A Tortured Eternity

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  1. A long lost memory faded out of veiw as the moon slowly rose into the sky. Waking up from yet another day of much needed rest tourtured me with another day living (If you would call this living)...

    My name is Karmen Desanti. I am a tall, and slender vampire, unlike some of my portly brothers and sisters. My raven hair flowed gently over my silver eyes and down past my shoulders, also unlike the rest of my blonde coven. I have been roaming in the shadows for centuries, but am still the most beautiful female in the coven, which means food is not hard to come by.

    I was turned when I was 20 years old by the master. He taught me how to stalk my prey, silently kill, and never leave a drop behind. I know all too well what can happen if a incedent like that occurs....
  2. Rusti sat on the side of a building eating fries from a nearby McDonalds. He hadn't eaten in days, but he still had to stay healthy. His job was something he had to keep a healthy body for. He threw them off the edge and dived off the side of a building. As he dived he stuck his right hand off and grabbed a flag pole that was hanging off the side of that building and flung himself back up into the air. He flipped around and landed feet first running quickly on the building tops, leaping building to building softly and gracefully. His guns rattling softly on his sides. Rusti was an assassin. A genetically engineered assassin. Built to not just be an amazing human assassin, but also an amazing vampire hunter. He skidded to a stop. He then took his sniper rifle from his back and immediately aimed straight for the person he was assigned to kill. He held his breath and shot him, right through the window of a taxi cab, that he was getting into. Yup. One of the former senators of Florida, who was so depressed about losing his job, and for that reason he became a drunk. The government couldn't have that image, especially, because of how now he was living in New York, strutting his drunken self around every night, doing nothing with his life. They had to keep a professional image and that senator wasn't helping. He stood up and waited for his next job sitting down on the side of that building watching the town.
  3. The sound of chains dragging on cement filled the cold night, it was able to see it'sown faint breath. All that was heard all night long was the sound of heavy foot steps, and more chains dragging. The breathing became heavier as the night drew on. A dark hooded man was limping through the streets, his name was unknown, as for he had been dead all these years, a curse that was placed upon him from a old vampire hunted him till this day. An undead man, a zombie roamed the streets, with the chains of hell bound to him. A gunshot was heard by him while he was walking in an ally way. It was his time to strike. Commanded by himself, the zombie jumped into the air, and in its 10 times human power punched its fist into a wall, and started to climb it at a fast pace. His chains dangling from he side of the dark wall. He spots the target he had been stalking, a hunter that has been killing vampires. The zombie did not care who it was, but to prove his strerth to the vampires he felt the need to kill him, and maybe he would be put to rest and go to his afterlife. The curse on him kept him restless and alive to feel his dead pain everyday, the sun bunt him, and people ran from him. His hood flew back as he ran up this building, making long claw marks on the siding. He grunted loudly as he jumped up and landed in front of the man sitting on the building top. He grunted in a dead tone.

    "You have been causing trouble"

    The zombies face was reveled. as he spoke, and he looked human but his face was darker, and half his face was poorly stitched together. Hi mouth was a bit off center, but other than that, he looked mostly alive. Though, his chains still marked him as dead.
  4. I was just a fledgling when I saw him take off skillfully on the rooftops, more graceful than any human I had ever seen. With my senses intensified more than I had never felt before, and I could hear the beating of his heart, his rich smell filled my very being. Master had told me never to go hunting without him but this one was special, I had to follow. I was careful to stay in the shadows as i pursued the enticing man, watching him jump from roof top to roof top so very elegantly. After a short chase he stoped abruptly and I saw him take the precice shot. I grimaced as foul stench of alcoholic blood filled the air and covered the aroma of the mysterious man. Silently I continued to move closer to my prey, each step making him more and more irresistable. I noticed to array of weaponry he had, scaring me slightly, but he couldn't be any worse than the monster I had become. Soon, I was 20 feet behind him closing in on my temptation, my feast. Hearing his breath change pace I hid further into the shadows.

