A Tale of Nobodies and Rebels (Slice of Life)

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  1. OOC

    You think you’re on the verge of greatness. Most of the artistic youth of New York think so. The tales of all those who made it under worse circumstances are written all over the streets and on the subway walls. Most of your family probably would have preferred if you studied something more practical in college (if you even went to college). You have no real reason to believe that you won’t end up like the homeless people you pass by in the city every day, but the idea that you’ll be on the streets sounds ridiculous to you. You live way above your means, with more than nice clothing and exploring the active nightlife. Still, the weight of a rapidly increasing standard of living is suffocating you and the only thing keeping your dreams alive is your friends, who are experiencing the same thing. Three of them are in a punk rock band that is too raw to ever make it out of playing shows in small bars, but you never know. The rest of them are practicing various other art forms, trying to get noticed in any way they can. You all support each other however you can.

    Most of you met through Reiner, who isn’t particularly bright or talented, but nobody can help but love him for his charisma and confidence. He’s kept the group together since high school and it’s only grown and gotten stronger since. He bartends at a live music bar in Manhattan, which has become one of the main places for the group to get together after a long day’s work. The band occasionally plays there too. You may not be into the band’s style, but you relate to the music’s energy. It speaks to the vague feeling that the city is slowly pushing out people like you in favor of the rich and those annoying hipsters who weren’t even born here.

    But once the alcohol starts travelling through your bloodstream and you’re body is in motion beneath the lights, all that matters is that you’re together, and it feels like you’re standing with an army.

    My expectations/things I’m wondering about for this RP:

    As the title mentions, this is a slice of life RP and I really mean that in the truest sense. There’s no pre-determined story that I’m looking to tell here. I want this to be 100% driven by the characters and the things they do with each other. I’m thinking there will be a city-wide conflict that will change every now and then, but other than that my role as a GM should be pretty minimal if we’re doing this right. I’ll just be the guy deciding when there should be time skips.

    This will be an adept-level RP

    Since all of our characters are at least acquainted with each other, I would like to establish these relations OOC before getting started IC. I’m thinking this will be integrated into the sheets.

    These are some roles I had in mind:

    The Bassist/Lead Vocalist
    The Guitarist
    The Drummer
    *once band member roles are filled they may decide on a band name or I can pick one for them
    The Writer
    The Graffiti Artist
    The Actor/Actress
    The Cinematographer
    The Graphic Designer
    The Model
    The Fashion Designer
    The Dancer

    These roles are just what our characters are practicing and aspiring to be. They’re not already professionals at it. If you don’t like any of these, feel free to choose another and run it by me. If one is taken, I don’t want to see another of the same role until we have some diversity. ‘Not sure’ is an option. You can have as many characters as you like, but I wouldn’t recommend more than two at the start. My character will be the Photographer, so that one is taken.

    The age range of our characters will be 21-24. They’ll either be in college, already have a degree, or going for their masters. Or decide not to go to college at all.

    I’m wondering if this should be Libertine or not. I don’t think it needs to be, but if anybody feels it would benefit from that please say so.

    I probably forgot to mention something, but please feel free to ask me anything and express any opinions or thoughts that are on your mind.
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  2. I am for sure 100% interested in this, but before I'd like to request any certain roles (there is one that I have my eyes on,) there's is this infamous question that everyone asks.
    What should the particular faceclaim be? Anime? Realistic? Both?
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  3. I'll admit I'm a bit cautious with minimal GM direction and it fully being based on players/characters. But, I really like the idea and I see a few roles my character(s) would love to be!

    I personally don't think it needs to be Libertine. Doesn't feel like a rp that would go extremely dark.
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  4. This will be a realistic RP

    Fair enough. Glad you like the idea =)
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  5. I'm interested.
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  6. Great :) if we can get a few more, I'll get the OOC up
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  7. Oh I like this idea alot :O
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  8. I like it, I would more then like to take the Dancer
  9. If no one has a problem with it I would like the writer role.
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  10. Now that we're claiming roles, I'm more than happy to add some reality to the model.
  11. This sounds interesting, I'd love to play the graphic designer if it's still up for grabs :)
  12. Yes, nobody claimed that one yet.

    No band members? :p I'll have the OOC up tonight. Thanks for the support everyone :)
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  13. Well, since the band was mentioned, I'll take being the lead singer~
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  14. yooo this looks so good omg. count me in <3
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  15. I am really liking this idea, if i choose graffiti artist, does that include drawing in general?
  16. Yes, graffiti artists would need to know how to draw
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  17. is it okay if he can also know how to paint? Having both painting and grafiti under his belt or would painting be another talent all together?
  18. Still looking for a few. Most roles are still open, but could really use a drummer.
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