A Whispering Enigma

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  1. So yeah. This be a collection of poetry by Fluffy. Just a place to keep them and breathe life into my beloved Art/Writing section, really. XD I am not looking for any critiquing. Because I'm a loserface that doesn't know how to take criticism well.

    A poem to my abusive step-dad, which of course, I won't ever show him. Much too afraid for that... Just feeling really sad tonight as memories strike me.

    16 Years of Heartache

    Crumbled beneath the fist
    of a monster
    who's just misunderstood

    Trembling with fear
    as he shouts
    as he screams

    Bruised and beaten
    cold and deaf
    but not broken
    just confused

    Our love has decayed
    turned to dust in a jar
    where he trashed the pictures I made
    where he disposed of my plush puppy

    May you find happiness
    and banish your woes

    You're a demon
    but I still wish the best

    Good bye, step-father
    I mean it
    Good bye
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    I gotta give you a fist-bump on this one, Fluffers, because even just posting something like this on the internet takes a ton of strength. Very well written.
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    <3 Thank you, Fel. That means a lot.

    This next one's just... A random poem I came up with.

    Woe is the Damsel

    Woe is the damsel
    shedding tears of sorrow
    from her eyes that dazzle
    anxious for tomorrow

    Hair that's long and auburn
    that lays out like a fan
    A heart full of yearn
    for her loving man

    Plucking petals from a daisy
    "He loves me, he loves me not"
    Her desire for him is crazy
    but he's really all she's got

    She waits for her warring knight
    beneath a mighty tree
    She hopes he is alright
    She hopes they're meant to be
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    It's pretty good, kind of like my self but more like a puppet just being strung along
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    Guardian Angel

    Fear not the blades
    or the bullets
    that threaten you

    Fear not the beasts
    or the shadows
    that chase you

    Fear not the storms
    or the evils
    that call you

    Fear not the people
    or the heroes
    who abandon you

    Reach for the light
    for the gentle hand
    for the mighty feathered wings

    Reach for the chanting angel
    who chases your nightmares away
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    It's a beautiful poem. :]
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    Deathly Dreams
    Choking on the ashes
    of everyone I knew
    A body covered with gashes
    How can this be true?

    An anchor chained to me
    Tossed into the water
    Even if I try to plea
    All I see is slaughter

    The ocean's bloody red
    I'm losing all my air
    I already feel dead
    Do I even care?

    Nothing left to give
    Nothing left to take
    No life left to live
    No promises left to make

    I'll never win this battle
    My nightmares murder me
    Death is but a rattle
    When will I be free?
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    I'm loving your rhymes, Fluffy, dear. ^.^ Continue doing what you're doing.
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    Um... Yeah. Past 5 AM, I guess I felt like writing. I use the early morning and sleep deprivation as an excuse for its crappy-ness.

    Melodic Sacrifice

    I would sacrifice it all
    Just to laugh once more

    I'll give away the songs
    of happy tweeting birds
    of somber howling wolves
    of enchanting orca whales

    I'll trade the chime of silver bells
    They can take my MP3
    My alarm clock sounds, just take them
    I'll wake up to something else

    The rock groups I adore
    The techno, the country, the soundtracks
    I can learn to live without them
    So as long as you'll still call

    I would exist in silence
    Just to hear your voice

    Of all the music in my life
    All I need's your words
    And I would give it all away
    Just for one more night
    Please, give me one more night
  10. Graceless Ballet

    Dearest ballerina
    though your toes are sore
    you must dance forevermore

    You've lost your charm
    but you still have what's inside
    you still have your pride

    There's no audience
    for a dancer like you
    who stumbles at every "Boo!"

