A Timed Existence (modern tragedy)

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    Late afternoon/Early evening
    Starry Skies


    Working behind the front counter at Starry Skies wasn't a terribly boring job. A large majority of the university students in Merth thought Starry Skies to be one of the better coffee shops in the city, and the students, professors, and residents alike all frequented the shop to get their coffee fix. Of course, a large majority of the employees were students; students needed income, and Skies was certainly hiring, as popular as the quaint place was. It wasn't too far from the dorms, the campus, or from the residential area of the city, making it ideal for the university kids to work there.

    Charlie had managed to get a job there during her Sophomore year, and worked straight through the school year and into the summer, and then her Junior year at Merth U. She worked every shift imaginable, from the dead shift to the morning rush-hour. She never minded it, really. The sweet and bitter scents of coffee, the sugar of the few pastries offered, and the busy peace of the shop was something she quite liked. She was good with the customers, was quick with service, and always had a smile on her face that was easily maintained. She did enjoy her job.

    Tonight, she was working the evening shift, and had only arrived and slipped on her uniform when people began to flood in. Perhaps there was another gig tonight- coffeehouse gigs and performances weren't uncommon in Merth, particularly when bands would come and play or poetry groups would come and do readings. Sometimes, professors would give lectures about ethics or women's rights or things of the sort, just for fun. She'd even seen some teachers hold small classes there. The creative writing professors would occasionally hold conference meetings with their seniors on their final projects.

    Stepping into her place behind the counter, Charlize prepared herself for another night of mind-fogging work, already beginning to plan out her next chance to sneak one of the giant fudge cookies from under the glass dome out for a snack.


    Coffee, coffee, coffee... That's what I need.

    Bryn was running late, and it was only her second week working at Rhythm and Brews since she'd been hired. Her shift didn't start until eight, but she had some errands to run and had been up all night studying. She'd done little to conceal the dark spots under her eyes and her disheveled hair- all that could be cleaned up in order with some make up, a nice shower, and of course- a steaming hot coffee.

    When she rolled out of bed, tripping over piled books and scattered papers, it was one of the first things she had thought of. Bryn was a coffee addict, obsessed with all kinds and flavors- dark, mocha, latte, cappuccino- and got at least one daily fix, quite often at Skies, but sometimes at Holey O's, a local donut shop, or sometimes at Merth U's very own bakery and cafe. Honestly, their coffee wasn't always that great, but it would do when she was in a particular rush.

    Gripping her overflowing bag in one arm, and her cracked phone in the other, she bustled down the street, pushing and shoving against the crowd of people, receiving quite a few curses and angry retorts in response. She gave them no heed as she pushed on forwards towards the Skies, mind already whirring as she ran through the all-too familiar menu in her mind and picked out what she'd want to order.

    One of those sugary muffins, she thought to herself. Yes.


    (Feel free to bump into (literally or figuratively) either character, order a coffee (at the Skies, of course! :P), be part of the playing gig, or to intro your character in any other way you'd like!

    If you're having trouble thinking of an intro, message me or post in the OOC :) )
  2. Josephina had napped most of the day since the night before she had occupied herself with an exciting Back to the Future marathon. When she awoke, the digital clock on her cable box said it was almost time for the young blonde to head to work. She sighed rather noisily at this realization, but threw her legs over the edge of the couch anyway. There was no used denying the inevitable. Don't get her wrong, she loved her job at Starry Skies! She had been working there with an array of other college students since her Sophmore year and she absolutely adored the types of people that came in to order their favorite drinks. Unfortunately, her little marathon had pretty much drained all her energy for the next twenty-four hours so she didn't know how much help she would be when she arrived to work.

    Eventually, she got up off the couch long enough to take a shower, dress in her uniform, and stroll along Merth's organized sidewalks until she came to a halt outside Starry Skies. Her locks of dirty blonde had been put into a simple ponytail and her face had been untouched by the products of beauty that filled only a small drawer in her bathroom, but Josephina had made sure to spray a sprits or two of her favorite PINK perfume so nobody would figure out that she ran out of body wash a week ago. Oh, the wonderful life of a college kid.

