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The sun had just gone down and the moon rose in the dark sky. Another day had passed and a new night arrived. Alexander woke up, he opend the coffin and looked up in the ceiling. Another lonely, boring night had started. Alexander got up from the coffin and walked to the window, pushing the curtains away. He starred out on the few people still walking outside, he's hunger arose hearing the human hearts beating. It tortured him to resist attacking them, but he wouldn't become a monster feading on humans. He were still able to live on animals, but it never stilled the hunger completely, but at least it made him feel a bit more human. He sighted and walked away from the window, heading out to hunt.

He didn't hunt for long, even if he was long from satisfied with what he had gotten he thought it was enought to be able not to kill humans. But what did it matter if he hunted the hole night or if he walked aimlessly, whatever he did everything were boring and lonely. Sometimes he wished for someone to help him get rid of this boredom that tormented him and sometimes he just wished to die.

He walked as every night aimlessly, every night he came to some new place and when he had seen everything in town he moved to a new. What would he find tonight? Maybe something that would make his life interesting again, but probably not. He had been searching for so long, he had already given up on finding something entertaining. What did he even live for? He didn't know anymore, but to die before finding a meaning behind everything that happend, he didn't want that.

It was midnight and the street was now empty, the last lights were turned off in the houses around him. Some people slept soundly while others were so quiet so if he didn't hear their heart beat he would have thought they had died. It seemed like this would be a boring night like all the others. Nothing interesting seemed to be on it's way and why should he expect anything when nothing had happend so far in the twohundred years he had lived?
"You got that, Reina?" Her music teacher asked her.

Reina nodded, her violet eyes filled with determination.

"Okay, here we go." Her teacher said quietly. She started the metronom and Reina let out a breath.

On the second four counts, she moved her fingers across the keys. She played each note perfectly and she moved with the music she remembered hearing. At the end she ran her hand across the entire piano and smiled.

"How was that?" Reina asked. She turned her head and her teacher smiled.

"Perfect, you can play anything by ear. You only played Chopin last week. Well done, Reina. Now go home, you spend too much time here."

Reina laughed and picked up her school bags. Looking at her watch, she noticed how late it was and made a face. Quickly leaving the studio, she shouldered her bag and started walking around the corner.
Somewhere close by Alexander heard music, someone was playing a pretty hard piece on the piano. It was beautiful, he hadn't heard someone play that good in a long time. A human ear couldn't hear the melody from were he stood, but he heard it as clear as if he had been besides the piano. But then it stopped playing, Alexander listend for a moment to hear if it would start to play again, but it didn't. The person were probably aware of the time and about to get away from the piano.

Alexander thought of going back to the woods to hunt again, just to get rid of some boredom. Because how big was the chance that he would meet someone at midnight that would make him feel alive again. But instead of turning around and go back he decided to keep walking and go around town instead to get back to the forest. Its not like he were in any rush, the sun wouldn't rise in a long time. The wind started to blow so his hair blowed in to his eyes. He stopped to tie his black curly hair up in a tail so it wouldn't get in the way, then he kept walking.

Suddenly he heard steps, they were really neat, it must be a girl. The second after he had guessed she got around the corner walking towards him. He looked at the beautiful girl, her violet eyes were shining in the moonlight, something a normal human wouldn't be able to see in the dark. As she came closer to him he asked her.

"Isn't it dangerous for a girl your age to be walking alone in the dark?" One part of him wanted her to ignore the stranger that had talked to her and the other part wanted to talk with the girl who dared to walk alone in the middle of the night. Even though he were over twohundred years old he didn't look a day over eighteen, so she would probably take him for a highschooler.
"Oh!" Reina gasped in surprise. She put a strand of her black hair behind her ear and looked at the young man in front of her.

He looked like a senior in high school, but she's never seen him. Maybe he's new? She smiled nonetheless.

"Well, I let the time slip by and usually there isn't anything going on here. It's such a small town, there's no need to."

The more she looked at him, the more she couldn't stop. But also, being in front of him made of her feel so...average. He had perfect facial features, body, hair, voice. It just made her seem so inferior.
The girl gasped in surprise when he talked to her, she looked at him and suddenly smiled before answering him. Her blood smelled wonderful, maybe he had been eating to litle. He just needed to make it threw seconds, maybe minutes before he could get away from her and go hunting again. But still, the girl was mesmerizing, he wanted to talk to her some more.

