A Twisted Carnival

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  1. Name: Sparks ??? (Has no knowledge or recollection of a last name)
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Blessed, or perhaps cursed depending on one's opinion, Sparks is quite the unique looking woman with dark, mocha colored skin patterned with disappearing/reappearing lightning marks, electrifying blue eyes, and an interesting blend of blue and pink tresses for hair that she keeps in a neat braid over her shoulder. She stands at 5'5", not very tall at all, with a lovely, slender figure that houses a powerful ability: electricity.

    She should have known that something was a little off quilter with this place when the once wide expanse of azure sky that spread it's brightness over a sea of green trees suddenly gave way to oppressive grey clouds to match the depressing slump of the barren branches scorched by a fire long since put out. She had given it little thought at the time, but now...now she couldn't stop berating herself for ignoring her own guy feeling. The place she suddenly found herself in, after walking for God knows how long, looked anything but pleasantly welcoming. With a big sign over the entrance displaying the words 'Twisted Carnival', the property stretched wide before her had all the makings of an actual carnival...with a dark, demented undertone that took possession of everything. The Big Top was black and white, the carnies dressed in tattered, worn, and dirty costumes as they themselves seemed to lumber around aimlessly, the clowns looked fierce...crazy, and the games, along with the prizes, were strange and unusual. Whack A Mole...used real moles...and they looked far beyond the reach of life by the time she got there.

    Sparks, her brows furrowed in confusion and growing alertness, pulled the hood of her black jacket over her blue and pink hair so as not to draw too much attention to herself, instead trying to blend in with her gray jeans and black knee-high boots. Despite the fact that there was a crowd of people there, most of them seeming to be completely oblivious to the strange aura of the carnival, she wasn't going to take any chances with becoming their new attraction as a lightning rod. Lost in her own thoughts, the young woman wasn't prepared for the impact she took when a rather large clown with unruly red hair and smeared make-up shoved past her, sending her to the ground flat on her butt.

    "Ow!...Hey, watch it!" she shouted after him, her hood falling off her head.

    "Gaaaarrrrrgghhh!!" the clown retorted with a loud, deep shout back at her, strings of saliva flying from his lips and spattering her face.

    "Um...okay, gross?" she said as she used her sleeve to wipe the moister from her cheeks, glaring at the clown as he stomped away, "Jerk! What kind of carnival is this, anyway?"
  2. "A grand one, if I do say so myself!" chuckled a sing-song voice from behind. He was dressed in a red two-tailed jacket, dark trousers and a crisp, white undershirt with a tall, silk black hat. The 'Ringmaster', he was called, but he looked rather young one for that. Most people had the impression that Circus owners were old, with long mustaches and stout bellies, but Ringmaster Adam was different. He was lean with pale skin and had a crop of glossy, pale hair with eyes as bright as a bird's. Adam was probably even younger than this woman. He had been keeping a close eye on her for a while now - though to be fair he liked to watch people who liked to hide themselves under their hoods most of the time. The secrets they held, the curses they keep - possible fresh meat for his family to play with.

    Now what did she had to hide? Since he was here now, he'd like to find out.

    He extended a hand towards Sparks, offering to help her back on her feet. "Ringmaster Adam, at your service," he introduced himself with a smile that dripped with sly. "Please do pardon the clowns - they're rather sensitive when they're hungry."
  3. Every bell and alarm was going off in her head, Sparks staring up at the young face of Ringmaster Adam before averting her eyes to his outstretched hand. Even in a normal circus, she was wary of the Ringmaster because of his power and hold and overall knowledge of the colorful world of the circus. But to meet the Ringmaster of a place called Twisted Carnival...nothing good could possibly come from it...right? Bypassing his outstretched hand, Sparks pushed herself up onto her own feet, dusting the dirt from the seats of her pants once she was standing. Lifting electrifying blue eyes to the male before her, the young woman slipped her hands into the pockets of her jacket and nodded at him.

    "Nice to meet you...Ringmaster," she greeted him, making sure to stay aware of her surroundings, "They call me Sparks...so I guess you can, too. Ack!! Are you serious!?"