    "Hey Charlize," she greeted her coworker with a natural smile, making her way behind the counter and into the back room so she could drop off her bags and pick up her official Starry Skies apron and badge. Once she looked decent enough to work, she came back out and switched places with another employee who was working the actual coffee making section. "How are the customers this fine evening?" Josephina was close enough to her co-worker to continue some light conversation, but of course she never interrupted the other girl when a customer came up to the register. For now, the little coffee shop was free of interruptions. Awaiting a run down of how Starry Skies was doing in general, Joe occupied herself with cleaning her station and organizing the many pumps of syrups that littered the counter.

    Down at The Spartan gym, Adamo was making his way out of the showers and into the locker room, which held his clothes that he needed for his meeting tonight. It was just a simple pair of slacks and a nerdy looking grey cable sweater paired with some black shoes. This meeting was just a simple one with his client who had called Adamo to give him the rundown on what else he needed from him. The interaction probably wouldn't last more than ten minutes since this particular client had a reputation for busy schedules and not showing up to meetings at all. If that was the case, then Adamo planned to grab himself a cup of joe and edit a secondary film on his laptop.

    The brunette dressed quickly, shoving his wet towel and sweaty gym clothes into the duffel bag that came along on every trip to The Spartans. After that, Adamo said his goodbyes to some friends that were continuing their workout and made his way out to the parking lot where his 1967 Chevrolet Impala lie in earnest for it's master. A small crack of a proud smile crossed his lips and it only multiplied when he got into his lovely automobile. He looked at the clock, only fifteen minutes until his client was supposed to show up... "Well, might as well sit here for a moment and listen to the radio," Adamo shrugged, throwing in a random tape into the cars radio and letting it play as he checked his phone for any updates from the man he was supposed to meet. ​
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  3. Anna groaned as she got up at the shuffling of feet. She had decided for the better to rest her head on the desk during her mandatory math class, but the only good it did her was cause her to fall asleep. She grumbled some more before stretching her arms high to the sky. She could feel her fluffy bun move as she stood up, looking down at her convers and pair of jeans, and her large sweater. She was wearing the one with a kitty on it today and she smiled at them with glee, feeling a bit better.

    She packed up her small notebook which had only ten notes from the four hour lecture. There where drawings here and there, mostly anime drawings as she stared at it. Putting it into her bag, she closed the zipper, slinging the messenger bag over her shoulder, proudly showing Rin and Len Kagamine on the outside. She adjusted her jacket and zipped it up, letting out a breath as she looked down. Flat chest she thought with gloom, her smile turning to a frown as she moved towards the door.

    She moved though the halls as fast as possible, which wasn't very fast considering that there where so many kids populating the hallways. It was like trying to move though a 20 lane freeway, with no lane lines. It was just a sea of people. Which didn't help since she was 5'3" and most of the kids where taller than her. She sighed and tried to stretch up onto her toes, looking up as she tried. She sighed, dropping back to her feet as she realized that it was useless. If only she had someone to climb on to reach up that high. The thought only made her look at her clock, which only caused another wave of pain as she saw that it hadn't changed. It usually did change a lot. Just a few days ago, it was around 2 years, and now it was around four days. She sighed and the shoving of people behind her reminded her that she was in a hallway, it was not a time for deep thoughts.

    She kept moving, finally finding her way out of the long hallway and out into the crisp air. She let out a puff of hot air, tugging on her bun a bit as she walked towards Starry Skies. It was one of her favorite places to hang out and draw because it was warm and she could have a coffee, a pastry, and draw at the same time. She smiled as she walked the streets, ignoring the stares she was getting from the odd hair color. She smiled as she saw it around the corner. She pushed open the door lightly before observing the area, setting her bag at a table by the window. She went over towards the counter after she was done setting up her stuff.
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  4. Nearly a twenty minute drive laid between Trent's work and the gym he ritually attended. It had been an exceptionally long day for the company. A product he had previously successfully marketed was found to be deficient in hospitals. Apparently, a toilet with an emergency call button was confusing some senior citizens. Every time someone used the toilet, they would call for help rather than flush. Now, MedKit Equipment Inc. had to do damage control. How could they have boarded with such a ridiculously obvious defective product? This fallout would look bad on the company, including Trent.

