess. As she covered the bodies, he wondered if he was being too cynical to believe that this would be their final resting place. He probably wasn't.

"It's no problem, like I said it's better than sitting around waiting for something to happen." Especially in there.

"Let me know if you need more help later on. I think I'd go crazy trying to keep myself from getting bored in here."

He considered her advice. She probably wasn't going to approve of what he wanted. People typically didn't. There was no purity of motive behind his wish, either. It was pure vengeance, and there was no changing that fact. It was black on black. No grey.

"Thanks for the advice. I'll consider it deeply."

He wouldn't.


[Fieldbox= Rumiko Mitsurugi, #b30000, solid]

[ Month of Renewal 15th, Midday / Jiaojing Province, Maolan Forest, Worn Down Shrine ]

Within the interior Rumiko knelt and prayed, offering up a portion of the resources she had found in a makeshift wooden bowel at the foot of the Shrine's small alter, speaking regardless of whom else may be there or watching;

"O'Spirits your Servant offers you your abode once anew, to you I present this offering of Rice and dried vegetables, to you I present a clean home and prostate myself in apology for the ignorance of Man, Ancestors forgive your wayward Sons and Daughters and welcome them to your divine grace, be they at peace or born again to this World. With this offering of Blessed Water do I sanctify these grounds. I shall send a priest to this Shrine once I am able, in the name of the Kousen Sect do I swear to these words to thee.

Err..Well I guess that's that, ain't got no incense you know? Plus what sort of Spirits would be that petty.. Either way sorry about the mess, eh-heh."

Finishing her prayer and pouring out the water, the last bit of her prayer seemed less dignified, but she had done all she could, the floors were clean, anything that didn't belong was gone and the small ceremonial lanterns were relit and the bell was hung once more. Clapping her hands twice and ringing the bell once a fresh breeze seems to rush into the building causing the lanterns to flicker briefly as the Miko turns on her heels heading back to the rest.

Upon exiting the shrine, all seemed to be as it was before, or maybe even more hectic, for a bunch of people who were in a rush, they seemed awfully content with waiting around talking or pestering the Doven girl about her ears.

"...Spirits give me strength..also some onions or herbs..maybe some berries.."

She says under her breath, looking out at the rest, standing at the entrance the Miko calls out to the others, waving a scared hand.

"The Shrine has been Sanctified once more. I may leave here now.. Ah yes, did anyone look for tracks? I found nothing but a few supplies." Calling out to the others in general rather than anyone in particular, Rumiko was in no rush to disrupt...whatever it was they were doing.

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