    Sparks turned an irritated look to her left as yet another clown shoved past her, bumping her back and almost making her fly into the Ringmaster's arms. Luckily, she caught herself and glared down her attacker, the air around her starting to crackle with static and her eyes started to glow a little brighter. Realizing that she was beginning to lose control, she closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. After counting to ten a few times, she opened her eyes once more and turned to Ringmaster Adam with a withering glare.

    "Can't you do something about them? I'm pretty sure their rudeness is driving away business..."
  4. Seeing the girl push herself up, he retracted his hand back to his side. He wasn't crestfallen as she probably thought he was, in fact, her actions gave him plenty of information already. This girl was hiding something, and Adam really want to find about it now - even if he'll have to burn his petite nose in the process.

    He stifled a gleeful grin as he watched the girl lose her temper over one of his clowns once more. Or was it because he had the opportunity to examine his new prey up close in his arms? Adam had trained his sharp, pink eyes in this sort of thing - otherwise how would he be able to pick up newcomers to join his big, happy family? He stopped himself from the temptation of raising his golden brows with curiosity, no, that would give him away. "Sparks, yes? Charming name," Adam complemented her, as she stood back up on her own again. He gave the passing clown with two or three good shoulder pats before the lumbering brute walked away. "They're a lot more polite after dinner, I could promise you that,"

    "How about this, Miss Sparks," Adam dipped his chin slightly, keeping his eyes on contact with Spark's yellow ones. "I can't have guests who aren't happy about their visit here in my circus, so here's my offer for you; A free package of front seats and VIP treatment for tonight's show?" He outstretched his arms to give some welcoming body language. "As an apology for my clown's rudeness." Then Adam dug into his breast pockets, producing a white rose and handed it to her. "Won't you accept? It's the least I could do."
  5. "Get me outta' here!" Niro rattled the black, rusted bars of the cage he was imprisoned in, kicking and cursing until one of Adam's butt-ugly carnies came and rattled the cage itself.

    "Grargh! Aaagh! " The Carnie snarled as it shook Niro ferociously into the sharp edges of the cage, adding onto the cuts and bruises that covered his arms.

    The carnie let out a final growl and batted the cage before lumbering out the freezing and dilapidated room of empty cages and free hanging hooks that seemed to descend from the perpetual darkness above him. Upon the carnie's departure, the foul stench of blood and bile once again filled the already stagnant air.

    It had been almost a good three weeks since that pink-eyed devil had Coaxed Niro into this Carnival of death and misery; trapping him in this supernatural cage that rendered his Powers useless.
    Adam was a sinister being with ill intentions, that he knew for sure, but, what exactly?

    "Once I get my hands on you.."
    He lifted the collar of his shirt and covered the lower part of his face to prevent him from gagging on the smell.

  6. There was a sudden, sharp increase in frequency near Sparks' ear, the girl picking up on the alarmed and distressed undertone of someone shouting in anger and slight desperation. Discreetly, she cast her eyes to the side, her blue orbs catching sight of the big top, a collection of cages becoming visible from the clowns that were constantly exiting and entering the tent.

    'Is that where the shout came from?' she thought to herself, turning back to the Ringmaster and the white rose he held in front of her, '...What's he got back there? It sounded like a male if I can read the pitch of the frequency right.'

    She stood there for a moment, hoping Adam didn't pick up on the frequency, which he probably didn't since it was on an electrical wave that only she could hear. That sound and the shifty aura around Adam made her all the more wary of him and his abilities, even his 'good' intentions appeared dark and suspicious. That knowledge alone, plus her guy feeling, told her that she had to be wise in her decisions and the way she interacted with him. At least long enough to assess his person. With that last thought, she forced a half grin and accepted the white rose, her fingers lightly brushing Adam's and sending a little, none-too-easily ignored shock through his hand.

    "Thanks. I...think I'll take you up on that offer. How bad could it be? Hehe..."
  7. 'Pink-eyed Devil', a name that was fitting for the Ringmaster. Like the Devil, Adam wanted people to know that he was the good guy and that they can have fun; loosen up, have a ball, take the easy way in the life. Life is too short for worries! However, like the Devil, he ensnares those who have put their guard down, until they're entangled in his web of hell where he will slowly devour them one by one. Adam wouldn't mind taking up that nickname if he heard Niro's little whines. However how she tried to hide it, Adam watched Spark's gaze lie in the tent where he kept most of his new family members. The tent was guarded by two more hulking clowns, but they wore a monochrome costume and were silent and more disciplined than the colorful ones. Adam sent a wink at Spark's way when she looked back at him to take the rose, then flashed a grin that showed a row of pearly white teeth. Was it because he shivered under the ladie's soft, delicate touch? No, he had found out her secret.