    "Thirteen hour days should be illegal," thought Trent as he flipped through the radio stations again. Though he was exhausted from his long day, he knew he needed to blow off some of the humiliation and steam. Spartans sounded like the right way to do that. Spartans was the local gym he attended, which is where he was heading. It was nearly every other night Trent would go there and workout. His job was stressful, after all.

    Finally, the last stretch of road until his turn. Perhaps he would run into Adamo. It wasn't as if they often worked out together, but if he was there, then perhaps Trent could vent a bit. His turn. He flicked his turn signal on as he pulled into the large and populated parking lot. Parking as close to the back as possible, the engine whirred down. He would let it sit idle for a few minutes before cutting the engine in his red FR-S. His baby -as he liked to refer to it - had less than eight-thousand miles on it. He had been driving it a few months now. He hoped to get a turbo kit for it shortly. However, he would now need to wait until this situation at work blew over.


    "Oh, no. No no no no no. Ahh!" It was a normal evening for eighteen-year-old Aryana Whitacre. Her shift at Party Supplies Plus would be beginning shortly and she was running late. Why was she running late? Well, she had forgotten to shower until a few moments ago. Then she nearly ran out the door of her apartment before remembering her ferrets were roaming freely around the place. She didn't mind letting them roam freely when she was there to watch them. However, those little buggers could take the most innocent thing and make it hazardous to themselves. Aryana all ready had her only girl, Jenki, and one of the boys, Fir, in her arms. Swinging open the cage door to her nearly eight-foot cage, she set the pair down to continue in her search for Doodles.

    Of course, it shouldn't have surprised her that Doodles was curled up atop her black cat, Alex. The two were best buds ever since she had found Alex wandering around outside a frigid winter ago. The moment she brought Alex inside, Doodles climbed the fence she had set up and came to play-attack the cat's tail. Thankfully, Alex seemed to find it amusing and has ever since treated Doodles like her long, lost kitten - assuming she had a kitten.

    Scooping the sleeping ferret into her cupped hands, she placed him in a cuddle cup. As she turned to walk out the ferret room - also known as a spare bedroom - door, she felt something underneath her foot. Unfortunately, she realized much too late that it was her other cat, Slinky's, tail.


    "Oh! Sorry!" She spouted as the cat took off down the hall and into her bedroom. Likely cowering underneath her bed. Slinky was the newest addition to her madhouse of pets. He didn't seem as fond of the ferrets, nor herself, as Alex had. Slinky had been found, by her vet, in the middle of the road shortly after he had been run over by a car. The vet nursed him back to health and asked Aryana if she had room for one more. They just loved to pawn their adoptable animals on her, knowing her caring nature toward animals.

    "Sorry, Slinky," Aryana called back into the apartment as she closed and locked the front door. Her job was a few blocks from a busy coffee shop, which she did enjoy occasionally. Sadly, she would have no coffee tonight since she was all ready running late. Her stupid red apron flapped in the wind as she crossed several crosswalks, passing by the coffee shop, and finally arrived at work. Speeding inside, she got a few glances from customers and a quick greeting from the cashier.

    "Who's manager tonight?"

    "Cam," replied Barb, the cashier. "Wonderful," muttered Aryana. Cam was the one person she despised working with. He would disappear for hours without checking in on the team and he was awful with customers. It never made sense to her why he had been promoted to manager. Speaking of Cam, he walked up to her as she entered the back room, "Shaina called in. Just you and me tonight." It was going to be a very long evening. Especially without coffee. She slid her name pin into place and clocked in. After saying her goodbyes to Barb, she began her insane, yet somehow mundane, job. Inflating balloons was annoying, but easy. However, they were time-consuming.