    They don't hate you
    it's your failure they despise
    can't even win the third prize

    Dust yourself off, lovely
    your smile's one to keep
    even when you weep

    Don't stop the ballet
    you'd regret it, you know
    quitting on yourself is low

    I'll always be your fan
    you're a beautiful dame
    with a beautiful name

    The world needs you
    a girl determined and fine
    and you'll always be mine
  11. Practicing a poetry style called Etheree. Syllables can be more difficult than rhymes, sometimes. o_o; (Heh heh, that rhymed.) And yes... Dorky poem about a panda bear. Who saves the world. Don'tjudgeme! >>;


    of black and white
    I have missed you so
    Please return to my arms
    so we may smile and laugh
    Don't forget that I am waiting
    You're so busy being heroic
    My heart beats fast with 'pandamonium'
  12. I dunno.. I'm depressed. Need to get it out of my system. Don't ask...

    Misery Loves Company

    Misery comes a walking
    stops to knock on my door
    I don't answer, so he enters
    finds me dying on the floor

    Says I could use some company
    and he could use a kiss
    I don't know what I need
    Probably someone I miss

    I lose myself completely
    in that toxic kiss
    I know that it's dangerous
    but my god, it's bliss

    You're overrated, heart slayer
    A pain in the head
    I want to get rid of you
    I really want you dead

    Oh, sweet Misery
    send me away
    to a place no one goes
    a place that I can stay
  13. Phantom Saviour

    Sweet, sweet melody
    a soothing song of praise
    from the phantom of my dreams

    Whose transparency uplifts me
    Whose ghostly embrace completes me

    He knows no fear
    Nor do I
    Not when he's around

    Protected from the beasts
    the masked villains
    the armed thugs
    all with cruel intentions

    He carries me away
    This heroic phantom I love

    With him, my nightmares are dreams
    but when he fades
    when he's lost
    when he's defeated

    I'm alone all over again
  14. Kitti likes Misery Loves Company best.
    Am I morbid? D;
    I loves them all though~ ^,^
  15. <3 Thank you, Kitti.


    and passive
    A stinging in my mind

    and confound
    My sanity left behind

    and hindered
    Antagonized by fear

    and robust
    Clinging to what's dear
  16. Can't... Fall... Asleep. At least I did something with my time.

    My Paladin

    My paladin

    A man who's altruistic
    Wiser than what meets the eye
    Graceful like a predator
    With the charm of a rascal

    He is my paladin
    My saviour
    My friend

    A voice filled with mirth
    A song for every mood
    And an aura that is calm
    There's no fight that is senseless

    He is my paladin
    My defender
    My star

    The owner of a book
    A book of wisdom and facts
    a few stories, a few jokes
    And pages of lessons

    He is my paladin
    My teacher
    My muse

    A guardian who's unafraid
    Striking the maws of torment
    Drawing a path to refuge
    Promising a happy end

    My paladin
  17. Utopia

    A lucid utopia
    An illusion
    yet sublime

    A radiant room
    filled with chronicles
    of martyrs and scoundrels
    of riddles and patterns
    of legacies and sacrifices

    A sentimental moment
    and a fantasy
    Disappointingly intangible

    A time I felt at home
    Solaced and desired
    Genuinely happy

    What is happiness?

    It is but a reverie
    The most blissful reverie of all
  18. Wow, nice work on all of these poems! I can't decide which one is my favourite but if I had to choose I'd go with Melodic Sacrifice.
  19. You've got quite a knack for this, Andi. I am suitably impressed with your work. Good job.
  20. Thank you, Coti. I'm glad you like them. And thank you too, Peter.

    Wintry Dedication

    Frigid, yet invigorating
    This oncoming tide
    Claiming my mind
    My body
    My soul

    An embrace so cold
    Abducting me
    and hushing me
    Until I'm just a puppet
    Floating to oblivion

    'Till I am aided
    Alerted by a spear
    Piercing the icy clutches
    And freeing me
    Freeing me of the numbness

    Elegant guardian
    Assisting me to shore
    Atoning for a late arrival
    While delivering remedy
    Banishing the deathly cold

    A touch so delicate
    A serenade so fine

    A cherished existence
    And a vision worth fighting for