    "Marvelous!" Adam gleamed at her words, however unsure they were. He clapped his hands together twice, and another clown came buy with a straight, red cane in hand with white stripes at the tips. He gave Adam that with drool dripping from her maw, as well as a pair of glittery, white silk gloves. "Very good, Bruce," he praised the fellow. "Or was it Frank? Frank, be a dear and have this lady seated in the front rows." He waved his hand at Spark and the Clown turned to look at her.

    The moment it laid eyes on the white rose that Spark held, his lipid black eyes grew with fear and respect. Like an intimidating dog that had his tail tucked behind him, he ushered Sparks to follow him towards where the show will be taking place.

    "Just follow Frank here," Adam assured the woman with another unsettling smile, his pink eyes twinkled with feigned innocence. He pulled up the gloves, covering his pale skin, stretching and curling his fingers to help make the fit as snug as possible. "Frank here will make sure that no one will try to push you around again. Right, Frank?" Adam looked up at the clown which was two times taller than him, and his lackey nodded blankly in return. Adam nodded back in approval and patted his elbows. "Yes, see? Frank is such a sweet heart."

    After this, he'd have to pay a visit to Niro and his other family members. The show was about to start and he had to make sure that they don't ruin everyone's fun tonight. Who would want a bunch of party poopers to ruin the carnival? Adam twiddled with his cane playfully as he waited for Frank to lead Sparks away. The answer is 'nobody'.
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  8. Any further attempt at escape was useless. As long as he was trapped in this cage, Niro's mighty weapon couldn't emerge, thus he couldn't gouge out Adam's eyes for his own sick reward. Revenge? Maybe.. Mostly it was to see the sheer terror in Adam's face as Niro made minced meat out of his limbs. The mere idea carved a sinister smirk across his battered face, causing his candy apple red eyes to flicker for a quick second.

    "I came here for a goldfish and cotten candy. Honestly, what the hell?!" Niro groaned and dropped his head into his lap, the cool embrace from his jeans somewhat relieving the pain in his face.

    Niro picked his head up once more and scanned the room; what was once filled with others who fell victom to the pink eyed devil's lies, was now empty and barren. Cages of balling children and hysterical mothers, were now replaced with the eerie sound of silence. Why him? Why had he not been taken away before?

    Niro was loud mouthed as he was fierce. Everyday Adam made his rounds to 'visit the family', as he would say, he was met with a spat to the face and a relentless storm of curse words and awful remarks about his mother. It always ended the same though: Adam would summons his carnies to beat the living shit out of Niro by strapping him with locks of the same mystical power and hanging him from the wall.

    He should have been taken away in the first couple of days, but, Adam always had him beaten, never sent with the rest. Niro glared down at his feet and pondered Adam's real motive.
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  9. Sparks looked between the brute named Frank and Ringmaster Adam before gazing down at the white rose in her hand; something so delicate and lovely was enough to make the clown cringe back in fright. What evil meaning did the Ringmaster give it, then? With no more time to ponder it, for fear that the man could read her thoughts, she followed the clown into the Big Top, looking back once at Adam and then glancing over to the cages. An eery feeling was starting to overtake her, but she hid it well and pulled the good over her head again as they disappeared into the tent.