    After her third balloon order, she began to tune out the unreasonably irate customers, "That's all the helium you put in them? I'm paying almost a dollar for helium. I should get mor--". Ah yes. Being able to turn off your caring nature in times like these would, indeed, save her a headache.
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  5. Jayson had been running around yesterday. He had college then immediately worked four seven more hours at Giovanni's Pizza Parlor. He then got back at his apartment at eleven o'clock. He immediately jumped in his bed and passed out. The alarm went off with the irritating buzzing. Jayson pushed the alarm clock off his desk causing it too turn off. Jayson then sat up five minutes later and yawned. he stretched his arms and rubbed his eyes. Jayson stood up, and walked to his wardrobe and realized that he fell asleep in his uniform. So he grabbed his purple Dope sweater, dark black jeans and grey Nike's.

    Jayson then got cleaned up. He wiped his face with a wet wash cloth. After wiping his face, he walked to the shower, running the water and walking in. After finishing the shower and drying his body. Jayson looked at the mirror and combed his hair. He fixed his hair upwards and then walked to his clothes and got changed. he then walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his beanie off his dresser. Jayson walked to the kitchen and grabbed two pop tarts out of the cabinet. He then put it in the toaster and cooked the food. After eating his breakfast, Jayson walked to his room and grabbed his keys off his table.

    After looking his door behind him, Jayson walked to his bike and got on the seat. He put his key in the ignition and decided to stop at Starry Skies for a coffee. After traveling to the shop, Jayson parked his bike in a parking space and walked to the store. He walked in seeing a good enough line. Jayson sighed as he knew he had to wait long to get his coffee. Today was Jayson's day off and he wanted to spend the day checking out different stores and maybe going to the club later.
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  6. Anna sighed as she waited in line, her bun bobbing as she tried to get onto her tippy toes and look over a man's shoulder. She could see that he had just started his order from hearing the conversation and she sighed, standing back on her flat feet. She waited patiently for a long time, tapping her toes while she waited. Eventually the man moved and she did a small victory dance, overflowing with emotion.

    Anna eagerly hopped up to the counter, smiling widely at the cashier. "I would like a Carmel Mocha Frappichino." She said to her before she could get a word out.
  7. Charlize was running a damp cloth over the stations, cleaning them up for the morning when a familiar coworker, Josephina, arrived at work, quickly changing into her apron and badge for work before joining Charlize in the cleaning. They cleaned the place nightly, but somehow a mess always managed to accumulate between afternoon and evening. Charlie despised the afternoon shift- they were good people, but they were messy, and it always was left up to Charlie and Josephina to clean up the disaster they left behind before they began their shift. It meant extra work on her, although it wasn't too terrible. It could have been much worse.

    "Hey, Josephina. How are you?" she asked pleasantly, smiling warmly at her coworker as customers began to slowly trickle into the shop. "Nothing much has happened yet. The evening is still young. And," she paused for dramatic effect, "I haven't seen a single picky high school girl, yet. God bless."

    Although Charlie was probably one of the more potentially accepting people, she still held a special hatred in her heart for teenage girls, particularly ones that insist you sign stupid names onto coffee cups and argue with you over how many pumps of caramel you put into their drink, as if they could tell the difference. She'd met too many young girls asking for 'secret menu' items that she had never heard of in her entire life. Again, it probably could be worse, but it was a pet peeve that never ceased to bother her.

    "I heard there's a gig playing tonight. That'll be fun," she commented as she scooped a pile of crumbs off the counter and dumped them into the garbage. "Any idea who's playing?"

    She paused when a young girl approached the counter, smiling widely as she excitedly gave her request. "Carmel Mocha Frappichino it is!" Charlie responded, turning away to prepare the drink. After she made it, setting it onto the counter, she rang up the order, relaying the price to the girl.