"It's in a town where nothing ever happens that you should expect something to happen the most. What if this would be the day you met a coldhearted murderer." He said, almost hoping he would scare her away with the comment, but at the same time hoping she would stay a bit longer, even though his throat was screaming in pain after her blood.
"Well I would be foolish, then wouldn't I?" Her smile faded slightly and she shifted her bag. "Maybe I didn't explain it correctly. I'm not afraid of death."

The cool autumn air rushed through the streets and her black hair was blown away from her face. She figured that if this young man was a murderer, then she wouldn't be so afraid. She held down her hair with one hand as she took a deep breath. Reina was starting to feel that she was bothering the young man.

"I hope I'm not disappointing you, but I have to go home." She said reluctantly.

Turning around, Reina started back on the street which took her to the small condo that she lived in. She may be sixteen, but she's doing well for herself and she decided to file for an imancipation at the age of fourteen when both of her parents were killed along with her younger brother. Her aunt and uncle were more than happy to take her in, but she didn't want to burden them. She also saw herself as a bad luck charm and didn't like getting close with anyone.
Alexander got surprised, almost chocked by her answer. She told him that she needed to go home and even though he knew it was for the best to just leave her, he still didn't want to let her go. He saw something in the girls eyes, he didn't know what it was but somehow she seemed as empty as him, searching after something without knowing what. Maybe it just were his desperation for something new that made him feel like this, maybe it would be better to just turn around and walk away. So why couldn't he?

She hadn't gone far when he turned to her and shouted after her
"If you need someone to talk to I'm around here every night, and if you don't feel like it, then you know where you shouldn't go" Did he hope that she would search him up the next night? If she didn't would he try to find her?
All he knew was that right now, he really needed to hunt. That girl had made him really thirsty, maybe it was because he hadn't been so close to a human in a long time. He started to walk in the opposit direction from the girl to get to the closest forest to hunt.
Reina slowly stopped when he called after her, but upon hearing him leave, she started walking again. Her house was only a minute or two away from the studio and she opened the door and walked in. The house was dark as always and she flipped the switch to turn on the light in the small hallway. Dropping her things in the kitchen, Reina turned on the television and watched the news as she fixed herself a small meal. It was nothing special, an omelette and some potatoes. She had gotten used to doing everything herself. The house was relatively clean most of the time, her laundry was clean, her house quiet. It was the same every night.

Glancing at the wall, Reina looked at the piano. She hasn't touched it for two years...it reminded her too much of her mother and her younger brother. Her heart ached at the memory and she shook her head.

"Move on..." She muttered to herself.
Alexander left and went to the closest forest, he needed to hunt more or else maybe he would attack her. She had smelled so good, he couldn't even describe her wonderful smell. Her blood had a beautiful scent that almost was like flowers but even more attractive than them. It wasn't anything that could be described with words.
After some hours of hunting he still felt the scent of her blood, he couldn't forget it. But he didn't want to kill her, he just wanted to be close to her, feeling the scent of her blood without tasting it. He couldn't even describe the feeling of it in his mind, but it felt like such a waste if he would just drink her blood.

He went back on the road towards where he had met the girl, he then stood there hour after hour, he didn't think the girl would come back that night but he could at least try. If she didn't then he would just come back the night after, he hoped she would come back, but it was so dangerous he shouldn't do this. Why did he do this?
One part of him hoped the girl wouldn't come back, that she would avoid him, then he could leave this town and find some new place.

the sun would arise in less than an hour, he started to walk back to his place.
Reina's alarm went off and she groaned.she really disliked getting uo so early. Slamming her hand on the clock, she stood up and put her messy hair in a pony tail. She changed into her school uniform.
"First day at Harlem Prep. Great." She said to herself.
Putting her backpack over her shoulder, Reina quickly grabbed a peice of bread and raced out the door toward the bus stop. When she passed the corner, Reina thought of the young man she ran into yesterday, wondering if he went to school. He seemed pretty young so it would only make sense. Shaking her head, she climbed the bus and swiped her pass on the monitor. She rode the bus in silence and when it dropped her off three blocks away, she was feeling dread.
"A school full of rich kids. I wonder how this is going to turn out." She muttered as she entered the large gates.
The sun had not yet gone up but it was very litle time left, he had left to his apartment. Alexander didn't die if he were out in the sun but he did get hurt, and it could take days to recover if he wasn't careful. He could walk outside if it was cloudy but he rather sleep at the days. But maybe he could have a better chance of meeting the girl if he were out in the days, he could be out in the light a couple of hours before it affected him so he could get that much time with her.
This day looked like it would be really sunny, which means he shouldn't be out searching after her. But if he were lucky maybe it would get cloudy later in the day.

