A Victorian Night

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  1. The In Character Thread
    It is June of the year 1837, Queen Victoria has just been crowned, and the majority of London's streets are over run with merchants selling their patriotic wares. The day has been filled with laughter and joy thus far, but there are still those who fight to survive. Millers, chimney sweepers, miracle street doctors and performers, all struggle against the battles of 19th century economy.

    However, there are those in power buying more property. Over-running buildings which once served as homes for the less fortunate. They had been ran out, and forced onto the cobble streets of the city. Men with servant boys walking after them attended the brothels and gambled on the pit fights. Sometimes even sending their young squires into a fist fight!

    Beneath all of this, lays a darkness that is merely rumoured as myth, and story. Beings of the night which consume the lives of the living through absorbing their souls, leaving them as empty vessels open for possession. These beings are known as 'body jumpers', and have been recognised in all kinds of folk lore, even as Vampires as the story has altered over the years. They were immortal, true, but their face would change on how they saw fit, and no blood consuming would occur. They have never been known to reveal their natural form, and are hidden from modern day society. There are those who hunt them, but these, too, are unheard of.

    When a body is open for possession, it is usually clueless of its entire being and life. People put this down to a disease that has been deemed, "alzheimer's" and "dementia".

    Behind the scenes of the modern world, the hunters are trying to find the body-jumpers before they can escape from their vessels, and destroy them. The body-jumpers are also attempting to fight back, by slaughtering the hunters. It's a fight for survival whilst mundane matters are occuring around.
    OOC Info:

    - Atleast 2 paragraphs, between intermediate and advanced roleplayers, all skill levels are welcome, but be aware more of the writers interested in this role-play are adept.
    - Feel free to make as many human characters as you so wish. However, only one Hunter OR Body-jumper per person. (Choose a side, basically.)
    - If RP'ing a Body-jumper, please understand if your shell is harmed from anything as small as a papercut. You must change bodies immediately, at this stage, you are vulnerable.
    - If romance happens, awesome, however... Take the sexies to the Libertine/Liberteen sections, or PM.
    - Have fun!

    Character Sheet:
    Race: (Human/Hunter/Body-Jumper)
    Occupation: (What does your character do to survive job-wise..)
    Appearance: (Photo or description, or both.)
    Personality: (Be brief)
    Background: (Optional, you can roleplay this instead.)
    Weapon: (Think carefully about the era.. Firearms are acceptable, but they're not very advanced.)
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  2. Name: Tatiana Halmond
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Prostitute
    Personality: A temptress of her kind, Tatiana is a seductive being. However, beneath all of that lies a delicate, innocent, little bird.
    Background: She was forced into prostitution at a young age. Wandering the streets for a bit of silver is all she has ever known. However, she is one of the most seeked out whores in the neighbourhood.
    Weapon: None.

    Name: Persephone
    Age: 26
    Race: Hunter
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Bar-owner and renown landlord.
    Personality: Persephone is very strong, and bold. She isn't one to take shit, and even for men is rather intimidating.
    Background: From a young age she has noted the disease that is Body-Jumpers, her and her father used to play a game. As for a child, their spiritual awareness is heightened, they are able to see the Body-Jumpers move. She would point in the direction they went, and her father would shoot.
    Weapon: Crossbow, dagger.
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  3. Name:
    Claire Phantomhive


    Body Jumper


    Opera Singer

    Claire is a beautiful young woman with long, wavy strawberry blonde hair worn long and crowned with a garland of flowers. She typically dons fancy, distinctive dresses. She sports a string of pearls, long dangling earrings, and lengthy gloves for her accessories.

    Claire is, generally, a calm, quiet and courteous individual; only when she is repulsed with another person does she react emphatically. However, when reprimanded for her unlady like actions, she would be genuinely apologetic to the person she had a problem with. Patient and forbearing, she is also very sensitive to macabre matters, such as homicide, and would become agitated and slightly faint at gruesome details like the inevitable decay of corpses

    Although she is a perfect lady on the surface, there is most certainly a deeper aspect to Claire. Bitter and lonely, with sarcastic, usually self-deprecatory quips veiled behind a wry smile, it's fairly clear that she dislikes her lot in life. Due to her "cursed" nature, she lives a sheltered existence, seldom allowed out of her room, except when she's on the job. Nevertheless, being a terribly curious individual, that hasn't stopped her from dreaming about the world beyond her limited field of experience, and from trying to find out more about it through secretive nighttime romps.