    "Here you go. Have a good night- oh, hey! You go to Merth U, right?"​
  8. Josephine laughed at her coworkers comment about their regular high school girls that come in expecting the million dollar treatment. "Hallelujah," the blonde agreed, smiling to herself as the little station she occupied began to practically glitter. It was preposterous how filthy it got between the afternoon shift and her own shift-- it's almost like the jerks before Joe and Charlize purposely made their jobs difficult. "I'm good by the way. Got drafted onto an out of state case this weekend and I gotta say: if my boss isn't planning to murder me with lack of sleep I don't know what's going on." Josephine shook her head, thinking about the pile of paperwork she still needed to finish after her shift was over.

    Stuck in la-la-land, the young woman almost missed what Charlize had said. She had no idea there was a gig tonight. "Nope. I had no clue there was something booked tonight." She tried to think of who could be playing, but coincidentally she never worked the shifts that got gigs. It was such a shame too because Joe enjoyed music and she enjoyed watching others who were passionate about their hobbies. "Irregardless, I hope they are good." And with that, a girl came up to the counter so Joe zipped her lips closed and took her position by the coffeemaker, aiding Charlize in the fairly easy Frappacino the girl had asked for. When her coworker asked the girl if she attended the University, Joe took a good look at her to see if she may have recognized her.

    Completely stuck in his own virtual world, Adamo nearly missed the flaming FR-S that pulled up beside him. He quickly paused his game of Candy Crush and exited his car, walking around to the driver side of Trent's own baby to knock tentatively on the window. The two were good friends and they usually called up the other as often as possible when they required a good workout or a cold beer.

    Adamo placed his hand in his pockets, "Hey man," he greeted, actually able to start a conversation since he client had called a few minutes ago to say he would be just a half an hour late. It was no big deal at all since Adamo didn't have anywhere to be, plus, now he could catch up with his friend and act like a normal adult instead of holing himself up in his room to finish a video project. That had been his own schedule for the past few weeks. "Sorry about disappearing, but you know how impatient clients get when they ask for huge projects and never show up for meetings to make sure it's all going well," the brunette smiled, shrugged and continued, "I think I'm being jipped with this one."​
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  9. Small bits of light came thought the cream colored blinds. A bed hiding behind the door in the left top corner of the room with a orange and green striped blanket by the end of the bed. Eric's eyes opened slowly only to see a white ceiling before sitting up on his scruffy bed. His sea like eyes looked across the room over at his computer desk, a few small hedgehog figures stood in a neat line on the back of the desk. A red and black toshiba laptop sat on the front of the wooden desk with a black and red chair tucked in. The black plastic of the chair shines slightly in the light.

    Carefully getting out of bed and walking over to his tall wooden wardrobe, opening the main doors and grabbing a plain red shirt and dark blue jeans before changing quickly out of his many shaded brown raccoon onesie. He run his fingers thought his dyed red hair gently after putting on his new fresh clothes before grabbing a pair of brown socks out of one of the wardrobe drawers and putting them on.

    As he made his way out out of his room he grabbed his black headphones and phone from under one of his white pillows and then walking over to the kithen just grabbing a couple sweets from the light brown counters. Picking up his dirt colored jacket with one hand and putting it on while putting the sweets into his left pocket which was already filled with wrappers and sweets from other days.

    Walking out of his small apartment and out into the streets, heading over to Starry Skies. After all there was little to eat in his apartment and his coffee making skills were never the best so Starry Skies was always the first option. While he walked he put his hands into his jacket pockets were they almost drowned in the amount of old wrappers and fresh sweets as he checked for his wallet. There it is he thought as he felt his small hedgehog keyring that he somehow attached to his wallet when he was younger.