Why was he so obsessed with that girl? she was just a human like everyone else. Alexander sighted as he watched the sun rise, he backed away from the window and laid down in his coffin. It wasn't a necessarity for him to sleep in a coffin, he just liked the old myth about vampires sleeping in coffins so he had tested it once and found it really confortable. He also didn't need to darkening the whole room when he went to be every night. He hadn't slept in a coffin for very long, and he would probably stop it soon, it was mostly just a hobby for the moment. Maybe he started because of his boredome with life so he wanted to test something new.

He did need to sleep but only a couple of hours per day, even though he for the most slept threw the whole day anyways. Mostly out of boredome.
When he was a younger vampire he had gone to school, even though he already had learned all the things they talked about he still wanted to go to meet people, then he only lived on places with as litle sunny days as possible. But now he didn't desire company, well untill this day he hadn't.
Maybe he would try to go to school again, he could make fake papers about his birth date and such things, the only problem was that this town had so many sunny days every year. But if he faked a skin disease then he didn't need to come at sunny days. And once again he asked himself, why does I bother with this girl. He couldn't find an answer, but for now he should go to bed, or in this case the coffin then when he wakes up in a couple of hours maybe it will be cloudy and he can start to search after her.
Reina wasnt' surprised when the clouds covered the sun halfway through first period. It's always like that. Not that she minded, Reina liked the cold weather. Though, she usually wasn't wearing a skirt that barely reached her knees. Why were these skirts so short? When the bell rang, Reina quickly gathered her things and then briskly walked out into the hall. Most of the school was an indoor campus, so there wasn't a lot of walking around outside in corridors or courtyards. It made everything seem smaller for some reason.

Reina was nearing her locker when someone pulled the back of her blazer and made her backpedal and almost fall onto the floor. She yelped and there was a brief moment of laughter.

"Isn't she kind of cute?" A boy asked.

Reina turned around to see three young men roughly the same age. She realized that the one that spoke was the one in the center with brown hair and green eyes. He had this smirk on his face which suggested that he felt pretty highly of himself. This school is filled with those after all.

"Yeah," Said the boy on the left with dirty blonde hair. "Like one of those Japanese school girls."

This again?

"I'm not Japanese. I'm Korean." She said sighing. Reina was about to turn and leave when they grabbed her blazer again.

"Hey, we're not done with you."

"And what do exactly plan on doing?" Reina said calmly. Suddenly going to private school wasn't as great as she thought it would be.

The three boys gave each other mischevious looks and the boy on the right and left both caught each of her arms and began to drag her. She opened her mouth to scream but the one grabbing her left arm clamped his free hand on her mouth. They dragged her to an empty classroom and locked the door behind them. Pinning her to the floor, the boy with the brown hair and green eyes kneeled down next to her.

"You know, I always wondered what it was like to do it in a classroom."

Reina started kicking and struggling against them, but she wasn't able to move. Her eyes were burning with tears and she just wanted to get out of there.

"I hope it doesn't add an audience." Said a voice from the back of the classroom.

All three heads turned around to see a boy laying across a row of lab chairs with a book over his eyes.

"I know who you guys are, if you don't want your parents hearing about this...attempt, I suggest you leave." He said calmly, as he stood up, the book falling into his lap.

The three boys rushed out of the room and Reina sat up, trembling slightly. She heard the light clicks of the other boy's shoes and when it stopped behind her, she turned to see him holding something out.

"Take it." He said.

Reluctantly, she reached and took it to realize that it was a handkerchief. People still carry these around? She took it and used it to wipe the tears that were falling down her cheeks. Reina was about to hand it back, but he was already at the door.

"oh--" She wanted to asked what his name was but was cut off.

"It's James."