    There, the electrified woman with a few secrets to hide found the usual set up: row after row of seats surrounding the center ring, crowds of people chatting away excitedly, seemingly unaware of the sinister feel that filled the air, the horrendous looking clowns lumbering by and 'entertaining' the paying customers. Frank nudged her back, startling her and making her flinch away before she followed his direction and walking towards the open front seats. He all but shoved her into one, making her glare at him irritably while he snarled and then retreated, his job complete. She fixed her jacket with a huff and settled into the seat, her eyes glowing blue warning lot before they dimmed to their normal light again. What kind of show did Adam have planned for the audience? And what was it that she heard coming from the back of the tents? She was feeling antsy, itching to have her questions answered.
  10. Adam gave a little 'farewell' wave with his dainty fingers, all the while happily smiling until Miss Sparks was out of sight. Once she was gone, he went on his way toward the blue tent that was ways away from the carnival, his cane clacking on the tiled streets as he walked. The Mimes gave way for their boss as he entered through the drapes, before blocking the entrance once more. The smell of rust and blood filled the young man's nostrils as he took a deep breath inside the tent, before exclaiming, "Honeyyy, I'm hooome!" Adam's upbeat voice contradicted everything in this disturbing room, that it could make people cringe. It's almost as if he didn't notice that the whole place looked like a torture room. A few carnies had backed away to the other side of the tent, huddling together the moment the Ringmaster entered.

    "Niro, Niro, Niro!" Adam sang, hardly containing his giggles. He pranced towards Niro's cage, just almost too close for comfort. "Tonight is the night where you can shine! Aren't you excited?" His pink eyes flashed at the man behind the bars, full of hidden malice. Niro was one of those 'special' people who made a perfect fit for his little family. The moment Adam knew about what he was, he wouldn't stop trailing after him until he was safely tucked in his collection. Adam snapped his fingers, until one of the carnies came forward to present him a large, heavy collar with studs around the side. "Here," the Ringmaster threw the collar through the bars and towards Niro's feet. "Dress up! We must look presentable now for the show, yes? Hurry so I can get you out of your cage!" Adam clapped his hands together gaily as he watched expectantly for Niro to wear the collar.

    - - -

    Back at the tent, a tall and slender Mime was walking around with a cart of peanuts. He would keep walking until someone called him to serve them a bag of steaming, hot, roasted peanuts. He passed by Sparks before gazing down at her to check if she wanted to have some.
  11. "Shut your pathetic mouth before I rip it off! Niro growled with restraint as he glared at Adam, never breaking his gaze as he picked up the collar and clenched hard, denting some of the studs.

    ofcourse it was another one of Adam's special little toys, otherwise it would have easily crumbled in between his fingers. Plus, Niro had to send a message to this sick freak that he still had some fight left in him. He fastened the collar around his neck, still holding his gaze with Adam. This was his only chance to finally get out of this death trap and show Adam some well deserved attention.

    "What are you waiting for? A smile? Get. Me. Out!" He growled as he neared Adam, awaiting his release, his eyes now flickering with a much brighter red.
  12. All Adam could do was break into a light-hearted laughter as Niro threw threats and witty remarks at him. "Oh Niro," he sighed, resting the back of his silvery gloved hand on his forehead while using the other hand to fan himself. "You know your words always make me swoon, but let's save it for another day." Suddenly, the collar around Niro's neck warped and stretched into morbid proportions, forming a long leash which sprouted from the side. Once that was done, Adam unlocked the cage and opened it with one whole swing before quickly grabbing the end of the leash in his hands.

    "Now, no funny ideas," He warned, as if Niro was a little child who was about to run off for recess. "Otherwise, you get a 'croakie'." To explain what a 'croakie' was, the collar suddenly tightened around his pet's throat. It held it's deathgrip for several seconds before letting go again, enough to let Niro get the idea. The leash had other powers as well - it had the exact same magic as the whole tent did, only it wasn't as potent. Meaning Niro could unleash whatever power he had on him, but it wouldn't reach it's maximum power. Just enough to give some entertainment for their audience. If Niro ever tried to harm the Ringmaster while wearing it, or even just thinking about slashing at Adam, the collar would punish him with a nice, tight hug around the neck. Noting the time, Adam gave the leash a few tugs. "Come along, little Niro!" he cooed as he skipped out to the back of the tent, which should bring them to a path which would lead them to the Big Tent. "It's show time!"

    Outside, there was a short melody to signal an announcement. "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! The Twisted Carnival Night Show is about to start in ten minutes."
  13. wolf had a keen interest in this circus. he had heard many rumors of this hell hole. he watched some of the people enter that never came out. " this place should never exist but with my power i dont stand a chance against that man." he was walking around the tent when he stepped on a trigger . " oh crap i cant bring my foot up."
  14. Two huge, hulking mimes came around and grabbed Wolf by the arms and handcuffed him. They were bigger and muscular in size, and dragged him towards a tent where they kept intruders who didn't pay for their ticket. Adam had no time to deal with petty burglars like Wolf, no, the Ringmaster was far too busy appointing people for events and giving orders around to his followers and tending to his family. No, instead, they meet Adam's right-hand man.