    Lucky for him Starry Skies was quite close by to him and he walked inside before looking around wondering to himself how to order without causing too much of a problem. It wasn't often that he ordered coffee anywhere and so just the thought gave him a little bit of a problem yet his face looked completely calm. He moved out the way of the door and just stood by watching everyone else order for a while.
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  10. Harmony Korman, pink
    Laying half-way off her pillow, arm dangling off the side of her bed, a slight bit of drool peeking past her lips. Her alarm clock rang in the corner though it was not able to penetrate the peacefulness that surrounded her as she slept. Birds chirped at her windowsill, sun shining through the panes to meet her eyes. Finally her ears caught the sound that would wake her up for the day, making her tumble out of bed and hit the floor beneath her with a loud thump following the action. Getting up on her elbows, she sucked in a breath before making her way off the floor. Shuffling reluctantly over to the mirror, she stared at her reflection for a long while before finally picking up her brush and tugging it through her tangles of blonde hair. When she's done with that for the most part, she throws her hair up into an untidy bun. Dabbing on some lipgloss, she threw some clothes from the hamper onto her figure. She had been too busy lately too think about putting her clean clothes into the dresser. Shoving her feet into a pair of combat boots, she slipped on her watch and headed out to the car.

    Locking up the house behind her, despite it being an incredibly shabby place and the idea that nobody would dare to break in. They wouldn't find anything fascinating or moderately exciting. Jumping into the beat up convertible she heads down the street towards the boutique that she had been working at for one long stressful year now. Parking in front of the store, her shoulder slumped and she made her way towards the double door waiting in front of her. Slumping, she signed herself in for the day. She was ready to fall asleep behind the counter, she had such late classes..it really did suck. An older woman came up to her and set some clothes in front of her "Oh. Nice..?" She questioned, running the tags under the scanner before setting them into a bag as nicely as she could. "Um have a nice night..I mean day!"
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  11. Koryana
    Koryana looked around the town, then at the campus. WTF is this? she wondered, walking up to the coffee shop near the campus. She waited in line, messing around with her hair. One strand always curled, and she called that the 'Death Strand' because she wanted to kill it, but, she kept it, it kinda had some sort of importance to her look. As she waited in line, she wondered what she should order, than, after two minutes of staring, made up her mind. Hot cocoa, and a muffin. Then, like most people, I'll pull out the laptop, see what's happening. she thought, watching as the line became shorter. When she was up at the front, she asked the girl, "Hot cocoa and a blueberry muffin, please.".


    Jacobi looked about the campus, an inspiration coming over his mind. He took maybe 15 photos, perhaps, and went back to his dorm. Getting onto his website, he uploaded the photos to the website, but he wasn't selling them. Underneath the photos, he put a post; First day of Merth U.. When he finished his post, he turned to his animation application. He double clicked it, opening the animation creator. He created a dinosaur on the campus, and added that to his website. He then closed his laptop, and laid back on his bed, getting lost in all his thoughts.​
  12. Lucine Liona Kandell


    She peered into the cold glass of her bathroom mirror as she stained her lips a cherry red. Her honey colored soft waves fell naturally down her back as she drew in a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them again she smiled at her reflection and felt that her hard work paid off. She wanted to ask her sister if she could sign up last minute for her to preform at the coffee shop before having to work a shift at Shadow. Shadow was the nightclub she worked as a bartender at, it was located a few blocks away from Merth Uni. so it worked out perfectly for her.

    Moments later Luci exited the restroom, picked up her small white clutch, and sauntered out her dorm room as the clack of her red heels echoed into the hallway. She locked the door behind her and scurried down the stairs. Soon enough she was walking outside on the neatly organized yet busy sidewalks of the university. As she walked she took in the scenery of the brightly colored leaves of the Autumn trees flutter to the ground like free birds learning the taste of freedom. The coffee shop wasn't too far from the dorms so it took Luci a mere 15 minutes to arrive outside Starry Skies. The blonde individual dashed over to the counter of the shop saying sorry to anyone she bumped into along her journey.

    "Sis! Sis!"

    She exclaimed restlessly, as her bright face was filled with energy and cheer. She tried to get her sister, by whom was working a shift at the coffee shops, attention.

    (@Rainjay )

    Outfit!!! (open)
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  13. Matilda Grace Ashwood
    A loud ear piercing tone exploded in Matilda's ear as her headphones shot off her alarm. "Damn it I'm not ready," Matilda sighed shoving a set of CDs in her bag as she quickly ran into the bathroom.