    Bitterly cynical in her worldview despite her kind nature, she views herself as a realist, understanding that people can be wicked, selfish, and cruel if it means bettering themselves, and expecting nothing more or less of them.

    Will be revealed during the roleplay

  4. Accepted :)
  5. Oh this looks very interesting! I will throw up a cs tonight! I just hope that my posting ability will be up to scratch to adepts. o_o
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  6. Joining this for sure! Will make a CS later!
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  7. Name: Wilmer Corbin

    Age: 28
    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Wilmer stands at 5'11", with a fit build. He is always dressed in a suit, colors are a variation. His hair color is sandy brown, and his hair is wavy the longer it gets. He currently has grown hair on his chin and down the bottom of his chin. His eye's are a dull blue, almost grey in color.

    Personality: Wilmer is a kind man, always looking out for others and thinking about what he can do to help anyone out. One could even say that he is loyal, to his friends. To strangers he is warm and welcoming, willing to learn about them, unless they are rude to him in the beginning. He can close himself like a book and keep people out of his life if he so chooses to do so.

    Background: Wilmer was born to a middle class family, his childhood growing up was rather plain and boring. He was pushed through school, he was taught about business and how he could succeed in life. (Will RP more detail).

    After his Father passed away, he took over his Fathers business. The business is a Firearm store, selling common firearms. Nothing big, some were expensive.

    Weapon: Double Barrel Stagecoach shotgun
  8. [Name]
    Abigail "Abby" Roberts
    Abigail is a very reserved girl. She lives under a very sheltered home, therefore knows little about social interaction. She is, however, cold and merciless. She can be rude and unkind. Born into a rich family, Abigail has little remorse for those under her, and often is a snotty brat torwards others.
    Abigail was born into a high class family, living in the richer part of the town. However, she is sheltered and hardly allowed to communicate outside of her own household. Due to this, she has grown up without having friends or knowing any other of her kin. Her personality effects her will to even rebel, always following the rules. Her life is cushy and warm, leaving her comfortable and at ease with her life.
  9. looks like I'm gonna join, and make a male. It'll be in the works soon and I"ll edit CS into this post.

    I'm tailing it D:
    Sorry @Charlie
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  10. Name: River Cox
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Street fighting/fencing
    Personality: River stays back and watches his opponent before striking with haste, but when he is defeated River is honorable about it and quickly gives up any money lost before disappearing.
    Background: (Optional, you can roleplay this instead.)
    Weapon: Eppe (One of three fencing swords)​
  11. Name: Prosper Trudeau

    Age: 23

    Race: Hunter

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Works at Persephone's bar as a bartender. (Seemed appropriate)

    Appearance: He is a fairly tall and lanky man, standing at 5' 10" and weighing about 130 pounds. He is lean and well toned, but not particularly bulky. He has curly black hair that lays in big heaps on the top of his head. His dark brown eyes sit in a long and slender face with a pointed chin. He is usually wearing a slight smile. Not being a very rich man, he usually wears an assortment of simple, and well worn, vests and trousers.

    Personality: A caring and loving man, Prosper is a treat to all those he meets. He smiles, laughs, and jokes. He is a conversationalist, and is good at reading people. He is also a fiercely passionate and loyal man, standing by those he cares about firmly, and harshly.

    Background: BAM! Ima throw a Frenchy in this thing!

    Weapon: Two 1837 model .36 caliber Colt Paterson revolvers, and a 30 inch Bowie knife from the Americas.
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  12. Try to be a little more era-esque with your weapon.

  13. Guys the IC is already posted up - so post away. I don't believe in posting "turns" I believe in post when you need to say something... I need to add some info about the body-jumpers too for the hunters that I told a player in PM, so I will edit this post an alert you guys when that happens.. Keep your eyes out!
  14. Alright. I'll stark working on a post.

    Ayla, if you want an exotic looking blade that is also a proven and effective design, try looking at a falcata (Also known as Kopis). It isn't from the era in question, but you could have had one made. Pretty wicked blades. They cut and chop like no other.

    Kopis (open)
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  15. Oh, can we say that Persephone and Prosper know about each other's side activities? It would make sense. They sort of work and operate together, and she has offered him an official profession to help him in his endeavors.
  16. Of course, they're both hunters. They would know.
  17. Alright. After that, let's just say they haven't met other than pretty base introductions.
  18. Opps. Should have mentioned im using only the sword, not the chain-link design.
  19. Oh, Prosper is out there and ready for you lot to go and interact with and whatnot.
  20. Alrighty, it's a bit fancy for 19th century though xD nevermind - go ahead. Accepted.
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