    Then I heard a voice, "You have been causing trouble"

    I had been to obsessed with my prey to sense the zombie comming for him as well.
  5. Rusti stayed completely still as the creature stood in front of him. "More like justice according to the government sir." he said while scratching his jaw. His fingers curled into fists, because he knew this monster was looking for a fight. Rusti stood up and looked at him, he was only inches away from his face. "What's it to ya anyway big guy?" he asked with a smirk.
  6. The zombie began hold out his arms and his dark heavy black leather coat dropped to the ground with a loud thud. This showing his whole broken body. It's body sown together with stitches, his skin was hard and crusted. He began to move my hands in front of him, and brushed back the thick silver hair still somehow on his head, and showing that my body was strong. He stood towering almost a foot or 2 higher than the other man, yet he was not even slightly intimidated. His dark blue jeans were the only thing keeping him covered, and he started to wave his dark leathery hands in front of him making a "this" motion.

    "You have been killing my masters. They enslaved me and turned me into this." he begun to say looking him in the eyes.

    He started to walk towards the man, as the chains that were locked around the zombies arms and legs rustled on the ground. He cracked his knuckles, and they snap loudly, as he pushed on them, wiggling his fingers to pop them back into place. His eyes start to glow a dark red, and his dead blood began pumped through him again. Almost like he was alive once again! He knew what was going on though, it was the blood of the ones the vampires filled him with. The false life he was given. His dead heart would only pump if a vampire was near. Kind of like a delayed fear that it had, since his first encounter with one killed him with a hart attack. So when the zombie's body feels the same fear, and knows a vampire is near, it goes into a frenzy pumping false blood of all types throughout the body. He began to spit up blood and eventually threw up dislocating his jaw. Upon snapping it into place again he looks around, and puts his dark jacket back on, but keept the hood down.

    "We are not alone" he says with a grin.
  7. Rusti chuckled. "Think I don't know that?" he said with a sarcastic tone. Rusti slowly turned around to the other creature, that happened to be a vampire. "You just gonna stay in the shadows...afraid?" he smiled a little. Hopefully she was the angry type. He wanted to get her angry. He popped his neck to each side. "Come on out! What are you waiting for?"
  8. As the man turned around, he did a foolish thing, putting his back to a zomibe. The zombie extended his arm and grabed one of his many deathly chains, and spun it into the air, and throw it at him, in attempt to wrap him up in it. He made a small grin as he threw it, but at the same time he jumped backwards off the side of the building and punched a hole in it and grabed , and hanging off the side as i pull the chain hoping he was caught in it, and would soon be dangling off with him. The zomibe chuckled as no human was faster than an undead.
  9. Rusti felt anger after he noticed the zombie tried to hurt him...bad choice. Rusti caught the chain and yanked him up back to the top of the building, only for the zombie's face to be met by a fist when he came up. However the vampire was still there and he had to worry about her too. He didn't want her sneaking up on him, so at the same time he pulled out a spyhecial gun that kills vampires on impact at her. He yanked the zombie back to the top of the building he was met by a roundhouse to the face. Now he waited to see how would make the next move, the zombie or the vampire, he knew he couldn't take them both.
  10. The zombie flew into a fist, and then a kick, but this had barley any effect on him, it only mad him smile.

    "You think you are stronger than me?" the zombie yelled with a maniacal face!

    The zombie grabs the hunters face, with one hand, and the other snapping his neck back into place.
  11. As Rusti's face was being held by a huge hand he struggled, then took out a grenade with a sticking solution on it, and threw it straight to his stomach. Then took out his machete and stabbed the zombie in the arm hoping that would do something. He left the blade inside of his arm then braced himself for the explosion, that would hopefully take out the zombie's stomach.
  12. A grenade was stuck to the zombie, what would normally b the end. He looks down and up to the man again, his only response was a snicker, then grew a large insane smile! He starts to tighten his grip on the mans head, and stick his other hand into himself self, and ripped out the grenade and what it was stuck to showing his insides. Then he pushed the man down, and ripped the machete from his arm, using it to cut off my hand the grenade was now stuck to, and he threw it off into the distance.