With that, James walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Reina sat there for another minute, wondering what had just happened.
Alexander woke up some others later and opend the coffin, as he had predicted it was now cloudy and it wouldn't be any problems for him to go out. He still felt the animal blood running threw him from the hunting some hours earlier, so he wouldn't need to go out and hunt again. He wondered if he could see that girl again, if he followed her scent then he would find her eventually, it wasn't that hard. But before that he decided to throw away the coffin, after all he had just used it to see how it was and now he was tired off it as he was of everything else in life. He went out to a place where no one would notice him and burned the coffin.

Then he went to the place he had seen the girl, when he arrived he started to follow the trail of her scent. First it took him to a house, probably the place where she lived. Why was he even doing this? He shouldn't care about a human. Even though he thought of those things he still continued to follow her scent untill it got him to a school. It took less than an hour for him to find it, and for him an hour felt like a couple of minutes for the mortals.

He watched the school from a distance and made sure he could remember the name of it when he left. He had decided to get in to that school as an excange student, then maybe he would be able to talk to her. Why did he even bother with her? She was just a human girl. But even though he thought that he didn't stop his plans. He knew exactly what he needed to do to make the school take in an exchange student on short notice, he just needed to do it quikly this day and then he could start there tomorrow.

It didn't take such a long time for him to finnish it, and when he was done he once again went to the corner he had meet the girl in, hoping she would go past it when she were on her way home from school. It didn't bother him to stand there the hole night if he needed to.
The rest of the day went smoothly and Reina sighed when the bell chimed. She picked up her backpack and started walking down the stairs when she saw James lying on a bench with a book covering his eyes once again. Turning her head to the side she walked over to him.

"Didn't you have...class?" She asked slowly.

He lazily lifted a hand and moved the book off of his eyes. After a moment, he sighed and sat up.

"I do have class."

Reina looked around, confused.

"But it's the end of the school day."

"Oh, you meant that class. No, I just sit around here."

James looked at her and chuckled. Standing up, he loomed over her and patted her shoulder.

"Go home before you get into more trouble."

Reina blinked then nodded as she walked down the stairs.

As she got off the bus, she saw the boy she saw yesterday on the street corner. Reina calmly walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

Alexander stood at the corner some hours and at some point he fell asleep, his hair was over his eyes so no one noticed that he was asleep. He could as well stand there and waiting for someone, which he was.
Suddenly he woke up when someone was tapping him on the shoulder. He opend his eyes and looked down on the girl from the day before. He moved the hair from his eyes and smiled.
"Hey there, you didn't stay out late today" He said in a polite tone.
"The studio is closed on Monday's." She said.

Reina watched as he yawned and she wondered if he was there the entire day. "What are you doing here? Don't you have school?"
Alexander giggled a litle about her question, after 200 years, school wasn't necessary anymore. But that wasn't a joke he could tell her.
"I just moved here and won't start school before tomorrow." He said and went a bit away from the wall he had leaned on. Just the thought of starting school again made him bored, it was at least twenty years since last time he had been in one. Maybe it would be less boring this time, if there was some interesting people there. Not because it was so likely.
"Oh..." Reina started.

She shifted her bag on her shoulder and looked at him. It was a chilly evening and she was sure he was at least a little hungry.

"Aren't you hungry? I have some left overs over at..uh..my place." She gestured down the street, just past the bus stop.
Alexander didn't need to eat, but how could he resist the chance to go home to her home?
"If you don't mind then I would love to accept your invitation" he said softly, he knew he had a bit different style of speaking than other people, after all he hadn't talked to anyone in many years. Last time he had a real conversation with someone was in the midle of the 20th century. His gentleman insticts started to come up to the serface as he noticed her bag.
"Do you want me to carry it for you?" He asked, pointing at the bag giving a irresistable smile.
Reina looked at her bag.

"Uh...yeah, thank you."

She led him down the street and when she came upon the small town house, she fumbled with the keys.

"I always get them mixed up." She muttered.

Finally getting the key in the lock, she twisted the doorknob and walked in, taking off her school shoes. She pointed at the small kitchen counter and said that he can put the bag there. Walking over to the radio, she turned the dial to turn it on, switching between stations.

"Sorry if it's a bit small. I live here alone, so I don't really need that much space for anything." She said from the other room.