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Alexander smiled as she thanked him, but it concerened him a bit that she actually would invite a stranger to her home. Even though he knew he wouldn't do her any harm, at least he hoped so, he could never know when the hunger would surprise him. But if she had invited someone else, what could have happend then? This girl was so uncareful, she had such a weird nature, so why did he feel drawn to her?

They came to a small house, and she started to fumble with her keys. Alexander couldn't help but giggle when she started muttering about how she always got the keys mixed up. He followed her example and took his shoes off, he hadn't been in a house were shoes got taken off in a long time, was it twenty years ago? Maybe more. When did he even talk to someone last?

He heard how the radio got turned on, she switched between the stations for a while before deciding one, maybe she hadn't even decided, maybe she would start switching it again soon?

He walked to the room she had gone in to after leaving her bag where she had told him to. "Aren't you a litle young to live alone, what about your parents?" He asked her "If you don't want to talk about it then it's fine" he continued right afterwards just to make sure she didn't push herself to tell him something she didn't want to, or becoming angry at him because she didn't want to talk about it.


Reina turned around and smiled sadly. "They're gone." She said.

She walked over to a large bookshelf and started taking out vinyls out in random, after choosing one, she switched the speakers to the record player and set the vinyl down gently. After carefully setting the needle down she listened as "Adagio" Piano Concerto no. 23 filled the room. Smiling to herself, she walked back over to the kitchen and took out her notebooks and writing utensils. It was time for homework and she had many things to do.

In less than an hour, she finished her Psychology AP homework with a breeze, Calculus AP with no problem, US History AP whilst yawning, and finished her Physics homework in less than two minutes. After doing so, Reina stood up and stretched, putting her things away to work on a larger piece. She walked over to the shelf on the opposite wall and pulled out a rather large sketch pad. Opening it to her new masterpiece, she grabbed her box of pencils, pastels, chalk, and erasers.

As she set on working she said, "I love sketching. It's so...calming. Not as calming as developing photos though, that's calming. But still...calming."