    Matilda had spent the morning sketching her bedroom it was a boring piece but she had had nothing else to do and them she had gotten the call that she had been hired as the new late night radio host so the afternoon had been spent slapping together a mix Cd but she had gotten caught up and now was still in her pyjamas and unwashed.

    Matilda quickly flung herself in the shower and washed her self before spring out and rubbing the towel over her body quickly. Matilda approached her closet and found a sleeved lace cropped top and a red skater skirt which she quickly dressed into before running back into the bathroom she quickly applied cherry red lipstick and a light shade of apricot eyeshadow before flingingng on a pair of red converse and walking out of the apartment slamming the door behind her.

    Matilda checked her watch "Just on time" she signed before walking down the street quickly trying to block out the smell of garbage. She saw a small coffee place and sighed striding into it quickly and approaching the counter "Hi can I have a Caremal frappacino extra foam and double caffeine" she said smiling at the cashier and putting her money on the counter. Matilda then stepped backs and walked towards a young red haired male at the door "Hi this may seem a bit random but aren't you from merth University? Sorry it's just you look nice and I've seem you around with your headphones and I to am an obsessive listener I'm actually just going to a mixing gig, sorry I'm Matilda, Matilda Grace Ashwood,Sirry am I talking to much," Matilda grimaced she was usually sigh but around people that she knew had a passion for music or art she was fine around
  14. Clarity Benson
    Clarity woke up in a flurry of, I'm okay, and I'm going back to bed, plus a dash of can we just be done. Her dreams had left her a slurry of feelings to deal with and trudge through, and right now, she didn't have time for that. So she stood up and prepared for battle. Smearing on her red battle paint and yanking on her boots. Time to enter real life. Her hair was a bit awry, as usual, and today's ensemble was combat boots, rainbow leggings, a jean skirt with eccentric belts, a quirky tee shirt and a huge collection of bracelets and various frickafrack covering her wrists. Snapping her worn leather backpack from the ground and snatching up a donut from the half empty box on the counter she strode out the door ready to start her day.
  15. Eric looked over as a girl walked over to him before turning his head to face hers as he half listened to what she was going on about. His eyes looked directly into hers, it seemed like the polite thing to do anyway. "Yes i am, i haven't seen you around sorry" He replied calmly as in his mind he thought of ways to make an escape from this boring conversation. Never exactly fond of conversations with strangers especially while trying to buy food or drink.

    "Thats nice i hope you have a nice time there" the words tun off his tongue carefully before continuing "Nice to meet you, Eric Muldoon" His eyes moved across the room hoping to finally get that cup of coffee as he reached into his left pocket and taking out his square orange and black striped wallet by the small hedgehog. He opened his wallet and looked at the amount of money, a few notes and then just change. Hopefully enough for a latte at least. "Sorry i'm hoping to buy a coffee you see but it's not normally for me to buy coffee from coffee shops could you possibly buy me one?"
  16. @Aqacia
    @F L Y

    Bryn continued to rush down the street, hastily brushing past people, muttering sorry's and pardon me's as she went. She usually wasn't this inconsiderate, but as noted, she had stuff to do. If she was late to Brews, her ass would be on the line. Approaching the coffee shop, she hoisted her bag up her shoulder and pushed open the door to Skies with a flourish, shoving the door directly towards a young redheaded man standing in the crowded line, waiting for his coffee. Next to him was another girl, dressed in a cropped top and a skirt. Thankfully, it seemed as though her blunder didn't set them both falling to the ground, but she still stepped over to help them both, an apologetic look plastered across her face.

    "I'm so sorry!" she gushed rather than said. "Sorry. I didn't think the lines were this long. Skies is popular, but, still. Never this long. Did I hurt you?"


    Charlie was still waiting on the other girls answer (@IceQueen) when the line started pushing forward, a few other cashiers beginning to set up their stations along the counter. Oh boy, Charlie thought to herself, before exchanging a look of dread with her coworker, Joe. She hated it when the lines got like this. Some people are just so entitled, she thought. Can't even wait in a line properly.

