A True Mate For Miec-Kal

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The search for the one true mate haunts every member of the Fantasy World. This is a romance-drama.


His name was Miec-Kal, though most just used the nickname "Mikey". He was a tall, thin wood-elf with platinum-blonde hair, and rather feline features. He was surrounded by people, but felt alone. Something within him cried out for companionship, but no one he'd seen as yet filled that longing.

He walked silently along the path at the edge of the Elven city of Doral, and listened to the birds chirp, and the wind sigh, and sighed himself. Loneliness... A disease of the heart that everyone sees... He shook his head and moved on.
The Elven City of Doral. Trees so large that homes and businesses could be built right in side them. Even the streets weren't really streets, just dirt or grass paths. Line with gorgeous gardens. Being one of the few cities where cultures from outside races could blend, there was an interesting mesh of elven architecture mixed with other influences of stone and wood.

Now what was a little scrappy human in patchwork clothes doing on the corner of a street in this very peculiar city? Strumming a lute and wondering exactly the same thing. Elves were so hoity-toity about art and music. The idea was that the denizens of this city were more wealthy than others, so she'd make some good coin. Instead she was getting snooty looks and wanting to crack a lute over pointy-eared heads.

So there she was playing, glaring at people when they walked by and didn't toss her any money. Which probably wasn't very good business habits, but she was HUNGRY and without making enough, she was gonna be sleeping outside the city having to forage weird mushrooms.

After awhile a very pretty blond elf was wandering by. The man looked so depressed, she didn't have the heart to glare at him. Instead, she changed the tune of her song. Sometimes a man needed a little inspiration!

"Don't cry tonight, my shining one. I look in to your eyes and see the setting sun! Give me just a tiny smile, and for you I'll sing a little while?" She even offered up a wide toothy grin.
The song impressed Mikey. He slightly grinned and said, "Well done, bard. You are good with the lute and song. I am Miec-Kal, called Mikey. I am sad because of loneliness. My heart desires a mate, but none in this city see me fit, because I am no battler. For that same reason, I've few friends. What would a beautiful human bardess want with an elven flautist?" He was, at best, unfamiliar with humans, so he knew little of nothing about their ways. This Bardess had spunk, and made him feel a bit better.
"Mikey the elf...?" An eyebrow rose in a dubious expression. That was unusual. But he still spoke like an elf, with big long dramatic confessions. Sometimes she wondered if they were all trying to live out an epic story.

She blinked, shaking her head to get rid of those thoughts. Offering an exaggerated bow (why not? she was in elf land!), she tucked her lute under her arm. "I'm Paige and you may call me... Paige. I thought to myself as you were passing, 'There is a man whose soul is crying out for someone to sing to his heart.' And what do you know, I was right?" Paige cast a sly grin.

"You know what you need? Someone who is clever and romantically mind. One that could help set the stage of love. ...of course... something like that is usually really expensive if it came from a profession. Buuuut, I know someone who would settle for a few coins here and there and maybe some cheese or wine..?" She was a genius! Sure, she didn't believe in love or romance anymore... but if a little match making came with some food, she could go for a temporary career change!
Embarrassed, Mikey grinned wider. "When I was young, my little sister could not pronounce 'Miec-Kal' correctly. I was five then, and the name has stuck since. But as to the food, I can do better. Come to my house, and I shall feed you, for I have plenty. And cooking is rather entertaining for me." He led Paige to a house set about ten feet off of the ground, and made into the trunk of a great oak. Stairs embedded into the oak, led to a wide covered platform, that extended about fifteen feet in either direction from the arched door. He opened the door and led her inside, where a large gray cat sidled up and rubbed against her leg. "That is Nira, my only remaining family, and my pet."
Paige was more than happy to follow Mikey off to his treehouse for a good meal. She had already spent a few years under a curse, there was very little she was afraid of now.

And then, of course, she was reminded of what she was afraid of the moment they were inside and a plump grey cat was weaving it's way around her legs. She was instantly stiff, trying to step -around- the cat, only for it to cuddle up at her again.

"Haaa, niiiice kitty. Cuuuute kitty." No need to panic. It's not like the cat was big enough to eat her. Old fears were so hard to get over. "...so uh, what's for dinner?" Hopefully not herself.
Olivia had a very lucrative day, selling what she had found in other towns recently, the Elves were actually interested in some of the human objects she had brought with her, and she had even acquired some Elven baubles to sell on her own. She adjusted the pack at her side, making sure to keep her long daggers tucked neatly away, no need to cause any undue fights.