    "I can just find another" he smirked. He then drooped on top of the man and started to bleed on him, he lifted the machete "I see a nice one right now!"
  13. Some distance away, a girl caught the said severed hand, with grenade in tow. "Wha-..." Before the word was even finished the grenade exploded in her face, covering it in gore that wasn't even hers. It was all very sudden, see, very surprising. She sat down on the ground and hyperventilated for a little while, still clinging to the few stringy flesh pieces left of the hand. There was no damage to her face. Well, maybe there was... But she didn't seem to notice, or care. It wasn't like she hadn't tried detonating bombs to use on herself before. They didn't work, obviously. Nothing worked. And it was all her own fault, too.

    Calming down, Liesel stared at her bloodied fingers. Before everything blew up, the hand had seemed to come in that direction. Faintly, she heard the stressed out dialogue echoing from a distant rooftop. She might as well tell whoever the hand belonged to that it was no longer... Yeah. Picking herself up from the grass, her slight frame made a tall shadow on the resuming pavement as she approached the voices.

    "Hellooooo? Did anybody lose a haaaand?"
  14. In panic Rusti slipped under the zombie, ran up his back, then kicked him in the back of the head, letting the zombie's head fly off. By now Rusti knew he would just grab it and put it back on so he rand giving himself a head start by diving off the building, looking back and throwing many sticky grenades before hitting the top of a car. Rusti then slipped into the car and knocked the guy driver out with the heal of his boot. He then slipped the driver out of the car and drove off as quickly as possible.
  15. The zombie gets implanted into the ground, and also decapitated. He nods it off, still able to talk. As his body stands up he starts to say

    "Why, yes, i jsut lost my hand and my head, also, probably a few organs as well." His head still smiling as his body slowly picked it up, and snaped it back on, and he pulled out a thread from his jacket, and started sowing it back on.
  16. "Wouldn't want to lose your head, of all things..." Her lips twitched, almost a smile before she covered her mouth with a pale hand. How charming. She placed the glob of bloody flesh at his feet and shied away, like a frightened animal. It wasn't him, really, Liesel was simply afraid of most things. She began to wipe the excess blood off of her skin, only resulting in her spreading some strangers blood onto herself, and her realization of how awkward the whole situation was. She blushed with embarrassment, wishing her hand was large enough to cover her whole face and not only her mouth. "Anyways... Um... Do you need help? Or something?" Her voice shook a little, it had been a long time since she'd ever really talked to anything that could talk back.
  17. The zombie just finished re attaching his head, and he bent over and picked up the bloody mess of a hand.

    "Well, this isn't going to do much good" The zombie sighed "I don't normally need help, but you seem to be freighted a bit by me."

    He starts to mend his hand back on, part by part, sowing with his one free hand. He has done this for decades it wasn't hard at all. I then starts to patch up his inner self and once finished he starts to crack every bone in his body one by one. Then he put away the sowing stuff, and went back to talking.

    "Did you know that man?" the zombie asks, then back tracks a bit "And what are you?"
  18. "I-... I don't know. I see a lot of people..." That didn't necessarily mean that they'd seen her before. Leisel liked to stalk and get to know others from afar, not like this, not so close especially. She fiddled idly with long pale locks, looking up at the zombie-man through thick lashes. Evading questions was not one of her strong points. "How rude. You could've asked my name before getting so personal." Quickly, she again skittered even further away from him, afraid she might've made him angry. "I, um, I'm sorry. I don't really know what I am I guess." It was a lie, but she had to make up for her comment somehow.
  19. "Well, i am a zombie, if that wasn't clear as day." The zombie lifted his head, and saw that day would eventually come soon, and he needed to go back to safety. "as for personal questions, its not wise to waste my time." The zombie starts to walk back to the edge of the building, and look down, ready to jump.
  20. Perched on the rooftops sits a girl, watching this all go down with a smile of amusement on her face. These simpleton beings and their quarrels. she thought to herself. As she continues to watch she becomes interested but hangs back until a time presents itself for her to intervein.
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