    "What do we have here?" a raspy voice sounded in the dark tent as the two Mimes hurled Wolf into the striped green tent. Inside was pitch black, so dark that one couldn't find the entrance anymore or the shadows that moved outside the tent. Riley himself conjured this spell with Adam's help. "Intruder? State your business here, boy." The voice spat at Wolf. "Otherwise I have a good mind to use you as lion chow."
  15. "how about i turn you into lion chow." wolf had a unique ability he could transform into any animal on will. he tried partialy transformed and felt a sudden shock from the hand cuffs. "grrrrr what the. the hand cuffs are like a shock collar.
  16. Wolf made a very bad move, the worse possible thing he could do in a Carnival that harvests and locks up 'special' people they find - was showing that he was 'special' too.

    "Oh!" The raspy voice perked up, and a 'clicking' sound could be heard before a small lamp in the middle of the room lighted up. The light was dim, only casting it's light on the table it sat on and the people who would sit near it. There was one person who sat near the table, and that was Riley. Riley had the appearance of a tall man who had just turned 18, but there was something off about him. His entire body was covered in green scales from head to toe, his eyes had a yellow color with slits for pupils. Small, sharp fangs can be seen peeping out his lips. His hair was a pale white, and he was slouched over the desk with his elbows resting on the table while cupping his cheeks. It seemed like he was bored earlier, but Wolf's attempt to transform had interested him.

    "So you're a freak too, huh?" Riley asked, interested in Wolf. "Why don't you stay with us then? You'd fit right in. Adam would be happy if you joined, you'd become family." His tone was not as sickeningly sweet as Adam's, but more laid-back and monotone.
  17. wolf was fighting against the cuffs as hard as he could."i may be a freak but this place is a hell hole. ive many ppl walk in here and never return and with the sense i have i can smell the blood and death in this place." wolf tried another transformation but immediately felt the shock of the cuffs." i would rather meet this adam guy face to faceand have him tell me this, then to hear it from his lap dog."
  18. Back in the Big Top, Sparks was busy trying to deny the mime that was in her face, practically trying to shove hot, roasted peanuts down her throat, without giving herself away in the terms of powers.

    "I said I didn't want any!" She hissed at him, moving back when he pushed a bag closer to her face, "Back off, Stripes, or I'll make you a roasted nut!"

    For a moment, Sparks allowed her power to deep through, her eyes glowing a neon blue as small tendrils of electricity floated around her body. The mime finally backed off, allowing the girl to return to her normal, stagnant self, settling back against the seat and pulling her hood down lower over her head. She brooded only for a minute before glancing to her right, feeling herself startle when she caught sight of a young child, a creepy little girl, just staring at her...without blinking. Sparks shifted uncomfortably and leaned away from the child, startling again when the lights suddenly went low and the announcer proclaimed the start of the show.

    "This...is going to be interesting," she whispered to herself.
  19. wolf is trying to break free of his cuffs "these things are troublesome" he tried another transformation and got zapped by the cuffs. he let out a roar of a lion hopping someone would hear him. "i will kill all of you" he shouted as the announcer
  20. Niro cursed and coughed as he unwillingly followed Adam to the "show". The closer they got, the more his powers came to surface. His eyes soon became a hellish bright red; skin singeing away to an eerie raven black, his facial features becoming more sharp and defined, lips singeing away as well, replaced with sharp steel like teeth. His dark brown hair exploding into crimson fire, ears contorted into elongated acute angles. His body now towering and muscular, bone protruding from his elbows and shoulders. This was Niro's true form, not to full anyone with his new look, he was not invincible.

    " 'This what you wanted kiddo, your death wish?"niro stated in a calm yet menacing tone while extending his right arm, tendrils spurting out, forming into a sinister looking scythe.

    The malicious demon smirked as he gave his weapon a quick and deadly swirl before hanging it over his shoulder. "Now get out of my way!" Niro growled at Adam as they reached the back entrance of the tent that quickly led to a riled up crowd.
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