As she walked along a wooden bridge between trees she noticed a rather handsome looking elf talking to a fellow human. She raised an eyebrow lightly and quickly descended the nearest staircase and approached them, walking slowly around the elf's backside. "Why, fancy that, what a lovely elf you are, I haven't seen many quite so handsome as you..." She cooed softly, smiling to the bard, or at least that's what Olivia assumed what the woman playing with the cat was, considering the instrument.

"Ah, my manners must have been lost, my name is Olivia Ashcroft, it is truly an honor to meet you." She curtsied and smiled warmly.
Mikey politely introduced himself, bid Olivia good day, and entered his house, following Paige, closed the door behind him and proceeded to put together lunch, which consisted of a soup, bread, cheese, and a flagon of red wine. The cat ate some river-fish caught for her. Mikey, having seen the flinching of the bardess, knew a story was there, and he was a sucker for stories. "Cats do not make you comfortable, am I right?" In his mind, something about the woman named Olivia was not the most comforting thing in the world. Elves simply did not make their desires that known.
Paige didn't say much until lunch was sitting in front of her and that cat was eating something human-free. Ever so often she'd give the cat a wary look, but with food smelling so divine, it was easy to forget it was lurking around. She popped a piece of cheese in her mouth and heaved a heavy sigh. Food! What a delight!

"You could say they make me a little uneasy, yeah." Taking some of the bread to pull in to pieces and dip in the soup, she thumbed a finger towards the door. "I see you got a problem with women. Normally when someone compliments you you're supposed to say Thank you."
Olivia was shunned by the elf, in what came off as a rather rude gesture, she wasn't off to a very good start. After all it was part of her job to get people to like her, how else would they buy what she had?

She looked around for a moment finding a bench, to which she quickly walked over and sat down. And now how do I win my way into his heart...the rest of the elves had been more willing to accept me, ah well, time for round two.

She got up from the bench and walked over to the door, knocking loud enough to catch attention but soft enough not to seem violent. "Traveling merchant!" She cried out, hoping they wouldn't mind more intrustions.
Life was uneventful as of late, but never dull as he traveled alongside his loyal friend. Leohand strolled briskly through the lush forest, admiring the insects and flowers that made it all the more beautiful. His fiery hair contrasted with the scene so well, someone in the distance might wonder if something been set aflame. Leo displayed the beauty of his Elven mother that blended well with the masculinity of his human father.

The graceful being looked to the Centaur that walked by his side, slightly pointed ears hearing the hooves crunch the twigs and leaves on the ground.

"I haven't a clue where we're going, Aiden. I think we've wandered far from the territories I'm familiar with. Oops."

His voice was like a song and when he talked, there was never any worry or anger. In fact, someone in a modern human society might suspect he's on drugs. That simply wasn't the case, though. He swayed wherever he pleased and tried to show no negativity of any sort.

Not far from them, he could see something going on. A woman knocking on a door, stating she was a merchant? Friendly as he was, this needed to be avoided. Leo could never say no to someone that claimed they needed money, and this man had very little wealth.
"You never know where we're going, Leo," Aidan muttered in mild annoyance.

The tall, thin centaur's hooves clopped softly through the foliage, and the horse-man sighed loudly, loud enough to send birds high in the trees scrambling from the almost inhuman sound. Across his back were several spears, and an unstrung bow sat snugly inside a wrapped quiver of barbed arrows. The quiver was slung to his back with a heavy leather strap, covered in pouches; a bandoleer. Inside the bandoleer was all manner of tools, and poultices, and brews. Aidan was a hunter, and a warrior, first a foremost, but he had many other skills at his disposal. He found it somewhat degrading to wear saddle bags, but considering the sheer volume of tools and items he carried for all of his many trades, he felt the utility outweighed the minor embarrassment.

Fingering the piece of bone hanging from the leather thong hanging around his neck, Aidan lolled his head in a wide circle. He took in the sunlight, and then the sounds, and then looked at the dirt before seeing Leo, and then staring off ahead of them both. He was bored with this wandering to clandestinely, and Leo had been short for conversation recently. He was a beautiful man, yes, but sometimes, Aidan thought he might be too beautiful, that his personality might be lacking somewhat.

Of course, this was just idle mean-thoughts, but still. Aidan couldn't help but berate the half-elf man, even in his head.

"Huh, looks like there's some commotion ahead, Leo!" Aidan said with mock excitement. "Shall I trot ahead with the speed born of my people, and scout out events for you, and report back with lightning fast speed?! Oh, wait, she's kind of attractive..."
Mikey looked out his window for a moment considering Paige's words. His eyes caught a glimpse of some movement to the east. Centaur? They were rare enough, and none had ever been to Doral in his lifetime. But what really caught his eye was the red-headed half-elf that walked easily beside the centaur. Oh My... His jaw dropped. Too many beautiful people...
Lost in eating the best food that she's had in a long time, she forgot entirely that they were supposed to be having a conversation. The entire contents of her bowl was gone by the time banging on the door made her realize that she and the elf weren't talking. She almost thought she missed his reply, but he seemed to be staring out the window like he was completely entranced.