    Still, she was used to working the fast-paced shifts that came with the evening, and also with the frequent music gigs and coffeehouse readings. As another girl with bouncy brown hair approached the counter- "Hot cocoa and a blueberry muffin, please."- she put a smile on her face, murmured a quick "sorry" to the girl she had just served and gestured for her to just stand to the side of the counter, and turned her attention to filling the next order. She could definitely talk with customers and run a cash register at the same time- it was almost second nature. It came with working two part time jobs every year, all year. It was the busyness that she both despised and loved about Skies.

    "Would you like whipped cream with that cocoa?" she asked, turning to grab a Styrofoam cup to pour the cocoa into. She set it aside before she grabbed the muffin from the pastry display, putting it into a light paper bag stamped with the Starry Skies logo and setting it onto the counter.

    "Sis! Sis!"

    Charlie startled before she noted her harried sister standing at the counter, squishing her way past the line to reach the front. She looked as energetic and cheerful as always, and it brought another, bigger smile to Charlize's face. Her sister was silly sometimes- and now, an interruption- but she couldn't help but feel love for her, even if they hadn't always known each other as siblings. She started to ring up her current order on the register while she muttered yet again another "Sorry" to her current customer before greeting her sister warmly.

    "Luci! I told you, I'm working! You're gonna stop up the line," she scolded her younger sister, although her expression made it clear she only meant it as a tease. "What's up?"​
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  17. Lucine Liona Kandell


    The blonde girl giggled as noted the teasing expression that played upon her sisters face. She stuck out her tongue playfully before she realized she almost forgot what she came to ask.

    "Well, I wanted to ask of you think you can squeeze me into tonight's setlist for performances. Oh and I'll even throw in a present, if you and your friends swing by Shadow after you get off from work sometime this week I'll let you all drink for free all night. So pleeeeease see if you can squeeze me in! Please!"

    She begged not even yet seeing her sisters reaction to her request, but Liona was desperate. She wanted to preform tonight but the other place she worked at was closed for the next three days.
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  18. Clarity tromped down a little cafe down the street, full of giggling girls showing off their soul mate timers and fantasizing about who it could be, and boys eyeing up the giggling masses. Happy mothers, with little babies, and young couples, all people with 00:00 readings. Looking about she sighed, and went to the counter, and putting one heavily braceletted arm up on the counter ordered a big chocolate chip cookie and some milk for breakfast. She also got some fruit, but not the highlight of her meal. She loitered by the soda fountains to wait for her foot, tapping her foot a bit to the elevatoresque music they were playing.
  19. A gust of wind blew past as the door to the coffee shop opened directly into his face making his short lengthened hair stand up slightly. He turned to face the brown haired girl. "I've heard theirs a gig on today thats probably why". He slipped hand up his arm slightly uncovering his death timer just enough so he could see it "no no you haven't hurt me". His eyes looked down at his arm for a second before letting his jacket cover up his arm again. Normal like always or at least until his diet gets the best of him.

    "You seem to be in a rush, this line isn't moving very rapidly so if you really need to get somewhere i'd recommend that" Eric replied in the kindest way he could in a soft gentle voice while he held onto his wallet tightly.
  20. Matilda brushed herself off and stood up "Oh yes I wish I could stay for the gig but Ive got this new job at the station," she said sighing she was secretly quite pleased that in skies everyone had so much going on that no one could match her with Ashford IT and here she wasn't known as the famous woman's daughter
    she nodded in agreement with eric "Yeah I can get to the front easily though," she smirked "Draw attention to my self," she smiled and quickly pulled out her ID on it it said Matilda Ashford it was just a name but Ashford was known by everyone and by everyone it literally meant that you could be a sewer rat and you would still know who the Ashfords were. Matilda then shook her head "But Im late and thats not going to help but I can just weave in, oh and eric I can by yours and I could buy yours to," she said smiling as she waited the information to process in these new adolescents minds
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