Elves are so weird.

"...You know what, let me just get the door." Paige wasn't sure if he heard her or not. She rose from her chair and crossed the room. Then swinging the door open.

There was that woman. The one he completely blew off. Persistent wench, wasn't she! "Well, hello again. No a penny on me, though, so you might want to go screaming like a banshee on someone else's door."
Olivia sighed, it was only the woman, that wasn't entertaining, but that lute she had looked awfully expensive, but her purse looked low in coins. Olivia just took a chance, quickly snatching the lute from the woman and a quick bow.

"Thank you for your wonderful donation, I'm sure this will bring me a decent amount of money." She quickly turned on her heel and charged away from the door, strumming the lute and singing loudly, and badly, "I am the best merchant in the world~ My wares are second to nooooooooooooooooone~ Nobody will ever catch Oliviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Haaaaaaaaaaaaaave a goooooooooooooood daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~"
Leo disliked that he couldn't provide the excitement Aiden needed to be happy. He gave the Centaur a ginger pat on the shoulder while looking ahead, his laughter singing in the forest as he watched Olivia skip away, singing and playing a lute quite awfully.

"Now there's something we don't see everyday."

When he took his hand from his friend's shoulder, he crossed his arms and gave this situation some thought before advancing. Or... That's what it looked like. In all honesty, he was daydreaming with a deep thinking expression on his face. When he snapped out of it, he finally spoke,

"Let's investigate, Aiden. Maybe we can be of service! One way or the other, it puts a little more excitement into our boring lives. We haven't had contact with anyone else in a long time, after all."
"Aye, let's see what's going on," Aidan responded, surprisingly, without a hint of sarcasm. There were two women, he noted. One skipping away with a lute snatched from the others hands. He wasn't sure if this was straight theft, or some kind of joke among friends. It would be folly to act on either assumption, and all he and Leo could do would be to approach and ask.

They also might be able to get a free meal, considering proper etiquette would require the owner's of the home to at least greet them and invite them in if they were cordial enough.

"I tell you now, however," Aidan continued. "I'm not letting you ride me this time." Before Leo could respond, Aidan waved an arm, and yelled in his powerful voice: "'HO THERE!"
Eilir, Eilir, what have you gotten yourself into this time? The young elf girl thought to herself. Eilir was by no means, perhaps, what one would consider a typical elf looks wise. She seemed quite plain for the elegant, sophisticated, and gorgeous race she was supposedly descended from. Dull dark hair, the typical fair complexion, and curious dark eyes followed the world around her. In many aspects she'd always been quite plain and misplaced in the elven world. That was okay, though, she'd always had her beautiful brother to look up to. Well...for a time.

She'd long ago lost track of how long it had been since she'd seen her brother. She was the last of the direct family left, but she'd heard news of someone fitting her brother's description in the area. Thus, here she was after many long days of traveling coming toward his current abode. Or assumed abode. It seemed the area was crawling with beautiful faces and cheerful hearts. It rather amused the estranged elf girl. Pulling her thin travel cloak around her shoulders, and keeping her hood up to cover her face. Was this some sort of meeting? It seemed everyone was going there. But then she saw his face, in the window. Mikey! A smile lit her face.

Throwing her hood back she ran forward a bit and waved, ignoring the people around her vying for the mans attention, "Mikey!!" She shouted excitedly. She certainly wasn't the typical prim and proper elf, that was for sure.
The scream of his oft-used nickname drew his attention to a running elven teen, he instantly recognized as his sister, the one he thought was dead. Eilir? He was suddenly wrested from his trance and sped out of the door, down the stairs, and to the small elf-girl. "SISTER!" He embraced her hard and asked, "How is this possible? I was told you had died!"

He still had the image of the red-head and the image of the Merchant-girl in his mind, but this was more important at the moment. He asked her, "Where have you been? I have missed you, sister."
Paige was still standing in the way, looking shocked, dumbfounded, confused and then finally tremendously enraged. That loud-mouthed wench just stole her LUTE. She did things to get that lute! It was her livelihood! The one thing that kept her fed!

Despite having someone shout out asking what was wrong AND having Mikey exclaiming excited towards his sister, Paige was completely focused on her lute.

"Thief! WENCH! I'm going to kill you! Somebody catch her!"